UFO Cover-up in NY Times: Former CIA Director ‘Soberly Concerned’ About UFOs

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If you think UFOs, flying saucers and little green men are a bunch of bunk and swamp gas, you may want to read this old evidence of a very real administrative conundrum from decades ago.

It would be in the best interests of everyone on Starship Earth to acknowledge the presence of the Star Nations and understand that they have been engaging our civilization for thousands of years, and still are. 

The only thing standing between them, us and First Contact is the rogue US federal government—but not for long!  ~ BP

This astounding 1960 article on a former CIA director being “soberly concerned” about UFOs is available in the New York Times archives. Click here to confirm. We provide a copy of the article below. Bold typeface has been added to aid in finding the quote from former CIA Director Hillenkoetter demanding that the truth be brought out about UFOs. To see other key witness statements on the UFO cover-up by astronauts, military officers, and other top leaders, click here.

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter was the first director of the CIA when it was originally created in 1947, serving as its director until 1950. The revealing New York Times article below interestingly was buried on page 30 of the Sunday edition that winter day over 50 years ago. You can easily verify this by going to the New York Times archives webpage for the article at this link. Immediately under the title, you will see descriptors for the article: “February 28, 1960, Sunday, Page 30, 418 words.”



Pamphlet by the Inspector General Called Objects a ‘Serious Business’

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UPI)—The Air Force has sent its commands a warning to treat sightings of unidentified flying objects as “serious business” directly related to the nation’s defense, it was learned today.
An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the directive after portions of it were made public by a private “flying saucer” group.
The new regulations were issued by the Air Force inspector general Dec. 24.
The regulations, revising similar ones issued in the past, outlined procedures and said that “investigations and analysis of UFO’s are directly related to the Air Force’s responsibility for the defense of the United States.”

Committee Reveals Document

Existence of the document was revealed by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.
The privately financed committee accused the Air Force of deception in publicly describing reports of unidentified flying objects as delusions and hoaxes while sending the private admonition to its commands.
Vice Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter (Ret.), a committee board member and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in a statement that a copy of the inspector general’s warning had been sent to the Senate Science and Astronautics Committee.
“It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings,” he said.”
The Air Force confirmed that the document had been issued. A spokesman said it was put out by Maj. Gen. Richard E. O’Keefe, acting inspector general at the time, to call attention to revised Air Force regulations concerning unidentified flying objects.
The statement was included in an “operations and training” pamphlet circulated at intervals to bring commands up to date.
Pentagon aides said the new regulations covering seven printed pages, made no substantive change in policy but had been rewritten as a matter of course.
The Air Force has investigated 6,132 reports of flying objects since 1947, including 183 in the last six months of 1959. The latest Air Force statement, issued a month ago said, “no physical or material evidence, not even a minute fragment of a so-called flying saucer, has ever been found.”
Admiral Hillenkoetter said that “behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFO’s.”
“But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense,”
the retired admiral said. He charged that
“to hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel” through the issuance of a regulation.

if you click on this link to purchase this article from the New York Times, you will see that their database has misspelled the article title to read “Air Forge” rather than “Air Force.” The New York Times is generally meticulous about editing and correcting errors. This error has now stood at least since 2003 when we first searched and could not find the article because of this misspelling. Could this be intentional to make it difficult for people to find the article when searching their database? For an abundance of other reliable, verifiable information on the UFO cover-up, see below.

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Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right into Place over Syria [video]

Hello? Is anybody out there? Man, it’s been quiet lately. Kind of eerie. And there have been all sorts of odd things going on with electronics, TV broadcasts, etc. I read something, somewhere in the last few days that said we can expect plenty of that as old Sol’s pole shift develops.

The folks at Syncrenicity have put together an interesting piece, mostly video.

Is the New World Order deranged enough to think they can still pull off a fake alien invasion at this point?  What do YOU think?

At this point we have no idea what kind of ships they may have perfected.

COBRA said an invasion would never happen. Won’t be permitted.

