Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs

Veterans Today released their next update on the current situation on Starship Earth. Great job, Mr. James.

You gotta love the way they get the intel out there without being held accountable.

“I wish I could confirm to you that this Special Secret Cell now working on this mass-murder weapon is inside Sandia Labs, but I am not at liberty to do so.”

They make it sound here as though the clock is ticking for Humanity, and that if we don’t put an end to the reptilians, they’re going to put a rapid end to us.

Perhaps that’s why the good guys are pulling the stops on alien disclosure. It’s not terribly “soft” these days.

The documentary on SyFy channel last night, “Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed” didn’t mince words—much.

They released some images never before seen on television of the moon bases and did a great job of sharing the fact that NASA covered up a lot of information—audio and visual—and airbrushed photos from the space missions and that the astronauts signed non-disclosure agreements.

They also revealed that there probably was an Apollo 20 mission—a joint USA/Soviet venture they forgot to tell us about—according to an astronaut who was on it, but that’s okay, we just pay for it. Why would we have any right to know what they’re doing with our tax dollars?

The fact that they retrieved a “mummified” Humanoid female alien wouldn’t interest Humanity either. Nah. Aliens don’t exist.

Thank you, Mary, for the heads up on that program.  Here’s the trailer.  ~ BP


Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs

By Preston James, Ph. D.

Have Ruling Super-elite Deviants set up a Secret Cell of Nuclear Weapon Scientists to covertly and quickly develop advanced Nuclear Devices they can then deploy to depopulate America by 90%, in order to avoid a threatened 100% Global Depopulation ” Reset” by Alien ETs which would include themselves?

Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Space War matters and Alien ET visitors.

If you have not examined all the evidence of such matters that was presented in previous Secret Space War articles, you are probably wasting your valuable time reading this and it will seem like nonsense to you.

You are not allowed to know this information by the Powers That Be (PTB). They don’t really care what you believe as long as it is plausibly deniable, but they have gone to extreme limits by controlling the USG, the Judiciary, the Major Mass Media and the Educational System to make sure you cannot know these things for sure.

The particular Alien ET group which allegedly made this Ultimatum in the first place which was communicated to this exclusive group by a spokesman is believed to be the Dracos.

This Ultimatum was reported by an insider and corroborated by another.

And it is believed by numerous insiders that these Dracos are represented by and aligned with the World Zionists (WZs) working out of the City of London Financial District and through their main Action-Agent Cutouts, Israel leaders and their Assets inside the American Establishment.

These stateside assets include NeoCons, PNACers, AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual Citizens, and the private Federal Reserve System which is a franchisee of the City of London’s World Zionist private Central Bank. (1)

leadbaphometNote: These Dracos only appear to a select very small number of WZ leaders in Europe and America, which have been referred to as “Luciferian Circles of Twelve” one inside America and One in Europe. Some have claimed these Circles of Twelve become Circles of Thirteen when Lucifer appears in person as Baphomet during key rituals.

The Dracos’ alliance with pure Evil.

It is now known that the Dracos claim to get their power directly from Lucifer and have been assigned the responsibility of targeting Planet Earth for depopulation by Terra-forming and re-population of a new Draco/human hybrid species. Recognition of this alliance between the Dracos and the entity that has been trying for eons to be the Ultimate Evil Destroyer of mankind certainly explains a lot of questions about the presence of so much evil, death, destruction and human suffering on planet Earth.

The reason that there is now an increasing number of ordinary folks who know about the Dracos is because they have been observed by Alien ET abduction victims during abductions directing Greys to perform strange medical procedures to extract biological materials from these abductees.

The information about this Final Warning seems to fit with numerous other reports over the last several years. If true, this warning carries some startling implications for the continued survival of the American Masses and perhaps the World Masses.


These World Zionists (WZs) are also known as the City of London Banksters, aka the Rothschild World Bankers.

