Evil Conservative Radio: What Power Does the Common-Law Grand Jury Hold?

If you’ve heard of Common Law Grand Juries, but aren’t quite sure what they are or why we don’t hear about them (much) anymore, this article should help. -LW

Pittsburgh Police Chief Faces Prison

Thanks to ForgottenMan for the heads up.

We’re still rounding up the criminals and cleaning the streets!  Nate Harper is just one of many we may not have heard about prior.  ~ BP

Bill Wade/Post-Gazette
Former Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper.
former Police Chief Nate Harper
Bill Wade/Post Gazette

Former Pittsburgh Police Chief Harper faces jail time, loss of pension

Ex-chief expected to plead guilty today
October 18, 2013
By Rich Lord / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If former Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper pleads guilty to conspiracy and tax charges this afternoon, as expected, not only his freedom but his pension will be threatened.

Mr. Harper’s plea, set to occur before U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon, would launch a sentencing process that usually takes around four months. His attorneys have said that federal guidelines call for around 10 to 16 months in prison based on the charges and his lack of criminal history, though they may argue for house arrest.

Also potentially the subject of a court fight is Mr. Harper’s $5,260-a-month pension, which he began collecting in March. Unlike private pensions, the retirement benefit of a public servant can be rescinded if he or she commits certain crimes — of which conspiracy is not one, though theft is.

Conspiracy is something of a gray area in pension forfeiture law. Most pension attorneys interviewed this week said they think Mr. Harper stands to lose his benefit.

“If you look at what he did, it would be hard-pressed for the Commonwealth Court and the state Supreme Court to say that this is not the kind of thing for which the forfeiture act was written,” said James South, an attorney for Pittsburgh’s Municipal Pension Fund Board, which handles the retirement benefit for city employees except for police and firefighters.

Mr. Harper, according to federal prosecutors, conspired with unnamed others to divert $70,628 in public funds and then spent $31,986 on personal uses, ranging from meals and alcohol to an XM satellite radio, oven and television. The money was paid to the bureau by private entities that required the services of off-duty police, and was meant for the city’s general fund. Instead, it was shunted to unauthorized accounts at the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union.

Mr. Harper resigned in February at the request of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, and was indicted in March for conspiracy to divert funds from a federally funded agency, plus four counts of failure to file tax returns.

“He is pleading to the indictment as charged,” said attorney Robert Del Greco, who along with attorney Robert Leight represents the former chief. “There are no modifications, no plea bargain.”

State law lists 21 crimes that, if committed by a public employee, result in automatic pension forfeiture.

The monthly benefit goes away, but those former employees get back the dollars they paid into the fund, without interest, minus the restitution they must pay for their crime. Mr. Harper, over his 36-year career, paid around $133,600 into the city police pension fund, so even if the benefit is forfeited and he is ordered to pay restitution, he might get a lump sum of around $100,000.

Mr. Del Greco said Mr. Harper’s plea “does not contemplate a per se statutory disqualification” from getting a pension. Since the Legislature didn’t include conspiracy as a crime warranting pension forfeiture, he said, “one must assume that the declination to include [that crime] was purposeful.”

“In my experience, the list of enumerated offenses is interpreted very closely,” said Philadelphia labor law attorney Richard Poulson.

He said a judge might recognize that a pension benefit is “money that’s due and owing to somebody [based on contributions made] years and years and years ago before they ever even committed a crime.”

Mr. Harper and his attorneys “would have an uphill battle” preserving his pension, said Bill Vinsko, city attorney for Wilkes-Barre who has handled pension forfeiture cases.

He said that in a 2010 case involving a Luzerne County employee the Commonwealth Court decided that a conspiracy to take public funds can trigger pension forfeiture. The state Supreme Court declined to review the decision.

“The answer is absolutely that [Mr. Harper] will lose his pension,” Mr. Vinsko said.

Mr. Harper’s pension is based on 50 percent of his highest 12-month salary, which was around $105,000, adjusted upward for his lengthy service.

Attorney James Wymard, who is the solicitor for the city Policemen’s Relief and Pension Fund board, said the process of deciding whether the pension benefit is forfeited can’t start until after Mr. Harper is sentenced.

Legislation tabled in the state House would clear up the question by adding to the forfeiture-worthy crimes any criminal attempt or conspiracy to commit one of the 21 named offenses. It would also strip pension benefits from any public employee convicted of a federal felony.

Mr. Harper, 60, of Stanton Heights was one of the bureau’s tight-knit motorcycle officers, then rose through the ranks until he was chosen for the top job by Mr. Ravenstahl in 2006.

