Gareth Who? Also, apparently someone saw a Silver Legion ship

The second part of this update has some interesting information about a UFO sighting while onboard a Carnival cruise at the following links:

by Tanaath on 10/14/14

It’s come to my attention that someone using the name ‘Gareth Hawley’ is claiming to be a ‘General of Trollface Division’ in the Silver Legion, and attempting to use this status in order to harass and ‘ban’ people from the Silver Legion.

Gareth Hawley, to the best of my knowledge, is not a member of the Silver Legion and is not entitled to speak for us, or ban people now, or ever, from the Silver Legion. I don’t know who this person is, and he appears to be an internet troll intent on stirring up trouble.
To edify and clarify, here are some of the things that can get you banned from the Silver Legion:
  • Deliberately (or falsely claiming an accident in) killing or harming, or attempting to kill or harm a fellow Legionnaire, ally, civilian, or person under our protection.
  • Deliberately providing intelligence about Silver Legion or allied operations to an enemy.
  • Deliberately sabotaging missions, equipment, or other aspects of an operation.
  • Utilizing Silver Legion personnel, equipment, or other resources for the purpose of giving oneself power over others for personal gain. (Please note, this would include utilizing Silver Legion resources to harass people who don’t agree with you on the internet – the Silver Legion does not consider a person’s internet commentary to be worth that kind of effort in most circumstances, as we have far more important things to spend our efforts on.)
Here’s some things that won’t get you banned from the Silver Legion (in fact we even encourage these):
  • Questioning or refusing a mission or ‘order’ on ethical, moral, or other similar grounds.
  • Questioning the decisions of the administration when they don’t make sense or are stupid.
  • Exercising critical thought and judgement in all circumstances.
  • ‘Insulting’ administration and ‘command’ (ok, we don’t encourage this, but you’re still allowed to do it. In some cases it’s even appropriate – hey, we make mistakes too, and it’s occasionally good for us to get called out on that).
So as you can see, Gareth Hawley, by his own actions, isn’t a Silver Legionnaire, and if he ever was on any level, wouldn’t remain one after attempting to use us to abuse people who disagreed with him.
Furthermore, there are still reptilians left in the universe. The Silver Legion is fully aware that the reptoids, aggressive as they are, are not the entire causative factor in this whole mess, though they’re greatly involved. Nor are they all 100% culpable – many have ‘quit’, so far, and we expect this behaviour to continue. A genocide on the reptilians, as viscerally satisfying as that might be for those of us on Earth who have been suffering their depredations, would still not address the factions that used the reptilians as a tool here, nor would it undo the damage. It would simply kill a lot of beings indiscriminately. There are more constructive ways to deal with the problem than simple genocide. Same thing with ‘demons’, a classification of which is generally not made clear (are we talking people that look monstrous to us? Members of the demonic species types? People demonized to us by the monotheistic three? Hostile ETs/EDs?). There’s no ‘demon hell’, and Thomas Williams doesn’t exactly have to worry about being banned from the Silver Legion, considering he’s already pretty deeply involved with us.
So if you run into Gareth Hawley, feel free to tell him what you think about him. It’s not going to affect your chances with the Silver Legion in any way. As I’ve said before, membership in the Silver Legion is not contingent upon any form of internet or online participation. This is not an e-group you can join on the internet. If you want to join the Silver Legion, find some way to meet us with your consciousness. Whether that’s astral projection, bilocation, sleep visitation, or something else entirely – you do it with your consciousness and your mind, not with your keyboard and your internet connection.
In further news, apparently someone sighted what appears to be a Silver Legion small craft off the coast of Florida. I’ve viewed the footage, and it’s either the real thing, or it’s a very clever CGI that somehow manages to look exactly like a particular and specific type of Silver Legion point operational craft – which would in turn imply that the CGI creator had some kind of knowledge about the craft to begin with. Another Silver Legionnaire that I’m in close contact with agrees with that assessment.
Does this imply that our problems with landing are over? Well, not likely yet, I’m afraid. It didn’t land, after all. It just flew around there, presumably carrying out whatever its particular mission was. (And before you ask, no, I don’t have that information. For me to have specific information on the missions and locations of our craft at any given time would not only be a hell of a lot of not so relevant data for me to carry, but it would also be a liability if I were to be intercepted.) But it does have positive implications – at the very least, if we’re able to get a low altitude sighting, probably some of our tech can work as intended, even if we’re not yet capable of getting boots on the ground.
This kind of craft is not the kind of craft we’d use for landing; as I mentioned it’s a point operational craft, which means it typically performs very specific missions (point operations) – and these don’t usually involve interacting with Terrans directly. Some of the people on those missions have permission to try to make the ships seen to the general public if the opportunity arises. Others are required to conceal themselves. The kind of mission this craft would be on would be the former.
A friend of mine, Tifvision, also posted about this event. Feel free to give it a read.


