Watch for Changes to Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Hello all, BP here–at least for now it’s BP. Hopefully we can keep that portion of the name on the new blog.

I wanted to let you know in advance that to bring Google Adwords onboard to generate income, we have to make some changes.

I don’t know exactly HOW different it will be to readers, but here are some tips on what to expect:

  • The URL for the new blog will hopefully be http:/ and it will not be active until early to mid next week—Nov. 17th, -19th.
  • No changes to the content are permitted while the transfer is in progress so you may not hear from us for a couple of days on Monday, Tuesday.
  • I will be contributing a little on the new site as time allows.  ;0)
  • Lightworker29501 will continue to blog on Starship Earth for the time being, as well as on his own blog, “Our New World” at
  • The current theme should be carried over, so it should look the same or very similar.
  • Old posts consisting of “reblogs” from other WordPress sites will be blank, unfortunately. It’s impossible to save the full integrity and all features of the blog when no longer on the WordPress platform.
  • Old “likes” will not be transferred to the new site.
  • Fortunately or UNfortunately, depending on your view, you will probably see content-relevant ads. Sorry about that, but we bloggers have to sustain ourselves and don’t want to rely on readers for donations. We DO however, appreciate more than words can say how you have supported us. You really saved the day, but it’s time for new approaches.  The ‘donate’ button will be there, as requested, for anyone who likes to use it so we can help get LW29501 back on his feet.
  • The only reason you would NOT see ads is if Google declines to approve the new site for advertising based on the length of time the URL has been in use. New URLs may not qualify if less than 6 months old, but we’ll have to see how that goes next week once the site transfer is complete. I’m anticipating the best and am done with obstacles to what I want.
  • I probably don’t need to say this, but since traffic on the new site will fuel the advertising fire, if you share our posts on Facebook and other places and send people to our websites, that will help a great deal.

I look forward to connecting with you all again. I’ve missed your energy.

And speaking of energies, it’s looking like November is a volatile month—exposing the undesirable and sweeping out the cobwebs to create space for exciting new beginnings and fresh ways of thinking. The old ways are crumbling and from the rubble arises our bold new world—much of it yet unrecognized. IMHO, it’s time for the shock and awe!

Love, Light and Laughter,



Another Milestone at ‘The Big Picture’

I have an announcement of my own. This morning around 10:00 Pacific time my little blog hit 4 million page views!

Simultaneously, I racked up 3600 posts. That’s just under two years of work. The anniversary date is April something or other.

It truthfully feels like only a year—it went that fast.

Not surprisingly, since I opened up the comments the other day I’ve had a couple of ignorant remarks to moderate which I refuse to subject any of my readers to.

One fellow seems to think I have a personal agenda, and that I seek to be a leader. Wrong.

He also seemed to think I believe myself to be an investigative journalist. Wrong again.

I’m a blogger. I blog for fun, because I have a natural aptitude for writing and communications, because I have been unable to secure a job, and because I want to help in the thrust to wake up Humanity. I blog what I feel is beneficial to share—for any number of reasons.

I like blogging because I don’t have to do research or vet anything. That’s up to the reader if they’re so inclined.

So, no personal agenda, and I haven’t “failed” at anything.

Anyone who intends to use my blog as a place to dish out anger, abuse and derogatory remarks that are counter-productive to the general understanding of our current situation on this planet and our future together, be advised that your comments will never see the light of day.

Times are tough enough in these 3D negative energies without me sharing more of it here. It doesn’t fit my platform and nasty comments are water off a duck’s back.

Feel free to disagree with a post or my views—but do it respectfully and civilly. If you need to rant, vent, and insult, maybe you should get your own 3D blog.

If you’re a troll, thanks for the entertainment value but you’re not needed here.

Thank you to all the 5D souls who continue to visit, share, appreciate and uplift. We have a lovely little network here in the blogosphere and I appreciate you for YOUR contribution to our plight, whether you’re a reader, a Lightworker or a fellow blogger. We’re doing a good job. Onward and upward!


2012 The Big Picture: 2013 in Review

Hi all,

As some of you bloggers know, WordPress does a summary for their bloggers each year and suggested I share this with my friends and readers. I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the numbers from the “back office”.

I am blown away by the number of people who found their way to my little blog over the past 20 months or so. The Internet is an incredible tool, and brings like minds together.

The Voting Fraud post continues to have the biggest impact on my readers, and interestingly enjoyed yet another resurgence as the most popular post in the past couple of days.

Just for fun, I did a search on ‘voting fraud’, and not to disappoint, there were web sites that poo-pooed these figures and came up with all sorts of reasons why they could be wrong or at the very least, misrepresenting the truth.

I’m sure you know by now that the trolls and Illuminati-paid minions are out in full force to discredit any information that even comes close to revealing the truth. I uploaded several posts about the voting fraud as I could see from whistleblowers and videographers that the cabal paid programmers to ensure the Diebold voting machines worked in their favour, and did not accurately represent the votes cast by The People of the Republic.

Elections in the USA, Canada and other countries are nothing more than smoke and mirrors because no matter how the majority votes, the Illuminati will see to it that their favourite is elected. They can afford to.

Sure, this is just a little blog, and there are far more popular ones out there, but it’s my way of making a difference.

I appreciate all you awakened ones who want to know what’s going on and are intelligent enough to search for information so you can decide for yourself what the Truth is. You’re all amazing and it’s an honour to rub shoulders with you. Thank you for hanging out with me.

Together, we are waking up even the unconscious ones, because awareness is catchy! Keep on doing what you’re doing; seeking, analyzing, deciding, and BEing.

An incredible new world is on the horizon for all of us, and being here at this precise time is no accident. We were ALL meant to be here.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I feel you.

Love, Light and Laughter,

~ Molly (BP)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 2,600,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 112 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

New COBRA Interview for July 29, 2013

Well, my friends, The Big Picture is back after a 24-hour snooze thanks to the URL-seeking algorithms at WordPress that flagged an illicit URL I copied and pasted unintentionally—and it was instantaneous, let me tell you! I did not pass GO, I went straight to jail.

Their error message said I’d used an affiliate link. They suspended my blog while I waited for them to come upon my email explaining that I don’t and didn’t use one to my knowledge and would be happy to remove it if I knew where it was.

I thought it was interesting that I was guilty until proven innocent. Remind you of anyone? I pointed that out and suggested that a cordial note giving me the benefit of the doubt and perhaps 24 hours to remove said link(s) would have been more in keeping with the new consciousness but at least they unlocked it and we’re back in business.

Oh, and the post about the Grand Sextile astrological situation that contained the culprit link was time-sensitive and moot by the time I was able to fix it so I binned it. The conference call for the “activation” was already in progress.

Lightworker 29501 offered to grant me access to his blog at All About 2012 so I could get my fix yesterday, so you may have seen a few posts from me over there. He’s a gem!


