MSM Responds to Reporter who “Spilled the Beans”

One of the mainstream media organizations has responded to the book written by the reporter in this video, who admitted that all news is fake. They claim it isn’t true. Imagine that! -LW

(Translated by Google Translate)

Opinion of the Federal Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger on the allegations of the former journalist Udo Ulfkotte in his book ” Purchased journalists ” . “We reject the allegations of Mr. Ulfkotte, our employed by us journalists or free journalistic staff were bought, back in full journalists can perhaps rent , but our journalists are not for sale! 

Lord Ulfkotte who has apparently lost contact with the editorial reality since his departure from the quality media, are essential details of today’s editorial work unfamiliar and those of earlier practices apparently omitted. purchase means in the civil sense, the transfer of ownership of a thing against a consideration.

As such a purchase is usually final. rental however, is a continuing obligation., it may be limited and it can be resolved within specified time limits. Unlike the previous obsequious and uncritical reporting are present government majorities are in modern democracies in constant flux. A purchase journalistic services on a permanent therefore eliminated. 

The natural rhythm of today’s four-or five-year parliamentary terms therefore also corresponds to better the design of a rental agreement for journalistic care services last just as long. During this time our staff members accompany the informal , our Mietgeber technically sound in the structural formation of opinion . Constructive means ‘ of matching, easily replaceable parts assembled ‘ . 

There is an unprecedented achievement, how today’s diverse media landscape of the Federal Republic from the originally licensed by the Allies press organs in free development constituted has. , the German quality journalism is while on the floor of the free democratic basic order of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Censorship does not take place . With this principle of federal republican constitution our journalistic staff are always handled carefully . fundamental rights to use as is known by too intense or too frequent use from . 

We have always taken into account by appropriate restraint and so much helped a European house of law and trust transatlantic relations to create and consolidate. Though you, dear readers, not so far may have been aware of: by our careful handling of diversity of opinion is this you remained to this day at all ! Therefore, we are proud of our journalistic achievements. But journalistic quality has its price! In particular, our readers, especially our subscribers should remember to would be how much higher the price of our products, our ideas would not afford their material and non-material contribution to our products. 

Here this cooperation is not limited to direct subsidies. Be estimated as high is also the direct assistance in the preparation and presentation of editorial content . Without this preliminary work would often be much more expensive research work to do. Also could without such preparatory work editorial appointments often can not be reliably maintained . 

In addition, the supply of well-trained journalistic professionals is limited. Hence, you will understand that information services in the public sector are often the employer of first choice just in our qualified young journalists. To want to make against this trend of time, would be the downfall of the free press. 

A decade-long cooperation in this field with a rotating exchange of employees has therefore proven itself and is a stabilizing effect on the media landscape. Numerous networking opportunities, such as free Mitreisegelegenheiten for our Journalists and the shared use of secure communication structures or free room and board in a particular case is offer us Verpflegern at all possible, you, dear reader, dear reader, this diversity cheaper opinion of the products you now find on any newsstand or on the Internet. 

A gathering information only from the “usually well illuminated circles” alone would not suffice. Without information and opinion from first hand our printing and other media offer would not only much poorer, but also still unmanageable. In summary, therefore, should be just you, dear reader, dear reader, remember that – a newspaper from the current size you much cost more would have if we would have to contribute to their costs to a reasonable extent. – In addition, the scope would not only be much lower, he would also often much more difficult to understand. 

Only through a coordinated in time and content, tailored content management that on just in Germany experience rich traditions can look back, it is possible for you, otherwise contradictory to keep track in the jungle opinions! Some may accuse us now, we have waited too long with such an opinion. But this is not so. The editorial statute our quality media provides a strict separation of content publisher and executive editors. 

This separation has confidently proven for decades, without that it would have been necessary for this direct voting in a particular case. Therefore, an agreement with the free in their reporting journalistic employees, the informal except in this case, bring about, it took intense and confidential preliminary. Normally we do not deal with publications such as the book of the Lord Ulfkotte, with a first edition of only just 30,000 copies . 