Mr. Harper’s indictment was preceded by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s reporting of his involvement with Robinson businessman Art Bedway, 64, who has since pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribery and mail fraud in relation to a city contract to outfit police cars and to his partnership in an embryonic private security business along with several subordinates.

Since the indictment, Mr. Harper has met repeatedly with federal investigators probing the city, and his attorneys have said he is cooperating with them.

The probe for months appeared to move closer to Mr. Ravenstahl. On Wednesday, though, acting city police Chief Regina McDonald and Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson appeared before a grand jury, unaccompanied by attorneys and characterizing themselves as helpful witnesses, not subjects.

Roman Catholic Church is Declared a Transnational Criminal Organization

Pope Francis Portrait PaintingInternational Arrest Warrant to be issued against Pope Francis /Jorge Bergoglio for Inciting Criminality and Treason

A Global Media Advisory from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Central Office


On July 11, Pope Francis formally and publicly incited criminal behaviour among all Roman Catholics by prohibiting the reporting of child abuse within his church, and threatening excommunication against those who speak about such abuse.

By his action, the Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, faces arrest and indictment as the head of a Criminal Organization, under terms of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Criminal Organizations (2000).

“Pope Francis is telling every Catholic in the world to break the laws of their own country and give aid and comfort to child rapists. That’s not simply a grossly immoral act but a war crime, since he’s attacking the laws and sovereignty of other nations, and threatening the safety of their people” commented George Dufort, the Belgian-based Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice, which successfully prosecuted former Pope Benedict and other Vatican officials last February.

In response to Bergoglio’s statement, the ITCCS has today released the following plan of action to its affiliates in twenty one countries, including Italy:

1. The ITCCS Central Office has applied for a Bench Warrant from the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice, for the immediate arrest of Jorge Bergoglio and his associates on a charge of high treason, war crimes and a criminal conspiracy against humanity and the Law of Nations. Jorge Bergoglio and his associates are to be immediately detained and brought to public trial for these crimes, under the auspices and authority of the Law of Nations and The International Common Law Court of Justice.

2. On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a Global Proclamation will be issued, declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be a Transnational Criminal Organization under the law, and ordering its active disestablishment, including by seizing its funds and property, and arresting its officers and clergy: actions authorized against criminal bodies by the aforementioned United Nations Convention.

3. Members and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church are hereby ordered to refrain from funding or participating in the Church of Rome, on pain of arrest as associates of a Criminal Organization. The public is encouraged to assist in the seizure of Roman Catholic church wealth and property in accordance with international law.

This Statement is issued in twelve languages and will be enacted in twenty one countries, including in Italy and at the Vatican as part of the International Convergence and Reclamation planned for September 20-22, 2013 in Genoa and Rome.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels

11 July, 2013


Breaking: Obama to Be Impeached [video]

This video was uploaded to YouTube April 24, 2013. Thank you to the OPPT Canada group for posting!

Lyndon LaRouche says, “…the citizens of the United States have to wake up.”  Here! Here! And that some members of Congress are “cowards”. Wow—this has been a long time coming.

Let’s not overlook the fact that there are MANY crooked politicians in the shadow government who are about to be outted as well. The President is not the ONLY problem by any stretch of the imagination.

AND, he is suggesting Hillary Clinton is innocent. I don’t think he knows the whole story.

Boston Was a Diversion from Obama/Bush Indictment for War Crimes Article in the NY Times [video]

Ironically, I started writing an article about Guantanamo Bay last week which will flesh out this story. I will publish it here soon. “Enhanced interrogation?” We’ll talk about that.

The cabal can’t control the newspapers like they do TV, and Alex Jones shared on April 18th with Dr. Steve Pieczenik that on that fateful day, April 15th…

Boston Bombings to Cover Up Bush/Obama War Crime Indictments?

“Mr. Patriot Games”, a special-op government insider, Steve Pieczenik talks with Alex Jones. The same day a breaking story about Barack Obama and George W. Bush being gone after for Gitmo, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity hit the back burner. TSA, DHS, and the bankers stealing trillions has to have some sort of sideshow to distract the public. If the Boston Bombing had not occurred, would the world be talking about the prosecution of Obama and Bush for War Crimes?

How convenient for war criminals that Boston Bombing happened right? Is it too convenient and was it officially staged? Would Obama and Eric Holder order a special CIA type operation to terrorize the public to distract us from the real developments. We are under armed international banker occupation. Wars are their salvation. Peace is ours.

