Mr. Cati ~ The Owls And Spiders 10-23 False Flag Discussion

Mr. Cati provides an in-depth analysis of events surrounding the recent removal of one of the blocks from the Georgia Guidestones, how they are related to the Owls (US cabal) and Spiders (UK cabal), and significant dates in the rest of October. He discusses the Ebola False Flag, comet Siding Spring, next week’s solar eclipse, and timeline manipulation. -LW

This video report is a ritual code discussion, of the many recent event dates, and ritual code findings, that are discussed in relationship to the ongoing Ebola virus situation, unfolding in the USA and around the world.

A discussion regarding Owls and Spiders is used only as a means to report on how they both stand to profit enormously from an Ebola pandemic, which allows me to discuss the many dates and various events, that have unfolded since discovering the solar eclipse of 10-23-14, as a key day for the Spiders, while 10-24 is the key date for the Owls.

10-23 and 10-24 dates, are marker dates that also shows a transfer of action and authority from the Spiders to the Owls and specifically, the Bush 11 cabal, for upcoming October future time manipulations and for continued action regarding the Ebola virus as a social means to restrict freedoms and liberties under the false flag of an Ebola pandemic.

9/11 is discussed not only as a false flag date that just passed, but as a ritual date that has been used in the current 911 false flag action, that is currently unfolding, slowly around us.

An emphasis of focus and attention should be placed back on the upcoming Comet Siding Spring, close pass-by of Mars, set to occur on 10-19-14. It is this event and date that will determine the following actions, that the NWO and their super computer, seeks to enforce, as it seeks to find that one time line, that will allow the elites, to declare their one world govt., and new world order success.

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Skull and Bones…

Patriot Act:2001: Approved by Democratic Congress on 10-24-01 and passed by the Senate on 10-25-01. President Bush signs Patriot Act into law, on 10-26-01.

UN Security Council Global Patriot Act Resolution:Passed by SC.…  and…

Bill Gates Engineered Virus for Profit and Genocide of the Planet…

US Bio Weapons lab linked to Ebola epidemic and Bill and Melinda Gates…

David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article… “The Georgia Guidestones ‘2014 Cube’”

I am guessing that David hasn’t seen Mr. Cati’s recent video, where he decodes the 2014 stone that was recently removed from the Georgia Guidestones. Regardless, David hints that he will have an article that decodes the stone, in a short while. -LW

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 3:49 am

I don’t know if anyone has successfully decoded the cube yet. I got it right away and am in the process of writing a mega-article about it.

“Jade Lion” is a pseudonym I gave for a guy from Southeast Asia who did appear to have access to the Elders and gave me some very interesting information.

That being said, I question the validity of the source quoted by Azure, because 300 is about as old as these people get through the use of advanced technology and herbs. The lifespan is 200 to 300 years.

Be on the lookout for the big comeback article soon — and be sure to help spread the word!

I will watch the other decoding videos (much prefer articles) but so far no one else who thinks they’ve gotten it actually has.

– David

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 4:03 am

I just watched the video. So far nobody has seen the elegant, simple decoding I came up with, and it makes a lot of sense… so I will try to get it out today as it will help shape the narrative!

– David

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 4:33 am

Yes, I watched JohnnyDontPlay and a few others. Once people see it and do the homework it will be undeniable. They are certainly not admitting defeat. However, I believe they see the end coming for them and are trying to spin that event — which may well occur in 2014 — as if they are controlling it.

That’s one of the main ways in which this is a psy-op. It’s meant to be deciphered (which I am about to do), and it undoubtedly was made to cloud the issue and the validity of the ongoing police action against them — which may well reach a peak this year.

– David


The Destruction of the Coded 20-14 Georgia Guidestone Block

In this video, Mr. Cati decodes the Georgia Guidestone block that was recently reoved and destroyed. During the decoding, he comes up with a date of October 24th, 2014–the day after the solar eclipse. He is confident that this block was not a prank, as we have been told, but that it was removed because their ritual was tainted by being exposed. What do you think? -LW

This video discusses the recent removal and destruction of the recently placed, 20-14 Georgia Guidestone block. The recent public destruction of the coded block, has allowed all 6 sides of the granite block, to be observed and noted.The markings from all 6 sides are as follows: MM, JAM, 8-14-16-20. This is a 2-4 pattern and thus produces a 24. This number should be noted.All numbers and letters engraved on the block have been decoded and are discussed in this new report.

Georgia Guide Stone- “2014 stone” removed! 9/25/14

Believe it or not, the workers in this video clip claim to have replaced the mysterious “2014” block with “the original”. What do you think is going on here? -LW

Hidden Agendas


Published on 26 Sep 2014

Raw footage of the removal and destruction of the 2014 cube, from the English slab of the Georgia Guidestones. When the workman was asked if something else was going to be put there in place of it he answered “we have the original piece…”



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David Wilcock New Article 8-6-14… “Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!”

Thank you for the update. That’s a heck of a lot of Russian viewers! Can’t wait to see it. ~ BP

*    *    *

Now that I’ve watched the documentary, if you have 2 hrs plus and want to watch it first, before reading the article (which is very lengthy) here it is—history as you’ve perhaps never heard it. They really tell it like it is—and it’s about time. 

