Bilderberger Weekend Meetup: Globalist “Decoy” on Show for All to See

If you don’t know about the infamous Bilderberg Group or Bilderberg Society, here’s everything you ever wanted to know to get you started. Even Lloyd Robertson at CTV News in Toronto knows about the Bilderbergers, while many other journalists said they didn’t. This Illuminati consortium has done an amazing job of flying under the radar of most people in the past—but they’re big news now.

The gang at Syncrenicity has put together a great collection of media and there’s some very good stuff here.

Many people are aware of what the Bilderbergers are and what is going on there but for those who aren’t, here is a “glimpse” to get your head around it.  These are basically the operators (corporate) of the “system/s” we find ourselves in today and as most viewers of our material know there is always much more information on this whole topic.  Let’s start with some real basics for those who are not so well informed.

There will be lots more information on this whole topic and I am sure we will see lots of new developments as this event unfolds so please keep checking in for the latest information. To date we are covering some of the basics and please do some investigation for yourselves in the meantime.  Use this basic overview as a “springboard” so to speak.

So you are now beginning to see whats there when you start to look so let’s look some more shall we?  Just for kicks here is the documentary from, “Luke’s We Are Change organization.”

Basically, make no mistake these guys wish to bring about the complete lock-down of all aspects of our society on behalf of the controlling Elite’s who (as we have shown in other documented posts on this site) have truly incredible technologies and cures for every illness known to man.  Still this is not even “close” to what the “Breakaway Civilization” (as Richard Dolan, Timothy Good and others termed it) or the True Elites, have their hands on.  We are talking, Star Trek on steroids (is where we have to look for these answers) but you will need to do some more research on this before most will get this part of the puzzle.  The rabbit hole is more like a worm hole I can assure you of that but what’s more is it’s coming out “all over the place!”  ;-)   We are all part of it so, enjoy every minute of it!!

Well with this as a starter and the associated info you will find on Syncrenicity, you have plenty of information to undergo your journey into reality. Please start to dig into the topics and what you will find out will totally amaze you the deeper you go. If in the other hand you want a “step by step” guide to this journey then please don’t forget to grab your guide on the front of the web site titled [BLUEPRINTS CC BOOK] from the menu bar at the top of the front page and yes it’s free..  This article will be updated in 24 hrs time and re-published (so subscribe and watch your in box!)

In brief, here it is in plain sight.  Time to make your choice for freedom or slavery it’s up to you to help us to make this change happen.  Please make sure you are informed of what you are CHOOSING as your kids will have to live in the consequences of your choices too and after all they, are relying on you, to “know” what you are “doing” is in fact, correct.  We all might want to find out what we are allowing them to be injected with or what they are being fed through the day to day “programming” they have to endure as we did.  Difference is we had the “choice” to wake up and time to do so.  They, may not have such a luxury and will just follow your lead (for the most part) so the responsibility is truly, yours not theirs, they are just little children who look up to you and you are their world as each and every one of them look for guidance through the maze.

Don’t wait…  Now is the time to stand up if not for yourself for the future generations.  You are them but for the most part, the masses don’t know this yet…


Breaking: Kevin Annett on The Pope, Queen, PM of Canada; Also Teleportation, Secret Projects

This program was broadcast last night…

Recorded on 2/25/2013 Tonight on “The Truth Hour” BREAKING NEWS “The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The System” Join us tonight for an EXCLUSIVE Program…

We have Kevin Annett from International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State to discuss todays GUILTY Verdict!!! Plus Tony Z, Kate of Gaia and special guest Santos Bonacci, they will be presenting breaking news regarding teleportation and secret projects…

This is a show you don’t want to miss!!! See us live here at:… … for all of our previous programs visit our YouTube Channel: QL Television