South Africa: Urgent Update on the Financial Front

This cryptic message just off the press at Facebook. I don’t know who it’s from, but we’re passing it on. Sounds like it’s crunch time and the banksters are going down—sooner, rather than later.

Hi Folks,

Read carefully. Don’t ask any questions. I cannot respond anymore. Am on the move.

I will be at the Cape Town Common Law Hearing. Details will go out by Friday morning.

It’s mainly to get to grips with remedies about to unfold and where you can assist and
where you can slot in.

Read the PUBLIC POLICY 1 filed on behalf of All One People. Constitutional Hill
will issue Notices once we have re-purposed All Staff to actively Notify All
commercial court cases, filings, actions, EVERYTHING, discharged, settled.
balanced and the books closed on All defunct corporations.

We will settle All of South Africa’s ‘debt’ WITHIN 72 HOURS!!! And move on. Simple.

DO NOT FEAR regarding my next words.

As a strategist with extensive combat experience, my private bet is that they pull
the plug on the banking system on the 2nd September. expect a total blackout of all
banking. The federal government has no more funds and they are jumping ship.
Their taps are dry. Notice around you how they have slowly been increasing the
pressure. They know their game is up.

We have a banking Commission working hard at getting funds released. We are
confident that we will make the deadline. People like Joop Dekker, are knowingly
purposefully and wilfully not coming to the table. They have the infrastructure
to facilitate funds to ALL People within 72 hours from your value held in the
One People’s Public Trust. They know that we will re-purpose the banks to
common law banks.

Today, on the 31st of July, Joop Dekker officially rejected his Amnesty.
He has taken full private liability in this matter of international barratry.
He is now a threat to Peace and Freedom of All People of Earth.

He does not realise the tragedy that he is about to unleash on his Family.
Will someone please try and contact any members of his Family. They need to
urgently receive and inform themselves of what is about to unfold. It is going to
shatter that Family.

Are there any Social Workers or Therapists that can be on call please and who
can please start a volunteer counselling group for the few Families who will
suffer? Send your details to please.
Also, which Province/s you can reach.

History repeats itself people. Isaiah prophecised that Babylon would
be sacked within 2 years and that their arrogance would be their downfall.
Here is the ultimate example. I wash my hands.

No reply from erick smith from sars as yet. At least he is taking this seriously.
When we filed a charge on oupa magashula, commissioner of sars, he was
fired before his 30 days were up… coincidence…

The Line Has Been Drawn. This time We, the One People are DOing it and SACKING it in 1 DAY!.

Go viral folks.

What is Going On with North Korea is Not What it Seems

benjamin_fulford_popple_120911_snip20by Benjamin Fulford

The biggest eye opener for me in decades of reporting about North Korea came seven years ago when a top Chinese government agent in Japan told me China considered North Korea to be a US colony. The recent so-called threats of war by North Korea being widely reported in the Western press are in fact cabal efforts to intimidate that country as it seeks independence from secret US rule. The North Korean moves are a part of an overall East Asian move away from cabal rule.

However, recent corporate media coverage of North Korea makes it obvious that very few members of the Western media have a clue about what is really going on there. That is why I have decided to write a basic primer for the benefit of interested readers and policy makers.

The first thing people need to understand when looking at North Korea is to realize the country was set up by remnants of the Japanese army that was stationed in China during and before World War 2. The regime in North Korea thus closely resembles the war time government of Japan with the main difference being the God King is named Kim and not Hirohito. Remember, what is North Korea now was part of Japan or under Japanese influence from the late 19th century until the middle of the 20th century.

The next thing people need to understand is that part way through the post-war US occupation of Japan, a fundamental change in US policy took place. Following the murder of President Roosevelt by Nazi sympathizers towards the end of World War 2, a large part of the US intelligence community was gradually taken over by Nazis.

In Japan this meant that during the first part of the US occupation strenuous efforts were made to turn Japan into a pacifist, socialist country. Then as Nazi influence grew the fake so-called Cold War started and the policy shifted to fighting the Soviet Union. As a part of this new strategy 50,000 Japanese intelligence and military officers, experts in fighting communism in China, were brought over to Japan from North Korea.

