China unveils drone-fighting laser cannons

“Drone-fighting laser cannons?” It seems that China is ready to zap drones out of the sky. Star Wars has arrived! -LW

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by the Bluebird Aero Systems, used by military and homeland security, is seen on display at the third Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Conference in Airport City outside Tel Aviv, Israel, September 17, 2014. UPI/Debbie Hill License Photo

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by the Bluebird Aero Systems, used by military and homeland security, is seen on display at the third Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Conference in Airport City outside Tel Aviv, Israel, September 17, 2014. UPI/Debbie Hill

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (UPI) — China announced the successful development of a laser-firing cannon to shoot down drones with a 1.2 mile radius.The state-run news agency Xinhua reported Monday the “homemade laser defense system” can target low-altitude airborne targets and shoot them down within five seconds of notice of the target. The cannon is meant to be placed on the ground or mounted on a vehicle, and strike drones flying up to 112 mph and below 1,600 feet.

It is designed to destroy miniature drones which are available to terrorists and other consumers, Xinhua said, adding the system could replace police or military personnel in shooting down drones, and that a test cannon shot down over 30 drones without missing any.

In unveiling the project, the Chinese military did not offer photographs of the cannons.

The report quoted Yi Jinsong of the China Hi-Tech Equipment Co., the lead company on the project, saying, “”Intercepting such drones is usually the work of snipers and helicopters, but their success rate is not as high and mistakes with accuracy can result in unwanted damage.”

The United States relies on unmanned drones firing rockets at targets in Yemen, Pakistan and against the Islamic State, and is working on similar laser projects to China’s.

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Coming Soon: Major Turning Point in Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

I had mixed feelings about posting this video because it’s long and strikes me as a wee bit of fear-mongering. Wolfgang makes some good points, but there is a lot more drama in his presentation than I feel is necessary. On the positive side, it seems that there are common law grand juries getting ready to expose the truth of Sandy Hook. -LW

Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook ~ Staged Government Community Event- It was a DHS/FBI/FEMA HSEEP/ICE Drill- an “INTEGRATED CAPSTONE EVENT” (see DHS website)

“There WILL BE a proper Coronial Inquest where all the witnesses (including the cops/feds) are put on the stand and cross-examined under oath and where ALL the evidence (forensic, ballistics, eye-witnesses, documentary) is also presented and carefully analysed and tested again, under oath.

A Common Law Grand Jury constituted of WE THE PEOPLE will challenge the state’s assertions that Sandy Hook really happened as they say it did, their assertions will be vigorously contested.

Their completely discredited and bogus “narrative” wouldn’t stand up for two seconds under competent and rigorous cross-examination.”

GREENLAWN, NY– Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, maintains that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shootings were a staged cooperative government – community “Capstone” exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. Halbig asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and involved parents, all of whom moved into the CT community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200K each for their involvement in the exercise.

Halbig’s questions are returned with silence and contempt; threat of arrest. Many details don’t add up… record shows no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shootings, and much more. Halbig also presents the proper safety procedures that schools must follow in a code-red event and urges parents to study your local school emergency management plan.– FULL LENGTH VIDEO– October 6, 2014

For more information visit:

Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned (Soft Disclosure)

This is a great article about Disclosure, the alien agenda, 9/11, and Sandy Hook. -LW

The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati

by Preston James


Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913. These super-elite Deviants were given incredible power and authority in exchange for enacting the evil Agenda of this Alien ET group best described as Cosmic Parasites. This group of super-elite Deviants is best referred to as the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) AKA the “Illuminati”.

If you are not aware of the background information and evidence that is available about this ongoing Secret Space War, you are probably wasting your time reading this and it won’t fit into your mind.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) has done their best to keep you from knowing about Secret Space War matters. There has been a long term energetic effort to keep this information from “We the People” as well as anyone including the High Military Command who does not have what they define as an “absolute need to know”.

Recently during the last several years Majestic-12 (AKA MAJIC), the Secret Group that has maintained authority over all Alien ET matters since it was created by President Truman in 1947, has apparently voted to allow public disclosure.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) is comprised of a Working Alliance between the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). This Ruling Crime Cabal/Coalition is best described as the Illuminati because that is what they call themselves and prefer to be called by Insiders.

This RCC gained power in three major Coup d’ Etats, the first in 1913 with the illegal, Unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the second with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the third with the deployment of a Gladio-style, False-Flag Inside-job Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01. It was during this time that Israel used nuclear blackmail to coerce the US Administration and top USG officials to allow the creation of Homeland Security (DHS).

The creation of Israeli-controlled Homeland security (DHS) provided an illegal, Unconstitutional consolidation of all American Alphabets, Law Enforcement and most Intel into one large, easy to control Israeli occupying Police State Army inside America.

This article will claim that the “Worm has Turned” at a very high level and the RCC is now being contained, dis-empowered and deconstructed piece by piece due to an interesting convergence of various forces and entities including the US High Military Command. Because this article contains information leaked by insiders and as well as numerous speculations, use your own judgment to evaluate what is presented and come to your own conclusions.

Be aware that many good individuals have been seriously harassed, stalked, threatened and even murdered to bring you this kind of information because the Ruling Criminal Cabal (RCC) does not want you to have any of this information about Secret Space Wars or Alien Agenda matters. The reason? This will be explained in the article and is best summarized that full public disclosure will likely result in a major immediate loss of power for the RCC at every level and will create a complete disruption of the Alien Agenda they are working so hard to fulfill which is about as anti-American and anti-human as possible.

Full Article.

‘New York City Resistance’ Exposes Ray Kelly’s Unofficial Quotas [video]

I think I’ve said it before: You couldn’t pay me to live in New York City. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is the worst of the worst and We, The People DO NOT want him in power in any capacity. He is bad, bad news; as corrupt as they come. He even LOOKS like a gangster, doesn’t he? And a silver-tongued devil, too. Too bad he’s lousy at math.

It’s bad enough that he’s turned New York into a surveillance state with his coppers on steroids trying to meet their quotas. Cops with quotas? Bad situation. Talk about racial profiling—if the police had any sense they’d put Kelly behind bars and end the tyranny.

Why doesn’t the “NYCResistance” make a citizens’ arrest and get it over with? There are certainly ample grounds. Napolitano has nothing on Kelly. Looks like he’s bucking for a promotion.

Obama wants to make the author of this policy – NYC’s Ray Kelly – head of Homeland Security

“How many bodies do you have in the cells?”

This is coming to YOUR town next

Ray Kelly: That’s who Obama thinks would be a great new head of Homeland Security.

Ray Kelly: the architect of NYC’s “stop and frisk” campaign.

Over 700,000 innocent people stopped on the street randomly and given full body searches.


Has Seattle Been Taken Over by the Department of Homeland Security?

Someone seems to think it has. It could be paranoia, or could be the previously unrecognized truth. There are a lot of extremely observant people out there—especially now.

After watching that disturbing documentary about what the government planned for the Toronto G20 meeting in 2010, it’s chilling to hear about these clandestine preparations for—what? And when?

The 1.6 billion rounds on the DHS purchase order weren’t yet delivered, and it would take some time to fill an order like that, wouldn’t it?

Others suggested they were purchasing the ammo so the patriots would have no supply avenues left open to them in the event of an uprising. What’s the truth?

Personally, I don’t believe the Galactics will permit any events that would mean a major loss of innocent life at the hand of the Illuminati.

It might be a good idea to consult the militia, however, in case the local law enforcement in Seattle has been subverted.

Seattle Has Been Taken Over By The Department Of Homeland Security

I’m writing to you today to bring light to share with you some curious things I noticed this weekend.

In order to put them into perspective, I must let you know a little about myself.  I was born in Seattle Washington and moved to Missoula Montana in July of 2001.  I still have friends in Seattle and I go there to visit yearly.

I went last year and observed a lot of peculiar infrastructure put in place, but nothing more noteworthy than the extremely sophisticated camera systems on the state borders.  This year I witnessed significantly more, a deterioration into an Orwellian setting that I never could have imagined.

Seattle is now informally under Federal Control.  Whether the local police and sheriff’s departments know it or not, they are being groomed to relinquish control to the Department of Homeland Security, it would appear that vast amounts of resources are being placed inside the city on standby.  I would have gladly taken more pictures, but given the circumstances, which I will explain later, I was unable to.

Seattle Has Been Taken Over By The Department Of Homeland Security
Picture 1.  What you see here first, is a homeless man who got drunk and took a dive into the concrete.  What you can’t see to the left of the picture by the arrow, are 3 Department of Homeland Security vehicles which I will show later.  That’s right, our counter terrorist force is responding to domestic disturbances.Shown in the red oval, is a DHS operative,  clearly displaying “POLICE” on the back of his type III-A body armor.  A clear difference compared to the domestic officer pictured in the green oval, who is wearing the typical type II armor.  Also, observe his badges and identification obviously present on his left shoulder – clearly absent on the DHS official.
Picture 2.  Shown here are 2 DHS vehicles which are portrayed as standard police vehicles, but upon closer observation are shown to be Federal Agents, and this is where things got uncomfortable.After taking these photos, the two DHS vehicles began to follow us down the block, circling the block several times that we were walking on and then slowing to a creep while passing us while they stared us down.  The close up photo was taken on their second pass.  This made my girlfriend very intimidated and unhappy, and I began to take less obvious pictures of them since we were on vacation, and this trip was about relaxing, but I was too puzzled by their blatantly  overwhelming presence.These vehicles are EVERYWHERE in Seattle, making rounds on any particular block about every 10 minutes, driving in caravans as long as 6 vehicles, but mostly in twos and threes, and always in an aggressive fashion.  Speeding, sudden stops, unnecessary acceleration, and clear traffic violations.  The frequency with which I observed these actions while eating a long lunch in a local restaurant as well as while walking through the streets was startling.  I would say it might be a training exercise if it weren’t for their interaction in insignificant events like drunk bums and medical emergencies.

Picture 3.  The third photo shows another obscure medical emergency with 3 DHS vehicles present.  2 vehicles are obvious, the third is behind the white truck.  Once again, our counter terrorist force is responding to heart attacks or whatever else might be happening in this photo, which took one ambulance and one stretcher, clearly a minor medical emergency.

Are the 1.6 billion rounds starting to make more sense now?  They’re grooming and placing assets where they need them first.

Ever heard of the massacre at Hue, south Vietnam? On January 31st of 1968, the N. Vietnamese were able to go inside this city in the early hours of the morning and execute every single South Vietnam sympathizer without error. In one night they were able to pinpoint every household where they lived, pull them out and kill them. At the time this seemed improbable, how could they organize this?

Informants, data systems, and useful idiots that thought something like that could never happen. And then it happened.  With the internet, Facebook, and other electronic resources in place, and others being put in place, I think it’s pretty clear what is going on, get ready Patriots, we’re in for the long haul.



How Congress Votes In Bills: Scary Stuff [video]

The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill: HR8791

If this is what members of Congress and the Senate have to go on when they approve bills, it’s no wonder that the crap that comes through gets passed. Unbelievable. Even Mr. Haller is shocked.

I can’t believe it’s real. Is it? Seriously? This is how millionaire representatives of The People who only work one third of the calendar serve The People of the Republic? If so, I’m verklempt.

ETs/EDs–Lots of Questions; Few Answers

ETs/EDs Monitor Earth Changes? Image Credit: CIA via Wikimedia CommonsAnother recent story from John Kettler… Could we have chosen a more exciting, exhilarating time to be on this planet? Imagine if you were still asleep and missing all this!

You can bet I’m going to be watching to see if any of our cacti turn purple! (although we have some that are already purple-ish—but not barrel cacti).

Could these wonky energies be involved in the beaching of the manatees in Florida?

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces are engaged in a series of epic investigations of the gravest import, some of which are so out there they’d make your heads explode. Provided you could follow the arguments. I find it difficult, since mine already did! Suffice it to say the investigations are of the most profound and determined sort, with the firm intent of getting behind all sorts of veils, lies and misdirections in order to arrive at truths carefully hidden for ages from the ETs/EDs themselves. Things are not at all what they appear to be, and the traps for the unwary are numerous.

Meanwhile, the ETs/EDs have to hold the planet together on the one hand, while allowing necessary, carefully metered expansion on the other. The sinkholes appearing in a bunch of places are reportedly evidence the planet’s becoming less cohesive, making the whole planetary stabilization drill all the more ticklish. And necessary. Several more PSS (Planetary Stabilization Ships) have been brought in to help deal with the new complexities and strains. The ley lines themselves, which define the energetic lines of force on this planet, are somewhat unstable, hindering certain operations here.

