Lt. Col. Roy Potter on Spiritual Warfare, Comet Ison and John Kerry’s Tongue

I know… divergent topics, but fascinating!

I hadn’t heard anything about Col. Potter for awhile and went off in search of his latest. The video below is very interesting for a few reasons.

He offers a thought on Comet Ison that neither COBRA nor Tolec mentioned. After viewing the video below from the Hubble telescope, I can’t agree it’s a comet. COBRA may be protecting the interests of the Light Forces when he says it is Comet Ison.


Potter also discussed something that got my attention because I remembered seeing a headline somewhere recently about, “What’s Wrong with John Kerry’s Face?” or similar.

I posted some videos below that will be shocking to the uninitiated, but that’s just reality on old Planet Earth at the moment.

Life is never dull these days, is it?

Here’s Lt. Col. Potter covering the above topics.

Here’s Alex Jones (sorry) with his rant and a possible attempt to redeem himself through the shock factor to show he’s on OUR side by spilling the beans on the Illuminati satanic rituals.

If you’re not aware, Alex has never admitted the Illuminati are reptilian. A few people have called him on that point and others, saying if he isn’t working for the CIA he would be addressing key facts he deliberately avoids.

Further in he gets to John Kerry’s tongue.  It’s getting really crazy out there, folks.

Even the YoungTurks covered it, with a little disclosure tucked in.

I believe it was COBRA who told us that clones don’t last very long and eventually begin to break down. This may be what we’re experiencing with John Kerry. What do you think? Either that or this reptilian is having trouble curbing his innate tendencies while shapeshifting. Seems very robotic, and check out these photos… what the—?

Of course, the lamestream media is saying he must have had plastic surgery or Botox injections… anything but the truth.

Hillary Clinton was the subject of similar conjecture. People were saying she had a body double or plastic surgery after her so-called “fall” at home that took her off the job for a few weeks.

See the smooth complexion but droopy eye?

Lots of age showing here.

Make of it what you will.