Georgia Guide Stone- “2014 stone” removed! 9/25/14

Believe it or not, the workers in this video clip claim to have replaced the mysterious “2014” block with “the original”. What do you think is going on here? -LW

Hidden Agendas


Published on 26 Sep 2014

Raw footage of the removal and destruction of the 2014 cube, from the English slab of the Georgia Guidestones. When the workman was asked if something else was going to be put there in place of it he answered “we have the original piece…”



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Benjamin Fulford Update Dec. 10, 2013: Still a Few Cockroaches to Deal With

Ben says:  “So, the likely interpretation to this is that the US government is showing itself to be under Asian influence as the passive partner but that it is strong and ready to sacrifice human lives if necessary.”

We know this all too well, as they have been doing it for centuries, and that is why it is time for The Event.  ~ BP

Behind Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and US Ambassador Kennedy’s freemason handshake

December 10, 2013

High level negotiations over starting the new financial system and restoring the Republic of the United States of America are proceeding smoothly but there are still a few cockroaches to deal with first.

A hint about how negotiations are progressing came out last week in the form of a Freemason handshake between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Here is the picture as shown on the official web page of the office of the Prime Minister:

For reference, see here some pictures of freemason handshakes:

According to MI5 and books about Freemasonry, the particular handshake shown in the photo is likely to be something known as the Tubal-cain (two balled cane). The handshake has a multilayered meaning but in this case the message it seems to be conveying is
likely to be in the phrase usually associated with this handshake:

The Mason must “follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a plowshare.”

Also, according to MI5 the handshake as shown puts the Prime Minister in the ascendancy over Kennedy. There is also a sexual connotation in the two-balled cane meaning.

Furthermore, this handshake is associated with the Pagan god Vulcan. Vulcan is associated with Thunder, Lightning and Fire. In ancient times, tributes to Vulcan included human sacrifices.

Pastor Paolo Izumi, who runs the Tachikawa Church and who helped shelter a member of the Japanese self-defense forces who unwittingly participated in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan alerted this writer to the handshake and noted Japanese national TV broadcasts made a point of zooming in on it.

So, the likely interpretation to this is that the US government is showing itself to be under Asian influence as the passive partner but that it is strong and ready to sacrifice human lives if necessary.

The publication of this photograph follows a week of intensive negotiations in Asia by US Vice President Biden and a visit to China by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

A CIA source in Asia says Biden returned home from China empty-handed after begging for money. However, the official Chinese Xinhua news agency reported a whole series of deals involving the oil industry and oil extracting technology. In other words, the US government was only able to get money for keeping itself going in exchange for handing over much of its oil business. China also got promises of more US high tech and more opportunities for Chinese companies to operate inside the US.

The main sticking point is that China wants the US to start arresting the people who were behind plans to kill billions of people, notably the Neocon authors of the Project for a New American Century.

Here is what Nelson Mandela, the great man who passed away last week, had to say about the US:
“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings,” Mandela said.
This quote came in reaction to the Iraq invasion by George Bush Jr. who has announced he will go to Mandela’s funeral. Perhaps Bush is hoping for a Mandela inspired peace and reconciliation process instead of the death penalty he deserves. It may be too late for that.
Getting back to Asian diplomacy, the UK Prime Minister’s visit was on the surface all about business. However, Cameron was also told to start arresting UK criminals named as being behind the 311 mass murder, according to MI6 sources. Cameron also visited the central city of Chengdu with James Sassoon on undisclosed business.

The Chinese also sent an agent to visit the White Dragon Society last week. The meeting was friendly and harmonious. An agreement was reached to have complete transparency of information in communications, to promote mutually beneficial relations and to allow both sides freedom to take necessary action. If this sounds vague, that is because it is mean to be vague.

There was also communications between the P2 Freemason lodge and the White Dragon Society last week. According a P2 source, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon had promised last week to hand over $400 billion to save the Italian financial system but that he was unable to produce the money. Also, the P2 want former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconni to return $100 billion of Italian money he has hidden in offshore bank accounts.

If it is true that Ban Ki Moon no longer has access to money, that is big news. Ban Ki Moon’s name came up in the investigation of the Chiasso incident of June 2009 in which two Japanese diplomats were illegally detained and had $134.5 billion dollars’ worth of bonds stolen from them. Moon and the UN then offered the Asians $100 million in exchange for giving ending attempts to cash historical Asian bonds. The Chinese have said in the past they do not trust Moon because his words and actions show he is a cabal stooge. It looks like somebody chucked a Moon.

Also, there are signs the dollar based financial system is headed for some sort of monumental crash.

The situation is one in which impossibly large sums of debt inside the Western central bank computers hang over a world GDP only a tiny fraction of that amount. As the P2 source put it: “The algorithms are broken and it is impossible to restore the old financial system.”
The White Dragon Society has long insisted that the only solution will be to unplug the central and mega bank computers, delete all the funny money and re-input based on paper receipts.

