The Evidence that Forced Pope Benedict to Resign is Now Available

From ITCCS website. And not only the former Pope, but Queen Lizzie, PM Harper and others. They are going to get what is coming to them.  ~ BP

Global Communique from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS): November 15, 2014

Documentation of Genocide and Child Murder in Canada – Issued from the court record of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels (Case Docket No. 02252013, The People v. Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor et al)


The ITCCS has just released the complete set of testimonies and documents that convicted the government and churches of Canada, the Vatican and the Crown of England, and their officers, of planning, committing and concealing crimes against humanity.

These 150 exhibits formed the basis of the verdict of February 25, 2013 that sentenced Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others to twenty five years in prison without parole, and stripped them of their office and authority.

This historic verdict lawfully disestablishes the Crown of England and the Vatican as legitimate bodies, and authorizes the seizure of all church and crown property, lands and assets under the authority of the common law and new constitutional Republics.
Please post and share these historic records, and help our common law sheriffs enforce these verdicts against these criminal individuals and institutions.

Issued 15 November, 2014 by ITCCS Central Office, Brussels –

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Guilty! Abolish the Bar! [video]


Did you watch the video? When you put it THAT way… it’s no wonder we need the Citizens’ Grand Jury and the return of Common Law.

It’s so easy to see how they have rigged the system and rendered us unable to protect ourselves, isn’t it?  We’re so gullible. We never said a thing, just put our little hand in theirs and allowed them to lead us down the garden path.

All we need is someone to translate from legalese to English and we get it! We’re no longer mewling babes in arms. It’s time to rise up and end the manipulation and lies. The current justice system is a far cry from it’s original intent by the founding fathers.

Anyone in America wishing to join forces in the ‘National Liberty Alliance’ to learn more, perhaps volunteer as a juror in the common law courts, just click the link.

There is nothing “just” about the current justice system. It’s all about money. Ill-gotten gains. Deception and unmitigated gaul.

Ignorance is NOT bliss and through ignorance and misplaced trust we, The People of Earth have sacrificed much.

Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc. —you have your own parallel organizations.  It’s time to abolish statutory law, admiralty law, law of the seas, under its many guises, and usher in the return of Common Law: The Law of the Land and of the common man.  ~ BP

David Vose 5-5-14… “It has begun – Illuminati ELITE being JAILED – Babylon Falling Right Now” VIDEO

Kauilapele's Blog

illuminati_are_being_taken_down_video_snip David Vose has assembled what I feel is a marvelous collection of video clips and news items from the recent few years about what has really been occurring, and how the Illuminati are being taken out and “defeated”. Flor myself, this is a video of hope, and affirmation for all Light Workers and Light Activists, that we have done our jobs well, and continue to do them well.

You’ll see everyone here, including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Max Keiser, various RT clips, and so on. Thanks to Alexandra who posted it here.

I loved watching this!!

[Kp note: when I snipped the video image above, note that the views were 22200. Synchronicity, anyone?]

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What is Wrong with the Ohio Legal System?!!!! [video]

From BrasscheckTV, their words, not mine, but I FEEL them.  ~ BP

Harold Specht – Idiot prosecutor of the century

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Just when you think you’ve witnessed the ultimate in official stupidity, they outdo themselves – by a mile.

I’m not worried about terrorists. I’m worried about the morons who run the schools, courts and prosecutors offices.  We are doomed.

Some harsh language in my post – for which I make no apologies.

Video and commentary:

– Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
videos with friends and colleagues.

That’s how we grow. Thanks.

Bayer Declared “Rat of the Week” for Infecting Thousands of Children with HIV via Their Vaccines [video]

Thanks, Patrick.

Some may find it difficult to believe that greedy pharmaceutical corporations would stoop to this level for the almighty buck… but many do, and the US government does nothing about it.They HIDE it from the public.

“Preposterous! The government would never allow that to happen”, you say? It’s time America opened its eyes to the ugly reality. 

The US government and Big Pharma have been engaged in these despicable acts for far too long; purposefully culling the herd.  ~ BP

Bayer and US Government Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Children

What if a company that you thought you could trust, knowingly sold you a medicine for your child that they knew had the potential to give your child HIV? How would you react? What if a government agency that claims the responsibility for protecting you from such treachery, not only looked the other way, but was complicit in this exchange?