These WZs have two main Action-Agents/Cutouts, the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC, aka Fourth Reich) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate run out of Israel (IZCS).

Why would these Dracos order the few top WZs who they run as their primary Cutouts to institute just drastic action to reduce the population in America? Haven’t they obtained enough success toward attaining their intended NWO Alien Agenda?

This is a VERY long article. Please read the rest at Veterans Today…

The Terra Papers: The Hidden History of Eridanus and Earth from a Native American shared this version of our history and it, too, is most intriguing.

Robert Morning Sky published his ‘Terra Papers’ in 1996 so it’s been around the Internet for awhile, but if you haven’t read it, you may find it resonates with you as much as the other ‘true history’ I’ve shared lately.

You can purchase ‘The Terra Papers’ inexpensively, or read the remainder of the story here.

En espagnol

New truth-seekers, please keep in mind that any predictions from the past about catastrophic events of any kind destroying Earth and her people are no longer accurate.

There were, in the past, multiple timelines that could have manifested in our 3D reality at this time based on the free-will choices of mankind, but all negative timelines have been eliminated and we shall triumph over the dark and renew our beautiful planet, bringing Heaven down to Earth, as they like to put it. I think it has a nice ring, too, and our new life in the elevated densities will be heavenly indeed.  ~ BP


We are not alone.
The astronomers are wrong. The scientists are wrong.
They are here, but we cannot see them because they hide. They hide…in plain sight.
We are their servants, we are their slaves, we are their property….we are theirs.


In time, the Star Being would come to trust the six.

By using a small crystal to create images, the Visitor began to communicate with the young men. Calling him the Star Elder, the youths sat at the knee of their Friend, examining all of the crystalline images with great care, piecing together the incredible history of our Solar system and Mankind itself.

Star Elder’s message was simple.. Star Beings have been here since Earth was a barren rock. They were here when Man was created and have been here throughout his evolution. In some cases their involvement was benevolent, in some cases, it was not. Man has been guided…and he has been misled. The Star Beings have been our Gods…and our Devils.

They have always been here, and they are still here now.

When pressed to explain his presence on Earth, the “Star Elder” stunned the six. There was a war in the skies above, his ship had been downed by enemy forces!

I am called ‘Morning Sky’… Robert Morning Sky.

My grandfather was one of the six young Indian rescuers. When I was young, my grandfather told me the story about his Star visitor. He and his friends called him ‘Star Elder’, a name given out of respect. But as time passed, his name was revealed to the youths. He was called… ‘Bek’Ti’.

This is his story…and mine.

In the late sixties, I was enrolled at a University in a Religious Studies program. Towards the end of my studies, I submitted a paper that briefly summarized the history of Man and Earth as told by Bek’Ti. I titled the paper, ‘TERRA, a Hidden History of Planet Earth’. I was sure it had presented & well researched and well documented work.

It was immediately labeled a work of outrageous, if not blasphemous, distortion of historical records and not of the caliber of a serious student of Religion. The TERRA PAPERS, the story of Bek’Ti, nearly got me thrown out of school.

In frustration, I approached a UFO organization and some UFO researchers reasonably confident that they would be most interested in my story. To my surprise, I was rejected offhand. I was advised by one researcher that UFO’ s were quite clearly a phenomena of a technology and NOT the works of the mythical beings of primitive peoples. (Curiously, he is now a well-respected UFO author and has recently released a book on the ET/Native American connection.)

For thirty years, I have avoided telling the story. The initial response to my efforts was discouraging. But I have recently been persuaded to try again.

The history of Man and Earth presented by Bek’Ti is both exciting and frightening. The creation of Man and his place in the galaxy is made clear but in the process his nobility, and his pride, will be injured. The abduction phenomena and the attending grey beings are revealed to have been integral parts of Man’s history but are explained against the framework of the purposes of the Star Beings for Mankind.

