Financial War Games or Cover for Something Else?

Banks in the US and UK are planning a disaster recovery drill on Monday. What do you think they’re not telling us? Will this be a re-boot of the banks? Will this be the cover story for cleaning-out everybody’s bank account(s), like they did in Cyprus? -LW

Chris Giles
October 10, 2014
Financial Times

Jason Hawkes | Iconica | Getty Images

Britain and the US will stage the first transatlantic simulation of a crisis in a large bank on Monday, in a sign of growing confidence that the authorities can now deal with the failure of large institutions.

All of the main players who would need to be involved in a failure of companies such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Barclays or HSBC will gather in Washington DC to make sure they would know what to do, who to call and how to inform the public.

The move reflects the authorities’ view that they are getting close to solving the “too big to fail” problem, even for cross-border banks, outside a full-blown system-wide crisis.

George Osborne, UK chancellor, announced he would be taking part in the “war game” along with Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve, Mark Carney, Bank of England governor and other senior officials from both countries.

The simulation will not mimic any particular banks but the authorities will run through the procedures they would follow if a large UK bank with US operations failed and those for a significant US bank with a British presence. Unlike domestic war games held before the financial crisis, Mr Osborne pledged to publicise the results.


Morgan Update: December 5th, 2013

Jingle-dog2 Dec 6

My Jingle-dog is all ready for Christmas!

Things change fast these days. Last week Morgan’s lymph nodes in his throat went way down 10 days after the Doxorubicin but since his blood work didn’t support another chemo treatment last Wednesday, they went back up again—bigger than ever—on Monday this week.

The ever-irreverent Dad calls him “Lumpy”. I can’t stoop lower than “Mr. Shuffles”, as he does drag his feet a little.

However—Morgan’s feeling really good. He’s getting up earlier in the morning now, shortly after we do like he used to, and eating a smaller breakfast. He sure likes the organic, unsulfured molasses I added to his meals. He licked it delicately off my finger with gusto.

He’s still resting his head on his throat while lying down so, while I don’t understand how those hard, kiwi-sized nodules don’t bother him, I’m glad he isn’t suffering discomfort—just snoring a little louder.

He had a minor eye infection but we’re taking care of that with saline drops. If it persists, I use castor oil drops and it works like a charm.

Morgan’s been taking us on long walks in the desert—a different one every night—on routes we haven’t done in many months. He leads, chooses where to go, and we follow. He may stop for a brief rest once or twice, but he even leaves the trails and goes off roadin’  so we’ve enjoyed the time in nature very much on dead-calm desert evenings with spectacular sunsets.

He’s getting up off the floor much more easily now and hops up in the truck behind the driver’s seat.  The hatch in the rear bed is still too high but he hasn’t been able to negotiate that well for quite some time. (We have an old, but one of the highest clearance SUVs) I wouldn’t expect him to be able to jump that without a spotter. Sometimes he can do it, sometimes he can’t. He IS getting close to twelve years old.

Speaking of SUVs, this is one of the vehicles in the oncologist’s parking lot yesterday. We must keep our sense of humour!

Cancer Sux license plate

Our near 5-hour trip into the city yesterday found Morgan’s blood okay, just mild anemia, and the oncologist recommended a chemo drug for Morgan he hasn’t had before. They administered Vinblastine and Mustargen—a derivative of mustard.

They are part of the MOPP protocol you may have seen mentioned on the Internet if you’ve researched canine lymphoma. It’s an older one.

Dr. Hershey expanded on Mustargen and said they insert the catheter first, compound the Mustargen solution and then get it going immediately because if it takes too long to administer, it begins to turn to mustard GAS—the one they used in the war. Yikes!

Morgan continues on one 20 mg Prednisone each day for inflammation and Metronidazole and Immodium as needed for diarrhea. I’m intending the Mustargen won’t gift us with that side-effect. I found the Metro didn’t do the trick until the Immodium was added, and even then it took several days to firm up.

I found another web site you may want to visit if you have an ailing dog with cancer.

