Karen Hudes MK Ultra Victim?

This would certainly explain a lot, wouldn’t it—particularly the polar readings we Lightworkers get from Karen? I’d say it’s a distinct probability.

I personally had mixed feelings about her, and was puzzled by the disinfo, especially with respect to the extraterrestrial references. She seemed totally out to lunch on that topic.

Karen said her husband left. Perhaps he couldn’t live with the dissociative/split personality. It seems she has recently been “activated” to play this role, does it not? 

Never has “all the world’s a stage, all the men and women merely players” seemed truer.

And while we’re on the topic—could it not be that Obama is also a victim of mind control? After all, he was part of the Mars program and has been groomed by the powers-that-were for many years. They had ample opportunity to indoctrinate him and make him a puppet in every sense of the word.

Alfred Webre added the following post script to his previous article on Karen Hudes being a “deceiver”. I think you’ve nailed it, Alfred.

By the way, if you haven’t heard the testimony from Illuminati insider Svali (mentioned below) it’s fascinating. Click here to access that audio from an earlier post.

POSTSCRIPT [May 5, 2014]

Karen Hudes as an MKULTRA Victim

One possibility examining her memos from her World Bank days, is that Karen Hudes was targeted by MK ULTRA within World Bank and is mind controlled now. Hence the “disrupter” behavior.

I have compassion for Karen Hudes the MKULTRA victim and would ask her that she refrain from attacking other activists in the Truth movement and have so asked her in private messages to her. Karen asked for my Facebook friendship early on and we remain Facebook friends. She is a true enigma to me. MKULTRA mind controlled disrupter is how I can relate to the “bad” Karen at this time. I hope that the “good” Karen stops attacking Kevin Annett and the ITCCS and other Exopolitics colleagues in ways that are very hurtful.

Regarding Karen Hudes as an MKULTRA victim, a friend wrote me, “That makes sense Alfred. I heard nearly all her interviews over the last year and in nearly all of them she referred to Marcos and Prince Bernhard as if they were still alive!

“So they may have programmed her before she got in the World Bank when she was a kid and they were still alive then. She says she was a fencing champion and if you read the Svali interviews [the so-called Illuminati survivor], the kids were fighting to the death with swords etc.when they were in training in the various programs such as MK Ultra.”


The post continues, but I’m afraid that several people have confused my blog with Jean Haines’ blog, 2012: What’s the ‘Real’ Truth, which is quite a compliment.

I’ve noticed people referring to me as “Jean” in the comments here, and even Alfred has, I believe, listed a link to my post on more than one occasion, possibly thinking it’s Jean’s blog.

I may need to change the name of 2012 The Big Picture. I’ve been pondering it for awhile now since 2012 is so passé. I’d like something more in tune with our imminent galactic human society. How about Starship Earth: The Big Picture?  ~ BP


Ukraine Protestors Reap Big Cash Rewards

I think it’s safe to say, if I may misquote Shakespeare, that “All the world is staged”. Nothing is what “they” tell us it is.

The corporate media spews propaganda according to Illuminazi guidelines. They can spin a yarn like nobody’s business. Fish tales have nothing on the fantasies the globalists pass off as actualities, and many of us swallow them, hook, line and sinker.

If we really want to know what’s going on, the truth is out there. Thankfully we have insiders and whistleblowers to paint a truer picture so we can see through the murky depths how contrived our reality is.

The globalists have spent decades rewriting the playbook so they can respond to any action or reaction by The People. They create conflict to further their goals and sacrifice innocents to meet that end. The psychopaths can no longer hide their agendas because they’ve gone too far. They have to pay all their allied parties to do their bidding and they’re running out of cash. 

People are slowly removing the blinders and accepting that everything is controlled for the purposes of gain by an elite minority; the 1%, and their numbers are dwindling while ours are growing. To the 99.99999999%—up your bucket! We are winning this war and victory of the light grows ever nearer.  ~ BP

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Russian Source Details Pay to Ukraine ‘Protesters’

From ‘Alex’

This message comes from “Alex” a contact inside of Russia. From the very start of Euromaydan each team leader of the “neo-Nazi” Right Wing Sector, RWS, receives a cash reward (for each active fighter for $ 200 per day and an additional $ 500 if the group is over 10 people; group coordinators – from U.S. $ 2,000 per day of riots, provided that controlled group performs direct offensive action against law enforcement officials and representatives of public authorities ) .