The sources of Man’s religions and the origins of legendary figures like Zeus, the Minotaur, Osiris and Isis, and a number of other ‘mythological’ beings are explained and also placed into the framework of the History of Planet Earth.

And, so too, upcoming events can be predicted. Not from any psychic abilities or channeling, but from patterns of an on-going effort to direct Planet Earth.

Man will soon be surrounded with images of asteroids and falling fiery comets. Black pigs will be seen everywhere as will Angel figures. Dinosaurs will become children’s heroes and violence will be the foundation of their play. New airborne diseases, immune to existing treatments, will surface. NASA will be rendered weak and impotent, if not terminated.

galactic war of conquest rages over our heads…

Earth…and Man…is the prize.

This is my story…

This is my Grandfather’s story …and… this is the story of Bek’Ti.



The explosion rocked the Nothingness of the Void.

Primordial ‘essence’ was thrown violently outward. Like a primeval ocean, wave after wave crashed out into the black pit of the Void. Nothingness beheld Chaos, Chaos poured out into Nothingness.

As the primeval waters streamed outwards, rivers of dark ‘essence’ swirled together, forming huge whirlpools. As the whirlpools spun inwards, the ‘essence’ condensed into clouds of gas. Superheated from the compression forces in the core of the swirl, sparks ignited the volatile clouds. Explosion after explosion formed enormous balls of fire, supernovas of brilliant red and dwarf stars of blazing blue.


Like islands in the waters of ‘essence’, the stars formed from the swirls in the spinning galaxies. Time after time, the process was repeated in the Void… time after time, a galaxy was born.

In time, one of these galaxies would come to be known as ‘ERIDANUS’. This is a history of one small part of ERIDANUS… and a tiny world known to us as EARTH.

Read the rest of the manuscript…

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation & Spiritual Hierarchy for March 25th

Not to add to the drama, just wanted to clarify that I received this update directly from the PAO autoresponder via email as I always do, despite their web site issues, which Colleen and Sheldan say was not directed solely at them, and that other sites have experienced hacking as well. Just fun and games from the cabal’s minions. It shows their desperation and frustration—so let’s keep frustrating them!  ~ BP

Together, we can transform this darkness into freedom and prosperity! The time comes for all of us to alter this darkness into Light!

Events are ready to manifest that can swiftly bring in this new governance. We ask all of you to use your vast collective energies to bring this about.

by PAO


5 Cauac, 2 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! We come with more news about what is happening around your world. At present, a worldwide reset is going on that is swiftly to bring you a number of important gifts. The global financial system is nearing a state of stress where those who wish to maintain the old are finding out that their former dominance is rapidly fading. Our liaisons are reporting that this process has reached a point where the new system is beginning to manifest. The dark cabal now understands that the new system is to manifest fully and that their stalling is at an end! In other areas of import, we are nearly to the level where new governance can be officially announced. As this galactic month of March winds down, know that a new reality is to appear brightly before your eyes. In the new reality, you are to hear clearly of our benevolent mission to your world, and of our mass landing on your beautiful shores! We then intend to address you and give you an overview of how you are to return to full consciousness. At that time your Agarthan cousins are also to introduce you to the lands of Inner Earth.

Gaia has told us that the time for our mission here is nearing a point where it is necessary to bring those matters delaying contact to a head and open channels to contact. The present cabal-controlled government has hesitantly permitted only a brief mention of what happened over the past years since Roswell. This degree of non-cooperation needs to be stopped as she dearly wishes to reunite her inner and outer halves. Every so often, dimensional glitches occur that create anomalous situations. These can lead to tragedies. We understand what her elementals are expressing. It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

portal space

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to “normal” and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mention this since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time. We say this because these various points of dimensional intersection are shortly to become more active. We have been watching this closely and wish to make you aware that your home world needs to reunify itself. The forces led by the dark cabal need to be defeated and the pressures to drastically transform your reality need to be victorious. We have therefore instructed our liaisons to use whatever force is required to bring in a new reality on Gaia’s surface.

