25th Anniversary of the Coming Down of the Berlin Wall

Do you remember when the Berlin Wall came down? -LW

By: Thestar.com staff

The Berlin Wall is going back up this week.

From Friday through Sunday, 8,000 helium balloons on pedestals will snake through a 15 km stretch of the German capital to recreate the path of the infamous wall that divided east and west Berlin.

At 7 p.m. on Sunday, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, thousands of Berliners from schoolchildren to business executives will release their sponsored balloons to the sky.

The Staatskapelle Berlin orchestra will play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at the Brandenburg Gate as the balloons soar away. #Fallofthewall25, #fotw25

What are your memories and memorabilia of these events 25 years ago?

Some of the 8,000 helium balloons on pedestals that will stretch along 15 kilometres of Berlin where the Wall used to be to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its fall. These are in front of the Brandenburg Gates, where on Sunday an orchestra will play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

LICHTGRENZE PROJECT PHOTO Some of the 8,000 helium balloons on pedestals that will stretch along 15 kilometres of Berlin where the Wall used to be to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its fall. These are in front of the Brandenburg Gates, where on Sunday an orchestra will play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Here are five other notable Wall events:

  1. The sale in authenticated chunks of the Wall is brisk on eBay, where seller cafeanderuni from Kiel, Germany in particular has 46 pieces ranging from $10 (nondescript spray paint, 90 grams), to $320 (known graffiti artist, 1.45 kg).
  2. The German Embassy in Ottawa has sponsored a contest for high school students across Canada to submit “personal artwork” — videos, drawings, photos, sculpture, text, audio recording. First prize: a $200 digital tablet. #wallfall @GermanyInCanada
  3. The German Consulate in Toronto is part of a worldwide German-sponsored “Remembrance Run.” Start time: 10 a.m. at High Park Children’s Garden. @GCCOntario
  4. A piece of the Wall is embedded at the foot of one of the arches in Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall. There are six other slabs of Wall in Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Steinbach, Man.), three of them in Nova Scotia (Dartmouth, Lunenberg and Truro). #BerlinWall
  5. The Mall of Berlin, a 270-store shopping complex, opened in September and by next year will be the largest mall in Germany. It’s on what used to be the east side of the Wall between Potsdamer Platz, site of the first new crossing after the Wall was breached in 1989, and Friedrichstrasse, site of the haunting railway station where east Berliners could look across the Wall at West Berlin but couldn’t go there.


Upcoming flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft into space, proof that Moon landing never happened?

As far as I know, the Van Allen belt filters out harmful radiation from the sun. In the world of UFOs, it is absent over the north and south poles. During the space race, there were fears that missions to the moon punctured the Van Allen belt, thereby exposing us to harmful radiation. Why the sudden concern about the Van Allen belt? -LW

NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launching into space for the first time in December 2014, on a flight that will take it farther than any spacecraft built to carry humans has gone in more than 40 years and through temperatures twice as hot as molten lava to put its critical systems to the test.

According to the video below, spacecraft Orion will test the Van Allen radiation belt first before they can send people through this region of space.

Listen carefully at around 3:36 what the man says: “We must solve this problem before we send people through this region of space” (the Van Allen radiation belt).

Didn’t they already send 6 manned crews through this region on the way to the moon in the Apollo missions?

If NASA is still working on testing the Van Allen radiation belt in order to solve that problem before they can send the astronauts through this region of space, than it is really amazing what the engineers of NASA in the 60’s and with the technology of the 60’s have done to solve that problem, leading to the first moon landing in ’69.

If the moon missions were real, then it seems the whole “the Van Allen radiation belt” problem should have been solved over 40 years ago and at least have landed on Mars by now and flown manned flights to one of Mars’ moons or even a flyby of Saturn or Jupiter.

After watching this video I have to seriously doubt that there were ever any “NASA” manned space flights to the moon.


Omar Albach Video ‘Canadians React To Ottawa Shooting Racism’ – #RIPNathanCirillo

In this video, Omar Albach  shows how Canadians react to this “Islamic terrorist” nonsense. It was filmed in Hamilton, where Corporal Nathan Cirillo lived, and where I was born. When the mainstream media tells you Canadians are afraid of Islam or Muslims, remember this video. Hats off to Omar Albach! -LW

Things may have gotten a little too real for these YouTube filmmakers.