So many of us would be laughing our guts out at a pathetic ploy like that. I think it just might trigger The Event!  Do it! DO IT! Bring it on!  ~ BP


Sync Info: Clearly Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right Into Place Over Syria. Can We Say It Look’s Like A – F. F. A. I. Prelude? (Video)

“False Flag Alien Invasion – (F. F. A. I.)”


Sync has warned many many times that we have technologies “they” are not telling you about.  Previously, (as in many posts in Sync Archives.)  There are links to some of them there for your edification or other lower down the page.

From Ralf Ring, Otis T Carr, Professor Johnathon Searl and many more have indeed developed, flown and demonstrated their designs in these technologies time and time again, all of which have been stolen by the Industrial Military Complex (Jesuit Based.)  We know these things and we know how they plan to use them to “Trick” the populations into a full blown “New Wold Order” of global control where everything you do is controlled and regulated to the MAX.  Consciousness is rising very fast and we know why, we are waking up!

We show you the “Tools” they plan to use and how they plan to use them from smart Meters to Microchips, H. A. A. R. P. and many other aspects of the “Plan” so you have had the information and it’s encoded all around you to see.  The Solutions to ALL of the problems are here for the taking and the opportunity to take them is right there in your hands.  The only question remains Will You?  What can you do?  Simple, just,

Help Us To Get The Information Out To As Many As People As Possible. That’s It.

The Point is will most of the people fall for this? Obviously those who “know” won’t be rushing to the BBC to get our “news” will we…

The Scenario is below and the “News” is the next few videos down.  Thank you for helping others awaken…


Please go to Syncrenicity.com to see all the other videos…

Fmr. Cdn. Defense Minister Paul Hellyer Exposes Government Tax Fraud as Theft… and Other Truths

Paul is the BEST! He really should get an award for all the effort he puts into sharing the truth and waking up people to the government activities to deceive The People. He could be enjoying a quiet life in his retirement, rocking on the dock by the lake, tossing in a line and having a fish fry for dinner. Love you, Paul!

It looks like these are a couple of videos squeezed out of participants at the Citizen Hearing on a break in Washington last spring, where they exposed the ET coverup.

This is another great post from the folks at Syncrenicity.com, which includes other revealing footage as well.  I hope you’re in the mood for videos!  Thank you for your efforts to expose the truth, too, fellas.  ~ BP

Sync Edu: Truth’s Out. Paul Hellyer Interview Exposing THE LIES & Tax is Legalised Theft Of Your Money! You Bothered About It Yet?



Mothership Impersonating a Star? [video]

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com for sharing.

Here’s another interesting thing in the heavens. What do you think?  We certainly are seeing a lot more anomalies in the skies these days. ~ BP

Published on 8 Dec 2013

UFO Sightings: Huge Mother Ship Cloaked As A Star? Incredible Evidence Dec 8 2013.

Incredible Call into ThirdPhaseofMoon Radio via Vince Pounds –  Captures Shocking Photos of What He Claims is a Mother ship Of L.A. Cloaked as A Star!

Oklahoma Moore Edmonton Video – Permission granted to Thirdphaseofmoon by Mr. Anderson. Visit original link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5parSV…

UFO (Centaurian Ship) Near Buffalo, New York

Colleen and Sheldan Nidle sent this. Thank you for sharing! 

What a wonderful surprise to find a lightship in a photo when you didn’t know it was there…  ~  BP

Greetings from Galactic Heart. . .

We received the photo below of a UFO from a friend who lives near Buffalo, NY.  She wanted to take a picture with her phone of the sun’s rays from outside her home. She didn’t see the ship until after taking the photo. Well, it is not unidentified any more. Sheldan tells us it is a Centaurian ship. Cool!

Selamat Ja!

ufo photo by dawn


Historic UFO Audio Archive Dating Back to the 40s Recovered

Cobra Pleiadian Mothership and Scout ships

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com for sharing.

We’re gonna drag the truth out of the cave by the hair if we have to.  Let’s hope the new energies open some minds. Living a lie is most tiresome when you know the truth, isn’t it? 