ETs/EDs Ask “Who’s Racing To Complete What?”

To those paying attention, it’s apparent the opposition is going all out in an effort to fulfill one or more agendas. Tunneling is evidently going on at a furious pace, and the sensitivity of that activity may be gauged by the forced demise of the informative magazine SCIENCE ILLUSTRATED at the hands of the government. The April-May 2013 issue was the last one, and here’s why. SCIENCE ILLUSTRATED was allegedly going to out the black underground evacuated tube MagLev “train system” in which, thanks near zero drag and localized antigravity fields in each pod, speeds as high as 4000 mph are possible. Some arm twisting by government agents stopped that planned outing, but the magazine refused to buckle, instead reframing its approach by revealing some of the key technologies directly, while alluding to others. “Faster Than A Bullet Train” is must reading for black program buffs, particularly in concert with the works of Richard Sauder and the various descriptions out there of the deep network of tubes linking all sorts of overt and covert government installations. That’s why the magazine was killed, and it’s by no means the first.

GUNG-HO magazine published two front page bombshells. One, written by a Navy physician, asked “Is AIDS  Manmade? The other, written by aviation writer Jim Goodall under an alias, was titled “Stealth And The UFO Connection.” We now know the Deep Throat for that was Ben Rich, who succeeded Kelly Johnson as head of the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works. In very short order, GUNG-HO was gone. It took longer to kill PERCEPTIONS magazine, which was telling way too much truth about way too many things, but it, too, was driven out of business. Doubtless, there are other casualties of this sort, but the pattern should be obvious.

The government seems to be falling apart on one hand and digging itself in while armed to the teeth on the other. In what’ll be the subject of a future post or posts, I can say the government, particularly DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has been buying lots of ammunition, armored vehicles, grave liners and body bags. But why?

Some here will immediately default to the NWO (New World Order) takeover scenario, but is that necessarily the case? The government may well fear wholesale chaos in the event of a number of scenarios, one of which I just learned of. My understanding is that SCIENCE NEWS recently reported the identification of a new SARS-like disease with a 90% mortality rate.  The first question I had when I heard this is “Is it natural or manmade?” The second is “How long ago did the government know of this before the information went public?” So far, I don’t know. I do know that such an epidemic would unhinge civilization as we know it, and that scenario terrifies those in power. At least, the flunkies who won’t be invited into the underground cities and will, presumably, be left here with us. To their profound shock and dismay! This scenario might explain many disturbing reports. Also, if the intention is to kill us en masse, then why buy a superabundance of grave liners and body bags? Wouldn’t trenches or empty quarries make better sense? It does make sense in the context of trying to contain a nasty bug. Not-for-attribution contacts are appalled by much of what is happening and note with disgust, regarding DHS, “They don’t even bother to hide what they’re doing.”

ETs/EDs, Inrushing Energies & Proliferating Purple Plants

NASA hasn’t yet identified the solar issue it sent out the alert about, but we’re still here. The energies coming in are extraordinarily strong. Their chief form of expression that I’ve experienced, seen and had reported to me is that they knock people out for considerable periods of time. I’ve also noted all kinds of communication disruption: repeatedly crashed or frozen (already pathetic) Internet, computer spontaneously resetting and cyber burping (text vanishes), cell calls dropped, difficulties getting in touch with people, and more. Another aspect of these energies’ arrival seems to lie in utter exhaustion and, at times, inability to do the simplest things in terms of brain function. Talking basic math in the head and stupid simple stuff like subject verb agreement. Have also lately noted confusion readily occurs for me in the face of any kind of ambiguous or multiply interpretable statement.  The ETs/EDs report”We don’t have a handle on this, either.” Presumably, they mean the energies, their current and unknown future effects.

Then, there are the purple plants I mentioned in my last post. While there already is a bunch of purple plants, as seen in this list, since putting up the prior post, I’ve been getting some remarkable purple plant reports. Of these, my current favorite is of a barrel cactus which was green and is now purple. I have some familiarity with this topic, having spent seven years in Arizona as a kid. In that time, I saw hundreds of barrel cacti. The live ones were all green. Nor have I ever heard of a green cactus suddenly turning purple. The ETs/EDs, a Ground Contingent and others said purple plants were coming and to watch for them. If the feedback I’ve been getting is correct, the purple plants I was talking about are here!