This group has, to this day, exerted serious but hidden control over the Japanese political world in the post-war era. That is why it is no coincidence that the headquarters of the unofficial North Korean Embassy in Japan, the Chosen Soren (North Korean Citizens Association) is located next to the Yasukuni shrine honouring Japan’s war dead.

For much of the post-war era, the North Korean group in Japan was headed by Yasuhiro Nakasone and was closely allied to US power brokers like George Bush Sr. and David Rockefeller. For example, until recently the 20,000 strong Inagawa-kai yakuza gang prominently displayed a picture of George Bush Senior at its headquarters.

However, this cozy relationship started to change during the Bush Jr. regime when Asian secret societies found out that SARS was a race-specific Nazi bioweapon spread by the Bush regime with the aim of wiping out much of Asia’s population.

In Japan the result was large, but unreported midnight gang fights pitting supporters of the Nazis or Sabbatean Satanists against Asian secret societies and their Western allies.

As a part of this ongoing struggle, a regime change took place in North Korea after Kim Jong Il was assassinated with a stroke inducing poison administered by a Swedish prostitute.

The new ruler, Kim Jong-un, is the son of Yokota Megumi, a girl of Japanese royal family lineage who was kidnapped from a beach in Niigata when she was 13. The Kim regime is thus very pro-Japanese. The regime change in North Korea led to a severe split between the North Korean government and North Korean organizations in Japan.

Some of the North Korean organizations in Japan have been deeply in bed with the Sabbateans or Nazis and earned their money either using Nazi CIA manufactured “super-K” banknotes or else selling amphetamines. It was also the Nazis who supplied the North Koreans with both nuclear weapons and missile technology.

They also carried out some very nasty secret projects with their Nazi allies. For example, the attack on the Japanese subway system using poisonous sarin gas, and blamed on the Aum Shinrikyo Cult, was an operation run by a North Korean agent by the name of Ota in cooperation with “Jewish Al-Qaeda types,” according to several witnesses.

The nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan on March 11, 2011 was also carried out by the Sabbatean Nazis and some of their North Korean allies. The missile used in the attack was a 500 kiloton device stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000. It was transferred by the secret Nazi submarine network to the Nazi base on the Atlantic Island of Sao Tome. From there it was taken to the other Nazi submarine base in New Guinea before being taken to Japan via yacht and fishing boat.

After being landed in Kyushu it was then taken to a property in Hinodecho in Western Tokyo owned by Yasuhiro Nakasone. Then it was transferred to the Chosen Soren building next to the Yasukuni shrine before being taken to the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu. The sources for the information include smugglers and yakuza members actually involved in the transportation of the missile. These people are willing to testify to this in court.

On board the Chikyu, the nuclear material in the missile was divided to make several smaller devices that were drilled 10 kilometers into the sea-bed. One of the technicians involved in this operation ran to a church seeking help after his co-workers started to be murdered in order to silence them after the tsunami occurred. He was sheltered by a Christian group connected to the Tachikawa church of the reverend Paolo Izumi and is now in protective custody in the US.

Disgust at the 311 attacks is one of the main reasons for the split between the old North Korean organizations in Japan and the new North Korean government. This has led to the arrest of Yasuhiro Nakasone and an ongoing secret purge of all those involved in this operation.
A visible sign of this is that the Japanese government seized the Chosen Soren headquarters building and auctioned it off. It was bought for 4.5 billion yen (about $50 million) by Eikan Ikeguchi a Buddhist monk powerbroker who is very friendly with both Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and the regime of supreme leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

The Sabbateans Nazis, of course, are not taking this passively. For example, we can confirm from sources extremely close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he has come down with cancer and suspects he was hit with a cancer causing virus during his recent visit to the US. Abe is now taking hemp extract and has been advised by this writer to take 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day and 1 gram of vitamin C every six hours to counter-act the cancer causing virus.

The ongoing power struggle is also revealing itself in the form of a financial crisis brewing in South Korea, North Korea and Japan. This crisis has several interlocking dimensions. First of all, the Japanese government is considering passing a bill to tax all assets worth over 50 million yen (about $500,000) owned by South and North Korean nationals living in Japan. Since Korean gangsters seized large amounts of prime real estate near train stations during the chaos after WW2, huge funds are involved.

That may explain why a several Korean groups are now offering to trade yen for won at a huge discount to the official exchange rate, according to a South Korean CIA source.