By comparison, our daily circulation in the millions! Only the increasingly frequent inquiries of concerned readers, even from abroad , have therefore prompted to issue this opinion. We repeat, therefore:. Mr. Ulfkotte is wrong our journalists can maybe rent , but journalists are not for sale! ” For the Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger Der Vorstand Bernd Koofmich – Kreszentia of the laity – Mrs N ratioto Opinion 404 of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers you go along here.


Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes for Trey Gowdy to Shame an Entire Room of Journalists into Silence [video]

Epic, is right.  I’m STILL stuck on Hillary Clinton’s stunning demand: “What difference does it make?!”  I’ve never forgotten that callous question, but that’s a reptilian for you.  Socially inept psychopath.  ~ BP

RT’s Liz Wahl Resigns on Air and is in Good Company [videos]

You’ve probably already heard, but it’s still early here in the West and I wanted to share this important development as it reflects the changing consciousness and conscience of journalists—TRUE journalists.

Liz isn’t the first, and she won’t be the last.

There’s also Abby Martin…  you can learn more about this here.

Fox TV Cinncinnati’s anchor Ben Swann left the network last year and used his segment called “Reality Check” as a spring board to begin his own Internet reporting platform, “Truth in Media”, and has done a terrific job.

Ben is a two-time Emmy winning, investigative reporter and is now taking it to the next level and holding his current fun-raising drive to support the venue where he and his partners actually do investigative journalism to bring us the truth. Perhaps you wish to show your approval and appreciation for season two. You can donate here. They accept Bitcoin.

Several journalists have recently left their lamestream jobs over issues with the slanted “scripts” they are asked to deliver, and others over more volatile situations such as the two award-winning journalists that were fired from Fox when they reported on the dangers of “Monsanto’s cancer milk”.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but a sampling of what I hope will be a strong trend.

Also demanding mention… “The People’s Voice TV”, headed up by the intrepid David Icke. They, too, are crowd-funded as they don’t have many corporate sponsors yet. Why? Because they will ONLY deal with legitimate, Humanity-friendly businesses.

They will not, under any circumstances, take money from corporations that do not support the health and welfare of The People. Please help if you feel so guided. They take Bitcoin and Litecoin.

David’s team works tirelessly to bring us important, accurate information on current events around the globe and David has a way of ‘Connecting the Dots’ that makes the current convoluted situations unfolding on the planet very easy to understand.

We are fortunate indeed that at least a few media personnel are acting on conscience. It’s unfortunate they have to sacrifice to act on what they consider is the right thing to do, but we all do what we must.



Thousands March in Hong Kong to Condemn Attack on Ex-newspaper Editor

People stand around a banner that reads 'They can't kill us all' during the 'Standing in Silent Action' event in support of the Hong Kong Journalist Association (HKJA) at Tamar Park in Hong Kong March 2, 2014. REUTERS-Tyrone Siu

(Reuters) – Thousands of protesters rallied outside the Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Sunday to condemn a knife attack on a former newspaper editor and to voice support for press freedom amid growing concern over Beijing’s influence in the media.

Kevin Lau Chun-to, who until recently had been chief editor of Ming Pao, a Chinese-language newspaper known for its investigative reports, was stabbed in the back and legs several times by a man in a helmet on Wednesday. The assailant rode off on a motorcycle with an accomplice. No one has been arrested in connection with the attack.

Dressed in black and wearing blue ribbons, symbolizing press freedom, protesters carried a large banner with the words “They can’t kill us all”. Other banners and placards read “Freedom from fear” and “Protect press freedom”.

Police have not established a motive for Lau’s stabbing although suspicions have spread that powerful individuals from mainland China or pro-Beijing allies opposed to the city’s push for full democracy may have had a hand in the attack.

“We’re not going to bow to the intimidation,” said Shirley Yam, vice-chairwoman of the Hong Kong Journalists’ Association, one of the organisers of the protest. “That’s the strong message we want to send whoever it is that the Hong Kong media is going to stand firm and do whatever’s best for press freedom and the right for our citizens to be informed.”

Organisers put the number of demonstrators at 13,000, while police said there were 8,600 at the peak.

Lau left the intensive care unit of the hospital on Saturday, although his wife said his recovery would take time.

“The reality is the wounds he suffers are deep and serious. His road to recovery will be a long and winding one,” his wife Vivien said in a statement.

A week earlier, some 6,000 people protested in the Asian financial centre demanding the city’s leader uphold media freedoms.