The Gloves are Off: ‘Veterans Today’ Outs ET Space Technology [video]

Oh-ho! VT has shared some pretty racy articles in the past but you need to see this for yourself. Touché Preston!

Banksters… reptoids…  exposing some of the hidden technology… protected by the Star Nations…  I believe this is a case of using the “pen” as a weapon to expose the Zionist/Nazi US cabal and it’s done with such flare. It leaves the door open for readers to scratch their head and draw their own conclusions from the intel put forth so purposefully. I think there’s an agenda here, and I love it! 

If the Zionists think they are so powerful they can break treaties and act so brutally with utter impunity against the American people, then the White Hats are going to expose their secrets. Lay the cards on the table and see if the war mongers can grab a decent hand from the discards. Little do they know there’s naught but deuces remaining. They’ve been trumped!

It’s a lengthy piece so I’ll get you started and send you to VT for the balance.  ~ BP

Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back”

by Preston James



Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be walking with a prideful swagger in his step lately.

In spite of growing conflicts between Israel-driven-America and Russia over Syria, Iran and now the Ukraine, he appears unusually confident.

Other world leaders involved appear to be increasingly stressed out by these growing conflicts, but not President Putin.

What could be going on in the background which might explain this blatant confidence and swagger of president Putin?

Unsubstantiated rumors have been seeping out of deep contacts inside Russian Space Command the last few weeks that, not only does the new Putin’s Russia have a well developed Secret Space war Program, but reports also claim that this Secret Space war Program provides substantial ultra-high-tech back-engineered offensive and defensive weaponry.

And that such advanced weaponry can and will be deployed if Israel is able to once again deploy their hijacked American War Machine in another Proxy War, this time in the Ukraine against Putin’s New Russia.

Do Russians now have access to Space War Weapons based on back-engineered Alien ET technology gained through a new treaty negotiated between Putin and a certain group of Alien ETs who are enemies of the group controlling the World Zionists (WZs) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS)?


President Putin is a Firearms Expert (as well as a Judo Expert). Notice how he keeps his trigger finger outside the trigger guard when not firing the Pistol.

And even stranger, has this same Alien ET group who claim to be the avowed enemies of the group pushing the WZs and the IZCS, also contacted a certain newly-emerging and powerful secret group inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and American Intel?

And with these reputed contacts, has this group of American Defense and Intel up-and-comers started to exert dominance over the US War Machine? Have they been convinced that the WZs and the IZCS must be stopped because their intent is to deploy DHS to tyrannize, enslave and serially mass-murder about 80% of all Americans?

And have they become aware that the 9/11 attacks were False-Flag, Gladio-style, inside-job attacks run by Israel,  Israeli-American dual citizens, NeoCons, and PNAC individuals and had nothing to do with Arabs, but was merely False-Flag terror to justify an illegal, unprovoked, unconstitutional, undeclared war of aggression in the Middle East as a proxy War for Israel?

Has this powerful group of up-and-comers inside America become convinced that DHS and its overlords and the true Hijackers of America (AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, SPLC and the like) must be stopped cold now before they destroy America and all its Christian and Deist Institutions and the very American Republic itself, which is the secret Goal of the WZs and the IZCS?

This new treaty President Putin has negotiated with this particular Alien ET group is purported to be like the ones American leaders negotiated with in the 1950′s and early 1960′s. However this group is purported to be substantially anti-WZ and anti-IZCS.  Their view is reputed to be that the core of all the mass death and destruction of at least the last 500 years has its origins all the way to the Roman Empire and ancient Babylonia.

And that this Death Cult philosophy is based on an anti-human death-based religion created and deployed by the Dracos (luciferian reptilians) who reached an apex of power under the City of London private Central Banksters (whom they mind-kontrolled and en-cultured).

This new group of Alien ETs also has claimed that the “Dracos”, aka Reptoids from the “Dark Side”, hijacked the City of London when first incorporated. These evil and ancient Dracos, using the same technologies which they did in ancient Babylon before being driven out for many centuries, built up and then deployed their main Action-agents and Cutouts, Israel and America.

It was under Evil, anti-human Draco Power, the City of London zionist private Central Banksters (COLZPCB) hijacked America in 1913. At that time America essentially became a new province of the City of London private Central Banksters using Draco-based Babylonian “Money-Magick”. The Dracos are believed to be the arch enemies of humankind, actual human parasites that live off of intense human suffering and death. These Dracos are believed to have set up “death Cults” like Skull and Bones (Russell Trust), satanic cults and various types of luciferianism which completely hijacked the highest levels of Freemasonry. These death cults are designed to “dirty up” and corrupt all humans, softening folks up to make it easier for their very souls to be “snatched” from them.

