US Intel: Over 200 Going to Jail Over Sandy Hook False Flag!

This wonderful interview hit the Internet shortly after this article

If you have not heard Veterans Today Radio or listened to some of the archived shows then you are going to now learn why Veterans Today is the number one news website and radio show in the world!  They have thousands of Intelligence agents all over the world that give them information and Gordon Duff has more power than you can imagine.   Veterans Today IS US Intelligence and they have the full support of our military!  Nobody has access to the information they have on everything because just like you see on the TV show “The Blacklist”, Gordon Duff says that the Intelligence club is a very social club.  They all talk to each other.  Only Veterans Today put out the truth on 9/11 and you can hear their first release on that subject in this video.  They put out the truth on Sandy Hoax first too and introduced Wolfgang Halbig to the world  on Veterans Today Radio.

Veterans Today Radio really blew out the truth about Sandy Hook in this interview!  Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer and Preston James go over all the new information they have on Sandy Hook!   There have already been murders of 3 witnesses  that were going to expose Sandy Hook as a false flag!  Preston James says they have already identified over 200 people that have been involved with the planning, execution, financial frauds and coverup of Sandy Hook.  Preston James says people ARE going to jail over this!

Enjoy the show as Stew Webb, James Fetzer and Preston James give you the most up to date information about Sandy hook in the first hour of this interview.  These men have decades of experience in whistleblowing and reporting on the crime syndicate running America!  If America can be saved, the men and women behind the scenes of VeteransToday will be the ones doing it.  Gordon Duff for President!

You’ll want to listen to the second hour too as lots of information you don’t know there too with Jim Dean and Dr. Croft.  Spread the information from VeteransToday everywhere!  And never trust anybody in alternative media that censors them or won’t respond to you when you ask why they are censoring them!  Those that censor VT are working for the ones wanting to put us in FEMA camps and make America into a Gaza II!  Read this article and you’ll know who the ones in alternative media censoring VeteransToday work for!

“Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II”

You’ll know more than 99.999% of Americans by reading the above article alone!  I want to thank all of you out there that are now spreading the information for VeteransToday.  As you know VT stories are literally kryptonite to the evil ones running this planet!  Spread it everywhere!   Share this story and others through Facebook, Twitter, email lists and all legitimate alternative media that won’t censor VT’s huge stories!  VT for Victory!  Down with all Hydra alternative media that pretends VT doesn’t exist while they pretend to have your best interest!  It’s my opinion that the ones in alternative media censoring the huge stories from VT work for the ones plotting to put you in the FEMA camps!  I believe these gatekeepers are there to run out the clock for the New World Order and make sure you don’t learn about the NAMES of those committing the crimes that VT is listing such as when Senator Songstand and Governor Sundquist were caught on tape plotting murder!   Hydra alternative media blame everything on the nameless “globlalists” and the mid level Bilderbergers while VT is giving you NAMES!

Think about it!  What patriot or legitimate alternative media person would censor the first time in history that a Senator and Governor have been caught on tape plotting to murder somebody and talking about $10 billion bribes?   That story should have been on every alternative media website in the world but sadly most of the “bigger” names censored it!   If that doesn’t show you WHO are the good guys in alternative media and WHO are working for Hydra then you have certainly have taken in too much fluoride!  Wake up please and help the good guys get our country back!  I invite all of you to simply do me one favor.  If you have some “hero” in alternative media that has thus far failed to report on the Songstad Sundquist murder plot then simply contact them and ask them to report it!   If they won’t report it or won’t respond to you (most will run from you) then you’ll know they work for Hydra!  Very simple and you can verify what I’m telling you for yourself!  If they won’t respond to you about the biggest news story in 2014 that would help get our country back then what does that tell you?  You guys and gals are smart enough to figure it out! You know censorship is evil and that’s why you don’t believe in the fake news anymore!   Don’t get fooled by the slick talkers in alternative media that run away from our patriot heroes at VT!  If some of you will ask those in alternative media to report on the Songstad Sundquist muder plot, then please let me know the results of your efforts using the contact information at the top of this article!   Who are the cockroaches that run under the refrigerator when you turn on the lights?  We shall soon see!


Evil Conservative Radio: What Power Does the Common-Law Grand Jury Hold?

If you’ve heard of Common Law Grand Juries, but aren’t quite sure what they are or why we don’t hear about them (much) anymore, this article should help. -LW

Border Situation and Bumper Crop of Immigrants: The Other Side of the Coin

Californians Say No!

Californians say No!

Thanks for the heads up, Drake.

Sounds like the feds may have a bigger problem on their hands than they bargained for. The People are not about to stand by and watch the government flood the southern border states with immigrants. 

There was a demonstration in California the other day and they forced the buses full of immigrants to turn around and leave their town.

Who comes up with this crap? Is this another strategy to drain the resources of the USA to put such a burden on the system that Americans just can’t survive here any more? 

Greater and greater numbers of Americans are leaving to live on Caribbean islands and in Central and South America. Hell of an idea.

Who would ever have imagined that the richest, most desired nation in the world would be brought to its knees? Now it’s one of the least desirable and most hated nations in the world.  Such a shame. 

Was this strategy outlined in the Illuminati playbook at any point? I don’t recall seeing it.  Things are just totally absurd now.  ~ BP

Costa Rica

Oath Keepers Update On Border Situation July 01 2014

Seventeen Oath Keepers in leadership positions at State and National levels met Sunday evening, June 29, 2014, on a conference call to conduct our second conference on the issue of the Texas border situation. It soon became apparent to me that this conference was more like a veritable “think tank” than a conference. I was pleased to see the volume of info being shared by our leaders from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Brief examples: From Oregon, Tom McKirgen furnished info on destination points for the illegal alien youths who are being, with little fanfare in the press, dispersed across America. Gerald Rhoades and Kait Hylton of Arizona furnished insights into southern Arizona’s border Counties. Others revealed the movement of plane-loads of youths to San Diego and several other States. We were given names of installations and military bases to which the illegal immigrants are being flown or driven.

Of special import was the tonnage of info provided by Lyle Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoyed meeting Lyle when he supported the Oath Keepers march/muster at Quartzsite, Arizona, back in 2011. He provided security for the two State legislators who marched with us there. A strong Oath Keeper, Lyle has great sources in unusual places and sends advisory updates to keep Oath Keepers national apprised of nefarious goings-on by Govlish-tainted public servants who’ve forgotten for whom they work.

What we are learning is that this massive importation of children and youths is not a “Freak of Accident”, did not just “happen spontaneously”, but is a well-planned move by the Federal government (and the UN too? – possibly!) in conjunction with State governments and the US military. Implications are being ratcheted up as we dig deeper into this situation. This is growing bigger and bigger as we learn more day by day. It is also growing in import, because it is becoming apparent that the government has planned this – and if that can be proven we’ll have quite a mess throughout the Federal government, starting with the White House.

The U.S. government was advertising for employee hirees to handle the influx of children as far back in time as January of 2014. Read about it:

What does that mean? Among other things, it means that, if true, the U.S. government planned this well in advance. As we seek absolute verification on various facets of the situation, we advise our members to consider the implications thus carried by the knowledge.  If – and I do say, at this point in time, “IF” – this is verified, which we think it will be, we will be faced with something very diabolical on the part of the Fedgov. We will keep our membership posted on developing proof as info is relayed to us.

Further notes: We are beginning to formulate ideas for what each of our members can do in their own communities or spheres. Oath Keepers has on the discussion table this basic plan:

We believe that right now is the time to call for publicity campaigns in the border States. We want our members to ratchet up the pressure on the respective Governors to take responsibility for their States. We do not expect a single Governor to do the right thing. But we think we must first send requests to their offices, asking firmly that Governors step up and honor their Oaths.  We are considering a letter-writing campaign, a phone blitz, and an email barrage, either executed step by step or all at once, as we shall decide, as a beginning policy for the program. The hierarchy of our targets will be like this:



County Commissions

Town/city Mayors and Councils

Veterans organizations such as VVA, American Legion, VFW etc.

We may ask our membership to arrange to send letters to County Sheriffs along the border, requesting them to step up and do the right thing in their respective Counties. We do not think the Sheriffs will take appropriate action unless a groundswell of public pressure is mounted by constituents – same as with the Governors.

As well as seeking relief from the Governor and the County Sheriffs, we will ask our members to also put pressure on local Mayors and County Commissions and City Councils. Additionally, we intend to target the VFW clubs, the American Legion Posts, the VVA chapters, and other civic and/or Veterans groups to step up and bring pressure to all the above.

Here is a lengthy example of the spirit of resistance we intend to engender across America through Oath Keepers local and State chapters. This was sent to me by John Oetken of Orange County Oath Keepers in California:

Read more at the web site…

Also see this article…

A New American Army is Growing on American Soil. They are Prepared.

GREAT article, Richard. Thanks for sharing.

It’s comforting to know there are some reputable sources of information on the Internet—true LEADERS—as opposed to those who play with the emotionally charged situation and hearts of the Lightworker community, intentionally spreading lies for their own amusement.

Unfortunately, they not only destroyed their own credibility, but that of others who trustingly mirrored their “joke” since we don’t know the “secret identities” of those who deliver intel updates. Personally, I’m sick of the subterfuge.

The prankster apparently doesn’t see anything wrong with adding to the obfuscation of truth and reality at a time when it’s an hourly battle to discern who and what to believe, and worst of all, confusing the newly awakened inquiring minds with a nasty introduction to the ‘alternative news’ AKA, “The Childrens’ Network”.

To unleash this selfish prank at a time when the masses are flooding the Internet looking for truth and reason is beyond civil words at this point, so I’ll change the subject to deal with the REAL news.

It IS sounding like our breakthrough (The Event) may happen once America “takes to the streets”, as Andrew Bartzis has been quoted.

Like most bullies, it just takes a little shoving and the cabal minions retreat with tails between legs. I trust there are sufficient numbers of awakened, able-bodied and trained military to stifle the arrogant little feds and their pathetic false flag productions.

When the rubber meets the road and sufficient Americans wake up and actually feel compelled to DO something about the deplorable state of their country, rather than complaining about it, or just ignoring the problems, it just MAY trigger The Event. 

Will the ‘Operation American Spring’ demonstration in Washington, D.C. on May 16th flip the switch?  It very well could, a scant one day before Cobra’s current ideal “window of opportunity” for The Event closes.

Something has to give or we may all all go insane.  ~ BP

Richard says…

An interesting and very relevant article about the rise of the “Oath Keepers”. I quote:

The savvy American knows about the FEMA incarceration camps. These camps are intended for them. This is confirmed by a leaked two-hundred- fifty-four page US Army manual showing the designs of the camps, defining who is to be culled from the population, and who is to be put to death.

These same Americans also know that their America has recently purchased 1.5 Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and 800 million rounds of double-aught shotgun shells. This ammo is designed for one purpose; killing… people. While police and National Guard are having trouble getting their own ammo, this massive arsenal is being distributed via the Dept. of Homeland Security to points unknown.

They also know that the FBI formally requested in writing to assassinate with a high powered rifle the leaders of the Houston Occupy camp.

Now, on Tuesday April 29, 2014 the US Supreme Court approved this behavior and a myriad of other authoritarian controls straight from the manuals of Dachau, Auschwitz, or the Gulag.

Read the rest of the article…




COBRA Update: Q & A with Alexandra Meadors from Oct 29th, 2013

More fascinating updates from a great team. Thank you Alexandra and COBRA for your efforts to keep us all abreast of new developments and ahead of the mis/disinfo.  ~ BP

Anyone having a desire to assist the masses at the time of the Event, please visit