When York University student Omar Albach assembled his cast — a young man dressed in Muslim garb and another pretending to be a Muslim-hater — the idea was simple: to gauge how average Canadians felt about Islam in the wake of several high-profile incidents.

Over and over again, the Muslim character was heckled loudly by the other character and told he couldn’t get on the bus due to a terror threat.

And, over and over again, the young man’s efforts to get bystanders on the hate train met with failure. At every turn, the ‘hater’ was scolded, yelled at, shamed — at one point, a man said, “I’m sorry, but this is a friend of mine. I’m with him too.”

Finally, the actor took a punch in the face.

Canadians appeared to have no taste for the Islamaphobia he was peddling. What’s more striking perhaps is the setting Omar Albach, who is of Palestinian descent, chose for his social experiment — Hamilton, Ont.

That’s where the body of Nathan Cirillo was laid to rest this week in a moving ceremony that drew onlookers from across the country. The soldier was killed by a lone gunman while guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa the week before. The suspected gunman, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was quickly denounced by the prime minister as a terrorist.

One of the crew members, the young man pretending to hate on the ostensibly Muslim man, later identified himself as Devin Giamou.

It seems, he felt the need to join the YouTube comment fray to clear things up.

“I’m the guy that got punched in the video, I thought I would clarify a couple things,” he wrote in the video’s comment section. “I’m not actually a racist asshole like I portrayed in this video. I knew the guy who played the part of the ‘terrorist’ and he’s a cool guy who played his part very well.”

Responses to his clarification range from correction — “Islam is not a race” — to approbation — “Please keep doing thought-provoking videos like this.”

Posted on YouTube on Monday, the video has already been viewed more than 270,000 times. But this isn’t Albach’s first viral video. That distinction belongs to a video the 18-year-old produced in the summer, called “Hug A Terrorist.”



Orbital Sciences Explosion at Wallops from 3,000ft

Video Credit: Ed Sealing

Video Credit: Ed Sealing

I took this video of the very unfortunate Orbital Sciences rocket explosion on my iPad Mini. Video was taken in our Cessna 177 Cardinal from an altitude of 3,000ft. Sorry for the sound. I’ll have a better one up once it’s been edited out.

For the record… anyone (new stations or otherwise) is allowed to use this video for broadcast if they would like. I only ask that you give me credit for it. Any maybe give me a shout-out to Sealing Technologies Inc, a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) providing cutting edge research, development, and integration services to the Department of Defense. We specialize in the areas of Distributed Software Engineering, Cyber Security, and Certification & Accreditation. Our goal is to use our expertise in these fields to support the Federal Government in accomplishing their Mission in the most secure, functional, and efficient manner possible. Check us out at www.sealingtech.org!




Brainwash Update: How America Recruited, Protected, and Continue to Pay Nazis to this Day

Have you shared this with your friends and family? Do you think it is behind Ebola and the Ottawa shooting? -LW

Abby Martin takes a look at two recent investigative reports from the Associated Press and New York Times, uncovering the recruitment of Nazi spies for the CIA and the US’ policy of giving social security payments to former Nazi leadership.

School threatens Fourth-Grader After she Refuses Pledge of Allegiance

Did you know that the USA has more than one flag? It has war time flags and peace time flags. Guess which one is commonly regarded as “THE” American flag? -LW


Postcard of the San Francisco Custom House, 1913

Remember what “they” are asking you to pledge allegiance to? Is it to the corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Why should someone be forced (via punishment by failure of classes) to have allegiance to a fictitious corporation that has been running amuck since 1859.

US Civil Flag at the Eagle, Alaska custom-house, on the Yukon River at the Canadian border, circa 1997

US Civil Flag at the Eagle, Alaska custom-house,
on the Yukon River at the Canadian border, circa 1997

I’m pretty sure Samantha has allegiance….but only to the Original [u]nited State of America and the civil flag which goes with it.

Please visit this link for info about the two different flags — http://www.barefootsworld.net/uscivil…

This is a 4409 exclusive…first interview with the nine year old Phoenix 4th grader who was threatened with class failure by her teacher if she did not put her hand over her heart and sing the pledge of allegiance.

Samantha, a 4th grade school student would not sing the pledge of allegiance because she did not want to pledge allegiance to a war flag that promoted violence and aggression towards others.