After the City of London established a Beachhead in America with its unConstitutional, criminal private Federal Reserve Central Bank, it was then later able to create, finance, build-up and deploy its new nation of Khazarian judaic converts (the new post-WW2 “Israel”). Once accomplished, the COLZPCB has been able to deploy Israel as their main Action-agent and Cutout to begin the transformation of America into a zionist Israeli province and upcoming new Gaza (Gaza II). The party responsible for directing this transformation of America into a neo-Bolshevik tyranny is Israeli controlled Department of Homeland Security, which has now been dubbed the New American Gestapo, the New American Stasi, or the New American Red Cheka mass-murder operation (take your pick).

The purpose of these occult-linked organizations set up all over the world, supported by Draco powers, is believed to allow the eradication/extinction of all humans on Earth incrementally through war, disease, famine and pestilence. In order to condition “up-and-comers” to do their dirty work, the Dracos generate the false ideologies of “Survival of the Fittest” by the “thinning of the herd” as  delusions. These delusional philosophies trick human leaders into leading their subjects and eventually all humans to their own destruction, like lemmings jumping off a cliff.

After the end of WW2, the City of London Banksters set up the new phony racial state of Israel to do their dirty work. To keep the new Israeli citizens adequately motivated to do their evil, they created a strong racial delusion based on the so-called “holocaust,” aka “self-deployed fiery sacrifice.”

This deployment of an exaggerated, racial persecution delusion created the necessary background allowing the false charge of Anti-Semitism to be leveled against anyone or any group attempting to investigate what really happened during the WW2 “Work Camp” persecution of “low Judaics” by “fake/high Judaics/zionists who sat in the background in the City of London calling the shots.

This use of Israel as an artificially constructed so-called “racial state” based on racial delusions and falsities has worked so well playing on the sympathies of Americans and other Western Nations.  This has allowed Israel to completely hijack America, asset strip it almost bare, and use it as a captive force to wage its foreign proxy wars against entities who were not enemies of America at all, but who were artificially created to appear so by deception. And now for the first time, these toxic World Zionists (WZs), NeoCons and Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors are transforming America into a new War Zone by the creation and deployment of the zionist, pervert-driven Department of Homeland Security.

Yes, WZ’s are not only attacking the Ukraine to weaken President Putin’s New Russia but are now staging a serious major internal war to be waged against Americans inside America by DHS. And DHS has secret plans to incrementally mass-murder up to 80% of all Americans eventually. DHS and those behind it are the true “Enemy Within The Gates” of America and all involved at the senior management positions are Traitors who deserve to be prosecuted for RICO crimes and TREASON and SEDITION, which are capital Crimes.

Read the rest and see the video…

UFO War In The Pacific? Yes! Here’s Why from John Kettler

UFOI asked him, and here’s what he says…

UFO War–Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff Puts His Head ON The Chopping Block!

UFO War in the Pacific? Joint U.S./Chinese naval operation to combat them off San Francisco? Frankly, my initial reaction was that Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at the hard-hitting site and ex-Army intelligence, had lost his mind. Why? This was so far beyond his usual topic matter that he’d either lost it or was desperate to get the word out. It soon became apparent that it was the the latter. There was an unmistakable feeling (and I’m an empath) of both fear and desperation in the shattering UFO story he quite obviously wrote in haste, evidenced by dropped words, typos and more. He explicitly warned of the dangers of trying to directly confirm this “Twilight Zone” UFO War story, and he wasn’t kidding!

UFO War = White Hot!

This UFO story was way too exciting and bizarre to ignore, especially after something like four of my readers sent me the UFO War link, together with urgent requests for more information on this seemingly insane UFO combat claim, asking whether or not it was true, what the Liberation Forces were doing, etc. In discussing this purported UFO matter with my highly sensitive contacts, I was somewhat astounded to learn not only that the core UFO War story was spot on, but that this topic was effectively white hot and could easily get inquisitive people killed. My contacts were incensed over the attack, but didn’t know who was behind it. The PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) was/is indeed involved in this UFO War against hostile aliens, because the U.S. Navy is heavily committed in the Persian Gulf area. Some matters are too important for international rivalry, and as Reagan and Gorbachev opined back in the 1980s, an extraterrestrial threat has indeed brought us together. Unfortunately for those pushing false flag scenarios and BLUE BEAM holography to support a faked UFO invasion,this one’s more like a UFO invasion in place, conducted by forces here for ages. Why here? Why now? The answers lie beyond this world, beyond this dimension.