That also explains a lot of the North Korean saber rattling in recent days since the North Koreans secretly control huge swathes of the Japanese economy and are understandably reluctant to have those assets seized by Japanese taxmen.

There is also a huge credit card debt crisis brewing in South Korea, according to a veteran Japanese securities company executive. South Korean women are being sold into prostitution around the world to pay for their credit card debt, he says, but this option is not available for other Koreans. He expects a major credit card debt crisis to hit Goldman Sachs in particular, very hard.

The other crisis in South Korea has to do with bank loans, he says. Bank officers in South Korea with the authority to approve loans have been taking personal commissions of 10% or more on the loans they approve. This corruption is also leading to a bad loan scandal, he says.
The executive further made an interesting comment saying that “the people above me were Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger but they have lost power and we are not sure who is in charge now.”

This comment makes it quite clear that a temporary power vacuum is emerging as the old post-war political structures in East Asia change.
The new North Korean regime wants to unify with South Korea and are offering the South Koreans economic control in exchange for North Korean political control. The South Koreans are offering a ceremonial role to Kim Jon-un.

Both sides also want closer relations with Japan. That is why plans have already been approved to build a railway line linking Japan with the Korean peninsula.

The Japanese, for their part, want to keep the US military presence in the region to make sure they are not bullied into a submissive relationship with China. However, they are no longer willing to accept status as a junior partner of the US.

The Chinese are saying that Okinawa must once again become either a Chinese protectorate or an independent kingdom. They might be persuaded to allow Okinawa to become an independent free trade zone with a US military presence to assure its neutrality. Such a force would be paid for by the Japanese and Chinese.

There is also a proposal on the table to build a transnational East Asian development bank staffed by members of regional governments.
In any case, the recent saber rattling in East Asian can be equated to table pounding and shouting of the sort seen during M&A negotiations between major corporations. Things are still very much in flux and hard to predict but the end result, though, is expected to be a win-win solution.

(The sources for this article include Japanese military intelligence, members of the Inagawa, Sumiyoshi and Yamaguchi yakuza families, North Korean, South Korean, CIA, MI6, FSB and Chinese government agents as well as Japanese politicians)



ETs/EDs–Lots of Questions; Few Answers

ETs/EDs Monitor Earth Changes? Image Credit: CIA via Wikimedia CommonsAnother recent story from John Kettler… Could we have chosen a more exciting, exhilarating time to be on this planet? Imagine if you were still asleep and missing all this!

You can bet I’m going to be watching to see if any of our cacti turn purple! (although we have some that are already purple-ish—but not barrel cacti).

Could these wonky energies be involved in the beaching of the manatees in Florida?

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces are engaged in a series of epic investigations of the gravest import, some of which are so out there they’d make your heads explode. Provided you could follow the arguments. I find it difficult, since mine already did! Suffice it to say the investigations are of the most profound and determined sort, with the firm intent of getting behind all sorts of veils, lies and misdirections in order to arrive at truths carefully hidden for ages from the ETs/EDs themselves. Things are not at all what they appear to be, and the traps for the unwary are numerous.

Meanwhile, the ETs/EDs have to hold the planet together on the one hand, while allowing necessary, carefully metered expansion on the other. The sinkholes appearing in a bunch of places are reportedly evidence the planet’s becoming less cohesive, making the whole planetary stabilization drill all the more ticklish. And necessary. Several more PSS (Planetary Stabilization Ships) have been brought in to help deal with the new complexities and strains. The ley lines themselves, which define the energetic lines of force on this planet, are somewhat unstable, hindering certain operations here.

ETs/EDs Ask “Who’s Racing To Complete What?”

To those paying attention, it’s apparent the opposition is going all out in an effort to fulfill one or more agendas. Tunneling is evidently going on at a furious pace, and the sensitivity of that activity may be gauged by the forced demise of the informative magazine SCIENCE ILLUSTRATED at the hands of the government. The April-May 2013 issue was the last one, and here’s why. SCIENCE ILLUSTRATED was allegedly going to out the black underground evacuated tube MagLev “train system” in which, thanks near zero drag and localized antigravity fields in each pod, speeds as high as 4000 mph are possible. Some arm twisting by government agents stopped that planned outing, but the magazine refused to buckle, instead reframing its approach by revealing some of the key technologies directly, while alluding to others. “Faster Than A Bullet Train” is must reading for black program buffs, particularly in concert with the works of Richard Sauder and the various descriptions out there of the deep network of tubes linking all sorts of overt and covert government installations. That’s why the magazine was killed, and it’s by no means the first.