The new receptionist at the vet’s office has seven! Goldens and she said she had a couple that died of cancer between 4 and 7 years old, so we feel fortunate to be helping Mo through this at 11 years. He comes from a cancer-free line of champion show dogs and I think that may help. I can’t help but wonder if our WiFi is a contributing factor.

Morgan is taking phytoplankton every day now, and I’ve added green tea extract to the list as it’s recommended to boost the efficacy of curcumin. He’s not wild about the smell of the phytoplankton mixed with water so I use organic beef broth and he laps it up in no time.

I’ve found the MSM/colloidal silver makes him loose so I have had to cut way back on that but the MSM sure makes his coat soft.

That’s this week’s update. Thank you so much for the continued positive vibes. The web site above said canine lymphoma is one of the easiest to put into remission and I know many pets enjoy a high quality of life while on these protocols—with and without chemo—so that’s very encouraging. Until next week, much love from the desert.

Mexico’s Second Largest Bank, Banamex (& Citi Subsidary) Taken Down By Glitch

Pictures Colour Library/Newscom

Thanks, Patrick.

I forgot to post this the other day. It happened October 14th.  I believe it is significant; another indication of interesting things going on in the background.

But is it the good guys or the bad guys messing around? We don’t know, but it’s important to stay abreast of these things, isn’t it, as they’re not isolated incidents but all pieces of the puzzle and usually foretell future events. 

I also read that a record number of people are withdrawing cash from their bank accounts and hiding it at home.

Check out the article links at the bottom about similar service interruptions.  ~ BP

Banamex, Mexico’s second largest bank (which coincidentally happens to be owned by Citi) was unexpectedly taken down by a “glitch” Monday morning, leaving customers without access to ATM cards or bank balances.

In a statement, Banamex apologized to the 27 million affected Mexicans, and stated that it does not yet know when it will be able to restore services in branches, ATMs, and telephone BancaNet and allow customers access to their funds.


Banamex public statement, via Google Translate:

REPORT . – Banamex , the second largest bank in the country , recorded from 10:30 hours on Monday a general failure in its customer service .

So far, the bank is in the definition of the problem , so it does not envisage a time when I can restore services in branches , ATMs, and telephone BancaNet .

Through their social media accounts and website, the financial institution sends a message of apology to their customers, which add up to seven million and 20 million cards in general or full – and relates them to expect an early resolution of problem.

” Dear Customer , sadly our systems recorded a technical glitch this morning. We offer a sincere apology. We are working to resolve this problem we expect an early solution, “explains .
Also points out, ” we will be in contact to make known the time when our services have been fully restored .”
In the post Cyprus bail-in world, any unannounced and unscheduled bank services failure cannot leave depositors resting easy while waiting for their digital wealth to re-appear- particularly when the unscheduled bank shutdown occurs at a severely under-capitalized TooBigNotToBailIn institution.  

Check out these similar articles:

Asiana Flight 214 that Crashed in San Francisco? Hoax! Hoax! Hoax! [video]

Thanks, Patrick. You had to know this was coming.

I am so sick of this crap with drill, after drill, after drill, yet STILL people watch the lamestream news and lament over all these disasters. It’s fantasy. We’re being manipulated. Our reality is a fabrication orchestrated by the Illuminati.

As soon as they start to tell you pathetic little stories like “two little teenage girls sitting in the back fell out on the tarmack when the plane came apart”… and later when they said the two were covered in foam and subsequently run over by a firetruck… come on.

They did the same thing in Boston, going into great detail telling us how so many people had their legs blown off/amputated. They make it as gory as possible to get your emotions in an uproar so you’ll hate the terrorists—and IT WORKED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!

They lock down the city, confine people to their homes, then oust them at gun point on command and the people parade around with placards and praise the police, flying the American flag while under martial law?  This is one sick country we live in. Unbelievable.  ~ BP

Sandy Hook never happened! The Boston Marathon people who supposedly lost their legs? Never happened! There are “drills” at every single one of these “terrorist attacks”—the terrorists being the Illuminati—including 9/11.

The FEMA people arrived in Manhattan on the Monday night before the “planes” hit the towers because it was all planned—well in advance.