After watching this film, I believe a lot more people will understand that much of what has transpired on our planet in recent decades has not been by accident. 

It seems that what the shadow government is attempting to create in the USA is eerily similar to what transpired in Cambodia… and Africa… and…   ~ BP

Kauilapele's Blog

David_Wilcock_Search90I’ve not read this yet, but I listened to some of the video (posted here), and I must say, it’s presented pretty intensively.

The article I’ve post a bit of text, but read the rest at DivineCosmos, where all of the links and photos may be found.


Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!


21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the “New World Order” being waged by an international alliance — including the astonishing destruction of at least 26 underground bases between August 2011 and January 2012.

Now you can see the show for yourself — complete with accurate English subtitles. It is amazing to see so much information leaking out in a prime-time network television special!


On September 16, 2011, we published the (ahem) groundbreaking Disclosure Imminent? Two…

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Weather Wars: US Punishes Peru with Killer Snows in August?

Could the USA be creating opportunities to practice geopolitical-engineering?

The hardest hit area of Peru was Apurimac, southwest of Cusco, with 250,000 alpacas dead. This is serious, my friends.

As you can see, the typical night time temperatures for the Cusco, Peru region are above freezing at this time of year, and the day time temperatures are pretty balmy. Snow and freezing temperatures severe enough to kill thousands of animals is extremely unlikely but a sure way to make a direct hit on an economy where animal husbandry remains key to the lifeblood of their country.

I’ve spent some time in Peru and agriculture is their mainstay. Without their animals they will starve to death. They nurture crops and animals in a symbiotic relationship. They use the crops to eat, to sell, and to feed the animals. They use the animals to transport crops and home made goods to market—what they don’t carry on their backs as you see in the photograph above.

The coats of the alpaca and llamas are used to spin into yarn to make rugs and clothing. The farmers/ranchers consume animal flesh, eggs, milk products, grain and vegetables.

Our guide took us to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley to visit a family living in an original Inca stone house. It had a thatched roof and dirt floor—virtually unchanged in thousands of years.

Guinea pigs ran freely inside the home, hoping they wouldn’t become dinner, as ‘Cuy’, while a delicacy for tourists at Peruvian restaurants, is also a staple in the traditional diet.

Family meals are cooked on an open fire; their only source of heat. No electricity here. Ducks and geese waddled about the cobblestone courtyard and drank from the ancient stone troughs the Inca engineered to bring fresh water down from the mountain spring.

Entire families live in one-room houses in this town. They sleep on the floor. They herd sheep, goats and beasts of burden to graze and to market, guiding them with a walking stick. Even the women carry massive loads of everything from grain to home-loomed rugs and blankets on their backs.

The country folk are a primitive people and depend on the land and tradition to sustain themselves. When unnatural weather comes out of nowhere it can decimate entire regions.

See more climate information.

Learn more about the recent devastation in Peru in August

It’s no accident that the countries who make choices contrary to what the US cabal wants are targets.

The rogue US administration delivered a rap on the knuckles to Canada at least twice this summer with flooding in Southern Alberta and Toronto, and probably Saskatchewan as well, despite the treaty signed in 1977, and now Peru is hammered by snow. This is by no means the exhaustive list of targets, only the most recent in a few months.

Downtown Calgary, June 2013

Wait a minute. Back up. Did you say ‘Treaty’? Yes, I did. The USA entered into an agreement with several countries in 1977 stating they would not engage in this sort of behaviour, but why let a little treaty among consenting nations stand in the way of a few good political pot shots—just to let ’em know who’s boss, you understand?

From Wikipedia:

The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.[2]


Despite that treaty and understanding, the rogue US Military Industrial Complex makes up their own rules as they go to suit their needs. They are responsible for massive loss of life and property globally over the years, and it only seems to fuel their thirst for more.

They are reported to have engineered Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, twisters in Oklahoma, the earthquake in Haiti and the one that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as droughts in the US mid-west to destroy the food supply. That’s just the ones that come to mind.

They use weather wars to make political points as well as to further their eugenics plan—to cull the population of the planet from the current 7,175,883,262  to 500 million max.  What? That’s preposterous!, you splutter.

Before you go into denial and the old, “the United States government would never do that” routine or start ranting about conspiracy theorists, perhaps you should have a look at the Georgia Guidestones.

The covenant is literally written in stone. Number one is very specific about population control. It’s the foremost goal of the New World Order and they take their agenda most seriously.

While most of these guidelines may sound “socially responsible” or benign, they have underlying motives that Humanity is just now waking up to—having already slept through most of the overt warning signs.

From Wikipedia:

A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

By the way… war is one of their favourite and most successful methods to pare down the burgeoning numbers of Humanity, and they’re working hard on the next one, aren’t they?

We’ll see how that works out for them.

URGENT: Please Watch and Take Action to Prevent WWIII NOW [video]

Please watch this immediately, before it’s too late. America needs to do the same as Ian is asking the British to do today.

This is an excellent video to explain what’s happening, why, and what we can do to stop it. We can no longer afford to expect someone else to do something. Take control of this planet back.

Excellent job, Ian.