SHELL GAME: This Is Why Michael Hastings Was Murdered And Eric Holder Stepped Down [Video]

“19,000 Swiss Bank Accounts fund Terrorism.

Part of the reason behind Eric Holder’s immediate retirement.”

Discussion of the book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command ~ 2LT Scott Bennett 11th Psychological Operations Battalion (retired)

Background: Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. He has worked at U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies. He served in the G.W. Bush Administration from 2003 to 2008, and was a Social Science Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. His writings and lectures seek to enhance global awareness and understanding of modern psychological warfare, the international intelligence.


Iranian Lawmaker Blames U.S. for Kidnapping Malaysian Flight 370 & Press Conference [videos]

Thanks, Jane. I think it’s safe to say this event is officially now a MAJOR DISTRACTION.  ~ BP

And here’s a press conference…

Source: euronews (in English)

Kuala Lumpur: Daily news conference of Malaysian authorities on the missing Boeing 777. It is day 6 after the plane vanished from the radars, and while search operations have been intensified, investigators admit that the task becomes more difficult with every passing day.


‘Mirage Men’: New UFO Documentary About the Government’s Lies & Coverup

We continue to “prep” the masses for the Truth about our origins and the biggest lie in Earth’s history. 

What will humanity say when they learn their history was stolen from them and they never suspected?

Those that don’t know, don’t know they don’t know. 

Here’s a quote from a blog I found.

‘Secret Space Program?

You really think we get the whole story about anything, especially regarding military or technological advancements?I personally met a man in New Mexico who used to work at the infamous Area 51. You can imagine how I tried to wangle information out of him, but he was tight-lipped. When I came back at him the third time after trying to act indifferent he finally said, “Let’s just put it this way. The stuff I worked on back in the 60′s still hasn’t come out.”’

They took trillions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money and spent it on secret, black projects they have never told us about that don’t benefit us. They plan to use them against us, but for the most part won’t get the chance.  Be prepared for the truth, folks. That’s all I’m saying. These productions are part of official disclosure—not simply entertainment.  ~ BP

Watch the trailer…

“This is an incredible story about deception and tomfoolery in high places. The filmmakers have uncovered a tale that tells us that everything we though we knew about UFOs is wrong. And the truth—the true truth—is much more interesting.”

~ Jon Ronson, Author of The Psychopath Test & The Men Who Stare at Goats


How the US government created a myth that took over the world.

ET visitors… crashed UFOs… back-engineered alien technology… the government cover-up of a secret that would change the world as we know it…

These are the core elements of the modern UFO mythology, a story that has captivated farmers, princes and generals for generations, and shows no sign of loosening its grip on the popular imagination.

But what if, instead of covering up the UFO story, elements in the US military had actively encouraged it as part of their Cold War counterintelligence arsenal – manufacturing the myth of the UFO as a powerful weapon of mass deception and the perfect cover for all manner of clandestine technologies and operations.

Now, for the first time, some of those whose actions have directly shaped the UFO mythology, and some of their victims, tell their stories, revealing a surreal disturbing and sometimes tragic sequence of events that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Mirage Men draws viewers into a saucer-shaped hall of mirrors, a shadow-world where every lie contains elements of the truth, and the truth is far stranger than the UFO believers, or their detractors, would have you believe.


Meet the Mirage Men: Tasked to carry out a campaign of deception and manipulation against the public, these high-ranking officials have abused the trust of innocent Americans in attempts to conceal government activity. What started as half-truths and targeted disinformation quickly morphed into psychological warfare against truth-seekers and UFOlogy believers.

Since the 1940s, evidence of UFO sightings and alien communication have captivated the modern world. But what if everything you thought you knew was wrong? Dig deeper with MIRAGE MEN, and HELP STOP THE DECEPTION.

The filmmakers need your help to spread this urgent message, because they can’t do it alone. With the film available online, and with support from you, they can combat the efforts of those who may be invested in making sure this information doesn’t get out.

Premiers exclusively on Yekra on March 27th, 2014.



Government Wants PSYOPS Tool to Hijack Every AM and FM Radio Station in Target Area

Their brainwashing and control plans continue to roll out as we learn the intriguing details of their dastardly plans.

Do you doubt they have or could soon have the capability? They love to drop hints and foreshadowing abounds in Hollywood.

August 26, 2013

If you saw Iron Man 3, then you recall The Mandarin hijacking TV broadcast signals to threaten the President of the United States and to intimidate Tony Stark. Although Iron Man’s arch-enemy is fictional, hijacking TV and radio station broadcast signals is not fiction. In a nutshell, the regularly scheduled show is temporarily replaced with a message of the attacker’s choosing.

Tactics such as broadcast signal intrusion – better known as hijacking – might be classified as psychological operations (PSYOPS). At least the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s (AFCEA) Signal Magazine thinks so, since it had a short blurb titled “Special Ops hunts for PSYOPS tool.”

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) posted on FedBizOps that it is:

seeking sources to provide a radio broadcast system capable of searching for and acquiring every AM and FM radio station in a specific area and then broadcasting a message(s) in the target area on all acquired AM and FM radio station frequencies. USSOCOM is contemplating a Foreign Comparative Test (FCT) of a light-weight, multi-frequency, simultaneous over-broadcast system. Prior to initiating the FCT, USSOCOM wishes to identify all firms (both foreign and domestic) which could provide a non-developmental light-weight, multi-frequency, simultaneous over-broadcast system that has demonstrated a Technology Readiness Level of 8 or higher.

To qualify as a Technology Readiness Level of 8, according to Wikipedia, there must be an “actual system completed,” meaning the technology has been tested and proven through demonstration that it works. USSOCOM makes it clear by the bold print that this is “for information and planning purposes only.” At this time, it doesn’t intent to award a contract, but if you want more information: The Government will not entertain any questions at this time. However, the notice adds, “If USSOCOM decides to conduct procurement as a result of your submissions, a separate pre-award synopsis of that procurement will be posted to FEDBIZOPPS.”

I’ve been in a little hot water with a U.S. Central Command PR person before, so I’ll make their point clear before I’m contacted again that *PSYOPS would never be used on or against America’s citizens.* Just the same, perhaps we can save the government a bit of time and/or money by pointing out that the easiest way to potentially hijack all radio and TV stations would be via an emergency population warning system. Most countries have one; in the U.S. it is the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

Hijack all AM and FM radio station frequenciesEAS messages are automated, so if the system was hacked then it is unlikely the fake emergency messages would be caught before being transmitted, according to hacker and computer expert “Jake” aka “Secret Squirrel.” He said, “The potential is that you could hijack all radio and TV stations across the country. There’s no authentication, there’s no encryption, there’s no passwords, there’s nothing that is required to send what would appear to be a valid message. I would then play the tones on my laptop, they get transmitted by the radio, I then play my audio message and then I just pack everything up and walk away.”

“Jake” was not the first to say so, since way back in 2008 at Def Con 16 [video] there was a presentation about hacking EAS. Despite both of those previous warnings, this February a hacker hijacked EAS on a TV station in Montana and broadcast an emergency zombie apocalypse warning.

This July, researchers from IOACTIVE went public after discovering vulnerabilities in the U.S. Emergency Alert System; this time the “digital alerting systems DASDEC application servers” accidentally shipped “the root privileged SSH key as part of a firmware update package.” IOActive’s Mike Davis stated, “This key allows an attacker to remotely log on in over the Internet and can manipulate any system function.”

“An attacker who gains control of one or more DASDEC systems can disrupt these stations’ ability to transmit and could disseminate false emergency information over a large geographic area,” according to IOActive’s vulnerability notice [pdf]. “In addition, depending on the configuration of this and other devices, these messages could be forwarded to and mirrored by other DASDEC systems.”

In fact, the DASDEC II emergency messaging platform is used in some other countries such as the Caribbean Islands. Problem solved and government dollars saved? As a bonus, if the government wanted to mess with the minds of university students, then it could try hiring the “V” for Vendetta hacker who hijacked the projector systems in more than two dozen classrooms at Washington State University.

Are you curious about other “successful” hijacking of TV or radio broadcasts that didn’t include hacking EAS? I’ll pretend you said “yes” and point back to “Captain Midnight” who “jammed HBO’s satellite signal in April 1986 to broadcast a message protesting their rates for satellite dish owners.” Before you get any wild notions, the FCC warned that jamming devices “have no lawful use” unless you are a government or other law enforcement agency. In fact, a driver who recently used a GPS jammer to stop his boss from tracking his location in a company vehicle, also accidentally messed up airport navigation. He was fired and then fined almost $32,000 by the FCC.

A man hired by the Christian Broadcasting Network hijacked the Playboy Channel signal in 1987. That was the same year as the Max Headroom incident in which an unidentified man wearing a Max Headroom mask hijacked two different Chicago TV stations within three hours. “Neither the hijacker nor the accomplices have ever been found or identified.” There have also been many other confirmed TV and radio hijacking attacks.



How to Brainwash a Nation

Sad but true. I DO see more people seeking the truth online now, though, and I think that’s what Boston has done for us. It shocked people so badly that some of them recognized something is very wrong and wanted to seek answers for themselves. Welcome to our blogs!

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Missing in Public for Two Weeks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un watches soldiers of the Korean People's Army (KPA) taking part in landing and anti-landing drills, in the eastern sector of the front and the east coastal area. - ReutersMore disappearing people? Or was he purposefully “disappeared”?  Interesting…

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for the past two weeks sparking widespread speculation amid escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

Unconfirmed reports which suggested a coup against the leader have been rubbished by experts in Seoul citing no unusual military movement in the country.

Alongside a flurry of threats from North Korea, Kim’s absence has set rumour mills rolling. One question being asked is whether Pyongyang has been forced to tone down its war rhetoric against the US and South Korea.

Kim was last seen in public on 1 April when he headed a parliamentary session. The leader has been missing in action for the last 15 days at a time when the country is set to mark the birth anniversary of his grandfather and former leader of North Korea Kim Il-sung.

It is widely speculated that North Korea will launch a ballistic missile to mark the occasion.

A source familiar with matter told the Seoul-based Yonhap news agency that Kim’s absence is a “psychological warfare that could grab attention from South Korea and the United States”.

Experts also believe that Pyongyang will not scale down its provocative posture against the US.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s staunch ally China has pledged to work together with the US in a bid to restrain Pyongyang.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was in Beijing holding talks with top Chinese leaders, said the two largest economies are looking forward to peacefully defusing the tensions.

“To properly address the Korean nuclear issue serves the common interests of all parties. China will work with other relevant parties including the United States to play a constructive role,” said Beijing’s State Councillor Yang Jiechi.

Neither Washington nor Beijing has spelt out the steps the parties intend taking against North Korea if the situation turns worse.

Kerry, who earlier visited Seoul, is on the last leg of his Asia tour and will shortly visit Japan. Tokyo has also deployed several Patriot missiles to defend its territory in the wake of the North Korean threats.