A lobby within the military industrial complex also contacted the WDS last week insisting that China was getting too arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson. The answer given was that China is not the country that has killed tens of millions of people and been constantly at war for the past 60 years.

The best move a hardline nationalist US faction could take would be to declare bankruptcy, repudiate US foreign debt and start issuing a new government controlled currency. The problem with taking such an action is that it would then become impossible to maintain the US international military presence.

The WDS has proposed to the rest of the world that a better alternative would be to hire the US military industrial complex to do good. US special forces could then do things like protect endangered species from poachers instead of stealing oil for robber barons. The freemason handshake mentioned above may be a sign the military industrial complex agrees. In that case, it appears the ball is now in China and the BRICs alliances court.

~ Benjamin Fulford


September Sign-by-Sign Astrology from Carl Boudreau

I hope more people are beginning to realize that what happens in the heavens directly affects what happens on Earth and to each of us—and at the very least lends itself to strong proclivities for events and emotions and the choices we make.

It would be a mistake to believe that astrology is just a silly, new-age pastime. We have been conditioned to think this way because they don’t want us to realize who we are, how the Universe works, and how to use the powers of the stars for our benefit. The Illuminati wish to keep this occult knowledge for themselves.

As in any field, some are better at reading the charts than others and we are fortunate to have Carl to make sense of them and translate the arrangements into practical prognostications so we are prepared to take advantage of the alignments—particularly such grand and powerful ones as are occurring now when our futures are at stake. Seize the day!

Astrology Forecast for September 2013

For All Sun Signs ~ We’ve been making important decisions about our lives for awhile. We prolonged the decision-making process, partly for practical reasons; we had to get our ducks in a row. We also lacked a compelling vision of the future. Finally, there were important moral choices we knew would be hard to make and costly to follow through on. September will provide the vision we lacked, and it will ask us to make those tough and costly moral choices . . . and be ready to accept the consequences of those choices.
Sun Sign-by-Sun Sign
VIRGO ~ Conscience, community responsibility and personal conviction are intersecting to create a mandate you cannot dodge. It’s time to do the right thing, even if it pinches. Forget the politics; forget the economics. It’s a matter of spiritual and emotional healing that will require some material outlay. If you don’t do your part, the stars say everyone will regret it. Certain kinds of communal neglect have gone on too long and must be ended now or undesirable consequences will begin escalating, for the whole community.


LIBRA ~ Pressure at home, at work and elsewhere is peaking. You need to better adjust your financial and emotional priorities and reallocate your personal time. Important relationships are at risk. There’s a right way to do this and a path of least resistance. You must do this the right way, even at the risk of upsetting the powers that be. You have the courage to make the right choices. This would be the time to prove it, especially to those who depend on you most.


SCORPIO ~ They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. That seems true for Scorpio this month. You are probably tired; your budget is probably tight; you are almost certainly thinking it’s time to make that big change. Inside, you know what you have to do. Announcing your decision will set things in motion. Don’t be overly concerned about the reactions of friends and allies. They are all struggling with their conscience. Your decision is all the persuasion they will need to respond the right way.


SAGITTARIUS ~ Can you have it all: peace at home, good social relations and strong business ties, and economic security? It is really possible. Conventional wisdom says you should use that tried and true formula to make it a sure thing – cut corners, play the game, go along to get along. Your conscience is protesting, but in the real world, conscience is an unrealistic guide, right? Which will you trust, conscience or conventional wisdom? The planets say this time out you’d best follow your conscience.


CAPRICORN ~ It used to be might made right. You aren’t so sure anymore. If you’re being honest, you’ll admit even you think it’s better to play it straight this time around. The key will be quieting the fears and calming the tempers of higher ups. They aren’t so sure about playing it straight; they’re looking antsy. If you mess with your opponents, they will respond in kind; the battle will be joined. The planets say follow your conscience; be straight with everybody. Things will work out.


AQUARIUS ~ September brings a crisis of faith. Do Aquarians have enough faith in their ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood to apply them to their opponents? Do they believe their economic ideals will work in the real world? Because in September, they’ll need some confidence in those they habitually mistrust and a little faith in the virtues of the establishment they so often criticize. Having more faith in old rivals and in the status quo will now further your goals. Your habitual disdain will invite failure.


PISCES ~ You need to make your job satisfy wildly conflicting priorities. It must satisfy your personal ideals and sense of mission, fulfill a social need, not isolate you from family and friends . . . and, by the way, pay decently. Amazingly, September brings clarity to the job issue as well as opportunity. The planets say you should embrace the job that best fulfills your sense of personal mission, even if it seems impractical, or a bit of a sacrifice. Other important things will fall into place accordingly.


ARIES ~ September’s events come at you from inconvenient angles.  Pressures from work and family are strong and persistent. The present and future well-being of children and close friends weighs heavily. You have little control over fast moving events. You have reason to be optimistic, but optimism, however well-founded, isn’t certainty. Also, with your own life changing so much and so quickly, you can’t make firm promises. Your best bet? Avoid needless spending and adjust long term savings strategies to provide for a range of possibilities.


