Georgia Guide Stone- “2014 stone” removed! 9/25/14

Believe it or not, the workers in this video clip claim to have replaced the mysterious “2014” block with “the original”. What do you think is going on here? -LW

Hidden Agendas


Published on 26 Sep 2014

Raw footage of the removal and destruction of the 2014 cube, from the English slab of the Georgia Guidestones. When the workman was asked if something else was going to be put there in place of it he answered “we have the original piece…”



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Media Release: Announcement by the Veterans (ASMDSS) for Jan 15th

I love it when a plan comes together!

Rather than focusing on the problem—and a disgusting one—they focused on solutions, and look what came of it. It warms the very cockles o’ me heart.

Donations, anyone? The Volunteer Form is here for anyone who feels moved to participate in their own way.

ASMDSS Announces “Operation Excellence” to Restore DS’s Home Destroyed by Vandals

Contact: Nicholas Pottorff
Cell: 415-860-6433

Operation Excellence Announcement
“You don’t walk alone.”

January 14, 2013 / Fort Hood, Texas – The Facebook page “Awesome S*** My Drill Sergeant Said” (ASMDSS) has made a name for itself in its efforts to support current, former and retired members of our nation’s military. Now, we’re facing a mission within our own ranks.

Drill Sergeant “Richard Excellence” is an active member of the ASMDSS Cadre, and functions as the “1SG” of the Organization, overseeing the day to day operations, charitable initiatives and support missions. He fulfills those responsibilities in his off time while continuing to embody the Drill Sergeant Creed in the training of the recruits under his charge. His dedication to supporting and giving back to the military community is unwavering and it shows in his continued application of the motto “Mission. Men. Myself.” and his selection as Drill Sergeant of the Cycle.

He will shortly be completing his final training cycle as a Drill Sergeant and will be doing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) back to Fort Hood, Texas in less than a month instead of late March as was originally planned. DS “Excellence” and his wife own a home near Fort Hood and had plans to return to Texas to complete his remaining service career before a peaceful retirement. Copious amounts of time, work and care was put into making the house a home.

Soon after returning from his Afghanistan Deployment DS “Excellence” was notified that the home he and his wife had worked so hard to improve and maintain had been viciously vandalized in a manner that leaves us unable to comprehend the type of people that would do a thing like this.

An unknown group of soulless people broke into the vacant home and took time to and pleasure in spray painting graffiti on every wall in the house. They continued their destruction by punching holes in the walls, tearing fixtures and appliances off of the walls, pulling wiring and plumbing out, stealing everything of value, breaking windows and even smashing a toilet lid through one of the walls. To add insult to injury, the vandals took it upon themselves to defecate on the kitchen floor. In short, they turned what was a beautiful and comfortable home into a completely destroyed and uninhabitable shell.

DS “Excellence” and his family have sacrificed themselves for the benefit of this country and its soldiers. They have struggled to maintain a mortgage on their home in Texas while renting a home at his current duty station. Insurance was able to provide some funding but it wasn’t enough to cover repairs, mortgage, and other bills. At this time he is scheduled to return to Texas in February, 2013 to a vandalized home and an uphill battle to restore it to a livable condition. This has caused no small measure of stress and frustration to the already difficult transfer process.

The ASMDSS community will not stand idly by while one of our own is suffering. We are pleased to announce the commencement of “Operation Excellence.” The men and women of ASMDSS are reaching out to those in the Fort Hood community and the Nation with the time, resources, and skills to restore DS “Excellence’s” home prior to his transfer back to Texas. We only have a few short weeks to muster an army to support a man who has served our country honorably.

“Operation Excellence” is rallying both military and civilians to stand together with ASMDSS and national non-profit organizations. We will mobilize an army of volunteers to stand at the side of contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers, and others to complete this mission and ensure DS “Excellence” has a home waiting for him when he begins his new assignment.

Time is short for this mission to succeed. We are seeking immediate assistance from those with skills or financial resources to replace light fixtures, kitchen appliances, A/C and heating unit, water heater, closet shelving, electrical wiring, plumbing, and doors/windows. Any donation of time or resources will be accepted with gratitude from DS Excellence and his family, the ASMDSS family, and the military community.

Dan, the founder of ASMDSS, expressed his hope for Operation Excellence, “We wanted to highlight that ASMDSS, and specifically DS “Excellence”, has done so much to help battles in need and give back to the military community. Now we need to come together as a community to give back to one of our own who has given so much to make all that ASMDSS does possible.”

“We are rallying and engaging media coverage from local, regional, and national outlets to cover the event as an army of volunteers from Ft. Hood and the civilian community wearing Tan ACU shirts with our Logo and “OPERATION EXCELLENCE” on the back converge on the home alongside contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers and all others to come together and show that criminals can destroy a home, but they cannot destroy a community.”

“If Extreme Makeover: Home Edition can BUILD a house in a week, we as a united community can FIX one in two weeks.”

For information on how to get involved and be notified of updates, and where to donate funds, time, and/or resources: