Evil Conservative Radio: What Power Does the Common-Law Grand Jury Hold?

If you’ve heard of Common Law Grand Juries, but aren’t quite sure what they are or why we don’t hear about them (much) anymore, this article should help. -LW

The Fascinating History Of Civil Law Versus Divine Common Law

Update: August 30, 2014 Re: Common Law Grand Jury Status in USA – Please send out to all bloggers to post.

National Liberty Alliance is raising funds. We also need everyone to sign up for the grand jury. Free education on the process . All 50 states are ready to go. We the people will bring justice ! As you are aware this is part of the process of cleaning up our planet and taking responsibility for it. Please help keep this message active.

Thank you, Shannon.

This article was written in 2012, shortly after Neil Keenan files commercial liens against the G7 banks, so some of the links are rather old, but the history is very much relevant to the changes we are seeing unfold before our eyes in the worlds of banking and the restoration of common law. -LW

Join the Massive Campaign to Expose the Judicial Corruption in America’s Courts


For those not registered on the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) mailing list… here’s your chance, America, to speak out, stand up, and do your part to remove the corruption in The People’s courts.

As John says… “Do not procrastinate.”  Time and desire have a way of slipping away. Instructions are below. 

You don’t have to go anywhere except to a notary, just submit your information by mail.  It IS your duty. My credit union notarizes for free and your bank may also.

If I may offer a few words of advice: Once you’ve written a first draft, put it away for a couple of days and go back and edit later.

By all means include details of the inconvenience, pain, suffering, and losses, but don’t allow it to become an abusive rant. When reliving the events in this way, it’s going to dredge up the emotions all over again. That’s why you put it on the shelf before doing your final edit; so you can keep a cool head and remove unwanted text.

This is a legal document and must be presentable to the court. Be civil, factual, and respectful. As long as your language is all of those, you don’t need to use ‘legalese’. It’s always a good idea to have someone else read your document for clarity to ensure you’re saying what you intend to say before getting it notarized.

I just checked the donation status on the NLA website and there has been a huge leap (from 40% of their goal to 68%—wow!)  in the level of funds provided. If you lead an uncomplicated life, free of the terror of the courts and have no affidavit to submit but have a little cash you’d like to send their way, that will also help them to execute this campaign.

Note: See the gold fringe on the edge of the flag in this photo? That symbolizes the Law of the Sea. Since America is a continent, not a body of water, this system is NOT legal to practice in the USA. They pulled that one over on you. This is why the current judicial system must be removed and Common Law reinstated; The Law of the Land.  ~ BP

It is “TIME” to hold all judges accountable.  We are “NOW” venturing into a massive campaign to expose the “out of control judicial corruption” (RICO) [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] across America. We will be serving “every” federal judge, 12 appellate courts and filing in 90 district courts across America simultaneously. NOW IS THE TIME to pay attention and become active.


If you have suffered an injustice from any court please download the affidavit format here > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/rico < and tell your story of injustice inflicted by the courts including injures pain, suffering and losses. Keep it as short and precise as possible.

ALL AFFIDAVITS MUST BE TYPED IN THE AFORESAID FORMAT. Your affidavit must be type written and notarized, no exception. Remember you must be 100% truthful or you can be prosecuted for perjury, do not exaggerate!

MAIL YOUR AFFIDAVIT TO: (we must have originals)

National Liberty Alliance
3979 Albany Post Road, Suite 107
Hyde Park, New York, 12538

Keep the affidavits coming. There are no time limitations, but do not procrastinate. For more details on our plan call in to our Monday evening open forum.

Affidavits will be filed in the United States District Court,  New York, Northern District and posted at > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/rico <:

In His Service


John Darash
(845) 233-6560


PLEASE Support NLA give $5/mo or morehttp://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/support-national-liberty-alliance


VIRTUE is America’s foundation!
COMMON LAW (GOD) is America’s Heritage!
LIBERTY is America’s inheritance!


Big Things Happening with National Liberty Alliance: 1850 Judges To Be Indicted

Following is the content of an email shared by my friend who is part of the common law grand jury meetings and keeps up with the National Liberty Alliance.

Apparently, the “something really, really, really big” is…  they are indicting about 1,850 US Judges, although don’t have the money. Jane is trying to raise it from sources purporting to be I/c funds.

