Andrew Bartzis “The Galactic Historian” & Veronica Keen Blow the Doors Off Our Reality [audios]

OMG! The most wonderful information is pouring out to enable we awakened ones to forge down our path to enlightenment with eyes wide open!

Andrew’s perspective on Humanity’s plight, past and progress have been fascinating to me since I discovered him and I’m so glad he’s bringing this wisdom forward now. posted the first of this series last week and I didn’t get a chance to listen until last night and WOW!  I would say these discussions are a MUST LISTEN if you want to understand not only our history, but to even have an inkling of who we are and the reality kept from us—the one we think we’re experiencing each day.

This information is on par with the smack in the forehead I got from “The Lie NASA Told” and Yellow Rose’s other videos and I think it will rock your world.

Andrew has incredible, unique abilities and plays a powerful role in our awakening. I believe his work, and that of Veronica, is key in that Andrew delivers enough glancing blows to our paradigm that we begin to get a sense of just how much of a fabrication our reality is.

We really are living in a manufactured world. Free will is hardly exercized unless someone is able to completely break through the programming from the Illuminati.

These discussions make it easier to understand why millions of souls have chosen to leave the planet now as they simply won’t be able to wrap their heads around the reality of the deception—the depth and breadth of it.

It would simply be too much of a shock to learn that EVERYTHING we have ever believed is wrong, upside-down and inside-out.

I believe it was Tolec who said that people are leaving the planet in droves now, and we were told pre-2012 that is what would happen, by any number of means—some dramatic, some very naturally.

Here’s Andrew and Veronica. Be prepared for some zingers!  ~ BP




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Space Wars: The Destruction of the Papal Key [video]

There were so many comments on the video from Yellow Rose for Texas “The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the New World Order” that it may have caused problems for some readers scrolling to the bottom of the comments, so we’re starting a new discussion with this related video from Yellow Rose.

It’s extremely controversial material and mind-bending, to say the least—but that’s never stopped us, has it?  It’s generated a great deal of note comparisons, titillated our collective galactic core and expanded our souls so I hope we can continue the discussions here on this post.

As always, I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS THE TRUTH—I’m sharing it as one person’s contribution to opening our eyes to a reality that has been shielded from us. Truth is usually mixed with some misinformation so we have to use our discernment—and WE ARE—and asking plenty of questions!

Having said that, there are some things we just know. Who would have ever thought we’d be saved by “the Mob”???  I guess it’s better than “the swarm”. Cheers!  ~ BP

This video, uploaded April 23, 2014,  is said to be footage from SOHO again, viewing the destruction of the escape route of the enemy of Mankind.


The Galactic Historian: Don’t Miss!

I’ve been listening to Julian Wells and Chris Hales on I-UV Internet radio for awhile as they share information about the energetics of our time, our awakening, the dark, the light, and to me the most fascinating part—the Galactics.

Julian downloads information directly from the Pleiadian collective and has recently said how difficult it is for those Pleiadians who are observing events unfold on our planet because it’s disturbing to see such evil unleashed on a largely oblivious race and not be able to do anything.

They’ve mentioned Andrew Bartzis on the show several times, and although it was on my list, I hadn’t yet tracked down his material, but yesterday People’s Trust Toronto shared one of his videos—a perfect and timely manifestation!

Andrew, known as The Galactic Historian, did a series of videos with Lance White about our current situation and I am spellbound. I haven’t even listened to all of them yet but wanted to share right away.

Andrew is one of the few people on the planet with access to the Akashic Records, where all the details of everything that has transpired in the history of creation is recorded—and he’s going back 51 million years, I believe it was, in the history of our planet to explain what is and what has happened—such as Atlantis falling not once but THREE TIMES, and Lemurians dropping their new continent smack dab in the middle of the Atlanteans’ territory and the ensuing battles.

He uses metaphors skillfully to explain the concepts which makes it easier to understand, but I still can’t wrap my head around it all.

If you truly desire to understand spirituality, the dark, the light, what’s happening on our planet and why, the timing, the Event and what that will mean… you gotta listen, but prepare to be gobsmacked!

This material was mostly new information for me but confirmed what I’ve known for some time; that we have been mislead on many levels, that the way of the Universe has been oversimplified because in reality it is so complex that with our controlled knowledge and beliefs, most of us cannot hope to grasp it.

He reveals that nothing is black or white, and that we are but spiritual cavemen in relation to the other beings in the cosmos due to our amnesia and mind control… (my words, not his)

…that the mantis insectoids are actually really cool dudes!

…why 9/11 had to happen

…that we could have been free in the sixties, and that The Event could have happened in 2006 and why it didn’t.

He confirmed there is no NESARA, no Ascended Masters walking the Earth among us, and that fear is a major tool used against the silly little Earth slaves to get them to manifest their own negative realities.

Take Nibiru, for example. According to Andrew, it is the home of the Anunnaki (who were lured to Earth under false pretenses by the dark) and they travel with Nibiru all over the Universe.

Nibiru is not a danger to Earth, but all the cabal has to do is throw the suggestion out there that it is on a collision course with Earth and our fear creates the reality of the threat, so they had to install technology in it so it would stay its course and not respond to our misguided intentions. See? Cavemen!

And now we know why there is so much fear porn out there. It’s psyops. The Illuminati knows that if they throw us the ball, in our ignorance we’ll run with it—whether it’s Nibiru or a nuclear attack, which is where Alex Jones comes in, and why I rarely share any of that stuff. I don’t want people to even know about it, so they can’t focus on it.

So if you think you’re ready for a huge helping of reality, dish it up. Everyone on the planet needs to hear this.

Stay out of fear and BE love, and we can create a better reality. it’s time to stop being manipulated and take our power back.

I doubt if anyone can listen to these revelations and fail to see the world in a different way afterward, or fail to see the dark in The Light, and vice-versa.

I knew I only had a rudimentary understanding of reality, and now it’s back to school for more training because I don’t mind saying I don’t understand everything Andrew said.

What we can all take away from this information, however, is that we are spiritual space travelers and our passports are about to be reissued!

Here’s the first video in the series. You can find the rest at YouTube, all the way up to Part 16.