Employee Morale at CNN Collapses

Have we finally reached the turning point? Is centrally-controlled mainstream media starting to collapse?
“Things have been horrible inside the Washington bureau. On Friday, which was everyone’s last day, people were crying all over the bureau, but managers hid in offices and didn’t go to any of the goodbye office parties.”

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CNN-Building-apWarner Todd Huston reports: On Monday, Politico reported that last Friday, when hundreds of CNN employees lost their jobs, “people were crying all over the bureau” for departing co-workers.

“Morale at the CNN Washington Bureau is about as strong as it is inside the Redskins’ locker room–and the management is just as bad,” a CNN staffer told the news site.

“Things have been horrible inside the Washington bureau. On Friday, which was everyone’s last day, people were crying all over the bureau, but managers hid in offices and didn’t go to any of the goodbye office parties.”

The wave of layoffs was an effort to cut eight percent of CNN’s workforce. 50 employees were cut from the Washington, D.C. bureau alone. But at the same time, 20 new positions were created in the bureau’s digital department.

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‘Difficult yet necessary’: CNN cuts 8% of staff

What’s your take on this? Are we seeing the cabal’s control of the news media being dismantled, right before our eyes? -LW

Major layoffs are starting to hit Turner Broadcasting, with hundreds reportedly losing their jobs at CNN and HLN. In one case, an entire division has been axed.

So far, more than 300 people have lost their jobs – roughly eight percent of CNN’s workforce – according to Capital New York. Offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC were affected.

Among the affected employees were those involved in the production of several television shows. For example, Christiane Amanpour’s entire New York City staff was laid off – although the London-based correspondent will still retain workers based overseas.

HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell and her staff were also made redundant, according to a report by The Wrap.

CNN’s entire entertainment news division – which is responsible for covering topics like awards shows – was also shut down. Some staff were reportedly moved to other departments, while others lost their jobs completely.

While about 130 people accepted buyouts from Turner in exchange for stepping down, another 170 were made redundant, according to Capital New York.

“The changes this week are difficult yet necessary,” CNN said in a statement. “Out of respect for our colleagues directly impacted, we won’t be commenting on specific people or programs.”

However, many more layoffs are expected, since company executives have said that some 1,475 positions will be eliminated over the next few weeks.

The layoffs “are at all levels of the company’s news, entertainment, kids, young adult and sports networks and businesses, as well as corporate functions, in 18 Turner locations around the world,” Turner Broadcasting CEO John Martin said in a letter to employees, as quoted by CNN Money.

“Those whose jobs are impacted will receive every consideration and the respect they are due, starting with severance pay for transition,” Martin continued. “Whatever their job title, business unit or location, they have contributed to the success story that is Turner Broadcasting, and they leave with our thanks and sincere best wishes.”

Notably, news of the layoffs comes as CNN continues to post profit margins between 30 and 55 percent, according to the Pew Research Center’s Jesse Holcomb. However, viewership has declined since the 2008 presidential election, and revenue from digital media has yet to indicate the company can rely on it heavily in the future.

“CNN isn’t alone,” Holcomb wrote. “All three major cable news channels have seen their audiences decline in recent years. MSNBC’s prime-time viewership has declined four percent over the same period in 2013, and 17 percent during the day. Fox News Channel, while growing slightly in prime time (two percent), has lost five percent of its daytime audience.”

Holcomb added that CNN’s impressive digital numbers – 42 million unique monthly visitors in 2013 – mean the station could have a bright future ahead of it, but that online revenues would need to increase significantly for that to happen.


MSM Responds to Reporter who “Spilled the Beans”

One of the mainstream media organizations has responded to the book written by the reporter in this video, who admitted that all news is fake. They claim it isn’t true. Imagine that! -LW

(Translated by Google Translate)

Opinion of the Federal Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger on the allegations of the former journalist Udo Ulfkotte in his book ” Purchased journalists ” . “We reject the allegations of Mr. Ulfkotte, our employed by us journalists or free journalistic staff were bought, back in full journalists can perhaps rent , but our journalists are not for sale! 