So… if you’re tired of being on tenterhooks and feeling unable to do much to change our current situation on Starship Earth and would like to funnel some funds their way so they can move forward with this… you might consider that. Visit the National Liberty Alliance website and you can see that they’ve only raised 40 per cent of the required funds.

You can listen to the recording with John Darash and Rodney Class below or here to learn more. This is exciting stuff.  I haven’t listened yet myself, but look forward to it. [after listening I can say that the interview with Rod Class is not part of this call and will happen probably Wed. Aug. 13.]

Rod Class is the legal eagle who released the shocking information about how the utility companies should actually be PAYING US, and that the utility “bills” are not truly invoices at all, but dividend notices. It’s a huge scam and worth learning about. It’s one more way we were duped into giving the globalists our money. I shared that info in a post a very long time ago. You can read about it here.  ~ BP


Join us on AIB RADIO [Talkshoe] with Rod Class and John Darash on Wednesday 08-06-14 at 9PM EST. Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 48361

Please watch these short instructional videos > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/national-plan they will solve the problems we have been having with infiltrators and/or opportunists. The files will open as a wmv file.

NLA follows process and Procedures, therefore we developed step by step procedures. Any one out of step with these procedures must conform or leave NLA. There can be only one plan!

We are about to do something “really, really, really big” so please everybody start paying attention and support us. If you are not coming to our Monday night meetings you are not plugged in and will not know what to do when we finally get access. If you plan on figuring it out once we are in, you will be holding us back at a time when we “MUST” move with haste. Catch-up go to > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/mondaycall and listen to this past Monday night meeting.

Jurist pocket handbooks are in and should be going out this week. To make an order go to > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/jurist-handbook

In His Service


John Darash
(845) 233-6560


PLEASE Support NLA give $5/mo or morehttp://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/support-national-liberty-alliance


VIRTUE is America’s foundation!
COMMON LAW (GOD) is America’s Heritage!
LIBERTY is America’s inheritance!

The Big Con: Slaves R Us and the Advent of the Common Law Grand Jury [video]

While I am speaking here of Arizona state specifically, mirror activities are ongoing in other states, and even other countries. Visit http://nationallibertyalliance.org/ to check on YOUR State. You will learn how many counties are involved, how many have been constituted, the people currently involved in the process and their phone number.

Last night I went to a meeting of the minds in Phoenix concerning the Common Law Grand Jury system they are implementing in Arizona. Met some great people, too. REAL people.

While I find some of the terminology outside my common vocabulary, I’ve done enough research to know the gist of what they’re talking about. Good thing I was forced to watch so many episodes of Law and Order.

It just so happened that last night they had a disbarred attorney of 22 years speaking to the group and she had the most interesting tales to tell about the Arizona justice system. Yes, indeed.

She, herself, worked in the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office and managed the Supreme Court Grand Jury system.

She was disbarred a few years ago for taking to task a judge who wasn’t doing his duty. Apparently it’s more common than any of us know. However, she is still active in the community, offering her expertise in litigation assistance and working with her partners to fix the badly broken system.

I took few notes but will say that this group is serious about creating The People’s Grand Jury, as opposed to the ‘captive’ Grand Jury which is overseen by the Judge, even though that is not the way the system was set up. The judge’s biases are too easily transferred to the jury members by osmosis.

The only purpose of the Grand Jury is supposed to be to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. Depending on the assigned Judge’s bent, the jurors may be coached “creatively”—telling them plenty of what they CANNOT do, but not informing them what they are legally allowed to DO—or what information they are permitted to ask for to enable them to come to their FAIR and unbiased consensus.

The group proposes that the Common Law Grand Jury will be granted access to the court buildings—not to control the process—but as a watchdog entity because the current system is corrupt from the police on up to the judges and the common man doesn’t have a chance in getting fair treatment much of the time.

They are trying to expose the corruption and get rid of the State Bar because it is controlled by the big law firms. There’s nothing fair, equitable or neutral about it. It’s become quite the racket.

They say getting even ONE CLGJ per county seat would be a huge improvement.

The next step is a meeting with former Sheriff John Mack, who set it up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They are going to point blank ask if Arpaio and his people will support them in removing the individuals who are breaking the People’s laws. Law enforcement assistance is critical.