 I see that McAfee has now added COBRA’s site to the “dangerous sites” list, as they have with American Kabuki, Natural News, and several others. Next thing you know MY blog will be on their hit list. Good grief.
Project Next’s avatarLink to COBRA’s 90-minute Interview at Project Next on KPFK in Los Angeles:
I’m listening now and the voice modulation is excellent so it’s easy to understand what COBRA outlines in this interview:
I think the overriding idea here is that as Humans, we love for things to be black and white, good and bad, positive and negative, whereas in reality, there’s a lot of gray. We want someone to tell us exactly what to believe, what is truth, who are the good guys, but “Things are complicated”, COBRA says.
We only know duality, and live in a world of opposites. We feel unprepared to determine who to believe, who is evil, whether events are positive or not in our favour, etc.  It’s just not that simple, and that’s when we have to go within and “feel” what to believe. It’s easier with practice.
Topics discussed include:
~ what The Event is, when First Contact will be, how he came to be in the position he is in as a “connector” and the origin of his nickname,
~ the Knights Templar (positive and negative factions), the White Dragon Society,  the arrest of the cabal, that Earth is the last planet to be liberated and why, the new Pope, etc.
~ extraterrestrials, humanoids versus the exotic races like butterfly-like entities!!!!  Wow!  I can’t wait to meet the star nations. Just can’t wait.
Interesting… COBRA says there has never been a law of non-interference, only a balance to be respected. That law was created by the cabal to contribute to our feeling of isolation; that we are alone and beyond help.
~  the invasion of the reptilians in 1996 via an open portal in the Congo… fascinating… archons, negative entities in the etheric plane… the various levels surrounding the earth, i.e. physical plane, etheric, astral plane, heavenly plane, astral travel.
~ DNA activation, number of strands, historical manipulation
~ planet Nibiru… all disinfo!  Planet X is the origin of the Liberation Forces that arrived en masse in 1999 to bring bout our liberation; basically the same race as us
~ our life of freedom will NOT be boring—far too much to explore on our horizons for that to happen
~ the first issues to be addressed after The Event will be the humanitarian projects; clean water, food and shelter for all, etc.
~ male-female soulmate relationships and how merging the Goddess energies with the male energies will eradicate all suffering on Earth
~ Mars bases – cabal bases were all eliminated after 2003
~ what’s holding up The Event? – Humans are so easily manipulated by the dark forces and we must be aware of our thoughts and urges in order to thwart attempts to implant negative ideas in our minds; to know ourselves, to continue to invoke the light and to learn to say “NO” to the dark so they cannot have any effect on us
~ St. Germaine’s work on the transformation of the current financial situation, Freemasons not of the light at the 32nd level and above; level 31 and 32 masons are mostly positive
~ after we ascend and attend the Mystery Schools we will be able to materialize and dematerialize our bodies at will and many other “miracles”
~ many people will not “get” what happens at The Event and it will take some time for them to adapt. Humans have always had the ability to adapt to very negative situations, so why wouldn’t they be able to adapt to a positive one, COBRA asks.
~ Operation Overlord, how these negative forces have been in control for thousands of years and how the Light Forces changed the trajectory for Humanity to a positive one
~ Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, why they wanted to blow up the Pyramids, the significance of the Giza Plateau, what the Pyramids are currently doing energetically, the capstone of the great pyramid (gold plated) and how it decreased the effectiveness of the Pyramid to transmit the golden light, the importance of all the pyramids on the grid
~ how all the negative timelines for Earth have been ended by the Light Forces after much hard work so that, for instance, nuclear war is not possible now
~ the battle in the Middle East and why it is such a coveted area with respect to energies, etc.
~ Project Blue Beam (fake alien invasion) is merely a fantasy of the cabal; it is NOT going to happen ~ any extraterrestrials who do appear in 2013 can be trusted one hundred per cent, but the general public may or may not experience that in 2013
~ certain individuals will be contacted by the Pleiadians after The Event and will then share their experience with others; those contactees need to meet certain criteria, including a minimum level of awakening and a strong openness for ET contact; then they will go forth and spread the message of love, unity, transformation and The Light

Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and Others Plan July 4 Protest Against NSA Surveillance

Hurray for Mozilla and WordPress—my buddies.

A large coalition of civil rights and privacy groups and potentially thousands of websites will stage protests on the Fourth of July to protest surveillance programs at the U.S. National Security Agency.

As part of the Restore the Fourth campaign, many website members of the 30,000-member Internet Defense League plan to display a protest of NSA surveillance and the text of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Websites participating include Reddit, where Restore the Fourth originated, WordPress, 4chan, Mozilla, Fark, and

Organizers of Restore the Fourth are also planning live protests in dozens of U.S. cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta.

John Cusackfile photo
John Cusak.

