Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes for Trey Gowdy to Shame an Entire Room of Journalists into Silence [video]

Epic, is right.  I’m STILL stuck on Hillary Clinton’s stunning demand: “What difference does it make?!”  I’ve never forgotten that callous question, but that’s a reptilian for you.  Socially inept psychopath.  ~ BP

Cease & Desist Order Against Obama?

Take at look, if you will, at this drivel:

Order to Cease and Desist Command effective 10-21-2012:

Exerpt: “Obama, however, continued to manipulate budgetary matters through the State Department,
to serve his own special interests in Libya,
and in doing so,
damaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s abilities
to bring Libya fully into a cooperative partner with the United States.”

What’s the origin of this “Cease and Desist” Google document that throws Obama under the bus for Clinton’s evil intentions and actions and for violating the constitution? A meeting back in July? Obama isn’t the only one who violated the constitution.

They of course get into the birth certificate issue and it says “they” recognize Joe Biden as President. Is this the typical airing of the dirty laundry that so often accompanies American political campaigns or something more?

Impeachment Order? Restraining Order? Not that impeachment is the end of the world. It wouldn’t be the first time a president was impeached.

Check out the whole document, and by clicking the related documents at the contained links. What do you think?

I have a hard time taking anything seriously that mentions “tea party”.

The next two weeks are going to be  interesting.