Bahamas Tornado Sweeps Nassau Airport Sept 17th

The weather is wild these days! We need people to build lots of pyramids,

If you didn’t see the post with the link to the eBook about the power of pyramids, you may want to take that in. Pyramids weren’t just power generators. Not only will the potency of medicines increase if placed in a pyramid for a couple of days, they can deflect severe weather.

It says we can protect our planet from extreme weather by building pyramids out of nearly any material, including cardboard or paper, as long as they adhere to the Golden Mean ratio, or Pi and face north or magnetic north, depending on the material used to construct them.

Tornado Takes Bahamas Vacation

A tornado touched down near the Lynden Pindling International Airport on New Providence Island in Nassau, Bahamas around 2:45 p.m. on Sep. 17, 2013. We have the photos and video of this impressive sight below.

You can learn more and see more photos at the WeatherUnderground web site.

If you scroll down to the bottom right of that page, you can read about the fires in California and New Jersey and the flood in Colorado, etc.