“How long do we expect rational people to accept using terrorism to justify and excuse endless executive and state power?” actor John Cusack said during a press conference announcing the protests. “Why are so many in our government, our press, our intellectual class afraid of an informed public?”

Representatives of the NSA and the U.S. Office of Director of National Intelligence didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments on the planned protests.

The protests come after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked information about widespread NSA surveillance of U.S. residents and other people to media outlets, with the first details published last month. Snowden, said to be holed up in a Russian airport, is seeking political asylum in several countries. He faces charges in the U.S. of theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person., a website set up three weeks ago, has collected more than 531,000 signatures of people opposing the NSA surveillance programs.

Cusack, a board member of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, complained that many defenders of the NSA surveillance programs are focusing on supposed character flaws of Snowden and the journalists who broke the story instead of on the surveillance itself and questions about its legality.

The spotlight on Snowden is a “big distraction to avoid focusing on the invasions that have actually been occurring,” added Harvey Anderson, senior vice president business and legal affairs at Mozilla. The lack of transparency about the surveillance programs “undermines the openness of the Internet,” he added.

Efforts to downplay the surveillance and suggest that the U.S. public doesn’t care won’t work, added Craig Aaron, president and CEO of digital rights group Free Press. “As we learn every week about the unchecked surveillance and corporate collusion, the outcry is only going to grow louder and louder,” he said.


Discussion of Information Presented by “The Allies of Humanity”

The Allies of Humanity - Exposing the Extraterrestrial PresenceI wanted my readers to know that I have something to say about the information presented in the Briefs and eBooks provided by the Allies from yesterday.

I’m not saying it’s false information, or don’t buy the book. I’m just sharing my reaction.

I added the update below on my original post (ET Occupation Update) but because many will probably not go back and read it a second time, I wanted to share this here.

I almost want to open up comments so we can have a discussion but I can’t do it for just one post. With WordPress it’s all or nothing as far as I know and I’m not up to dealing with masses of comments on all posts.

It was a very interesting read—but I can’t take it seriously.

Some believe that I am in agreement with everything I post—which is not the case. I post articles of interest as far as indicators of what is taking place in the greater consciousness, supporting the premise that 2012 and 2013 aren’t just regular years as in the past—but I don’t agree with all the opinions and facts presented in the posts on my blog.

Everyone is free to decide for themselves what is true and what isn’t, but because I have so many readers now, and many of them new to the “truther movement”, venturing out for the first time to find out what’s really going on, and others who reblog what I share, this was too important a topic to let newbies flounder rudderless in the sea of information.

Caution is always advised and culling of data is key. Great discernment is required especially in the beginning, so I want to recommend due diligence and common sense. The old timers have ways of deciding what to believe, but newer visitors may not have their compasses calibrated yet, so just beware.

One review of the Allies’ book said…

“This book in it’s entirety contains such a high energy vibration, that it’s not for everybody. Not all people are ready for this kind of knowledge. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this material will have an affect for masses that have already “awaken” to certain degree.”

I’m awake alright, but obviously I had a different reaction because what I read went against nearly everything I believe after years of research and inner work. Is everything going to be wine and roses for Humanity over night? No, hence this blog, but in my heart I don’t support the negative view shared by “the Allies”. That’s all I want to say. My main reasons are below.

May 27th Update: After reading and sleeping on the material supposedly presented by the “Allies of Humanity”, I can’t buy into it. They present a very negative view of the galactic community in general, and it feels to me like they have an agenda.

They are telling us not to invite any ETs to the surface, that they will use and manipulate us, and they keep repeating, “It’s so obvious!”.

No doubt some of what they say it true, but I don’t get the warm fuzzies.

Telling us they’re doing this out of the goodness of their hearts; that they can’t reveal their identity or location because if they’re found out “they” will eliminate them—come on! I’m sure you’re more than capable of defending yourselves. We don’t need any more drama.

It feels like an Illuminati disinfo campaign to me. It brought my energy right down, and that’s my “discernment gland” going off. Danger, Will Robinson!