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Kerry Cassidy Interviews Former Cabal Member Chip Tatum & Stew Webb [audio]

“Little Bird” as mentioned in the interview

This is a very recent interview (posted Feb 7), and chock full of fascinating stuff. I was relieved that Stu only squeezed out one major rant (on the Stew scale).

Chip shares titillating information about too many topics to count and provides a number of peeks behind the curtain of  the cabal.

Kerry intended to do an interview that broached new topics and intel rather than rehashing the same old stuff and she did an admirable job of sticking to that. There was a lot I hadn’t heard before.

As I mentioned in the post about the hidden village in South America, they touch on the topics of UFOs, the Galactics, the Nazis, Antarctica, Operation Paperclip, etc. and other things that will be of interest to you. Chip said he’s met all kinds of people he previously believed had died in WWII. Would that have been in South America when he lived there?

Dinar holders, you may be interested to hear Stew Webb’s view on what he considers a massive scam.

I was amused to hear Chip say the military is concerned about the waves of energy coming to Earth that appears to be disrupting electronics, forcing an inordinate number of planes to make emergency landings, etc. He mentioned this in relation to ISON.

Near the conclusion, Chip revealed that he talks to various astronauts and confirmed they have seen the ships moored on the back side of the moon. He also confirmed that the astronauts DID stand on the moon’s surface and have their own photos of extraterrestrial craft observing them at the time.

He also says he sees the ‘indicators’ on TV, etc. and throughout society that point to the imminent disclosure of the star nations.

A reminder for new truth-seekers: just because these knowledgeable insiders are sharing this information doesn’t make it true. They may have been given disinformation in some areas or come to conclusions about things that are incorrect.

I also believe that sometimes Kerry is ‘used’ to share disinfo. She doesn’t necessarily believe everything her guests say, and I’m not applying that comment to this specific broadcast, just generally.  ~ BP

Published on 7 Feb 2014

Gene Chip Tatum: Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot, 25-year CIA deep-cover agent; and member of the ultra-secret, Pegasus “hit team”. For more about Gene Tatum go here: http://www.whale.to/b/guyatt.html

Chip’s website: http://www.wikiarmy.com/

Stewart Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 29 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings to name a few. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman is a member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”.

Everything Is Rigged, Oil Companies Raided


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Matt Taibbi reported recently on the banking scandal; now it’s the oil industry. It surprises me that it’s taken this long to unearth the truth because 10 – 15 years ago we used to lament the insane choreography of gas price fluctuations in Toronto and note how they ALWAYS went up just before a long weekend when people would be traveling by car.

We noticed this same effect, too: “Europeans have long complained that retail gas prices have not seemed to match wholesale prices. In fact, complaints that wholesale prices at gas stations were noticeably slow to fall when wholesale prices fell”.

Sure, it was covered by the mainstream media, but they said the cost of a liter of gas was most definitely a result of the price of a barrel of oil at the time. I never believed it. It HAD to be rigged.

And look who’s been implicated; BP.

We’re going to get into this more at a later date, but there was some interesting late-breaking news yesterday.

According to numerous reports, the European Commission regulators yesterday raided the offices of oil companies in London, the Netherlands and Norway as part of an investigation into possible price-rigging in the oil markets. The targeted companies include BP, Shell and the Norwegian company Statoil. The Guardian explains that officials believe that oil companies colluded to manipulate pricing data:

The commission said the alleged price collusion, which may have been going on since 2002, could have had a “huge impact” on the price of petrol at the pumps “potentially harming final consumers”.

Lord Oakeshott, former Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said the alleged rigging of oil prices was “as serious as rigging Libor” – which led to banks being fined hundreds of millions of pounds.

The inquiry also involves Platts, the world’s largest oil price reporting agency. The concept here is very similar to both the LIBOR scandal, which involved banks manipulating the benchmark rates for interest rates, and to the possible rigging of interest rate swap prices through the manipulation of ISDAfix, the benchmark rate for those instruments, which is also the subject of a regulatory probe.

