More Hidden History

If the giant skeletons of the Nephilim intrigued you, this video may be right up your alley.

Austrian researcher of artifacts Klaus Dona did a video-log interview with Bill Ryan of Project Avalon (Kerry Cassidy’s former partner in Project Camelot) in 2010 and exposed us to many artifacts found in various places on the globe that shed a brilliant light on our hidden past.

You’ll see wonderful images of everything from the Nephilim, the Moai of Easter Island to startling advanced precision instruments made of lutite, the original purpose of some, that even experts are unable to decipher.

What we can see is that some kind of advanced race lived here and had a profound impact on our past.

Along with this accomplished scientist’s brilliant commentary, the secrets of our long-hidden history will come alive. We are meant to know this NOW, in this time. It’s the time for Truth to be laid bare for all to see, so that we can know who we are.