GUNG-HO magazine published two front page bombshells. One, written by a Navy physician, asked “Is AIDS  Manmade? The other, written by aviation writer Jim Goodall under an alias, was titled “Stealth And The UFO Connection.” We now know the Deep Throat for that was Ben Rich, who succeeded Kelly Johnson as head of the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works. In very short order, GUNG-HO was gone. It took longer to kill PERCEPTIONS magazine, which was telling way too much truth about way too many things, but it, too, was driven out of business. Doubtless, there are other casualties of this sort, but the pattern should be obvious.

The government seems to be falling apart on one hand and digging itself in while armed to the teeth on the other. In what’ll be the subject of a future post or posts, I can say the government, particularly DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has been buying lots of ammunition, armored vehicles, grave liners and body bags. But why?

Some here will immediately default to the NWO (New World Order) takeover scenario, but is that necessarily the case? The government may well fear wholesale chaos in the event of a number of scenarios, one of which I just learned of. My understanding is that SCIENCE NEWS recently reported the identification of a new SARS-like disease with a 90% mortality rate.  The first question I had when I heard this is “Is it natural or manmade?” The second is “How long ago did the government know of this before the information went public?” So far, I don’t know. I do know that such an epidemic would unhinge civilization as we know it, and that scenario terrifies those in power. At least, the flunkies who won’t be invited into the underground cities and will, presumably, be left here with us. To their profound shock and dismay! This scenario might explain many disturbing reports. Also, if the intention is to kill us en masse, then why buy a superabundance of grave liners and body bags? Wouldn’t trenches or empty quarries make better sense? It does make sense in the context of trying to contain a nasty bug. Not-for-attribution contacts are appalled by much of what is happening and note with disgust, regarding DHS, “They don’t even bother to hide what they’re doing.”

ETs/EDs, Inrushing Energies & Proliferating Purple Plants

NASA hasn’t yet identified the solar issue it sent out the alert about, but we’re still here. The energies coming in are extraordinarily strong. Their chief form of expression that I’ve experienced, seen and had reported to me is that they knock people out for considerable periods of time. I’ve also noted all kinds of communication disruption: repeatedly crashed or frozen (already pathetic) Internet, computer spontaneously resetting and cyber burping (text vanishes), cell calls dropped, difficulties getting in touch with people, and more. Another aspect of these energies’ arrival seems to lie in utter exhaustion and, at times, inability to do the simplest things in terms of brain function. Talking basic math in the head and stupid simple stuff like subject verb agreement. Have also lately noted confusion readily occurs for me in the face of any kind of ambiguous or multiply interpretable statement.  The ETs/EDs report”We don’t have a handle on this, either.” Presumably, they mean the energies, their current and unknown future effects.

Then, there are the purple plants I mentioned in my last post. While there already is a bunch of purple plants, as seen in this list, since putting up the prior post, I’ve been getting some remarkable purple plant reports. Of these, my current favorite is of a barrel cactus which was green and is now purple. I have some familiarity with this topic, having spent seven years in Arizona as a kid. In that time, I saw hundreds of barrel cacti. The live ones were all green. Nor have I ever heard of a green cactus suddenly turning purple. The ETs/EDs, a Ground Contingent and others said purple plants were coming and to watch for them. If the feedback I’ve been getting is correct, the purple plants I was talking about are here!


Update from Benjamin Fulford July 30

Ben Fulford: Why the West is Now under Nazi Rule and Why the Elite are in Denial

A visit to Canada and long conversations with bankers, newspaper editors and others still living inside the “mainstream” story about world events has exposed a deliberate state of factual denial about what is really happening in the Western terrorist states. The editor of a major North American newspaper, for example, made it clear to this writer that he needed to believe the official story about 911 and everything else the Western terrorist governments were saying because the alternative would be to radically restructure a world view he created over a lifetime. The bankers and other “elite” also fervently pushed the truth about things like “global warming based on CO2″ but immediately stopped the discussion and changed the subject when evidence was presented showing it was a fraud. The head of a major medical research laboratory, for his part, made it clear that openly researching subjects like bio-weapons (HIV, SARS, “bird flu” etc.) being spread by the cabalists would mean and end to his research institute’s grants and unemployment for him and his colleagues.

