Hope for the United Kingdom: Campaigners Across the Country are Aiming to ‘Reset’ the Government

Thanks for the heads up, Alfred, and Syncrenicity for sharing.

This is brill. Check it out. Sounds like another idea whose time has come.

Hopefully they have a lot of people in the UK who would rather actually DO something than surf the net, finding fault with blogs and arguing about political parties in dead-end, merry-go-round comments, which is what it appears too many Americans do.

Or… maybe that’s the latest troll trend; distract those who are trying to make a difference with their absurd comments. It reminds me of a ‘circular reference’ in Excel. Going nowhere.  ~ BP


Campaigners across the country are aiming to ‘reset’ the government over the next year

Article By The Akashic Times Co Uk

The face of British politics could be changed forever after a group of activists in the country decided to press the reset button on the current power structure that governs society today.

Most of those who have been carefully observing the patterns in politics and society at large are aware of the corruption and regular scandals that seem to blight our society.

The truth is, even those with only a cursory interest in politics cannot help but notice the growing disparity between the very wealthy (the 1%) and the poorest in society.

In the last two weeks alone, new figures from the Trussell Trust revealed that nearly a million people were dependent upon food banks this year.

Despite the constant rhetoric we hear about the improving economy, the truth is that this just doesn’t seem to be filtering down to the vast majority of people.

Many of us are aware of this – but how many people actually do something about it?

At first glance, Tony Sayers, an estate agent in London is an ordinary man. However, he is one of many of a growing number of citizens who are fed up of the corruption that continues to maintain a stranglehold over British politics.

He is part of a group that is organising a lawful fightback against the government – which if successful – would completely change the lives of pretty much everyone in the country.

He is helping to organise an initiative that aims to force a series of local referendums across the country, which would then obligate the government to call a regional and national referendum.

The referendum would determine everything from the voting system to taxes and education.

Imagine a society where you did not hear – or experience – daily reports of police brutality, expenses scandals, crippling taxes and unregulated corporate industries.

Poverty is a solved problem - all they have to do is abolish taxes and regulations which cripple those intelligent, capable, and responsible men and women and destroy their productive capacity, then stand back and watch the economy boom.  - L. Neil Smith

Currently, in the UK the average man or woman pays over 300 taxes ranging from income tax to car tax.

One of the suggested reforms is to abolish every single one of the taxes that individuals pay, and function in a similar way to Dubai – which has no taxes.

Instead something called the Total Economic Activity levy (TEAL) would be introduced.

This would force a one per cent levy on all commercial – not personal – transactions. This would free up £1.5 trillion for the economy. In other words, the tax burden would be shifted back to the corporations and a fairer system would be introduced.

It seems unbelievable that such a change on a mass scale could happen doesn’t it? Optimistic at best. After all, we have been so used to living under the current system, that a fairer society barely seems possible.

This is partly because the great majority of people believe that there is nothing they can do as an individual. But what if you were not alone?

Consider this. British politics has ALREADY been re-set in this way 45 times in the past. That alone proves that you do not have to wait until an election before you can bring mass changes on this scale, according to Tony Sayers.

Why have a system where you vote for pre-selected leaders every four or five years, only to sit back and watch them dismantle the country – and the economy – bit by bit?

Do you ever get the feeling that no matter what party you vote for – you will still end up with more of the same? According to Tony, this can very easily – and most importantly, lawfully be brought to an end.

He said: “It is basically a movement for the people by the people which goes back to our Magna Carta and common law whereby we have the ability to re-set our constitution if it gets out of sync. This has happened 45 times throughout history and the last time it happened was in the 1700s, when the Rothschild banking families came in. They have done a good job of hiding all this information.

“One of the most well-known times it was re-set was when the Bill of Rights was introduced. The re-set is about going back to certain rights and laws that are actually enshrined in our Magna Carta and all we are doing is taking our power back, not by protesting or rioting but from a grassroots local level. We are basically saying this system isn’t working, we want to change it for the better.”

So how exactly is this reset going to come about? According to Tony, all that is necessary for the plan to be successful is for ten people in each ward or parish to call for a local referendum.

In the referendum, everyone would vote on the issues that they are most passionate about, and then one person from the referendum would then represent the group in a regional referendum, where there would be another vote.