Everyone has heard of Bayer aspirin, it is a household name. Bayer AG also manufactures numerous other products, from pesticides to medicine for hemophiliacs called Factor 8.

In 1984 Bayer became aware that several batches of this Factor 8 contained HIV. They knew this because there was an outbreak of HIV among hemophiliac children, and this outbreak was traced back to Bayer.

Unable to sell their Factor 8 in the US, Bayer, with the FDA’s permission, (yes that’s right, the FDA allowed Bayer to potentially kill thousands) sold this HIV infected medicine to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore after February 1984, according to the documents obtained by the NY Times. The documents showed how Cutter Biological, a division of Bayer, shipped more than 100,000 vials of unheated concentrate, worth more than $4 million, after it began selling the safer product.

The result of this sale of HIV tainted medication ended up infecting tens of thousands and killing thousands. Thousands of innocent children and adults have died at the hand of this corporation and no punitive action has been taken against them. The health department leaders in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore were all imprisoned, while the US FDA continues down its hellish path.

When asked about the sale of the tainted Factor 8, Bayer responded, ”Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place.” This can be interpreted as Bayer asking the FDA for permission to murder children for profit and the FDA giving its approval. According to the NY Times, the Food and Drug Administration’s regulator of blood products, Dr. Harry M. Meyer Jr., asked that the issue be ”quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public.”

No one in the government nor Bayer have been charged with anything in regard to this matter. Bayer continues to sell its Factor 8 medication to this day.

Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in Court Charged with Embezzlement and Fraud

Thank you, Patrick.

The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in the dock of a Paris courtroom today as she braced herself to be formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.

Christine Lagarde’s humiliation is not only a massive personal blow which could lead to her resignation, but one which will plunge the world’s banking system into further ignominy.

The clearly nervous 57-year-old said nothing to reporters as she entered the Court of Justice of the Republic, a special tribunal set up to judge the conduct of France’s government ministers,  shortly after 8.30 am.

Lagarde faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail if found guilty of the very serious charges.

It was when she was President Nicolas Sarkozy’s finance minister that she is said to have authorised a 270 million pounds payout to one of his prominent supporters, so abusing her government position.

The money went to Bernard Tapie, a convicted football match fixer and tax dodger who supported Lagarde and Sarkozy’s UMP party.

It came after Dominque Strauss-Kahn, another senior French politician, was sacked as IMF chief following allegations that he attempted to rape a chambermaid in a New York hotel.

Ms Lagarde began campaigning to succeed Mr Strauss-Kahn soon after his arrest for the alleged crime.

But now it is Ms Lagarde, a lawyer and retired synchronised swimming star, who is facing a long court process of her own, as well as a possible jail sentence.

The scandal will not only pile further shame on France’s political class, but worry politicians and bankers desperately trying to resolve the global financial crisis.

Mr Tapie, the former head of adidas in France, claims he was cheated out of millions by Credit Lyonnais bank when the sports kit empire was sold in 1993.

In 2007, Ms Largarde ended the epic dispute by ordering a panel of judges to arbitrate and, in turn, they awarded Tapie the damages.

Opposition MPs were furious, with former presidential candidate Francois Bayrou accusing Ms Lagarde of ‘dipping into the taxpayers’ pocket for a private beneficiary.’

Mr Strauss-Kahn’s Socialist Party also accused Ms Lagarde of improper conduct, pointing to the fact that Mr Tapie was a vocal supporter of Sarkozy.

Ms Lagarde’s lawyer, Yves Repiquet, said the inquiry was ‘in no way incompatible’ with her new job, and expected the case to be dismissed.

Ms Lagarde denies any wrongdoing, saying before today’s court appearance: ‘If it’s decided to continue with this inquiry it won’t be particularly surprising. Personally, it doesn’t worry me at all – I didn’t benefit personally’.

But it has been widely reported in the French media that investigators intend to charge her with fraud and embezzlement.

Le Monde said that magistrates had already written to Mrs Lagarde to tell her that she should not expect any special treatment because of her high-profile international job.




Neil Keenan’s Easter Update

“We’re going to put the bankers in jail”, says Neil. He also reports that they’re going to need “people” to “clean this up” before the prosperity funds will be released.

If you are a financial guru or have bank experience they may be able to use you. They can use people all over the world before long to move this process forward.