What these highly intelligent and thoroughly indoctrinated Westerners all share in common is a financial interest (jobs, salaries and high social status), a family to support and a fear that openly discussing the fascist coup d’etat that took place in the West would lead to unemployment, poverty and ostracism. However, when certain key words and phrases are avoided (for example by discussing “oligarchs” instead of “cabalists”) it is clear their world view is beginning to fall apart despite their deep personal need to cling to the “official” Western story. They are like loyal lifetime card bearing communists speaking in wavering voices of their loyalty to communism just before the fall of the Soviet Union.

The coming autumn chaos will force people like this to finally confront reality.

The newspaper editor, for example, was, after much discussion, willing to agree that 911 might have been an inside job but that he had trouble conceiving such a massive conspiracy as being possible. However, when he was given the detailed financial historical background (Green Hilton Memorial, the BIS, the lawsuits against the Federal Reserve Board, the fact the Patriot act is nearly identical to the Nazi constitution etc.), he expressed a willingness to start exposing this stuff in his newspaper. This writer has agreed to provide the paper with fact-checkable articles that will expose the cabal. If all goes well, systematic exposure of the financial fraud behind the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank etc. will begin being published by this paper starting in September. At that time, the paper will be named and links to the articles will be sent to readers. However, the editor of the paper may find that “pressure from above” may force him to back-pedal on his offer to help expose what is really happening.

The head of the medical research team, for his part, promised to discreetly check from a scientific standpoint, if it was really true that SARS and other recent diseases were man made bio weapons. However, he may find that too much diligent research will lead to a visit from alphabet agency heavies or from the people controlling his grants. We shall see. This award winning researcher and his team were one of many who had their funding cut off in recent years until they agreed to stop further research into life extension. Instead he is now being forced (by fear of losing financing) to do research into diseases that will require expensive drug therapy to “treat.” If his team can find alternative funding he says they will go back to life extension research.

The bankers were a harder case to deal with but they did admit that rampant greed and incompetence has thoroughly imperialized the entire banking system. They also expressed surprise that mass arrests of prominent bankers had not begun. Until that happens, they said they will continue to “follow the money.”

One thing that all these highly educated and intelligent “elitists” showed is that as soon as the ultimate source of money in the West changes, people with a strong financial interest in the status quo will change their stripes overnight. In other words, they will change their worldview or at least their public worldview to suit whoever controls their paychecks.

That is why the current ruling cabal is doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent the control of the creation and distribution of Euros and dollars to be taken away from them. They know that as soon as that happens, the entire house of cards they have built up will collapse. They will continue to fight, kicking and screaming, to preserve the status quo until the very last.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, denial is not a river in Africa and the unavoidable fact remains that the historical rights to most of the world’s gold (the ultimate basis of the BIS and central banking in the West) do not belong to the cabalists who have been using them. Even if the Western central banks say they are no longer on a gold standard, they still do not have money because the Western countries as a whole have been borrowing from the rest of the world for the past 30 years. The line of credit that made this possible is now drying up and many Western countries have come to the realization they no longer make very much actual “stuff,” they can use to trade with the rest of the world.

In other words, the vast majority of the world’s money that is backed by physical reality (real estate, factories, commodities, manufactured goods) is no longer under their control and that their fraudulent derivative money is being shunned. The 150 nation BRICS alliance is holding almost all the cards now.

The best available intelligence at this point still indicates that this autumn will be a time of major change. The entire Western financial system may be held together with duct tape and rubber bands until the regime changes expected in China and the US in November. However, there is a big September financial deadline that may force changes sooner than then.

Next week this writer will be back in Asia and will be meeting with Chinese and North Korean officials and will report on these meetings. The Chinese have already said that new North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was “getting too big for his boots.”

There will also be detailed discussion on the nature and history of the Japanese secret society known as “yatagarasu” or the three legged crow based on information obtained during discussions with members of this group in Tokyo and Kyoto.