From there, it would then go to the national convention.

Tony added: “It would just change everything and it would be a way of getting our power back. There are so many groups doing their own thing – and they are all doing a fantastic job, but there is no unity. We are chipping away at the problem but not making any real dents.
“With this however, it has the potential to bring everyone together in one big movement. It is not perfect – it is still quite a new project and there will be challenges, but it is a start.

“I’ve always felt that peaceful non-compliance is the only way to change things without bloodshed. For me, it ticks all the boxes and I’m very passionate about it. We just need more passionate people to get involved.”

Tony, along with some of the others involved in the project are aiming to get the project off the ground by next May – in time for the general elections.

He believes that this would force the issues proposed in the re-set into the national debate – especially if millions of people were to get involved. It is hoped that the local referendums will be set up by September, with the regional referendums set up in October.

Next year is also a significant date because that will also mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Tony added: “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come and I really feel that encapsulates the re-set.”

He has urged all of those interested in getting involved to register at www.thereset.org. Participants simply enter their name and email address and will then receive updates about the activities and campaigns occurring in their local area as part of the project.

Once ten people have been brought on board within the area of registration, participants would then be contacted by some of the organisers of the project who will then set up a meeting that will be advertised in the local paper and things will go forward from there.

Tony added: “Even the most lazy activist can get involved in doing something just by logging on, registering their details and sharing the information about the re-set with others.”

“So that is what I would urge people to do. It is just going to grow and grow so watch this space.”

Like many people, Tony decided to do more research into the current power structure and question the motives of those in politics after years of working long hours, watching pointless programs on the TV and becoming frustrated with the way things were.

He said: “I got to a point where I just questioned everything. Something didn’t feel right. I felt I had more of a purpose.”
After studying the current trends in politics and society as a whole, he decided to take a stand against the injustices that he believes is pervasive in society.

The project came about after two conventional researchers conducted extensive research into British laws over the last two years, and how it may be used to benefit the public more than it is already.

Currently, only a handful of ambassadors are dedicating their free time and working to facilitate the project, supply information and getting everyone to work together, but Tony says that he hopes more and more people will get involved in the project in the run-up to next year.

The campaign has been supported by people such as British labour politician Michael Meacher, who has spoken out in favour of the project.

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BIG News that’s Not Getting the Shares it Deserves

There have been two stories aired in the past week or so that in my opinion should be shouted from the rooftops, but to my knowledge have not been acknowledged sufficiently. You will NOT hear about this on the lamestream media for awhile, that is for certain.

Poke! Poke! We have been duped, but the revelations are rolling out. For some reason, they don’t seem to be recognized for what they are. Disclosure. DISCLOSURE!!!

These stories weren’t new to me, but the updates were most welcome. Perhaps it wasn’t news to a lot of Lightworkers and Truthers, but don’t we want to ensure that those coming out of their trance-like state know about this?

New readers are flooding the Internet to learn more about Malaysian Flight 370 and the Ukraine crisis. Let’s give them equally vital information to read while they’re here.

Both of the following are the result of The People going ahead and doing what is necessary to return Humanity to a free, sovereign state. They will cast off the controls of the Illuminati over our history and shine a light on our bright new future.

Great Pyramid of Giza Project, The Farsight Institute

The first revelation is the announcement by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. at the Farsight Institute that Remote Viewing Research has revealed…

ONE: how the pyramids were REALLY built – using vibration technology to “float” or levitate the stones into place by slaves (Humanity)

TWO: that two extraterrestrial races were involved

Don’t people think it’s important to learn how man was enslaved to build these pyramids and that we remain enslaved today?

I really thought that story would have gone viral, but perhaps it was overshadowed by the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, or the crisis in the Ukraine—or both. Pity.

Hell, maybe that’s why the incredible disappearing plane trick was foisted on us, I don’t know, but I really feel people need to take this information seriously.

Remote viewing isn’t some woo-woo, esoteric trick. It’s verifiable science practiced by the military and American alphabet agencies for decades. People need to understand that this is an ability that we all have if our belief system will accommodate it. We can all access the past or the future if we learn how.

AND… people need to start thinking about the presence of extraterrestrials on planet Earth, because the mass flyovers will be taking place and they’re going to be down here before long, up close and personal.