According to Mack, Arpiao is NOT a constitutional sheriff and Mack had great difficulty even getting Second Amendment support, never mind on the gun control issue.

Following that—they will be posing the same question to our Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, who I believed to be on the side of the people’s constitution, but we’ll see how politics comes into play.

The group’s administrator reported that the current justice system is 75 per cent political, and only 25 per cent lawful. They aim to change that.

One of the biggest problems, he said, is that law school teaches the students “legalese”, which is the same WORDS we all use, but in legal documentation they have an entirely different MEANING, so the lay person has a snowball’s chance in hell of understanding the statutes being enforced, their rights, etc.

The system works against us and enables lawyers and the system a distinct advantage to steal our rights. And they did.

Essentially, we are slaves to be manipulated and stolen from, with our consent!

If you haven’t yet looked into this unfortunate situation that resulted when we allowed the government too much power rather than keeping it for ourselves, there is a series of great videos that explains everything. You might think it would be pretty dry material, but I find it really interesting.

WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS. It’s been 250 years of pulling the wool over the eyes of Humanity. Now we’re awake and must correct our mistakes.

The system needs a complete overhaul. One day soon the justice system will involve Common Law rather than Statutory/Admiralty Law and rather than throw the book at everyone possible to make more money, it will be about new, fair laws that allow for victimless crimes, restitution, etc. We’ll put the “HUMANE” back in “Humanity” and return to sovereignty, our birthright.

Here’s the first of the 7 part video series to get you started. You can find subsequent videos on YouTube.

You may learn more about the common law grand jury initiative by visiting the web site National Liberty Alliance.

Organizers “Reinstate” Common Law Grand Juries in Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy of www.news4jax.com


It feels good to know that all of Arizona’s 15 counties are now constituted and we can move forward in the process—training judges, administrators and jurors.

With the other countries climbing on board with this, Earth will once again restore power to The People, and true freedom.

John Darash of the National Liberty Alliance is an interesting guy to have on an interview and the information Drake shared about the US constitution being slyly changed over time to allow lawyers into the government… all of that nonsense they pulled over on The People is available for those who want to know.  

I’ve shared several posts including audios and videos about that over the last couple of years if you want to learn more.

Of course the feds will try to fight The People on this, but they will not be able to continue to run the “justice” system their way because The People demand true justice and transparency. The new energies won’t support that corrupt, contemptible  system any longer.  Laws aren’t adopted to make a criminal out of everyone, which is what the current administration aims to do. Restitution will be the order of the day.  ~ BP


Organizers “Reinstate” Common Law Grand Juries in Pennsylvania

Organizers in nineteen of Pennsylvania’s counties have gathered to “turn back the judicial clock to 1789” by reinstating common law grand juries.  Most notable, meetings have sprouted up in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Westmoreland counties to introduce the concept of the common law grand jury and seek a vote for its reinstatement.


National Liberty Alliance, based in New York, has been the major proponent of this movement.  Their mission is to institute a common law grand jury across each of 3,141 counties in the United States.  According to their website, the duty of the common law grand jury is to expose fraud and corruption whether it is in the judicial or political realm. 


Proponents of common law grand juries look to a 1992 United States Supreme Court opinion to confirm their legitimacy.  In U.S. v. Williams, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in his majority opinion that, “the whole theory of [a grand jury’s] function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.”[1]  Supporters claim that the common law grand jury is, in effect, a fourth branch of government co-ordinate with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.


John Darash, of the National Liberty Alliance, commented on the diminution of grand juries today.  In an online broadcast, he said, “right now the grand jury are people who are paid.  They get a government paycheck.  They’re controlled by the Courts and the prosecutor gets to bring the cases, not the grand jury.”[2]  He continued, “[grand juries] don’t seek out cases.  They don’t look for justice.”  What powers the common law grand jury would have—that current grand juries do not have—is the ability to subpoena witnesses, summon grand jury meetings, and make accusations from independent investigations.