At present, the dark is being told to surrender and to allow a new prosperity and a new governance to take hold. Events are ready to manifest that can swiftly bring in this governance. We ask all of you to use your vast collective energies to bring this about. Your global societies have reached a point where a great deal of change is decreed to occur. We are assisting our Earth allies to push this evil cabal from power. We ask them to take control of your surface world and bring you to a welcomed victory. The various other phenomena that are ready to intensify show clearly the wisdom behind such a move. As you grow in consciousness, it becomes more and more difficult for the dark and its numerous minions to maintain any semblance of a status quo. This spring is indeed an ideal time for the rise of a new group that, in the name of the Light, can introduce you to the freedom and sovereignty that each of you truly possesses. In this new realm you can at last meet your spiritual and space families!

1527128 806534972696821 1309887689 n

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come, knowing that many things in your realm are in limbo. These are due to the final aspects of a secret conflict between the leaders of the dark cabal and those pledged to much overdue changes in the financial world. The global economy is in need of a massive transformation. These alterations are blessings that need to be implemented. Our associates and other like-minded groups are determined to institute these changes now! Once these things are formally announced, we can move forward with the rest of the divine agenda to replace the current corrupt governance with a newer one. This makes it possible to permit us in Agartha to come forward and freely explain many things to you. Our associates firmly state to us that these various financial items are underway. This is to open a road that is to end your current difficulties.

You are all in the midst of changes to your physical bodies that are to be the prelude to returning to full consciousness. New governance can give you a plethora of new technologies, as well as a release of information on your origins and history. All of this combined together is a wondrous beginning for what we intend to teach. Its basis is that we are all part of a vast interlinked unity called Life, formed from the great Love and infinite Light stemming from the Creator. Physicality just is! It has no true beginnings. Part of this is due to the realities expressed by the Supreme Energies that are the Creator. It is this grand Love that brings us together. You live in a world of horrible illusions that appear real! Our service is to alter these and together change these illusions to ones filled with Love Light, Freedom and Prosperity!

1014015 290940654399571 1508321309 n

Often, you have to face a terrible dragon. This horror-filled illusion can cause grief, ill health and a massive fear to appear suddenly. Be strong and realize that you are not alone. Supporters and a grand Love of the Divine Light surround you. Take this time to go inward and feel your inner strengths. Take succor from Heaven and know in your heart that this realm is indeed changing. The events of this day are to bring in a new Light that is to shine and expose the dark. Their time is ending. A new era for humanity is well underway. Take heart from what is happening and be prepared to share your great Love and grand gifts with all. Our message is to rejoice internally and be ready to do the same with each other. Good times are manifesting! A wondrous prosperity is truly here! Our reaction is one simple phrase. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued with our message. You are surrounded by a world filled with Love and Light. Yet, you see only the dark and its numerous manifestations. Together, we can transform this darkness into freedom and prosperity! The time comes for all of us to alter this darkness into Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Former Cabal Member Chip Tatum & Stew Webb [audio]

“Little Bird” as mentioned in the interview

This is a very recent interview (posted Feb 7), and chock full of fascinating stuff. I was relieved that Stu only squeezed out one major rant (on the Stew scale).

Chip shares titillating information about too many topics to count and provides a number of peeks behind the curtain of  the cabal.

Kerry intended to do an interview that broached new topics and intel rather than rehashing the same old stuff and she did an admirable job of sticking to that. There was a lot I hadn’t heard before.

As I mentioned in the post about the hidden village in South America, they touch on the topics of UFOs, the Galactics, the Nazis, Antarctica, Operation Paperclip, etc. and other things that will be of interest to you. Chip said he’s met all kinds of people he previously believed had died in WWII. Would that have been in South America when he lived there?

Dinar holders, you may be interested to hear Stew Webb’s view on what he considers a massive scam.