Anyone who still thinks Bin Laden’s people or Chechens want to terrorize Americans will have to wake up—and soon! How many people have to be murdered before Americans wake up?

There is always an agenda with these things. I can’t WAIT to hear what purpose this crash and reports of malfunctioning planes will serve.

We’d better hope nothing happens to those Boy Scouts because there’s a drill there, too, and they’re no doubt taking fake pictures to show us on the 6:00 news—or better yet—breaking news interrupting regular programming. Lies. All lies.

Brazilians Flood Streets to Protest World Cup Spending and Government Corruption

Map of BrazilThank you to The People’s Voice Facebook page for this. I’m overwhelmed.

When you see the photos below, you will know deep within that something extraordinary is unfolding. The visuals are astonishing.

Are you getting the picture I’m getting, my friends? This planet is in an uproar. People–everywhere— are AWAKENING!!! Finally we’re rising to the heights it will take to squelch the dark ones.

The dark cabal sought to roll out their plans surreptitiously so we wouldn’t notice, but you’d have to be dead not to see that SOMETHING is incredibly wrong in our world and must be investigated and tackled head on.

They have tried to distract us with sports, Hollywood, political scandal, false flags, new technology, sex and fake space programs, but we get it now.

They’re panicked and making stupid mistakes in their desperation. Soon they’ll be running for their underground bunkers—or their Mars bases, perhaps. But they can’t hide.

The whistleblowers (some of them ETs) who have infiltrated their uppermost ranks will always keep us apprised and the Illuminati will be vanquished. They will not prevent our Golden Age and Ascension.

Before long we will have free energy, flying cars, replicators, Personal Communication Devices (PCDs), 100 per cent healthy bodies and minds, won’t have to work 8 or more hours a day to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Everyone will have healthy food, water, and a roof over their head AND—we’ll be able to explore the cosmos as the galactic beings we truly are, and will take our place alongside the “exotic races” we can barely accept even exist in the Universe, let alone on our planet. We will regain our powers of telepathy and creation of solid form from the background energies.

When the masses learn how long this “rescue” has been planned and executed and by how many beings—both physical and non—they will be astounded. It’s going to take quite some time for Humanity to assimilate the truth of the battle of Light and dark that so many have waged over the years to free us once and for all; a battle that encompassed not only the surface of Earth, or ‘Terra’ as the Galactics call it, but beneath it, and in the skies above as well as under our oceans.  It’s an epic tale, and I can’t wait to hear it.

For now, we need to stand up for our rights, show the powers-that-were that WE are in control and they are not welcome on our planet, and to begin to heal our Selves and Gaia. WE have to do this ourselves.

Humanity, in increasing numbers, are plunging bravely into the fray. It’s a beautiful site, is it not? But not always pleasant to be there.

An estimated 100,000 protested in Rio de Janeiro. (Credit: AP)

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians poured into the streets of at least 25 cities across the country Monday, blanketing the streets of major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and climbing to the roof of the Brazilian National Congress in Brasilia, the nation’s capital. The protests, sparked last week by a smaller demonstration against fare hikes on public buses, are taking place around the Confederations Cup, the soccer tournament that began Saturday as a tune-up for Brazil’s 2014 hosting of the World Cup.

The World Cup has become a symbol of corruption and overspending in the country. Brazil, originally slated to spend less than $1 billion in private funding on soccer stadiums, has already spent more than $3 billion, most of which has come from public funds. Meanwhile, schools and hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed, and underfunded, infrastructure is crumbling, and income inequality is rising as Brazil’s minimum wage remains low. The money spent on the World Cup, the protesters say, would be better spent on efforts to help ordinary Brazilians.

Though there were small pockets of violence during demonstrations in some cities, the vast majority of the protests remained peaceful, according to local news reports. Here are pictures from Monday’s protests:

An estimated 30,000 Brazilians flood the streets of São Paulo. (Credit: AFP)

Brazilians protest for spending on hospitals and schools instead of the World Cup. (Credit: @AnonNewsDE)

A Brazilian police officer pepper sprays a protester in Rio de Janeiro. (Credit: AP)


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