However, some officials question whether common law grand juries would have any legal standing.  Lackawanna County District Attorney, Andy Jarbola, told a Times-Tribune reporter that such a group would not have any authority nor would they be able to subpoena anyone.[3]  Likewise, Duquesne University School of Law associate professor, Wesley Oliver, echoed similar sentiments suggesting that a formal process in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure has replaced the common law process that once was used in federal courts.[4]


Both critics and proponents though have not made clear whether these grand juries would operate on a state or federal level.  In the federal arena, supporters of common law grand juries argue that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure[5] have anesthetized some of the rights that are inherent in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Specifically, they suggest that grand juries are empowered to act independently of courts and to maintain full use of their investigatory powers.  The Supreme Court has hinted as much. Yet, the Court has not specified whether the independence of the grand jury refers to a prohibition on courts and prosecutors from interfering with grand jury decisions or something much broader.[6]


More important, proponents look to the time of the adoption of the Fifth Amendment as justification for the grand juries broader powers.  Before the American Revolution, colonial grand juries served broader political functions.  They not only investigated criminal activity, but also managed municipal operations.  Road-building, bridge maintenance, and the operation of local jails were all a part of the grand jury’s oversight power.  However, as administrative agencies began to manage local activities, the need for a grand jury to oversee public affairs diminished.


Whatever the case may be, the Supreme Court has not held that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure are unconstitutional in how they regulate grand juries.  If anything, the Court has authorized changes to the Federal Rules to guard against corrupting practices or prosecutorial misconduct.  For example, an amendment to Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure requires that prosecutors be recorded during these proceedings.  Moreover, the textual language of the Fifth Amendment limits grand jury powers to the indictment of federal felonies; nothing mentions the powers with which grand juries were invested during the American colonial era.


Despite the limited scope of the Fifth Amendment, the Supreme Court has been clear on one thing: the Fifth Amendment does not apply to the states.[7] The perplexing question then is why supporters of common law grand juries have organized at the county level rather than at the federal district court level.  Perhaps some believe that the “common law grand jury” system will operate on a county-wide level in their respective states and that, despite court precedent, they believe the Fifth Amendment still applies to the states.


However, many states have been playing by their own rules, which the Supreme Court has regarded as constitutional.  Indictments may be raised in any manner the states devise.  In some states, statutes govern the operation of a grand jury.  For example, Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Statutes Annotated § 4543 provides that a grand jury may be impaneled either through the initiative of the attorney general’s office or through the president judge of the court of common pleas.[8]  Thus, “in no case shall the investigating grand jury inquire into alleged offenses on its own motion.”[9] 


Other states have given the legislature the power to abolish the grand jury or to modify.[10]  Ten states have given their legislatures the power to abolish grand juries, while one state has given the courts the power to abolish the indicting grand jury (Pennsylvania).  Still, twenty-two states explicitly deny legislatures, or courts, the power to abolish grand juries, and some stipulate that the grand jury must be used for certain offences. And yet, others neither deny, nor require, the grand jury.


Looking at how states authorize grand jury powers demonstrates that the movement sponsored by the National Liberty Alliance will need more than a blanket strategy.  Even if a more nuanced campaign existed for common law grand juries, organizers would ultimately have to change the laws in their state through their legislatures or invoke some other constitutional mechanism such as a referendum or state constitutional amendment. 


Yet, proponents argue that their state and federal legislatures are corrupt, which requires the need for common law grand juries—to put these politicians out of business.  These arguments are not new.  In the 1970’s, a group known as the Posse Comitatus, who rejected authority above the county level, appointed their own judges and ambassadors after organizing a town known as the “Constitutional Township of Tigerton Dells” in Wisconsin. 


As Daniel Lessard Levin noted in his article, A Law Unto Themselves: The Ideology of the Common Law Movement, “This idea, they claim, derives from English common law and all legal powers in the office of the sheriff, while power to interpret the law is placed in ‘common law associations and Christian grand juries, composed of only white, Christian males.’ Posse members believe that the only legitimate law was divinely given in the Bible and manifested in the United States in the Articles of Confederation and Constitution, which restate that divine law.”


The National Liberty Alliance has derived similar theories.  On their website, they offer classes on the Constitution and the common law that espouse these theories.[11]  They also provide courses on how to access courts without an attorney and how individuals can represent themselves.[12]  The next question, however, is whether the National Liberty Alliance or their organizers intend to represent themselves if judges ignore their bills of indictment and whether they see this as important to their strategy.




Common Law Grand Jury Update for June 30th, 2014

This update came via the Prepare for Change newsletter. Take note, America! This is not the time for hesitation and sitting back waiting for someone else to do it.  We must “be the change”, as they say. 