I was amused to hear Chip say the military is concerned about the waves of energy coming to Earth that appears to be disrupting electronics, forcing an inordinate number of planes to make emergency landings, etc. He mentioned this in relation to ISON.

Near the conclusion, Chip revealed that he talks to various astronauts and confirmed they have seen the ships moored on the back side of the moon. He also confirmed that the astronauts DID stand on the moon’s surface and have their own photos of extraterrestrial craft observing them at the time.

He also says he sees the ‘indicators’ on TV, etc. and throughout society that point to the imminent disclosure of the star nations.

A reminder for new truth-seekers: just because these knowledgeable insiders are sharing this information doesn’t make it true. They may have been given disinformation in some areas or come to conclusions about things that are incorrect.

I also believe that sometimes Kerry is ‘used’ to share disinfo. She doesn’t necessarily believe everything her guests say, and I’m not applying that comment to this specific broadcast, just generally.  ~ BP

Published on 7 Feb 2014

Gene Chip Tatum: Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot, 25-year CIA deep-cover agent; and member of the ultra-secret, Pegasus “hit team”. For more about Gene Tatum go here:

Chip’s website:

Stewart Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 29 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings to name a few. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman is a member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”.

Holographic Disclosure II [video]

Thanks to Good stuff to help awaken people.  ~ BP

Published on 9 Dec 2013
Please note: Dead Scientist. com has disappeared.

Subjects covered:
The Secret human Grid:
The Second Warning:
Programing disasters through Subliminals:
666 The Beast Revealed:
Fossil Fuel Lies:
The Oil Secret:
GM Secret of over writing the original source codes:
The Nuclear Secret:
Much More:

Crystallize your Avatar Hologram

From the Children of the Sun Foundation… some fascinating material.

Crystallize your Avatar Hologram

For all of you sun warriors out there, if have been feeling a little topsy turvy lately, you have a reason why. You are one with our SUN, which has recently undergone reversal of its magnetic field, completely flipping in polarity!

Scientists at NASA claim this to be a ‘big event‘, affecting the entire heliosphere, which extends past the orbit of Pluto to the very edge of interstellar space. Supposedly, this happens every 11 years at the peak of each solar cycle and when the sun reorganizes its magnetic dynamo.

While not an alarming event, what a tremendous reflection this is to those of us exploring conscious evolution. This ‘overturning’ energy has just launched us into a new annual cycle. This first quarter can be quite a phenomenal experience if we take full advantage of this momentum and apply it to our own dynamic field, of polarized perception.

This far-reaching solar activity is helping us to unlock yet another crystalline seal in our energy matrix that initiates us, collectively, into expanded states of multi-dimension.
The purpose of this next group focus is upon our liberation from the prison of perception that keeps us confined to human-limiting thought programs. This opens the way for the crystallization of a brand new reality and its manifestation into the physical experience.

Invalidate the Polarized Perception


In December, the morphogenetic stress web was introduced, described as a carbon blockade fortified by an army of degenerative, time-coded programs that eventually stresses the body’s entire energetic matrix.

It is from inside this mortal shell that the all-encompassing stress web adheres us to a locking mechanism, preventing the full opening of our crystalline seals. These seals comprise the frequency overlays that give passageway to the dormant DNA programs.

The unlocking process into our full genetic potential involves not only the removal of the stress web but also a permanent shift in our perceptual awareness. We can then expand into new realities of a more limitless, multidimensional nature.

The vast subject matter of ‘human perception’ can be simplified all the way down to four fundamental truths. These are not new ideas, however, if we were to truly live our life by these key understandings, our reality is guaranteed to shift, radically.

Invalidate the Polarized Perception …
1. Nothing in the Physical Dimension is Real

“Perception” is generally described in the dictionaries as… the interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment. Yet, most everything that is perceived through the human senses is an illusion!

We are now removing the convincing perceptual lens that locks us into conditioned belief and constricting feedback loops. These limitations are created based upon all of the materialized appearances that we see and regard as real.