The Exopolitics Of The UFO War Off Our Coast

Once I’d confirmed the UFO war story was real, I made it my business to start checking with my sources in the Liberation Forces, both at the Ground Contingent and ET/ED (extraterrestrial/ extraradimensional) levels. What I learned both confirmed my intuitive sense/feeling as to who crewed the assaulting UFO and confounded me when it came to the why a UFO would attack us. It was our old nemesis, the Reptoids. If they’ve been here for practically forever, then why now?

UFO Feints & Human Catspaws

The answer to this UFO conundrum lay in the changing fortunes of the ongoing war. While titanic struggles rage simultaneously on multiple dimensions, things have been improving here in consequence, and Reptoid power and dominion on Earth are beginning to suffer. The ironbound control of underlings has begun to come unstuck, which is why an unknown Navy ship was hit with an as yet unidentified Reptoid weapon from a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object ) which popped up, became a UFO, hit, then vanished back into the deep,once again a USO. The Navy is now short one undisclosed ship and crew–fates unknown. The Navy is now out for blood. THAT is certain.

This unprovoked strike was deliberately done to rouse our ire and get our undivided attention  (how well they succeeded!) and to cause forces to be shifted. In turn, this allowed a bunch of Reptoids, who had broken away from central control and slavery, to flee the planet. While we tore up the Pacific in response to the attack there, they split via the Baltic! It did not end well–either for them or their boss. Those of you who play any number of FPS (First Person Shooter, for the rest of you) games understand “boss” as being way more than simply the one in charge. You understand a boss as being a fearsome monster requiring extraordinary means and effort to combat and ultimately defeat. The Reptoid boss should be understood from both perspectives.

Operating from a higher dimensional underground base “somewhere near Russia,” the Reptoid boss was fearsome indeed (saw him in my mind’s eye, with details confirmed via Ground Contingent). Standing some 50-60 feet tall, crested, with a triangular head (“viewed” from the top), a mouthful of sharp teeth, fearsome talons and a thick, mottled, battle scarred hide, this thing radiated command presence and power. All that went for naught when it suddenly found itself being spirally sliced (like a Honey-Baked Ham™) from the neck down, immediately followed by a repeat. This time, the cut axis was perpendicular to the first savaging. Thus, you could say the Reptoid boss was first sliced, then diced–clear down to the bone in places. The resulting “sight” of giant flensed Reptoid was ghastly and bloody to behold, but empowering as well. Why? Not only was I “there,” but I was the one who decided, in a moment of mad impulse, to take a shot at the towering monster, supported by a member of the Ground Contingent.

As some of my readers on UFO and related issues know very well, we may be weak and practically helpless here, but we can be terrors in other realms. This is but one of many reasons why we’re kept dumbed down and at everyone else’s throat. Somehow, I “knew” that a blade much like that on a meat slicer was the way to go. The rest was simply going with my sense of how to proceed. With a flensed, helpless Reptoid boss before us, we called in the Sharks. Now, these are not your typical sharks. These are the higher dimensional version of the creatures; they are sentient, talk excitedly and require no water, floating in the air. You can simply ask them to appear, and they’ll happily devour any monster or demon you’ve chopped to pieces (some regenerate, like trolls do in the fairy tales), recently killed or even simply crippled to the point it can’t fight. These worthies promptly feasted on the great chunks of Reptoid lying about, as well as ripping the guts out of the tottering Reptoid commander, who’d once helmed all the Reptoid operations on Earth. With alarms going off everywhere, we left the cleanup to the Sharks and returned to this dimension.

The Reptoid boss is is now dead, the Eater having become the Eaten. His bold underlings are also dead. Their UFO assisted bolt for freedom was commendable, but they were still Reptoids and a deadly danger to all who encountered them. As such, the Reptoids in the fleeing UFO groups were wiped out by the Liberation Forces as soon as they cleared the atmosphere. Two Reptoid underwater bases, of an estimated 40, are now empty. The Reptoids have been dealt a mighty blow.

For now, though, the Reptoids have the small consolation of thinking they’ve put one over on us. The Reptoids believe we (the Terrans and Liberation Forces) don’t know that the joint U.S./Chinese naval forces seeking them out to kill them are in fact sitting over the very USO/UFO bases our naval forces seek to annihilate–while saving those bases from attack by the Liberation Forces. Why? A strike to kill the bases would also inevitably smite the joint naval forces sailing overhead.


Sorry to spoil the fun, but you should really read another point of view to set the record straight.