Lord Ulfkotte who has apparently lost contact with the editorial reality since his departure from the quality media, are essential details of today’s editorial work unfamiliar and those of earlier practices apparently omitted. purchase means in the civil sense, the transfer of ownership of a thing against a consideration.

As such a purchase is usually final. rental however, is a continuing obligation., it may be limited and it can be resolved within specified time limits. Unlike the previous obsequious and uncritical reporting are present government majorities are in modern democracies in constant flux. A purchase journalistic services on a permanent therefore eliminated. 

The natural rhythm of today’s four-or five-year parliamentary terms therefore also corresponds to better the design of a rental agreement for journalistic care services last just as long. During this time our staff members accompany the informal , our Mietgeber technically sound in the structural formation of opinion . Constructive means ‘ of matching, easily replaceable parts assembled ‘ . 

There is an unprecedented achievement, how today’s diverse media landscape of the Federal Republic from the originally licensed by the Allies press organs in free development constituted has. , the German quality journalism is while on the floor of the free democratic basic order of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Censorship does not take place . With this principle of federal republican constitution our journalistic staff are always handled carefully . fundamental rights to use as is known by too intense or too frequent use from . 

We have always taken into account by appropriate restraint and so much helped a European house of law and trust transatlantic relations to create and consolidate. Though you, dear readers, not so far may have been aware of: by our careful handling of diversity of opinion is this you remained to this day at all ! Therefore, we are proud of our journalistic achievements. But journalistic quality has its price! In particular, our readers, especially our subscribers should remember to would be how much higher the price of our products, our ideas would not afford their material and non-material contribution to our products. 

Here this cooperation is not limited to direct subsidies. Be estimated as high is also the direct assistance in the preparation and presentation of editorial content . Without this preliminary work would often be much more expensive research work to do. Also could without such preparatory work editorial appointments often can not be reliably maintained . 

In addition, the supply of well-trained journalistic professionals is limited. Hence, you will understand that information services in the public sector are often the employer of first choice just in our qualified young journalists. To want to make against this trend of time, would be the downfall of the free press. 

A decade-long cooperation in this field with a rotating exchange of employees has therefore proven itself and is a stabilizing effect on the media landscape. Numerous networking opportunities, such as free Mitreisegelegenheiten for our Journalists and the shared use of secure communication structures or free room and board in a particular case is offer us Verpflegern at all possible, you, dear reader, dear reader, this diversity cheaper opinion of the products you now find on any newsstand or on the Internet. 

A gathering information only from the “usually well illuminated circles” alone would not suffice. Without information and opinion from first hand our printing and other media offer would not only much poorer, but also still unmanageable. In summary, therefore, should be just you, dear reader, dear reader, remember that – a newspaper from the current size you much cost more would have if we would have to contribute to their costs to a reasonable extent. – In addition, the scope would not only be much lower, he would also often much more difficult to understand. 

Only through a coordinated in time and content, tailored content management that on just in Germany experience rich traditions can look back, it is possible for you, otherwise contradictory to keep track in the jungle opinions! Some may accuse us now, we have waited too long with such an opinion. But this is not so. The editorial statute our quality media provides a strict separation of content publisher and executive editors. 

This separation has confidently proven for decades, without that it would have been necessary for this direct voting in a particular case. Therefore, an agreement with the free in their reporting journalistic employees, the informal except in this case, bring about, it took intense and confidential preliminary. Normally we do not deal with publications such as the book of the Lord Ulfkotte, with a first edition of only just 30,000 copies . 

By comparison, our daily circulation in the millions! Only the increasingly frequent inquiries of concerned readers, even from abroad , have therefore prompted to issue this opinion. We repeat, therefore:. Mr. Ulfkotte is wrong our journalists can maybe rent , but journalists are not for sale! ” For the Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger Der Vorstand Bernd Koofmich – Kreszentia of the laity – Mrs N ratioto Opinion 404 of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers you go along here.