In fact, we know that there is no solidity at the core of physical existence. There is only substance that carries the illusion of solidity due to the repulsive forces that exist between its charged particles.

Scientists discovered long ago that all matter is comprised of oscillating fields and waves of rhythm. At the heart of the atom and its compacted nucleus, there is no solid object to be found, but rather a dynamic pattern of tightly condensed vibrating energy.

In other words, we are nothing more than densely compacted energy particles constantly in motion. Our physical form is temporarily cohered from the billions of electrical signals running through our body in accordance to how we are interpreting and defining reality through sensory stimuli.

All of nature and even societal frameworks are coalesced and reflecting their appearance of dense matter based upon how we, as a collective consciousness, are interpreting what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.


Invalidate the Polarized Perception …

2. Human Reality is a Projected Illusion


Quantum physicists continue to find clear scientific evidence that the universe we inhabit is a giant holographic existence. 

This means that we are living inside an encoded light projection, analogous to an IMAX movie theater and its animated screen. Depending upon the lens of the perceiver, material substance in a hologram can change its form depending upon the point at which it is being observed.

As the main viewer, we are essentially living our own version of a virtual reality game. This illusionary experience is being played out within a dimension that is constantly reflecting back to us, our thought vibration. Everything around us represents the thoughts that we have emanated into this creation field.

This is all part of the morphogenetic time-coded template and its interconnected grid matrices that have been empowered by both individual and collective consciousness. It is what creates the façade of a material world.

Our game token and how we maneuver in this matrix is through the apparatus of ‘thought’. Our thinking births live energetic substance into motion. This stream of living light energy then responds back to us through a superimposed projection upon a reflective backdrop, appearing right in front of us.

You, as the thinking game master, are then living out an experience from what is showing up on your personal life screen. This is why it is said that all realities lie within us. We are truly creator Gods in training.

What we perceive as being real is nothing more than sensory-based projections from our own mind. These mental perceptions trigger the creation of our reality and attract to us circumstances, things, situations and people to play in the role as our game pieces.

Up to now, most of us have lived our lives based largely upon assumption and false appearances created by what we perceived to be real. Our entire reality is really an illusion.

Once we understand these principles and master the ‘thinking’, our new creations begin to take on majestic form. We can also maneuver much easier on the bridge between dimensions.

All Relations are Aspects of the Self    

All of the relationships that are appearing in our lives are aspects of our personal human hologram that represent parts of our whole; the child self, the parent self, the friend self, the brother-sister self, the business self, the spiritual self, the playful self.

Some of these aspects are kind, happy and loving. Others might be experiencing pain and struggle. Some might not be fully expressing themselves while others are commanding a greater personal expression. The majority of these people in our intimate sphere are mirroring the thoughts that we have about our self. If you contemplate this, you will discover a lot about yourself.

The revolving door of association reflects your evolution as a thinking intelligence and sentient being. You, as God, are the thought and you, as God, are the thinker. Each person is relevant and plays a part within the totality of WHO you are. As we expand, departing from established relationships is normal and natural due to the mirror that is no longer needed.

Knowing this, there is no reason, whatsoever, to blame or negatively judge any person or life situation … ever again. You have created it all! Whatever it is that you perceive about another individual, you are forcing that quality into your own experience, whether negative or positive. The moment that you think either perfection or imperfection, you bring that quality into your own experience.

This is why the only desirable feeling to be projected is love, pure unselfish love that holds everyone (you) in their highest potential.


Instantly Change your Reality Game

If you want your projection screen to remain status quo, you may continue to think in the same way. If you want any of your pictures to go away, STOP THE THOUGHT and walk away from the energy that you are currently giving to it, especially the emotional bond.

You can recall past thoughts surrounding any projection back to you to cancel its manifested effect. Re-qualify every thought in love and then shut the door. Think in a new way to create another, more desirous reality projection.

