And the Fun Begins… Bundy Family Part of the Illuminati Bloodline?

You had to know it was coming… just to make things interesting and test our discernment, the Facebook posts include graphics like this… Thanks, Jane, for forwarding.

“Facebook, Exposing the Satanic World Government? Facebook is CIA. Who posted this? No time to look, but have at ‘er, my friends.

This event is a rolling stone, and it may not be gathering any moss, but it’s firing up a large segment of America.

I didn’t mention “Bunkerville” in my two previous posts because I felt it’s obvious, but, really? Bunkerville?

Sure sounds like it COULD be a false flag, but that doesn’t mean it IS.

Could the disruptive energies of April’s eclipses and the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross have anything to do with the volatile situation? Possibly.

Might they have planned this to erupt at this precise time, knowing the chances of people going postal was higher?

There are many patriots who realize it’s do or die time and are ready to stand to protect their freedoms and the Republic, but there are also a number of fearful people who are warning that to do anything will only lead to bloodshed and martial law.

Last evening my Internet was down so just for fun I tuned into the Phoenix 6:00 CBS news and was surprised to hear in the brief segment they included from the Bundy ranch…

The reporter on location remarked to a family supporter that they have guns.  The reply: “They have guns. We need them to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.”

We never used to hear stuff like that on the lamestream. If they’re including it in their newscast, it has a purpose.

Is that purpose to wake people up; to give them permission to speak what they may only have been thinking thus far?

Or was it to plant the seeds for a serious, larger uprising?

I was going to write more, but my dog was bitten by a rattlesnake this morning so I have to go back to the hospital and transfer him to a 24-hr facility for fluids and observation over night. More on that later.

Cobra’s latest update included this graphic… and I suggest we do. I can tell you, I was anything BUT when I stepped out the back door to find a diamond back on the mat and the puppy down the patio with two bloody marks on his snout. Wish us luck.  ~ BP