FOX, CNN And MSNBC All Mystified By Obama’s ISIS Flip-Flop

What does it mean when the lamestream media picks up on the discrepancies in Obama’s statements to the press? Do you think Obama did this, deliberately? -LW

obamaBobbleHead(Video link)

The cable news universe converged into a single point at 4 p.m. EST on Wednesday, with hosts on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC all simultaneously expressing confusion over President Barack Obama’s most recent flip-flop on a strategy to defeat the brutal Islamic terror group ISIS.

On Wednesday morning Obama spoke in Estonia about the need to “degrade and destroy” ISIS — right before he went on to explain his goal of “shrinking” ISIS to a “manageable problem.” By Wednesday afternoon, that disconnect was noticed by all three of the major cable networks.

“Alright, I want you to listen to something, because I’m confused,” Fox News host Neil Cauvto said, playing both clips for his audience. “Destroy or debate? A manageable problem? Maybe that is the problem . . . The president might’ve been wise to stick to his opening remarks and focus on annihilating them.”

Meanwhile, on CNN, Jake Tapper expressed similar concerns. “President Obama vowed to destroy ISIS,” he began. “But then, a few minutes later, he said the goal was to make ISIS a ‘manageable problem.’ So, which is it? . . . President Obama’s seemingly-contradictory remarks might make it difficult to know exactly what he thinks — especially after ISIS beheaded a second American.”

Even MSNBC got in on the action, with guest host Luke Russert playing both clips side-by-side. “At first, the president offered an uncompromising goal,” he said. “[But] later, the president appeared to mitigate that declaration to destroy ISIS . . . With the president already facing criticism from some lawmakers over his ISIS strategy, that remark drew further anger.”


Sheriffs Move to Arrest Convicted Church Leaders Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby: Vatican-Crown Plan Counter Attack

Posted on July 24, 2014

“There are rumors that a price has been put on Annett’s head by Ndrangheta”

An Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels

July 24, 2014 , 3 pm GMT (Common Cause News Service and copyright)

Brussels, Rome and London:

In the wake of the Court’s criminal conviction of Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on July 18, Court-authorized Sheriffs armed with Arrest Warrants are seeking to detain the three convicted men today in London and Rome.

Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby were found guilty of child trafficking and murder by a unanimous decision of the five Magistrates of the Court last Friday, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

A spokeswoman for the Court said today,

“Our Sheriffs have notified police authorities in England, Italy and at the Vatican about the conviction, and have asked for their assistance in arresting the guilty parties, who have been issued a Court Order to comply with the verdict, and to surrender themselves to the Sheriffs”

In response, sources in Rome and Brussels have informed the Court that the Vatican is launching a counter attack against the verdict which will include blind media stories attacking the Court and Kevin Annett.

“You can expect an escalation in the hysteria and smears against him and the Court, including from the so-called alternative media that gets Vatican money. Now’s the time for another big distraction to fog your verdict” stated a member of Italy’s Radical Party today.

Politicians and church sources in Rome confirm that the Court verdict has the Pope “extremely worried”. Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon, also convicted by the Court, has already announced that he will resign at the next Jesuit congress.

In London, Archbishop Welby closeted himself with advisers on July 14 to discuss the Court’s case, during the recent London Synod of the Anglican church. Welby has apparently decided not to leave Lambeth Palace, his official residence in London, and has requested police protection.

But the criminal syndicate known as Ndrangheta, which was publicly exposed by Kevin Annett and the Court as a major actor in child trafficking and murder connected to the Catholic church, is apparently planning a more deadly response.

According to a source in a Belgian police department,

“There are rumors that a price has been put on Annett’s head by Ndrangheta. My contacts say it’s being planned with the Holy Alliance” (the Vatican spy and assassination agency).

The Court is planning to release some of the key evidence that convicted the three church officials no later than September 1, 2014, when a Permanent Commission into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice will be established to dig deeper into the role of Ndrangheta and major banks in drug money laundering, child trafficking and murder.

A European representative of the Common Law Court, Melanie Vritschan, and Field Secretary Kevin Annett will be holding a global media interview soon to elaborate the evidence and respond to these new threats. Stand by for further updates and instructions.

Issued by The Public Information Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels

24 July, 2014, 3 pm GMT

www.iclcj.com , www.itccs.org