Global Protest to Take Out Monsanto May 25th

Thanks to One People Canada for reminding me I wanted to post this. It’s this sort of action that is really cheesing off the cabal. It’s painfully obvious The People are now awake enough to stop them—and we will!

Monsanto is done, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

At the very least, after this march more people will be aware of the Monsanto corruption, the danger to our food supply and the error made when California voters didn’t support Prop 37 last fall. Monsanto may have won that battle, but they didn’t win the war.

Once people learn that Monsanto and the US government are trying to implement here what Europe has already worked feverishly to prevent, they will behave more responsibly and even take up the fight. Food that alters our genes or switches them off does not belong on our tables.

“The company has gotten away with Agent Orange and the hundreds of thousands of deaths from that, it has gotten away with horrendous pollution dumps, it has truly gotten away with so much that the average ‘small business’ (a business that isn’t in bed with the government agencies policing it) would never be able to. And the people aren’t having it anymore.”

Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th.

Countless individuals will soon assemble in small and large groups around the nation and the globe alike in protest against Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply. Organized under the May 25th movement known as the ‘March on Monsanto’, the massive new rally reveals how the grassroots public has truly had enough of Monsanto’s monopoly on the many staple crops that have quickly been sucked into Monsanto’s genetically modified tycoon.

It’s virtually impossible these days to enter a grocery store, even one bearing the title of ‘natural’, and not encounter at least a few items that contain genetically modified ingredients. And for quite some time, this fact was not even known to the large majority of the United States public. Many simply did not even know what a GMO was, or what it could potentially do to their bodies (or the bodies of the children who they were feeding with genetically engineered processed food).

This, of course, stems from the fact that the FDA and Monsanto have decided that you aren’t allowed to know if your food contains GMOs. Even despite the fact that peer-reviewed research has pegged Monsanto’s best selling herbicide Roundup (which is a key part of Monsanto’s Roundup-ready GMO crops) to around 37 associated diseases, the FDA says it’s perfectly safe. So safe that it’s not even necessary to label in your food. So very safe that the only study that ever examined how Roundup and GMOs affect rats throughout their lifetime found that the rats developed tumors so large that it impacted their very ability to move.

It’s madness that has been identified for a long time by alternative news writers and readers, but thanks to the success of Prop 37 and other initiatives it has now hit the general public — and they’re not happy.

The Grassroots Will End Monsanto

Now enter campaigns like the March on Monsanto, which is slated to happen around the world on May 25th. It’s a grassroots event that has turned into a major organized movement thanks to countless local activists. The event is going on in major cities like San Diego and New York City, to small towns and even rural areas. It’s all being organized online via an open Google Document, where you can find the protest nearest to you and be a part of it. There’s also many open slots for organizers and speakers, so if you’re interested in that be sure to check that out as well.

The beauty of these events is that they are really the most effective at taking down any type of corrupt entity, as the grassroots aspect just empowers so many individuals without an underlying motivation for profits or anything of that sort. It really just comes down to people who want to eat real food and not some junk that’s spliced with the genetics of a spider. Or more importantly, the few people who understand that if we don’t stop genetically modified organisms today, they will develop technologically into what’s known as things like ‘biopharmaceutical‘ crops tomorrow.

I’ve said this back in 2011 and 2012, and I really do believe the grassroots will destroy Monsanto within the next 3-4 years (at most). The company has gotten away with Agent Orange and the hundreds of thousands of deaths from that, it has gotten away with horrendous pollution dumps, it has truly gotten away with so much that the average ‘small business’ (a business that isn’t in bed with the government agencies policing it) would never be able to. And the people aren’t having it anymore.

Checkout March Against Monsanto and head to a local event. Hand out some printed articles on GMOs from NaturalSociety or elsewhere, and just try and spread the word in a kind and inviting way to the general public.


Message from Jeshua About HETs

This is from a super web site I could spend hours investigating. Suggest you check it out.


Message from Jeshua; Father’s Day, June 17, 2012

Since the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945, extraterrestrial beings, who look quite human but of a more perfected form, began to congregate around Planet Earth.  For the sake of efficiency in words, they shall be referred to as “HETs” or Human Extraterrestrials.

Many of those HETs then began serving as ambassadors to a most troubled planet.  As you might expect, first contacts were made with Alpha Leaders.  A most notable example of this was a meeting shortly after the Korean War with President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A very kind and loving offer was made by the HETs to help quell the violence and assist with the resurrection of the hearts and souls and minds of men from the ashes and turmoil resulting from too much fighting and too much use of deadly technology.  The only thing that was asked of mankind was to cease all use of nuclear weaponry.

The Alpha Leader and his top military advisors rejected the offer and soon thereafter negotiated with renegade ETs that mankind refers to simply as “The Greys.”

