Dinar/RV Addicts Advised to Abandon the Carrot as a Cabal Psyop [video]

It seems millions of people are waiting with baited breath to learn when they can cash in their Dinar for mega-bucks. Andrew Bartzis and Hope Girl say it’s a cabal psyop and doing a lot of damage to the general public while heavily benefitting the cabal.

If you have Dinar, I highly recommend this video shared in comments by a reader.  ~ BP



What the Hell Happened to Planet Earth & When? Jordan Maxwell Spells it Out [video]

Thanks to Michelle, here’s the full length version of a video except from Intellihub that expands on the clip I posted a few months ago.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how the world got to be all about war, greed, murder, corruption, militarization, and loss of freedom, among other abhorrent things, you’ll understand it much better after listening to this man. You’ll understand how Humanity grew to become nothing more than chattel for the rulers. He absolutely nails it.  ~ BP

The Titanic: Illuminati Insurance Scam Gone Wrong [videos]

As the Truth leaks out about pretty much everything in history, we will see that very little occurred without manipulation and tampering on the part of the dark cabal.

However, the more we draw out the lies and deceit and replace them with Truth, the soul will heal—and there is MUCH healing to be done.

Thank you Richard for this reminder of another major crime on the part of the Illuminati. Perhaps this was the first insurance scam in the playbook—similar to one aspect of 9/11 that many people never dreamed would be perpetrated on such a scale. Duped again. 

No doubt, this is an interesting tale of  what turned out to be an epic murder covered up by a thick blanket of lies and buried at the bottom of a cold, dark sea.  ~ BP

Apart from being the 90th birthday of Sir Neville Marriner, today (April 15th) also marks the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Except it wasn’t the Titanic, it was its sister ship the Olympic, intentionally sunk in an insurance scam. This video tells the story, as does this one from a different perspective.

And JP Morgan was once more in the thick of it – the same JP Morgan who shut down Nikola Tesla and condemned us to 100 years of fossil fuel consumption we didn’t need to go through (of course the global warming scam is OUR fault…).

I share this with you because it illustrates that the hoodwinking of humanity is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been going on for centuries if not millennia. However, it’s been an art form for the last 100+ years. When you consider how much has been written about the sinking of the Titanic and of course the movies, how could it possibly not be true? Because that is how the game is played – and most of us keep falling for it most of the time.

So take a moment to celebrate the sinking of the Olympic in an insurance scam that went wrong. The passengers were not meant to die. They screwed that part up.

Again, don’t expect to hear about this in the mainstream media anytime soon.



Keenan Delivers Cease & Desist to the Cabal; “IT” Could Happen Any Time

Update: Feb. 24: Drake posted this on Cosmic Voice FB today…

 “Various MSM news organizations were just notified… Now we’ll see what happens as all these people are ‘Served’…”

Bank Closure/Financial Green Light Update:

Here’s what I gather from visiting Drake’s FB page and Neil Keenan’s latest post:

Keenan has delivered the formal, legal ‘cease and desist’ order. (see below)

Drake says if the cabal doesn’t comply, then the military may respond in 72 hours from the time the order was officially delivered.

What happens now remains to be seen. Based on past behaviour, I just can’t see the Illuminati folding. They don’t know how and still believe they will come out on top.

I have not had any confirmation from Cobra’s ‘Prepare for Change’ administration yet, but we’ve been down this road before.

Eighteen months or so ago Drake was given the “Green Light” from the military. Cobra said he had NOT been give the green light. The outcome was that Drake’s green light was a “strategic” one, while Cobra was waiting for the “financial green light”.  War is a complicated thing.

Based on current Illuminati activities, I’d say better stock up on cash, gas, food (people and pets); also meds, bottled water, bathroom tissue, batteries, candles, and hope for a smooth transition.

We’re too close now to risk being unprepared, anyway. If you get caught with your pants down, shame on you. The more we prepare, the smoother it will be.We’ll need to help out those who have no clue what’s going down.

I must say I’m proud of Arizona for being included in several places below.  It pays to live in the ‘wild west’.   ;0)  ~ BP

gun flag

States Are Getting Tough, Globalists Are Getting Even – Cease & Desist Demanded

February 23, 2014

by the Keenan Team

The Globalists’ New World Order train has long-tried to leave the station, but The People of the United States just stubbornly refuse to get on board.  And now the Globalists are preparing to punish the People of The United States through the fire sale and liquidation of her territories, assets, property and rights, as well as the significant and imminent devaluation of the US dollar, hatched at the February G20 meeting in Australia of corporate criminals masquerading as heads of state.

