Got Fund-Raising Skills? You May Be Able to Help Operation: American Spring

Cindy Kay Currier shared this note on America: Where Are You Now… in case you would like to do something to help.  ~ BP

“Folks, there are a handful of loyal OAS protestors still in D.C. They want to remain and build the movement but are running low on funds. It costs around $10.00 per night to camp plus gas and parking to and from the National Mall. IF YOU HAVE FUNDRAISING SKILLS, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST in comments below. Thank you. — Cindy Kay”

Operation American Spring is Going Strong in Washington May 31st

Just a reminder to everyone that Operation American Spring is not a one weekend protest.

It BEGAN on May 16th and it’s STILL ongoing.

Americans need to MOBILIZE and show other citizens they need to pay attention and DO something about the horrendous state of affairs in the USA.

Peaceful protest is the way to do it, and that is exactly what has been going on in Washington, DC—at monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building and memorials.

If you can join the folks on the scene please do. Help wake people up. Confirm for them that the situation is serious and the shadow government must be taken to task.

Join the peaceful revolution and take your country back. Other countries are doing it, but your corporate media won’t tell you about it.

See the photos, videos, visit the Facebook page, the website, or America: Where Are You Now? on Facebook

You’ve got to do this yourself, America. No one can do it FOR you.  ~ BP



OAS: Silent March in Washington, DC May 24th at the White House and Capitol Building


I’ve been looking for live feed and updates as to what, if anything, is still going on in Washington and then this popped into my mailbox.

Apparently, some Facebook posts about what is going on with respect to Operation American Spring and the various gatherings in Washington are being removed arbitrarily on Facebook. Who would suspect?

When do the bikers arrive with their Rolling Thunder Ride? Not sure.

Here’s what’s planned for this weekend, May 24th with regard to Operation American Spring.

Operation American Spring

Silent March to the White House and U.S. Capitol

Saturday, 5/24/2014

Gathering of Patriots: 0930hrs, March begins at 1100 – 1300hrs

Rally on the N. Side of the Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. Mall

Never leave a man behind – The Benghazi 4:

  • Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods & Glen Doherty to honor and demand  accountability.

  • U.S. Army, SGT Bowe R. Bergdahl, Captured: June 30, 2009 – Afghanistan

  • U.S. Marine SGT, Andrew Tahmooressi: Jailed in a Mexican Prison

Operation American Spring Update & Photos: May 19th


Some say they couldn’t see any of the photos. I tried something else. Hope it worked.

I hadn’t intended to “go dark” this weekend. My plan was to stay close by my iPad/PC and keep tabs on what was going on, but people in my life had other plans for my time.

LandofMind sent these photos when he got home—thanks so much! He traveled all night on Thursday to meet with Col. Riley at the appointed time Friday morning and could only be there for one day before he had to make the long trip home.


I saw an estimate that there were 650 – 750 patriots in Washington, which is shockingly low. Many felt they had no choice but to go, and did everything they could including request donations from total strangers and got them, but unfortunately, not many felt that call to duty.


These are the kind of photos we WANT to see.





  Here’s a link to a site with some additional great captures of the event.


I listened to part of an interview with Col. Riley’s PR spokesperson, Deborah, and she said people were spreading a rumour that the Colonel had been arrested, based on a photo of him having a conversation with the police, however, no one was arrested at all.  It was a  peaceful rally—as intended.

Another rumour was that the NSA was making note of all the participants. Puh-leez!

And of course the tornadoes, etc. never materialized and it was a beautiful weekend.

Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Ride, Washington DC

Some good news: on May 25 the bikers will be rolling into town for their annual Rolling Thunder ride on the Memorial Day weekend—five days from now.

Their mission:

“Rolling Thunder is a motorcycle Run and First Amendment demonstration which began in 1988 to bring awareness to the POW/MIA issue and achieve full accountability for, and the return of all service members, alive or dead, which were abandoned after the Vietnam War.”

Their website:

One unemployed young man on camera said he would be there for the duration. I hope a lot of people will actually be able to follow through and remain in Washington for awhile. It was interesting to hear the many and varied reasons patriots made a point of being in Washington for OAS and the issues that jolted them awake.

Overall it was an exercize in frustration for me trying to get live video feed, but it was better than nothing. No matter what does or does not transpire in Washington itself, I feel like a few more people will wake up to what’s going on and that some are taking action to make positive change; that America has reached a critical point in its evolution and must stand up for the life, liberty and freedom they lay claim to—yet is almost silently slipping from their grasp.

While the “great awakening” didn’t transpire this weekend, that’s not to say it won’t happen this month.

Overall, I found that while sleep was fleeting, I felt a welcome sense of calm and acceptance of what is, like effortlessly bobbing along over ocean waves in an inflatable raft… just going with it; maybe something to do with the opening of the Pleiadian Portal.

Kauilapele said he and his team had a fruitful weekend wrangling the energies in Maui and he expects things to ramp up and move along more swiftly now. May it be so.  ~ BP

What Americans Don’t Know that Could Mean Their Demise [video]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get some decent Livestream coverage from Washington, and I’m not hearing anything much at all. I have no idea how many people are in Washington, but they are underscoring that they will continue to come and this will be ongoing for some time—not just this weekend.

I DID however, check in with some of the chats going on, and I’m disappointed but not really surprised at the barbs exchanged. One man was laughing and taunting the patriots about a poor turnout, etc. in Washington.  I was embarrassed for him because he represents many other people and their attitude toward the situation in America and they are a large part of the reason for the appalling state of affairs. They have no clue and ridicule those who are awake and trying to effect change peacefully.

Dahboo77’s subscriptions on his videos are being tampered with to make them appear as though they have had very few views, as well as comments, etc. The cabal is actively seeking to prevent Americans from waking up to reality in the USA.

This video below is particularly for those who have recently begun seeking the reasons for the frightening slide down a slippery slope. It is a very complex set of circumstances and not easily assimilated all at once.

Most Americans don’t realize they are being steamrolled by a lawless, predatory government that is not representative or democratic in the least, and seeks to eliminate most of the population.

This is serious, and people need to wake up and begin to understand how we are being controlled and how to fight back.

First Photo from Washington Correspondent – Day 1

Well, we have our first image from Washington, and a cryptic message to go along with it. I guess photos don’t translate well from various phones and then email, LOL, but I’ll take it!

LandofMind said his texts would be low key and to the point.

I saw an update on a live Twitter/FB feed that said day one was successful and they were headed for the White House.

Hopefully we’ll get lots more feedback from the rally. Thanks, LOM and our anonymous relay.

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Cabal is Customizing Weather for Operation American Spring; Nice Try

Thanks to ‘America: Where are you now?’ for sharing.

Dare I even post this? They think the powers that REALLY be will let a tornado blow through the rally? Wishful thinking.  

Thanks Dutch for the heads up, but I don’t believe Americans will get slapped down just when they’re waking up.

People need to make up their minds they’re going and just go. What’s a little heavy weather when your liberty, freedom—life— is at risk?  ~ BP

HAARP: Washington DC Tornado Warning Issued Same Day as Operation American Spring

(Dutchsinse) 330am Eastern Time May 16, 2014: A tornado warning was issued near the metropolitan area of Washington DC (just West by a few miles).

A few days prior, a RADAR pulse event (slang term “HAARP ring”) occurred out of Dover Air Force base, targeted over the Washington DC area.

dover air force base may 12 2014

Move forward a few days, and we again see an actual tornado warning, detection of rotation, occur at the area which was pulsed via RADAR .  Weather modification via frequency.

pulse haarp ring confirmation may 16 2014

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