We wrote about both of those scandals in last month’s Rolling Stone article, “Everything is Rigged.” In that piece, finance professionals talked about the potential for manipulation in other markets that involve voluntary price reporting:

What other markets out there carry the same potential for manipulation? The answer to that question is far from reassuring, because the potential is almost everywhere. From gold to gas to swaps to interest rates, prices all over the world are dependent upon little private cabals of cigar-chomping insiders we’re forced to trust.

“In all the over-the-counter markets, you don’t really have pricing except by a bunch of guys getting together,” Masters notes glumly.

That includes the markets for gold (where prices are set by five banks in a Libor-ish teleconferencing process that, ironically, was created in part by N M Rothschild & Sons) and silver (whose price is set by just three banks), as well as benchmark rates in numerous other commodities – jet fuel, diesel, electric power, coal, you name it.

One analyst I spoke to for that piece talked specifically about Platts (and another, similar price assessment company), noting that they “do benchmarks for the entire oil market, the entire refined products market” and “you name it” – any of these benchmarks that rely on voluntary reporting could be manipulated.

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Financial Scandal Yet

It’s not clear yet exactly what is alleged to have occurred, but Europeans have long complained that retail gas prices have not seemed to match wholesale prices. In fact, complaints that wholesale prices at gas stations were noticeably slow to fall when wholesale prices fell prompted the U.K.-based Office of Fair Trading last year to conduct a cursory inquiry into possible anti-competitive behavior in the fuel markets. Early this year, they announced that they hadn’t found enough evidence to warrant a full-blown investigation. But complaints persisted.

The story is obviously hugely significant in its own right, just as the LIBOR story was. But both are even more unpleasant in conjunction with each other, and the other price-fixing scandals that have cropped up in the financial markets in the last year or two. We’ve had other price-fixing scandals involving gas in the U.K. and here in the U.S., just a few weeks ago, it came out that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) concluded that JPMorgan Chase used “manipulative schemes” to tinker with energy prices in Michigan and California.

FERC last year also recommended a massive $470 million fine against Barclays for similar activity. (Barclays has vowed to fight the penalty.) Deutsche Bank, meanwhile, settled with FERC for $1.7 million after the commission alleged that the German bank was involved with manipulation in the California energy markets for several months during 2010.

More on all this later . . .

Valiant Thor – A Venusian At The Pentagon

Can’t wait until the whole world can discuss this over tea.



Fragment of the book “Stranger at the Pentagon” by Rev. Frank Stranges

“March 16, 1957, in Alexandria, Virginia, one of the finest leaders of the planet Venus, operating under the direction of the Central Control and who had been chosen to make the contact as well as direct the project, landed his craft and was met by two police officers, weapons drawn.


A thought transference quickly convinced them that he meant no harm and he was ushered into the back seat of their patrol car. After crossing over into Washington, D.C., they were met by the Secretary of Defense along with six of his staff members. Soon police from every conceivable district and agency had joined in, all trying to claim their right to escort him to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Through his own version of the power of positive thinking, he was able to dismiss…

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Warning from Former Cop On Never Going To ‘Relocation Centers’

Interesting perspective from inside law enforcement. Can’t say I would ever surrender my freedom to the degree that I would agree to be logged into a FEMA camp. I’d rather rough it in the woods.

I was in North Eastern Law Enforcement for 9 years.

While I was there, we had writen plans to turn state prisons into relocation centers. Agencies involved were: FEMA, DHS, DOJ, BOP, State Police, State Corrections, state EMA, and local PD. We never trained to
implement such plans, but we had discussed them in detail, at sgt./supervisor meetings.

If we had actually activated those plans, likely the local Fire Dept.,
County C.E.R.T., and National Guard would be needed. Not everyone would go
willingly, and we are talking about 50,000 citizens.

The local city, would be invited/escorted to a particular prison, but not
allowed to leave until the “situation” was under control. Only situation
we actually discussed was a hurricane and/or bad weather.

I would not recommend going to one of these relocation centers. I’ve been inside a prison before, and I couldn’t imagine having to stay in there,
against my will, having committed no crime.

This should fall under wrongful imprisonment, or unlawful detainment.

Sadly, I would guess that 95% of my department would follow orders over their oath to the Constitution.

~ M.