The Globalists are on their heels, cornered and scared, losing control – and that’s a dangerous position for these misanthropic animals.  Our property, assets and human rights are not the only thing they are moving to liquidate!
US fire sale


You will not hear a peep about it in on the Globalists’ multinational corporate controlled mass media. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories.  Currently the States having  passed or are in the process of passing legislation are:

  • Cutting-off critical supplies to (like water and electricity), and refuse to aid and abed the FED’s NSA (Nazi Spy Agency) under the States’ Constitutional right to refuse Federal mandates within their borders: (pending in legislature: Utah – home to NSA data center, Maryland – NSA headquarters, Tennessee, Oklahoma (passed House Committee), New Hampshire (passed House Committee) (http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/01/state-legislators-offnow-nsa-spying);
  • Making it illegal to enforce, aid and abed, or permit the FEDs to imprison and torture citizens under NDAA anytime the FEDS point the finger and claim “terrorist” (which they are doing to gun right activists, anti-FED protestors, 9-11 truth seekers, and veterans):  signed into law: Alaska, California; pending in legislature:  Georgia, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (http://pandaunite.org/resources/anti-ndaa-legislation-tracking/);
  • Nullifying  all Federal laws infringing on the 2nd Amendment right of the American people to bear arms in constant preparation for revolution when the FEDs morph into a tyrannical power as our forefathers feared: Idaho (passed State Senate 34-0), Missouri (overrode Governor’s veto), Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida;
  • Ban on enforcement of United Nations Agenda 21:  signed into law:  Alabama; legislation pending: Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma;
  • Nullifying FED drone and other NSA-style spying, and making warrantless drone spying a felony: Kansas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona;
  • Nullify FED hemp ban (Tennessee); and the FED ban on marijuana for medical purposes (Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia); or the FED ban for its recreational use: Colorado, Washington State.

The Globalists have hit the American people with a constant barrage of false flag mass shootings by mind controlled freaks, and have run a false flag hoax of an elementary school mass shooting, expecting that the American people would surrender their arms and just roll over in the face of THE GREAT FED GUN GRAB.  The strategy worked for them in the UK and Australia.  It backfired in the US, where our founding fathers instilled into the American psyche the value of a loaded gun in one hand, and the throat of an out of control FED in the other.  When the FEDs thought they had the American people softened up with their false flag blood and violence, they started passing their laws to disarm the American people.  But the American people started arming themselves to the teeth, by historical and record numbers, in advance of every attempt to disarm them, intuiting the out-of-control FED threat.  (See here, here, and here.)

The Globalists have a battle to the death on their hands.  And they made their move at the Australian G20 meeting in February.  They are attempting to fire sale the territories, property rights, and assets of the American People to satisfy the massive incompetence of the private banking cartel of The Federal Reserve Bank and their multinational corporate co-conspirators.

They have a problem.  The wealth and treasure of the American people do not belong to them, and they cannot liquidate it to save their ass.  Any attempt to wholesale American wealth, property and treasure is a scam which will have no force, and WILL NOT STAND.

We’re fighting back.  They’re playing dirty.

Below is a Cease and Desist Demand.  We’re putting the Globalists on notice that their farce is known; and the whole world now knows, and is watching.

Join the fight.  Find out what your state is doing to resist Federal tyranny.  If out-of-control FED legislation is pending in your state, aggressively support it.  If it’s not, demand it.  The Tenth Amendment Center is a good resource of these efforts in the States.

Please see Keenan’s site for the official documents.

Comcast and Time Warner to Merge? Is Monopoly Ever a Good Thing? [video]

I must be back in the Universal Flow. Synchronicities abound.

I had just decided I wanted to cruise over to Ben Swann’s web site to see what he was exposing when I saw this story, wanted to investigate and decided to do that first.

It’s a Ben Swann video.  ;0)  Ask and ye shall receive.

Humanity has been fighting this battle since the Fall of Atlantis. The entire Universe has been and continues to fight the dark forces who became greedy when they began misusing the powers at their disposal. Soon they were unstoppable.

“Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” ~ Lord Acton

More recently we’ve learned with many takeovers, mergers and acquisitions when big fish swallowed up the little fish, monopolies rarely work in favour of the consumer. Corporations get too powerful, too arrogant, and greedy. The mission too often ceases to be about service to others, and centers on service to self and the bottom line—to the extreme. They often believe they are above the law.

I doubt if this scenario would work out any differently.

At this point in time, when media is already monopolized and controlled to the point Humanity is being manipulated, how could this added clout be a good thing?  ~ BP

Is Comcast Merger with Time Warner in the Public Interest?

Comcast is preparing to buy up Time Warner combining the nation’s largest and second largest cable providers spending about 45 million dollars to do so. So why is the Comcast attempt to merge with Time Warner a big deal? Two words: Public Interest. Watch the video to see why Ben says the Public Interest will not be served with this merger.

Ben Swann’s web site


War Vet Spills the Beans about the Atrocities in Iraq and More [video]

Thanks, Richard.

Mike Prysner is a war vet and he felt it his duty to apprise America of the true situation in Iraq, and indeed, other countries where the US has meddled. This is a powerful speech.

He lays it out so there is no mistaking the war effort, who wants it, why, and the stakes; the prices paid by foreign civilians who happen to be unlucky enough to live there, and, of course, American troops.

I hope people take his impassioned plea to heart, because that is where it came from. He speaks the truth, and it may just sink in—but enough for troops to refuse to go to war and do their bidding? We shall see.

I honour you, Mike, and others like you who have the courage and feel it their duty to tell the truth about war so that it may be stopped. It simply must stop.

Those actions have dire consequences and affect the consciousness and vibration of every soul on the planet. They hold us back.

Have we come full circle to the seventies again? Make love, not war?  ~ BP

Uploaded on 21 Jul 2011

This is an edited version of the speech Iraq Veteran Mike Prysner delivered at the 2008 Winter Soldier in Maryland. Testimony of what’s really going on in Iraq.