Published on 29 Oct 2013

* White House Congressmen (2:30)
* 22 Generals Resignation & Cabal’s Plan to get Rid of the Good Guys (3:30) (16:33)
* NASA – A Negative Military Organization (4:10)
* 3 Dimensional Objects Docking Behind the Moon (5:30)
* James Mccanney & Comet Ison (6:30) (23:40)
* Pope’s Refusal to Meet Benjamin Netanyahu (8:00)
* Putin Refusal to Meet Kissinger (8:55)
* Saudi Arabia’s Government Revaluation of PetroDollars (9:40)
* Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Disappearance & Loss of his Power (10:40)
* Drastic Geopolitical Changes & Illuminati’s Removal (11:20)
* USA – Europe Schism & NSA Spying (11:50)
* Cabal, Jesuits, Illuminati etc, Losing Power (12:40)
* Europian Union & USA Suspension from SWIFT International Database (12:50)
* New Financial System & the New Society (13:30)
* Isreal Release of 26 Palestinian Prisoners (13:50)
* Zionists Still in Power (15:00)
* Nuclear Weapon Explosion over Atlantic Ocean & Divine Intervention (15:15)
* Etheric Archons & Black Hole Implants Technology (17:00)
* Humanity will Be Free from this Technology Soon (20:00)
* Helio-Centric vs Geo-Centric Charts & Star Tetrahedron November 23th (20:20)
* Pope’s Francis Document Release on July 9th (22:10)
* Fukushima & Cabal’s Dirty Games (25:30)
* Orion System, Matrix & Government Shutdown Goal (27:00)
* Dimensional Levels within Dimensions & Sub-Dimensions (28:50)
* The Higher Fourth Dimension Clear from Dark Forces (29:40)
* 90% of Humanity Possessed by Foreign Energies & Demons (30:20)
* Solitude a Walk Around to Avoid Etheric Contamination (31:10)
* Politicians Arrests Rumors (31:45)
* Situation in Syria & Rebel Forces Infiltration (32:08)
* World Peace, Event & Chemical Weapons Removal (34:30)
* Anonymous & Resistance Collaboration (34:34)
* Fractions in USA & Israel against all the other Fractions of our World (35:15)
* Cabal Lost 50% of its Power Worldwide (36:15)
* GMOS, Monsanto, Illuminati’s Project & Anti GMO Movement (36:30)
* Galactic Intervention, Cabal Craziness & World’s Equilibrium (38:40)
* Financial Changes, Big Banks & Cabal’s Attempt to Steal the Money (39:40)
* Ireland’s Actions & Collective Consciousness (41:10)
* Shutdown in China (42:00)
* Chemtrail Plain Crash in India – 4-year Old News (43:30)
* USA Veterans March, Truckers and Americans’ Awakening (44:00)
* Snowden & Future Revelations (44:30)
* NSA Power Surges Meltdown & Divine Intervention (45:30)
* Hollands, Russians, and Activists Imprisonment (45:50)
* Washington DC Police & Archons Influence (47:30)
* Bitcoins Website Shutdown by FBI (48:15)
* Isreal Cabal Intent to Remove some Scientists from the Game (49:00)
* Matrix and Dimensions (50:00)
* THE EVENT & Mass Media Contribution to Awaken Humans (51:15)
* Keshe Foundation & Mass Distribution Breakthrough (52:30)
* Tips to Get New Technology Devices out for Public Mass Production (53:30)
* AION Portal Activation on 23th of November – Please Join Forces (55:30)

Update on Fighting the Gun Grab: Oathkeepers Events Require Our Participation

Stewart Rhodes
Oathkeepers Founder

Please see the American National Militia site for the full article and details on the Oathkeepers and the Peaceful Demonstration.

I think it’s glaringly evident from the fraudulent election polling results I posted yesterday that our rogue government is lawless. They do what they like, and oft times very sneakily. We have to wake up and watch their every move—even anticipate their moves.

They have an agenda and will stop at nothing to bring it to fruition. Sandy Hook proved that.

We, The People of the Republic make the laws, and only We can change them. The Corporation of the US has no right to do that. It’s time we let them know we’re watching and we’re not going to stand by and let them steal our rights. It’s time to stand up and be counted.

We no longer have the luxury of apathy. Action is required now. We can’t wait for someone else to do this for us. That’s been going on too long, and is part of the reason this situation has arisen.

Reblogged from: American National Militia; Home of Drake & Co.

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will speak at the gun rights rally in Providence RI ~ On Friday Feb 8th 10:00 AM, at the Capital.  Attend a rally in your state!

Rhode Islanders will join thousands of other Americans in a nationwide event being held at every state capital, on Friday,  10 a.m. (local time) to show support for our right to keep and bear arms.

Oath Keepers are encouraged to attend any rallies held in their state.

Across the nation, states are looking to create even more gun regulations. In January, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, after violating the NY legal process and rushing the legislation through under dark of night, signed into law the New York Safe Act.  Essentially turning law-abiding American gun owners into felons overnight simply by possessing any magazines that hold more than 7 rounds.

On Sunday, January 6th, 2013, Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a highly decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts. He is now facing 35 years in prison, seven years for each empty magazine.

This attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law abiding citizen in America. The Second Amendment clearly states:  “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, “Shall Not Be Infringed.””

We hope this rally will show public officials, that the community will support them when they uphold their oath to the Constitution and they will be held accountable if they choose to dishonor that commitment to their constituents.”

Among the many prominent speakers at the Providence, RI rally will be: Stewart Rhodes (The founder of the national Oath Keepers organization)  along with Blake A. Filippi, from the 10th Amendment Center (The 10th amendment Center has been instrumental in passing various Firearms Freedom Acts in over 16 states and counting).

Join the national event page on FaceBook:  “Peaceful demonstration at every state capital for our 2nd amendment rights”

Join the Providence event page on FaceBook:  “Providence peaceful demonstration for our 2nd amendment rights”

If you think you have something more important to do this Friday ”You Don’t!”

Go to and be a part of ‘Operation Sleeping Giant’