In recent years, Hong Kong journalist and rights groups have warned of mainland Chinese propaganda officials influencing newsrooms, deepening ties between Hong Kong media bosses and Beijing, greater censorship, and the dismissal of influential liberal journalists.

Hong Kong, a former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997, is a freewheeling capitalist hub which enjoys a high degree of autonomy and freedom, but Beijing’s Communist Party leaders have resisted public pressure for full democracy.


Lau was recently replaced at Ming Pao by a Malaysian Chinese journalist with suspected pro-Beijing leanings, causing a revolt in the paper’s newsroom where journalists suggested the publication’s independence might be undermined.

The new editor, Chong Tien-siong, attended the protest on Sunday and was quoted in local media as saying he was impressed with the turnout and hoped police could find the culprits soon.

The United States and European Union have expressed concern over the assault on Lau and diplomats in Hong Kong said it underscored fears that the city’s freedoms were being eroded, concerns echoed more broadly across the city.

“It seems there is more interference from the Hong Kong SAR government and the central government in Beijing. Political interference seems to be more serious nowadays,” said Ip Kin-yuen, legislative councillor who represents the education sector.

The Hong Kong section of the U.S. Department of State’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which was released on Thursday, identified “limitations on freedom of the press, self-censorship and incidents of violence against the media” as areas of reported concern.

Media outlets have periodically been subject to attacks in Hong Kong. The offices of a small independent media outlet were recently ransacked and a car rammed the front gate of the home of Jimmy Lai, publisher of Hong Kong’s popular anti-Beijing newspaper, the Apple Daily.

Asked by reporters about concerns China would seek to limit the scope of elections for Hong Kong’s next leader in 2017, a senior Chinese government spokesman said Beijing and Hong Kong both wanted to see universal suffrage for that vote.

“We hope all sides in Hong Kong can rationally and pragmatically discuss this issue and form a consensus,” said Lu Xinhua, spokesman for the largely ceremonial advisory body which advises parliament and whose annual session opens on Monday.

Beijing’s top representative in Hong Kong in September ruled out open nominations for candidates to become its next leader.

(Additional reporting by Ben Blanchard in BEIJING; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree and Simon Cameron-Moore)



NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama Administration’s Assassination Program

“The President’s Private Army“: NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama Administration’s Assassination Program


Global Research, September 29, 2013

Intelligence Agencies Central In Assassination Programs Carried out Without Oversight

We’ve previously documented that the NSA isn’t just passively spying like a giant peeping tom, but is actively using that information in mischievous ways … such as assassinations.

A lot more information is about to come out on the topic. AP reports:

Two American journalists known for their investigations of the United States’ government said Saturday they’ve teamed up to report on the National Security Agency’s role in what one called a “U.S. assassination .”


Jeremy Scahill, a contributor to The Nation magazine and the New York Times best-selling author of “Dirty Wars,” said he will be working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don’t want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the U.S. assassination program,” said Scahill ….


“Dirty Wars” the film, directed by Richard Rowley, traces Scahill’s investigations into the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. The movie, which won a prize for cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, follows Scahill as he hopscotches around the globe, from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia, talking to the families of people killed in the U.S. strikes.

nsaJSOC , as well as the CIA, have been described as “the President’s private army“, which operate at the President’s beck-and-call with no real oversight.

But a fourth agency is also centrally involved in both intelligence-gathering and assassinations: the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). NCTC is responsible for generating the “disposition matrix” of who to murder using drones or other means.

As Greenwald noted last year:

The ACLU has long warned that the real purpose of the NCTC … is the “massive, secretive data collection and mining of trillions of points of data about most people in the United States” …. In particular, the NCTC operates a gigantic data-mining operation, in which all sorts of information about innocent Americans is systematically monitored, stored, and analyzed. This includes “records from law enforcement investigations, health information, employment history, travel and student records” – “literally anything the government collects would be fair game”. In other words, the NCTC – now vested with the power to determine the proper “disposition” of terrorist suspects – is the same agency that is at the center of the ubiquitous, unaccountable surveillance state aimed at American citizens.