Alpha Leaders

“Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts”

When the offer of the HETs was rejected, a different tactical move had to be initiated.  It was hoped that sanity could be brought back to Planet Earth by contacting common people, particularly those with higher mental and spiritual vibrations.  In other words, a plan was initiated to defuse a violent planet from the base up.

Thousands upon thousands of so called common people of the world were contacted by the HETs hoping to inspire positive changes on Planet Earth.  A notable example is Billy Meier who has had numerous face-to-face meetings with HET ambassadors to the planet.

Regretfully, the deviant plans of the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts have almost totally extinguished that contact and his information through assassination attempts and assaults upon the man’s character and credibility.

In the broader arena, the Alpha Dogs and their Grey Cohorts have created a plague of fear that is suffocating the hearts and souls and minds of men.

The Greys have come to represent all ETs.  They have abducted countless human beings for an array of experiments focused primarily on genetic manipulations.  They have killed cattle for the biological tissues that they need.  They have invaded peoples’ lives in most terrifying ways, and so much more.

We know that mankind quivers in fear dreading what might happen next and for that reason this message comes.  It comes to let mankind know that the HETs outnumber the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts.

HETs walk the planet and have infiltrated the restricted halls and underground facilities of the Alpha Dogs.  They serve as secret agents and have been able to accomplish much through their undercover operations to foil the plans of the Alpha Dogs.

While such HETs operate upon the planet and beneath its surface, there are even greater numbers of HETs just beyond the stratosphere of Earth.  Under crucial circumstances, the planet-size ships of the HETs and their smaller transportation vehicles are prepared for rescue missions.

This should be comforting to mankind.  However, each human being must work diligently now to increase his or her vibrational frequency.  The higher the frequency, the brighter the light emitted.

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Current Update: New Documentary About ET Genetic Manipulation

I bet THIS will set a few people on their ear. Just posted on YouTube June 25th.

The longer I listened, the more intriguing it became, and I had several aha! moments. It all makes so much sense now; who we are, how we came to be the way we are, and then pertaining to our current situation, how living in the fear held us back and under the control of the elite—whereas now, as we come from more of a place of love and power, and as we regain our severed connection to Source, we are in revolt and rejecting their domination. Crystal clear.

Can’t wait for Part 2. Watch Part 1 below. Thank you, Alfred and William. He really knows his stuff.

The good news is, we’ll be going to 2,000 strands of DNA after Ascension, but most of those will be in the etheric body, not the physical one.

“Occupy Adam’s Calendar” A multi-part film by Alfred Lambremont Webre

“Occupy Adam’s Calendar, Part I – ET Genetic Manipulation: Geneticist William Brown” is the first release in a multi-part film by Alfred Lambremont Webre

The film is a tour de force on the science of extraterrestrial intervention and genetic manipulation of our Earth human species as seen through the genius of University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown. The film grows out of Occupy Adam’s Calendar, a 280,000 year-old Annunaki extraterrestrial site in South Africa. On November 28, 2011 international researchers including University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown joined activist and author Michael Tellinger to Occupy Adam’s Calendar, break the cycle of Annunaki occupation, and reveal it to the world.

From the Introduction: “Occupy Adam’s Calendar”

“280,000 years ago, Annunaki extraterrestrials in the Deep Abzu (South Africa) established a vast machine for teleporting gold to their planet.

“These Annunaki extraterrestrials also devolved our DNA from a 12-strand DNA to a 2-strand DNA.

“The Annunaki extraterrestrial occupation of Gaia and homo sapiens continues to this day.

“Queen Elizabeth Windsor is current Annunaki bloodline planetary ruler, maintaining perpetual war, Gaia exploitation (GOD = Gold, oil, drugs), and devolving homo sapiens DNA.
Her grandson, Prince William, is being groomed as planetary Annunaki bloodline King, heir to Adam’s Calendar.

“On 11.11.11, the government of Deep Abzu (South Africa) closed Adam’s Calendar, the Annunaki gold teleportation machine, to the public.

“Occupy Adam’s Calendar

“On 11.28.11, international researchers joined activist and author Michael Tellinger to Occupy Adam’s Calendar, break the cycle of Annunaki occupation, and reveal it to the world.

“‘Occupy Adam’s Calendar’ Part I – ET Genetic Manipulation with geneticist William Brown” is the first release in this multi-part film by Alfred Lambremont Webre

The film “Occupy Adam’s Calendar” is a Faculty Project of : Continuing Education in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics.



Quantum Electrodynamics of the Biological System


“The Light-Encoded DNA Filament and Biomolecular Quantum Communication” by William Brown, University of Hawaii (PDF)

Download Synopsis – The Light Encoded DNA Filament and Biomolecular Quantum Communication—the-light-encoded-dna-filament-…