You can visit the Farsight web site here.


Citizen Grand Jury

The second story gave me a thrill because it, too, is the result of ordinary people taking the reins and allowing us to participate in the emancipation of Humanity globally.

We can’t wait for anyone to give us permission to seize what is rightfully ours, be it free energy, the truth about our origins, the Extraterrestrial presence, or the right to a fair trial for significant crimes.

The Citizen Grand Jury will enable The People to have a hand in the roll-out of our new Common Law judicial system that will free those who have been wrongly incarcerated, and ensure that the corruption in the courts and law enforcement is ended. Judges can no longer be bought or get bonuses for sending non-violent people to prison.

We’re not talking only of the USA here.  Those who have spearheaded the initiative have been in contact with people in Canada and many other countries.

Corrupt judges have been notified that the old system is no longer in effect and the new system is being rolled out. Sheriffs, bailiffs and clarks have been notified that the Common Law system is now the standard.

See the memo to the Sheriffs and the Supreme Court summons here.

I posted a video a couple of months ago about the Power of the Grand Jury, and I found out about this current update on Drake’s Thursday, March 20th Blogtalk show quite by accident and it was incredibly uplifting to hear John Darash expound on what they have done so far.  I had no idea they had advanced the process to this stage. It’s awesome news.

In the USA each county will take responsibility to hear cases and resolve them according to the “crime”. In the case of victimless crimes, there is no crime.  Where someone has been harmed, the one responsible will provide restitution.

There will be no more sending people to jail over parking tickets, bogus charges and setups, or anything that is not honest.

It’s not about putting people in jail. Jurors will use honour, justice and mercy to decide what is appropriate.

The People will be trained and educated about the common law system and will sit on a Grand Jury and decide the outcome in fairness. Statutory Law is going the way of the dinosaur. You can contact these people at the National Liberty Alliance if you would like to be a juror.

The entire justice system will undergo a reform and will once again be FAIR.

I urge everyone to visit the web site to learn more about the Citizen Grand Jury. Knowing all this, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Major progress is under way to seize control of the corrupt legal system in America and the world.


If you would like to listen to John Darash explain the details, you can listen here, beginning about the 68 minute mark. It was interesting and exciting to hear John tell us what his group has done thus far and what it will mean for Humanity. I highly recommend it.

Corrupt judges are going to jail. Who doesn’t applaud that?!

This is rolling out across the USA. Get informed and share this information. Volunteer to be added to the jury pool. This is HUGE news!




…and Still Further Clarification of The One People’s Public Trust

I’m hoping that by sharing an aggregate of many takes on this Trust that those who are still suspicious and unable to make sense of the “new age legalese” can come to a definitive understanding and informed decision as to what it is and what it means to We, The People of Earth. Together, we can do this.

Thank you Lightworker 29501 for YOUR research and lay terms. Great job!

Starting to Piece it Together…

by Lightworker 29501  All About 2012

After having some time to digest the TOPPT interviews from a few weeks ago and those on Free American, November 2011, I think I’m understanding what’s going on, a bit better…

Here goes…

The legalese confounds me, but if I read it correctly, the trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have become trustees for the the trust that was formed in 1776, and later abandoned by President Lincoln, because the Civil War created a situation where his government was unable to perform their duties, by virtue of the seceded colonies/states.

Lincoln unwittingly created an opportunity for the cabalists to takeover the US government, when he created the shadow government and failed to state when/how that shadow government would be terminated.

Okay… so the two-year terms for Congress were originally instituted as terms for trustees, right? Farmers would be trustees of the People’s Trust 1776 for two years at a time.

(I only say “farmers” because the USA was an agriculture-based society, at the time.)

So, TOPPT effectively remedies Lincoln’s mistake, since the People’s Trust 1776 has been reclaimed, and supersedes USA, Inc. This also eliminates current-day politicians, because their positions will soon be replaced with trustees of the People’s Public Trust 1776, hence the month-long elections that we’ve been told are coming when all of this stuff finally happens.

Then, if the public trust doctrine, which dates back to the Magna Carta and Roman civilization, is all about managing the land, does this explain why only land-owners could vote, way back in 1776? Did it have more to do with being a protector of the land than discriminating against “low-brow commoners”?


Interesting question…