TAURUS ~ Lots of things in Taurus’s life are taking good care of themselves. You’re benefiting strongly from an harmonious relation to some otherwise strong and turbulent currents. The worst seems to pass you by. Concentrate in partnership areas. Right now, who you do not associate with is almost as important as who you do associate with. Friendships made now probably would not last. Tolerate any resulting isolation. In a year or two, you will find yourself developing an enduring network of rewarding friendships and alliances.


GEMINI ~ Your overriding concern, the concern underlying every other concern, is financial. Higher ups are not targeting your paycheck. It’s more that they can’t control the processes that control your bottom line. It isn’t clear who, if anyone, can control these processes at this point. Change is afoot, new factors are in play; trends are unclear. Fears based on outdated ideas or actions based on old preconceptions would make things worse. Your best option is to work diligently at your job and hold your peace.


CANCER ~ You’re starting to enjoy a degree of prosperity; years of effort are paying off. It seemed for a while like the goal might be in sight; or you could at least ease up and glide at your current altitude. But increasing expenses and general economic uncertainty make that unlikely. Continuing indefinitely with your all out effort to create a better livelihood seems like a lonely, difficult road. But the financial security you seek and the loving friendships you long for lie in that direction.

LEO ~ Leo’s personality is sparkling with a special brilliance; they bring an unusual level of energy to the scene, even by Leo’s standard. You can motivate and coordinate others effortlessly. People are fascinated and want to follow you home. But don’t let them. You need to protect the solitude you enjoy there. The realizations and the peace you experience in the quiet of your home are sustaining your public performances. This cycle of relative solitude is laying the foundation for a more fulfilling social life.

Crop Circle at Stonehenge near Amesbury, Wiltshire Aug 1, 2013

Since the general consensus seems to be around shock waves or vibrations from an energy source, I wonder if it could be related to the “flash” of light energy that will trigger The Event. We don’t know where THAT will be coming from.


Check out other possible meanings.




The OPPT Ramifications in a Nutshell

Finally—someone gave it to us in plain English we can understand. Thank you! We is!
What Does It All Mean?
Nicole Matthews
January 16, 2013Reading the latest statement from the One People’s Public Trust, and reading the comments from the supportive as well as from the confused has brought one particular thought and realization to mind.One thing from all of the OPPT documents and statements is perfectly clear. The laws are all reset back to prime, back to ‘zero point’, back to how it was in the very beginning before any man-made laws and rules ever existed eons of our time ago. All rules (laws, statutes, regulations, codes, etc.) are all created by corporations such as the corporation of the United States of America (all countries, political parties, governing bodies, etc.) are actually just registered corporations. All corporations are regulated through the UCC(1) which is owned by all of the people of the earth equally. Therefore, the people once again rule the corporations and therefore rule the systems, legally and lawfully. We are back at ‘zero point’. Fresh start. Where we choose to take it from here is up to us, the one people of earth. I AM is you (and me), the actual, real, spiritual you, which is different than the legal-entity-you. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to currently experience a life on planet earth. I AM created by the Creator and as such, I AM subject to the Creator’s laws which supersede any man-made law. This is the basis for this system reset.

Many are asking why the wording of the OPPT statements are written in 5D or galactic. Well, the systems in the old paradigm (aka 3D) are legally and lawfully foreclosed. The language of legalese is no longer valid. The language of the new paradigm is an enlightened language, from a higher consciousness. It is time for humanity to begin living in the new paradigm.

Human consciousness is made of energy, which includes magnetic energy. Even with humanity’s limited scientific knowledge, human scientists have been mathematically tracking and calculating this rate.(2) Human consciousness is growing and expanding and we are ready to evolve and live in the new paradigm.

This brings me to the thought I had when reading the most recent statement from the OPPT. All of this accomplishes something wonderful. Our galactic brothers and sisters have been offering earth’s population a membership in the galactic community for many years. Two main reasons have prevented this from happening so far. First of all, our corrupt systems, especially the corrupt financial and governing systems were not in alignment with the higher consciousness of the galactic community. Secondly, membership was offered through the ‘leaders’ at that time. The ‘leaders’ at that time were corrupt. They did not want to release their hold on humanity for many reasons that all ultimately would have meant a loss of their control of their power. We are ready at last to move forward and to become a member of the galactic community as our systems are being restructured in a way that aligns with the greater galactic neighbourhood. Between our systems aligning with a higher consciousness and humanity’s consciousness expanding, WE ARE ready!

The people of earth are soon to be again offered a membership in the greater galactic community. THIS time, the decision to join our galactic community will be made for the people, by the people since we the people are now the ‘leaders’ of earth’s community. Let it be known, I AM ready! WE ARE ready!

(1) UCC or Universal Commercial Code was founded and initially owned by The People, it was subsequently usurped by an individual for the purpose of legally enslaving The People. Recently, through the work of the OPPT, the UCC ownership is back in the rightful hands of all The People of the Earth equally.

(2) Research the Institute of HeartMath or Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project for more information.