Baron Baretzky Calls for Probe Investigation into Fraudulent UFO Videos on Internet

WORLD NEWS – SOUTH  KOREA – Ricardo  Baretzky, a global security threat analyst called for a probe investigation into fake “”UFO”” videos posted on internet by using a syndicate ring in South Korea and Germany that is profiting from the internet freedom by abusing the rights of the consumers by feeding them false publications and information.

He said that the issue is serious and the proper policing of Internet is becoming a concern as fake videos that involves a ring from South Korea has surfaced on several occasions in the recent months.  Baretzky emphasized that transparency is necessary at all levels and needs to be maintain at all times since the UFO is a real issue to be addressed and have many people on the edge at home, creating fear and panic in the innocent.

He warned internet providers and firms to scrutinize these postings prior as they might be liable on criminal charges if they knowingly allow fake videos on their hosting platform. He said this can be prosecuted under the Anti-terrorism act of almost any country in the world and certainly within the European Union as it would be a crime in Europe to post any falsified video with intend to make money from it or create fear in masses.

According to an internet survey almost 1 Billion people believe in UFO  or that we have been visit by extraterrestrial in the past. Baretzky urged non EU – governments to participate to “clean up” the internet of fraudulent videos that our children and scholars watch that creates incitement and fear of the threat propagandized by false information. Several authorities are investigating the issue already and pledged their support.

In the USA people could be detained for several years prior to any prosecution if arrested under the Patriotic act with any explanation as to why they are arrested if found to be involved with any act that involves any form of terrorism.