In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting things unfolding on the planet.  ~ BP


From: Michael Ellegion

Common Law Grand Juries are Forming all over the U.S., and the Importance of becoming a member of them:

Some of you who I have had a chance to speak to within the last few weeks, have learned about the fact that Common Law Grand Juries are in the process of forming all over the U.S..  And this process is quickly gaining momentum, as more and more  people are quickly Waking up to the urgency and responsibility to “take action” and to restore our sovereignty and freedoms that the cabal has destroyed in their agenda of total world control.

And everyone who is involved in this, either who were first strongly Guided from Within by Higher Light Forces to start this extremely important “movement”, or has more recently been Inspired to “come on board” and join those already involved in this re-constitutional process, are also definitely getting much positive and powerful “Energetic” support and guidance from “Behind the scenes”, from our “Friends Upstairs”/Galactics.  Yes, to “go for it” and reclaim our country and planet from the cabal.

This is an extremely important point, of how we are all being not only strongly guided, but Protected and Watched over, so that the cabal will NOT be able to sabotage this very important movement.  But I have heard that besides those of us who are directly involved in reforming Common Law Grand Juries, there have been many more people who are hesitating to “get involved” and “standing on the sidelines”, and mostly for one reason.  Something that has often stopped many from being able to participate; and that is that these people are somewhat concerned in their F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).   That something “bad” could happen to them from the cabal, if they involve themselves by joining with the rest of us; that somehow they would be “targeted”, etc. by the cabal, and because of this, they are afraid to “get involved”. 

But I would say to them, that it is time to not allow fear and intimidation to control us any longer.  That if “we the people” will “raise up en masse”, through a peaceful, but powerful and orderly, Constitutionally Lawful process, of “speaking Truth to power”, and standing in our in own Light and Truth, and calling upon the Higher Light Forces and God to give them the strength, Guidance and Inner Knowing.   Of the fact that this movement was, as stated, first actually inspired by the Divine Creator and the Higher Light Forces, for the people of this country and all throughout this planet to join together in Solidarity and reclaim our Common Law Rights, that the cabal cannot and will not be able to stop this movement.

John, who moderates the Monday night phone conference calls (and who is a very dedicated and religious man of Higher principles), has shared the fact that all of the “alphabet soup agencies” (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., all investigated this “re-constitutional movement” of lawfully forming Common Law Grand Juries, and they all had to admit that there was absolutely nothing “illegal” about this and have been forced to allow this movement to continue, and they have admitted to him that there is nothing they can do to stop him and everyone else who wants to participate in this process. 

There is now much excitement beginning to build, as more and more of the states of the Union-19 states-as of right now, as of the 23rd of June, have become “Reconstituted”, and more in the coming days and weeks will also follow suit.

A few weeks ago, Laura Legere and I signed up to be members of Common Law Grand Juries that are forming here in the state of Wash.  Once Wash. and all the states have completed the entire process of being “Constituted”, the Common Law Grand Juries will literally have Authority to force all corrupt judges, sheriffs, and others who do not uphold heir “Oath of Office” to be arrested and removed from positions of power over us, and any so-called “laws” that are not in accordance with the original “organic” 1870 U.S. Constitution, will be eliminated by the true “will of the people.”  

This is very exciting, and as mentioned, every Monday evening, there is a phone Conference call which you can participate in and learn about this continuing process of more and more of the states become Reconstituted, and how everyone who is interested in more personally participating in this very historical process can become a member of these fast forming Common Law Grand Juries.  Go to www.nationallibertyAlliance.org

Also, coming up on Sept. 12. 13 and 14, at the Mt. Shasta Ascension Portal Conference, I will be doing a presentation, which will include info. about the greater “Galactic” significance of these Common Law Grand Juries, and how this is connected with the Galactic Councils (see the other email I also just sent about this upcoming conference at Mt. Shasta.  I also have info. posted at my website, MichaelEllegion.com, about this Conference-looking forward to seeing some of you there!   Also, by the way, for those of you who are interested in attending this conference, please sign-up for it through the link at my website, because I do get credit for you reserving a space there, thru my website, as versus doing it directly through the ‘Mt. Shasta Ascension Portal Conference’ website.  Thanks).



Michael Ellegion