Worse still, as the ACLU’s legislative counsel Chris Calabrese documented back in July in a must-read analysis, Obama officials very recently abolished safeguards on how this information can be used. Whereas the agency, during the Bush years, was barred from storing non-terrorist-related information about innocent Americans for more than 180 days – a limit which “meant that NCTC was dissuaded from collecting large databases filled with information on innocent Americans” – it is now free to do so. Obama officials eliminated this constraint by authorizing the NCTC “to collect and ‘continually assess’ information on innocent Americans for up to five years”.

But don’t worry, the government would never assassinate Americans living on U.S. soil … would it?

And even if it would, it would only consider truly bad guys to be terrorists … wouldn’t it?


Copyright © 2013 Global Research

Congress Moves to Outlaw Alternative Media

Thanks again to American Kabuki.  This is outrageous. Ludicrous. Laughable, and testament to the efficacy of the Alternative Media! We are DANGEROUS!  We rock! 
I think it’s also an indicator that the cabal has NO INTENTION of giving up. Until the mass media begins disseminating the truth again, just reverse whatever they’re saying and you’ll have the true story.  ;0)   ~ BP
Activist Post
Dave Hodges
The alternative media is having a dramatic impact on the worldview of the country, so much so that US Senate is legislating against the only objective press left in the country.
It is a well-known fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein wants your guns and now she wants control over your words. Feinstein believes that a proposed media shield law should be applied only to who she refers to as “real reporters.” Feinstein chastises other reporters as “basement-dwelling, pajama-clad bloggers with no professional credentials”
At issue is that the government could soon decide who is a journalist and who is not. Feinstein introduced an amendment, to Senate bill 558, that defines a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.” The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.” In the definition introduced in Feinstein’s amendment, somebody writing for a small town paper with a circulation of 30 would receive First Amendment protections, but quality news people such as Steve Quayle, John Stadtmiller, Jeff Rense, Doug Hagmann, Stan Deyo, Michael Edwards, Alex Jones, George Noory and Matt Drudge would not be considered journalists and therefore, the First Amendment would not apply to this group of aforementioned newsmen. With the passage of this amendment, our sources would not be privileged and many of our sources would dry up. But Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper can take bribes from the CIA to not cover certain stories, yet Feinstein thinks they deserve protection as authentic journalists. Award winning journalist, Amber Lyon, quit CNN because of the CIA and CNN’s complicity in obfuscating the truth from the American people, for a price. Obviously, journalistic integrity means nothing to someone like Feinstein.
This is the same Feinstein who In 2009, introduced legislation which directed $25 billion in “taxpayer money to a government agency that had just awarded her husband’s real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry standards. Feinstein was a member of the Military Construction Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Subcommittee (MILCON) from 2001 to 2005. During her tenure, Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her husband’s firms URS Corp. and Perini Corp. Feinstein’s personal wealth accumulation since becoming a senator has grown to nearly $200 million. Feinstein has never held a job outside of public service. I am having trouble understanding how a public servant can accumulate a fortune of this magnitude.
Many of my colleagues in the alternative media have reported on Feinstein’s long list of conflicts of interest, including yours truly. This is why she is trying to attack the alternative media. In a quid pro quo, the gun-grabbing corporate controlled media, such as CNN, would never report on her illegal activities, but I will continue to do so as will my alternative media colleagues.
CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. The network used to get 6-10 million viewers for their primetime shows, now they get less than 500,000. Feinstein is carrying the water for the corporate controlled media and trying to eliminate the competition as much as possible. And of course, CNN would never reveal Feinstein’s dirty little secrets in exchange for her help.
The Communications Industry’s Attempt At Censorship
In 2009, I received an invitation to attend a victory party in Memphis to celebrate a grassroots victory over a senate bill which would have gutted net neutrality and would have subsequently subjected internet businesses and internet “bloggers” to the censorship whims of various communications firms (e.g., Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Bell South, etc.). A strong grassroots movement gathered nearly two million signatures which were subsequently obtained and forwarded to Congress and this prevented the lame-duck congress from privatizing the internet at the expense of the American public’s right to self-expression. At the time, it seemed that the Memphis net-neutrality victory celebration may have been premature thanks to Arizona Senator, John McCain.
Demagogues Should Never Be Criticized
John McCain previously introduced a bill that would fine bloggers up to $300,000 for “offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards”.
If the bill would have been successful, this legislation would have marked the end for previously unrestrained opinions. Hiding behind the pretense of protecting our children, McCain’s legislation was referred to as the “Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act.” The legislation demands that a Stalinist-type army of informants and spies will browse various websites looking for inappropriate Internet material which might pose a threat to children. McCain’s Internet army would then pass the information on to the relevant police authorities and subsequent bloggers could be fined $300,000 or have faced jail time.
Anyone who has participated in online comment boards is keenly aware that they are very difficult to moderate. Some articles and news events may receive thousands of comments. Yet, one oversight by the moderator, one day off from the Internet, could spell doom for the financial future of a blogger. What citizen can afford to take that chance? Hence, your right to self-expression has been sacrificed. Your first amendment right to self-expression is technically still intact. However, the personal affordability to exercise free speech would have been severely jeopardized.
The Goal Is the Shutdown of the Alternative Media
Whether Feinstein is successful in the latest round of attempting to silence the alternative media, is irrelevant. She is not the first to try and she certainly will not be the last.
Feinstein’s Amendment includes the following verbiage which goes after nearly anyone who does not work in the corporate controlled media in which she states that one is only a real journalist only if they have worked for “an entity or service that disseminates news or information by means of newspaper; nonfiction book; wire service; news agency; news website, mobile application or other new information service…news program; magazine or other periodical…or through television or radio broadcast…” These people would have to have the “primary intent to investigate events and procure material in order to disseminate to the public news or information.” Opinion journalists are not covered.
The communications industry, John McCain and now Sen. Feinstein are all attempting to shut down the alternative media. Why? Because we tell the people the truth, and when one is part of a psychopathic crime syndicate, the last thing they want to be told to the public is the truth!
Feinstein will likely fail this time, even though she has announced plans to try again if her amendment is not successful. Recent history strongly suggests that the globalists will also keep trying until they get what they want, which is to silence every journalist that they do not control.
As this point, we need to make collective decision about how important is a free and independent Internet. If and when the globalists are able to censor the Internet, what are we prepared to do about it? If we lose the war of words, we will surely lose everything and very quickly. If our First Amendment is taken away, are we prepared to withhold paying taxes? Are we prepared to engage in other forms of passive civil disobedience? We should begin to have the post-Internet preparation discussions, sooner rather than later, while we still have an Internet to communicate with.
Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.