Don’t let liars take out the US Constitution. It should remain intact, all of it. Don’t let outsiders wreck our country or any other sovereign country.

US Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama are accessories to murder for the ATF “Fast and Furious” program to get guns from US gun shops to end the Second Amendment. It is an illegal operation for US tax dollars to be used to get guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Gang Cartels.

State Police lie everyday to collect revenue, confiscate property, officially kidnap your kids, to break up marriages, to end small business, the outspoken and to further international organized crime. [My letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy].

[The Police State] began pre-9/11.

Text with Infowars, Alex Jones video:

Published on Apr 18, 2013

[The Unintended Consequences of the Boston Massacre]

THE SPECIFIC INDICTMENT of Bush Jr/Obama/CIA/US Military “Torture of 9/11 Prisoners” at GITMO—FINALLY CONFIRMED as a “WAR CRIME”– Equivalent to Prosecuted Nazi War Crimes and the Torture/ Internship Of Japanese Americans During WWII.

Nothing beats a sensational front page news story like a Boston Marathon Massacre! Most readers would miss the incidental but far more serious implication for the moral compass of America than the NY Times story by Scott Shane, entitled, “U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Non Partisan Review Concludes”. (posted earlier)

In this article, both Asa Hutchinson [Republican/Bush Jr Administration] and James R. Jones [Democrat, Congress] indict the interrogation and tortures committed by Presidents Clinton [Rendition], Bush Jr [full menu of tortures], Obama [Bush Jr in Black Face].

In essence, this bipartisan report, along with 6,000 pages of still classified docs IMPLICATES THREE ADMINISTRATIONS of INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES—RENDITION, TORTURE, ENHANCED INTERROGATION.

What does this mean in the midst of our frenzy to find ‘supposed terrorists’ of the Boston Marathon Massacre?

It means that, as I have previously repeated time and time again, we have had and still have Presidents who have willingly committed acts of International War Crimes Punishable by Death and / or Life Imprisonment.

Furthermore, to make matters even worse, the extensive investigations showed that the abominable, criminal activities of interrogation, torture, water boarding committed by the CIA, US military, US mercenaries and sanctioned by three presidents were like the wars themselves- totally useless.

Have I, an experienced counter –terrorist expert with thirty years experience who had never had to touch even one detainee, let alone
torture or ‘interrogate’ anyone, suddenly had a fit of righteous indignation or just decided to vent his RELENTLESS FURY for UNREPENTANT SINS of our THREE PRESIDENTS and their MINIONS?

The answer lies not in the headlines nor in the hysterical media distractions of a tragic occurrence which I might have been able to predict (I think Patriarch did predict this), had I known beforehand that this report would come out on the same day as the BOSTON MARATHON.

That’s right! You’ve got it! Once again, Obama in concert with FEMA, CIA, FBI, and other National Security minions—the usual ‘choir boy suspects’—decided to OFFER A DISTRACTION. https://stevepieczenik.com/


ITCCS Global Public Advisory – March 27th

by Drake

Kevin Annett: ITCCS Global Public Advisory – March 27, 2013

Help Preserve the History They Want to Remain Hidden!

The Exclusive Common Law Court Evidence that Indicted the Pope and the Queen of England for Genocide is now available in DVD format and as online links through the ITCCS.


The ITCCS has released the complete evidence of the International Common Law Court of Justice case that forced Pope Benedict to resign, and may cause Queen Elizabeth to do the same.

The 150 exhibits that found Canada and its churches, the Vatican and the Crown of England all guilty of Genocide are now contained on four DVD’s, usable in classrooms, libraries, at conferences and as online educational tools.

The complete evidence is found at these four sites:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvhfXAd08TE – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKFk_L7y9g – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ormOIlOi4Vc – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IylfBxm3sMg – Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses – 10 mins.

These videos can also be ordered in DVD format as a unit.

Price: For the entire set (includes postage) : $50 (for individuals) , $100 (institutions)

For $10 more, we will include a DVD copy of the award-winning documentary film on Genocide in Canada: Unrepentant (Best documentary Los Angeles and New York Independent Film Festivals, 2006, 2007)

To order: Send a cheque or money order made out to Kevin Annett and mailed to W. Annett, 1000 Walker St., Unit 223, Holly Hill, Florida USA 32117

Or through the PayPal account at http://www.itccs.org

Help to preserve and use this priceless historic record of the Canadian Holocaust they keep trying to bury! Educate the next generation about the truth of the ongoing crimes of Church and State!

ITCCS Central, Brussels
27 March, 2013