There’s some great material on the Open Minds (source) web site, below, as well.  ~ BP

Historic UFO audio archive dating back to the 40s recovered

Nov 26, 2013

Wendy Connors

Wendy Connors

A historic UFO audio archive documenting the beginning of the modern UFO era has been made available online. The archive was compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dyke, and re-discovered and made available online by Isaac Koi and Giuliano Marinkovic.

Connors spent several years in the US Air Force working in communications before settling down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had an interest in UFOs, and in particular the Air Force’s official investigations into the matter. She was a founding member of the Project Sign Historical Group, which brought together people related to the Air Force’s original UFO investigation program.

Over the years Connors began collecting audio clips from some of the most important interviews of the time. She called her project to preserve these audio clips, “Faded Discs.” The clips included comments from the administrators of the Air Force UFO investigation projects, researchers, and other notable people, such as astronauts, actors, and presidents, who had something to say about the topic. She painstakingly re-mastered the audio so it could be preserved for posterity.Kenneth Arnold

Some of these interviews include Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who had a very important UFO sighting that ultimately served as the impetus to the Air Force’s entrance into UFO research. There are clips from J. Allen Hynek, the astronomer who first served as the US Air Force’s debunker, but eventually turned into a proponent for serious scientific research of UFOs.

There are clips from many military witnesses, and some of the key people involved with some of the important early cases. Although there was disagreement about the nature of the phenomenon, as there is today, the UFO subject was taken much more seriously when it first caught the attention of the public. Serious civil debate took place among very credible people, and some of those debates can be found in the files.

J. Allen Hynek (image: Northwestern University)

J. Allen Hynek (image: Northwestern University)

Marinkovic and Koi have been working on archiving important UFO files and disseminating them among UFO researchers. We have posted their discoveries on OpenMinds.tv before. Marinkovic said Connors’ Faded Disc compilations were very hard to find, and it took him a few years to locate them all.

Take some time and download and listen to the files. They are fascinating and informative. The work of archivists such as Connors, Dyke, Koi, and Marinkovic is very important. If not for their work an important part of our history could be lost to obscurity, and I for one am very grateful for the work they do.

You can find the Faded Disk archive at Archive.org.


Mayan Artifacts Prove ETs Have Been Engaging Earthlings for a Long Time [video]

And again, Patrick, thank you.

The Mexican government shared this information and I think it’s the most persuasive case for ancient contact with extraterrestrials. Who doesn’t recognize a “space man” when they see one? A flying saucer? And those wrap-around eyes?

The most startling evidence for me was the triangular “hole” in the sun’s corona that appeared in March of 2012 that was identical to the image on the Mayan artifact found in a pyramid in Mexico last year. That is no accident and and I defy anyone to explain it away.

In my favourite video of all time (below the article) we see a comparison of the two triangular images. How can we deny this? I would think even the most closed-minded people would have to recognize the implications and see our history as well as our current reality with new eyes.

People have GOT to accept that extraterrestrial races have always visited our planet and are still here.

Parlez-vous français?  Enjoy the article. Otherwise, enjoy these telling photos and then watch the video at the bottom of this post.

This is the most exciting time to be alive, and we’re still building to the really good stuff!

We are SO close to blowing the doors off this pathetic, manipulated reality we’ve been accepting as truth. The great Shift is almost upon us. Freedom is almost ours—and isn’t it ironic that we shall have the Star Nations to thank?  ~ BP

Le gouvernement du Mexique dévoile des pièces mayas prouvant le contact extra-terrestre


Pour ceux qui avaient encore des doutes en ce qui a trait aux contacts extra-terrestres avec nos anciennes civilisations, cette fois, on ne peut plus clairs! Le gouvernement mexicain a frappé un grand coup dans l’histoire cachée de l’humanité. Dans la section archéologie oubliée, le pays dévoilera publiquement une série de pièces Mayas découvertes il y environ 80 ans par une équipe du National Institute of Anthropoly and History (INAH) sur le site de Calakmul au Mexique.

Ces pièces exceptionnelles ont déjà été présentées l’an dernier et feront l’objet d’un documentaire qui sortira cet automne et qui sera produit par Raul Julia-Levy et réalisé par Juan Carlos Rulfo, le gagnant du festival Sundance 2006 avec son film « In the pit ». Ce documentaire porte le nom provisoire « Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and beyond ».