The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

Most Viewed and Censored 9/11 Video

On 9/11, when the second plane hit, we instantly knew two things:

1.  It was no accident

2.  Only a high level military group could have pulled off the attack

… At which point we turned on the VCRs and started recording the major US ‘news’ networks to see what lie they’d sell and how they’d sell it.

Here’s what we found… An original Brasscheck TV production and one of the most censored videos on the Internet.

** Make sure you watch this in full screen so you can read the commentary. Full screen button is on the lower right hand side of the video player below. The button appears after you press the play button.

An original production

We produced this in 2003 and released it in time for the second year anniversary of 9/11.

It’s been viewed over 1 million times.

It’s also been taken down dozens of times by various hosting companies to try to obscure how many times it’s actually been viewed.

Notice that in perfectly coordinated fashion, the top US TV news networks pinned the crime of 9/11 on Osama bin Laden while the dust was still settling.

Here’s everything you need to know about TV news

Anchormen (and women) are just actors.

They may have dabbled in news reporting at one time in their lives, but they are hired for their ability to convey stories credibly…whether they know what they’re talking about or not or whether its true or not.

The ability to do this night after night in the face of obvious bullshit and official lying is a relatively rare and highly paid skill.

That’s what newsreaders get their big salaries for and they understand that to keep the paychecks coming, they’ve got to keep reading the ‘news’ – whatever is handed to them to read – and make it sound believable without question.

The real power in the newsroom is held by the person who hands the news reader the script, selects the guest “experts” and tells the reporters on the street who to talk to.

To pull off the scam you saw in this video requires a grand total of just three people (one for each of the clips.) Three “embedded” news directors in the employ of an intelligence agency.

All year long these people collect two paychecks, one from the TV network and one from the Agency.

When needed, they do what needs to be done – as they all clearly did in perfectly coordinated fashion the first hours after the 9/11 attack.