Something Huge Just Happened and the Mainstream Media Is Ignoring It

Thanks Drake/Gramy J for sharing on Cosmic Voice FB.

To the average person, it would seem inconceivable that the lamestream media would simply leave this out, but it’s not in the government’s favour to air developments like this, so… silence ensues.

This happened end of March/beginning of April.

(Can you imagine what it will be like when the media actually tells us what’s going on?!)

Apparently the required number of states have now filed for “Constitutional Convention”.

If I recall correctly what I read recently, over the years it was very close, and two or three states subsequently reversed, but apparently reversals are not recognized or something to that effect, so now they’ve theoretically reached critical mass, and may possibly be legally in a position to do what needs to be done to take the country back, break free of the rogue federal government and make positive changes by mandate of The People and create a new Constitution that serves The People rather than the government—it’s original intent.

So, while we may need a magnifying glass to see some of what is going on behind the scenes, things ARE happening—albeit at a glacial pace—but the cabal is losing ground and the Light forces are advancing strongly on several fronts. 

I recommend reading the entire article.  ~ BP



April 7, 2014

You may be aware of Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” released last year which called for a “Convention of the States”. Article 5 of the Constitution gives the several states the ability to convene a convention in which the Constitution may be amended, changed, or even scrapped.

The most important political development in 200 years was triggered last week, when the state legislature of Michigan became the 34th state to demand a “Constitutional Convention” in the United States. Under Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 2/3rds of the states call for such a convention, (meaning 34 states) it MUST take place.

During such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution can be changed; nothing is off-limits. This would even allow the States to dismantle the federal government without its consent, and repudiate the debt which that government has incurred! When it voted for the convention last week, Michigan became the 34th state, thus meeting the requirement.

A goal has been reached behind what would be an unprecedented effort to amend the U.S. Constitution, through a little-known provision that gives states rather than Congress the power to initiate changes. This is the most significant political development in the entire world in the last 200 years.

At issue is what’s known as a “constitutional convention,” a scenario tucked into Article V of the U.S. Constitution. At its core, Article V provides two ways for amendments to be proposed. The first – which has been used for all 27 amendments to date – requires two-thirds of both the House and Senate to approve a resolution, before sending it to the states for ratification. The Founding Fathers, though, devised an alternative way which says if two-thirds of state legislatures demand a meeting, Congress “shall call a convention for proposing amendments.”

The idea has gained popularity among constitutional scholars in recent years — but got a big boost last week when Michigan lawmakers endorsed it.

Michigan matters, because by some counts it was the 34th state to do so. That makes two-thirds.

In the wake of the vote, California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter pressed House Speaker John Boehner on today to determine whether the states just crossed the threshold for this kind of convention. Like Michigan lawmakers, Hunter’s interest in the matter stems from a desire to push a balanced-budget amendment — something that could be done at a constitutional convention.

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Secession Petition: WH Answer is “No” and Next Steps

Drake posted this on the American National Militia web site… pretty hard to change the government through the ballot when 1) most of the voters are asleep and 2) the ballot counting is rigged.

Secession Petition: White House Answer is “No”
Posted on 01/14/2013

White House answers petitions demanding secession from union: ‘No’

TRUTHER January 14, 2013

We the People website, which prompted discussion of Piers Morgan and a US Death Star, leads to official response

Matt Williams

The United States are set to remain united for the foreseeable future, after the White House issued a polite “no” in answer to calls for secession from parts of the South.

Petitions had been submitted to the We the People website, which is run by the White House, from discontented individuals in eight states – South CarolinaAlabamaNorth CarolinaTennessee, Georgia, FloridaTexas and Louisiana. Each called for their state to be allowed to withdraw from the union. Each petition having attracted more than 25,000 names, the White House was obliged to respond.

White House answers petitions demanding secession from union 'No'

The task of responding to the petitions for secession – which has not been tried since the end of theAmerican Civil War in 1865 seemed to have settled the question – fell to Jon Carson, director of the office of public engagement. In thanking the petitioners, Carson noted in a statement posted on Friday that democracy can be “noisy and controversial”.

“Free and open debate is what makes this country work, and many people around the world risk their lives every day for the liberties we often take for granted,” he said. “But as much as we value a healthy debate, we don’t let that debate tear us apart.”

Carson went on to explain that the founding fathers established the constitution of the United States “in order to form a more perfect union”. They enshrined in law the right to change the national government through the ballot, Carson said, “but they did not provide a right to walk away from it.”

Since being launched, the We the People has seen the White House obliged respond to a number of petitions, from a call to deport the CNN host Piers Morgan, thanks to his views on gun control, to demands that the US should build a Star Wars-esque Death Star, for the purposes of the nation’s defience.


Drake Kent ·  Top Commenter

As these people were told would be the answer.
And yet, another petition to agree to The Declaration Of Independence got very few votes?
I strongly suggest that ALL of these petitions have been redacted, messed with, and that none of the results can be ‘trusted’, nor anyone in office.
-Because of this and the seeming apathy for action, that this now comes down to We The People…
The gun rights issue has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with Control!
Each American Citizen has the Duty to remove a repressive government, AND is The reason for The Second Amendment/Article.
-It is past time for talk and time for action.
We The People need to arm ourselves in order to be able to Defend ourselves from our very own government.
-Our military agreed to all of this a long time ago, that they would support efforts by We The People to return to our founding documents and become a FREE people once again…
Over the next few days I will be getting the information as to IF and When this is to all come about.
IF not we are looking at a shooting civil war.
IF so we will experience a smooth transition.
-Those are the ONLY two answers.