L’une des pièces maîtresses dévoilées est un disque on ne peut plus explicite. On peut y voir clairement 4 engins, communément appelés OVNI, dont l’une démontre par une extraction, un astronaute (5) aux commandes de son engin (6). Les deux cercles au centre (1) sont présentement considérés comme une planète à atmosphère de par les deux cercles le suggérant et qu’on peut supposer être la Terre du fait de la présence d’un astre à proximité qui semble être la Lune. À droite, ce qui semble être une comète (3) avec un OVNI (2) dans son sciage, puis, à gauche, un autre engin (4) qui semble intervenir directement sur la comète comme porteur d’un bélier pour frapper la comète.

Une autre pièce fort intrigante semble représenter une éruption solaire. Le soleil envoie un jet de rayon vers la même planète à atmosphère, soit la Terre, événement régulièrement mesuré par la NASA dont vous pouvez suivre l’activité sur le site Space Weather. Trois Ovnis sont présents sur cet artefact dont l’un est directement dans le jet plasmique. Une autre planète est également présente, mais il est difficile de préciser laquelle de notre système solaire.

Cette pièce fort importante semble confirmer les informations que nous recevons par diverses canalisations et qui nous informent du rôle majeur du soleil dans les événements à venir . Celui-ci est la clé de notre élévation de conscience et cet artefact vieux de 1,300 ans semble nous l’indiquer. Les Maya savaient que nous étions dans le 5e et dernier cycle de 5125 ans d’un plus grand cycle de 26,000 ans. C’est ce que leurs calendriers mesuraient. Par ailleurs, les scientifiques de la NASA prévoient une éruption majeure d’ici la fin de 2013 ce qui corrobore l’ensemble des informations obtenues.

Klauss Dona accompagné du Dr Nassim Haramein ont présenté des photographies de certaines pièces lors d’une conférence au Congresshalle à Saarbrücken en Allemagne, le 11 juin 2011. Vous trouverez au bas de cet article la référence aux extraits de cette conférence.

Les autres pièces sont des représentations qui ressemblent étrangement aux petits bonshommes E.T. que nous connaissons.

Ce qui est encore plus troublant sont les révélations du ministre du Tourisme mexicain, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado qui déclare que :

1) La traduction de codex relate les contacts entre les extra-terrestres et le peuple Maya.
2) Des pistes d’atterrissage daté à 3,000 ans ont été trouvées dans la jungle.
3) Ils possèdent des preuves que les Mayas avaient l’intention de mener cette planète pour des milliers d’années, mais qu’ils ont été forcés de s’échapper après une invasion « d’êtres aux sombres intensions » laissant derrière eux les évidences d’une race hautement avancée.

Je crois qu’à l’approche de la date de fin de cycle du calendrier maya, les autorités mexicaines semblent avoir fait un examen de conscience dont le résultat a été d’informer le public. Je crois également qu’il s’agit du bon choix et que celui-ci devrait servir d’exemple pour les autres nations, je pense, entre autres, aux États-Unis où un changement d’attitude important s’impose.

N’oubliez pas que nous sommes à la période des révélations où tout ce qui était caché se dévoile. Les scandales de tout sort au même titre que l’archéologie cachée font partie de ce grand dévoilement. Si vous me demandez mon avis, je vous dirai que nous n’en sommes qu’au début des surprises de cette magnifique période qui s’ouvre à nous. Pour ceux dont ce dévoilement est un véritable choc, je vous implore d’ouvrir votre conscience, car vous n’êtes pas au bout de vos découvertes.


Published on 21 Mar 2012

A MUST WATCH!!! Ancient Artifacts compared to recent solar events in 2012!!!

In November of 2011 there was a presentation by Nassim Haramein & Klaus Dona with newly discovered Ancient Artifacts, from deep inside a Mayan Pyramid in Mexico. All information will be released later this year, in a 2012 documentary titled:

“Revelations of the Mayans – 2012 and Beyond.”

However due to recent solar activity one of the artifacts has become VERY, VERY interesting!

Article – Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government
in a 2012 Documentary: