UFO Embargo Continues to Break Down: Go Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot!

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Main stream media (Tell-Lie-Vision) continues to ignore the fact that we have a situation unfolding where we (the human race on the ground) have been tricked into a position of total ignorance to some of the true aspects of hidden technology and the ET reality.

We have a situation where a “section” of the human race (secret government for one term) has collected the most incredible amount of secrets, UFO, life extension, cures to all diseases, teleportation, cloning, zero-point energy, planetary travel systems and many other technologies and hidden (occult-ed) information on other such “world changing” capabilities.  We know this to be FACT so why is more to the point, would you not agree?  Well, let us show you this and some of the answers if you will just “look.”



The question is “why” and the answer is to complete the plan of “total control” of the entire human race, step by step, drip by drip, toward a corral of us all and our future generations.  There IS a plan to do this and we have spelled it out for you to see it [HERE].  Who, why, how and where it is going to lead us if we “allow” them to implement it and more to the point now we have pointed it out the only question that remains are YOU (the people on the ground) going to sit back and allow this to happen?

There are those who are standing up and shining the light on the problems and once exposed all we have to do is share the information.   Once enough people become “aware” of the facts then as a consequence the masses will refuse to comply.


There is an incredible amount of detail to all of these issues but fortunately for most there are those who are trying to help the people understand just what is really going on and explain the details to the other.  We should all take the time to hear what these people have to say and begin the process of gaining an understanding of the real world (not televised) so we can “real-eyes” the “govern-ment” (govern mentality) is leading us all right into the trap of locking down all rights, free speech, financial, health, travel, and all of these aspects to ensnare us completely once and for all (RFID Chip.)  All with our agreement as we did nothing to prevent it.  Very, very clever isn’t it.  The rabbit hole gets deeper still I assure you.


The solution is in the information.  All it will require is for you, the public to sit up and listen to some of this and you will be astounded as to what you will find.  The truth WILL set us all free as long as we search it out and “Do Something About It.”  Namaste.



Part 19: How the Illuminati Cheated Humanity About the Space Program

Correction—space programSSSSSS—plural, because there are two; the one they tell you about, and the one they don’t. Trillions of dollars of tax payers’ money has been funneled into a secret “exploration” program that is completely hidden from us.

This is a bone of contention for many reasons, and when you learn the truth, you are probably going to be very angry. Some of the biggest lies and cover-ups in the world took place on this front. Many lives were destroyed in various ways. Just remember as you are reading this, that Truth is stranger than fiction, and that has NEVER been more applicable than it is now.

The photos NASA shared with the public had been airbrushed to eliminate evidence of structures on the moon and mars. Google Earth does the same thing with anything the elite don’t want us to see.

How do we know the truth about all of this? It’s similar to the 9/11 scenario. After the fact, people with expertise looked at the information released to the public; photos, video, etc. and knew something wasn’t right. Insiders and whistleblowers also came forward and shared information. Now that we have the Internet, it’s pretty hard to conceal a lie.

And when you consider that the Illuminati’s code of ethics is to always tell us in advance what they’re going to do, it makes it easier to believe some of the information posted in the past few years. They’re hiding it in plain sight, so to speak. They arrogantly believe that their plan for us is so far out there that most people won’t believe it—and they are absolutely right. Many people who think they are intelligent and discerning laugh it off as a “conspiracy” and go back to what they think is the real world.

I won’t beat around the bush. The truth is, NASA is complicit in covering up their space travel to other planets. They have propulsion technology given to them by the extraterrestrials that have inhabited our planet for a very long time. It doesn’t take light years to go anywhere, it seems.

A few select people from Earth have been traveling to the moon and Mars and spending time there. There are star gates and worm holes on our planet and in our galaxy that pop you from one place to another and one dimension to another in nothing flat. I’ll give you some of my sources later and you can check it out for yourself.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t believe there is intelligent life out there besides we pathetic, backward Earthlings, you’re in for a rude awakening. I’ve been trying to give you the evidence of extraterrestrial life in my past posts about the “Big Lies” and suggested you read them in order so this information is revealed to you at the best time. If you did that, it should be no surprise to you now that ETs are here.

We are thousands of years, perhaps more, behind the other life out there—not only in our galaxy, our cosmos, but all the other cosmoses, as well.

Roswell is just one example of a space ship that crashed and the U.S. government, in their usual style, confiscated the wreckage, denied the existence of it and the alien(s) on board AND threatened everyone involved in the coverup and told them their families would be harmed if they so much as breathed anything about the truth—ever.

The world’s governments have been reverse-engineering space craft for years and using that technology for the benefit of the elite. That includes other technology besides just propulsion.

Have you ever watched Star Trek? Producer Gene Roddenberry didn’t just dream up that show. He and his wife were contactees and the technology featured is not fiction—it’s reality; reality the elite are enjoying while we deal with the drudgery of everyday life thousands of years behind the rest of the Universe, paying through the nose for power, gas, oil, air travel and health care.

Everything from food that comes out of a cubby hole in the wall to holodecks—it’s all a reality—but not for US. They are using teleportation (beam me up Scotty), and can see into the future—to some extent, with one particular piece of technology.  Interesting that they couldn’t see past the year 2012…

The movie ET was based on a true story, as well.

Benevolent ETs have purposely crashed space craft on our planet to try to get us up to where we SHOULD be, technologically, but it’s all been hidden from us except for, perhaps, computers.

Insiders have told us that we were hoodwinked about the moon mission back when Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins took their first “giant leap for mankind” from Apollo 11. What did they see? On the back side of the moon they saw structures and evidence of intelligent life. We were NOT shown those photos, but they’re out there now, and so is the audio which captures their disbelief when they get their first glimpse.

The powers that be also decided that they would continue the charade about zero gravity on the moon. In truth, the gravity on the moon is 64 per cent of that of Earth, and the atmosphere is very similar. No high-tech spacesuits are required to walk or breathe on the moon. It’s equivalent to climbing K2 or Everest. Gradual acclimatization is required for a couple of weeks to grow accustomed to the oxygen level, but after that, it’s business as usual.

Take at look at the video in The First Big Lie of the photos that are supposedly hacked from NASA. I can’t tell which were taken on the Moon and which ones were taken on Mars, but there are probably both. Some say we have an outpost on Mars. Where do you think the astronauts are who are standing in front of two large, white formations that almost look like a shell or a flower, are? I think that looks like “life” to me—and more than the bacteria they say they may have found. Look at all the buildings. There’s a community there.

Insiders tell us photos of the moon that are shown to the public are airbrushed to remove any sign of alien civilizations, and other photos were taken ON EARTH at Groom Lake, Nevada, or Area 51.

Why do you suppose there are so many UFO sightings? If you aren’t aware of that fact, go to YouTube and have a look. Some of them, of course, are jokesters, but most are real.

The space ships are here—and this may test you—because we are ALL Extraterrestrials and our star brothers and sisters have been protecting us from the malevolent ETS that are controlling our planet; and I mean The Elite.

I have to say the following has been the most difficult for me to swallow about our reality: those at the top of the uppermost echelons of the Illuminati are reptilian beings; shapeshifters who appear human but are not. They have lived among us for an eternity; stealing resources, murdering, manipulating without conscience, and they are the reason for so many missing people and surgically mutilated animals.

Many years ago the reptilians made a pact with the American government/military that enabled them to take what they need from our planet in exchange for the reptilians’ superior technology. They cohabited with Earthlings in underground bunkers, such as Area 51 and Dulce in New Mexico. The map I saw of the locations of these underground stations showed perhaps 70 of them. I lost count.

The reptilians didn’t uphold their end of the bargain and tricked the simple humans, but it was too late. The U.S. military was no match for these dark beings that have no God and are considered pure evil and unfit for rehabilitation by other extraterrestrial races and the Company of Heaven, so they had to get along with them as best they could, but the reptilians had the upper hand.

Contractors and people who worked within the tunnels of the bunkers like Area 51 have lived in fear because they saw things they didn’t want to see and were threatened so they wouldn’t talk.

The benevolent ETs’ hands have been tied to some degree by the Prime Directive I mentioned in a previous post, but they have literally saved our planet and saved us. We’re not there yet, but we are about to be set free forever. They have done much, and are still doing a lot from the air to protect us, but can only do so much as far as interfering in our lives because Humanity has free will and must be left to sort out their own problems as much as possible.

The exception is the battles with superior off-planet beings and their technology, because, obviously we are not able to protect ourselves from the negative ETs. I hear that the benevolent ETs have now removed all the reptilian beings from the planet. The dark elite we are left to deal with are all the human members of the Illuminati, and that is what Drake and Co. are supposedly about to deal with at the higher levels.

Those of us who are aware of the true situation are eager for disclosure, but I don’t believe it will come from our governments, for many reasons. Disclosure and first contact with our ET families will come this year, because it has to do with our timelines and what must be accomplished before December 21, 2012. This is why the dramatic increase in the number of sightings. They are trying to “break it to you gently” so that the people of Earth will understand that they are no threat.

At the proper time they will arrive en masse to help us put our societies back together, heal our wounds, and celebrate our freedom; but that time is not now.

There has been talk that the government may use their holographic technology (what they used to project planes that weren’t there at 9/11) to fake an alien invasion. If enough people see space ships on a regular basis beforehand and know they are there and don’t feel threatened, that hoax would fail. If they can’t instill fear and subsequent panic because we know the truth, we can’t be manipulated.

The current government will not willingly disclose the presence of ETs. What government is going to admit to lying to the public for decades, secretly using their money to secure advanced technologies that have not been shared, threatening and murdering countless people to keep their secrets, and plotting to eliminate 90 per cent of the population so they can enjoy the planet while using the remainder of the population as slaves? It’s just not going to happen—at least, not until the Illuminati have been completely removed from power and replaced with honest and effective representatives who work for and answer to The People.

After that, the truth about everything will be shared with the world. Our star families are extremely eager to reunite with us, as our souls are familiar to them from a very long time ago.

There is nothing to fear. I think it’s obvious to most of us that advanced life forms that can visit our planet in all manner of spectacular craft could annihilate us if they so chose. They are not only our friends in all this—they are our families, and when ascension comes, ET can go home. WE can go back from whence we came, or wherever we choose, to The Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius—the possibilities are endless.  This is the most exciting time in Humanity’s history and we should be celebrating. That will come.

Right now it’s important to let people know that this hidden world of deceit and manipulation must be recognized by us all because it answers the questions we have about so many things and it helps give us back our sovereign right to know who we are, our history, and how we got here.

To tackle one last sensitive subject—that of our origins, religion and God—the benevolent ETs are part of Creation. They are part of, and recognize, one God; our God. We were all spawned by Prime Creator and share the Universe with thousands of other souls from many other planets, galaxies and universes who recognize this. We are all ONE, and we are the only ones who don’t know who we are. We are the only ones who don’t know that Love is all there is. All of Creation is based on Love and that is why our star families are here.

The ascended masters and those in the Company of Heaven have been guiding our ET friends as to what is acceptable assistance while honoring the Prime Directive of non-interference. This has truly been Divine intervention. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that everyone in the Universe knows the score on Planet Earth, except most of the Earthlings. Isn’t that one for the history books?

The souls who chose the dark, and have been manipulating and stealing from Humanity will not be able to co-exist with us after December 21, 2012. They will physically cease to exist. Also, any being that doesn’t have human DNA will cease to exist at that time. The rest of us will get our just rewards.  More on that in a future post.

I will also tell you more about precisely what our star brethren have been doing for us and what a debt of gratitude we owe them.

I don’t know about you, but when I learned of the presence of the ETs, I was overjoyed! I am a Lightworker and felt it my duty to awaken as many people as possible to the true state of affairs on our planet. The right people will hear the message. The rest will awaken at the perfect time for them. If you’re here now reading these words, it’s your time.

When we awaken and live in reality, we cease to be victims and can take back our power. That, in a nutshell, is what is currently transpiring on Earth. People are recognizing that tyranny has stolen their freedoms and they are taking action to reverse the seat of power from the few, to the many; the 99 per cent.

Knowing that we are not alone should ease that burden. In truth, the battle is all but over; the rest is just a formality. The Light won. The dark is done.

To learn more about all the above, here are some resources: Some of these will give you a LOT more information about things in the past I didn’t go into, so I suggest you check them out if you want the whole truth. This is not for the feint of heart, however, so if you are easily disturbed, please access at your discretion. Some of this you may find difficult to believe… you decide.

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William Cooper, The Watcher Files

Underground Bunkers    Map

Billy Goodman Radio Show

David Wilcock explains Project Looking Glass

Bob Dean

Insider Video from researcher at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51) (now deceased) 2011

Part 1        Part 2         Part 3

Steve Fossett’s Story (eBook)– worth every penny to hear the truth from the other side of the veil about the true meaning of 2012 from the perspective of a pilot who “jumped” from our dimension to the Angelic Realm mid-flight, was presumed crashed, and his disappearance covered up by the elite to hide our true origins.

Current Update: Bill Brockbrader’s Important Message

Bill (Wood) Brockbrader and Eva Moore did an interview recently with Lisa Harrison posted on YouTube May 14, and although I have not yet decided whether the Drake/Bill scenario is legitimate, I wanted to post the interview.

Let me first say that the reason I am not completely on-board with Drake/Bill Brockbrader is just a gut feeling that the whole thing is not what it appears to be. Others are fully on board, and that’s fine, but I can’t get off the fence just now. It’s not that I’m hopeless—not at all—it’s just that my confidence in the positive outcome of this whole Illuminati scenario is elsewhere.

In the interview they discussed the matter of Obama and whether he is of the dark or the Light—and I believe he is of the Light—and how the news of the Keshe Foundation—which I posted last week—has gone ignored by the American media–which doesn’t really surprise me but is disturbing, because as Lisa said, the technology released to all countries of the G20 United Nations on April 21st should have turned America on its ear, as it did me, but…nothing.

I can’t stress enough the importance for Americans to turn OFF the damn TV and do your research on the Internet–the ONLY place you’re going to find the truth right now. The media is manipulating you! They’re telling you what to think! They are distracting you with absolute crap programming and subliminal messages to buy, buy, buy, to keep you distracted from what is really unfolding on the planet. You’re in a trance. You’re being manipulated by the dark cabal.

If the New World Order can control and conquer the people of the USA, they can conquer the world.

Forget about your plastic surgery, your tan, your new car, and think about the CRISIS on the planet and decide what you can do about it, because if we don’t fix this problem NOW… nothing else will matter in a few months.  At least share with others what is going on.

Ask yourself if you’re one of the cattle of the elite; one of the “sheeple”. We need everyone in the world to wake up to the true story of what is going on and take responsibility for seeking a solution. This is the new reality, not a conspiracy theory.

Imagine! A physicist releases and demonstrates to the world:

1) Free, alternative energy

2) Anti-gravity plasma technology space travel

3) Miraculous natural healing

4) Teleportation and more

… and it’s completely ignored in the U.S.A. This is OUTRAGEOUS!  Go to www.keshefoundation.com and keshespace.com. If you read the information on these websites and are not inspired and perhaps shocked, you have been blindfolded and herded. Is there a ring through our noses?

We all have to be aware of the issues because the future of humanity is at stake. This is not sensationalism or for dramatic purposes. It’s fact, as you will soon see.

Listen to the interview and determine your own view of the material. What does your gut tell you about the issues discussed? What can you do?

If you are not aware of our current reality, you will become a victim—but by then it will be too late.  The Truth is out there, but if you’re not looking for Truth, it may not find you until it’s too late.

There’s no room for apathy now. Things are moving very quickly these days and action is important. Be aware, make choices and ACT, as best you can. If you feel inspired to do more–DO IT! Do what you feel guided to do–what your inspiration is. It’s all good—but don’t just sit and do nothing. We NEED you. We need YOU.