The more that you think, feel and enliven any projection, the bigger it grows and the more stable it becomes. Remember, it is always your choice, your creation and your reality game.


Evolve from the Sensory Driven Matrix

For those of us ascending into more intelligent realities, we are moving off of the playing field that is sustained by the sensory driven, ‘what you see is what you get’, perceptual distortion. As long as we are being guided by what our human senses are reading to the brain, we will never move beyond the lock and chain of dual awareness.

We are also detaching from our controlling memory banks that are clothed in time sequenced looping patterns. This keeps us bound on the wheel of human cycles and historical aging sequences. As challenging as this is, we are missioned to do this as a collective grouping in order to cut the pathways into multi-dimension.

It is a scientific fact that memory greatly alters perception. To permanently expand perceptual awareness, we must shift beyond past association and into timeless awareness. We are then liberated from the matrix of tradition and mass societal patterns.


Help Create a New Earth Hologram

Has our planet been hijacked by alien forces? Do elitist factions dominate the world? Are we being lied to, cheated and deceived by our governments? Are we really in a financial crisis?

As long as we think this, project the thoughts about it and abide within the matrix that upholds this illusion… this will, no doubt, be the reflection coming into our personal mirror of truth. (Many people are transitioning away from these perceptions.)

The collective consciousness of humanity, together with its toxic thoughtforms, has created the appearance of a dominantly controlled world in conflict and suffering. To un-create this, could it be as simple as withdrawing our thoughts given to it?

According to divine principle, yes. According to quantum physics, yes.

Carrying out the final answer to this question is a very big and very bold responsibility for those of us who are creating new Earth realities. One thing is certain. Talking about how bad the world or criticizing those things that are seemingly wrong and victimizing greatly empowers the appearance by feeding it with our energy, as if it is real. This delays our societal transition.

One of the quickest ways to stop the seeming insanity is to STOP THE THOUGHT that negatively judges it. With compassion, we are allowing Divine Intervention to do its job and living what we know is true in our heart according to its highest ideals. Adore the world for what it truly is as a learning ground for consciousness and assist others where you can to rise out of the illusion.

The continued withdrawal of our collective energy from the matrix of fear-based consciousness is buckling the grids that frame it. Everything upon its projection screen will eventually collapse. This helps us to understand what is going on in the world today. The fictitious façade is coming down.

We are not creating the New Earth by playing in delusive duality games. Instead, we are creating something entirely different from divinely inspired thought projections. We are operating from evolutionary principles that do not exist in the polarized fields of the sensory driven perception.

We are ever grateful for the human play. All that has been in our experience as a race has been the perfectly chosen and purposeful experience deemed into existence by our Creator. Everything has been and continues to be driven through this greater Will and Purpose.

By activating the mutant code in all atomic matter, this force of Good is now enacting a evolutionary exodus that is ascending every form of life into a more loving and intelligent expression.


Invalidate the Polarized Perception …

3. We are Particles of Energy inside the Body of God

Everywhere there is conscious life all made from the exact same core substance. This starts from an innate intelligence in the very nucleus of the globular atom. For years, scientists have known that atoms are intelligently driven particles of energy that can discriminate and choose.

Just as our physical bodies are made up of spinning atoms, all of our human forms cohere together to create an even greater body. This evolved entity comprises the sum total of a group consciousness.

The evolved group atom and its unifying nature demonstrates further as planetary consciousness which is the sum total of all of the groups and states of awareness. The evolution of the atom continues on into solar consciousness, then into galactic consciousness and on and on. At each successive stage, the evolving atom expands into more encompassing fields of intelligence that eventually returns to the consciousness of the Creator Deity Itself.

From macro to micro, everything is a representation of the larger whole and part of a deeper reality where all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. This holographic nature of life expresses through a whirling spheroidal form as it works out an intelligent purpose.

Your consciousness is born from and permanently resides within this vast body called God awareness. You are this Source entity experiencing itself in a form. There is no other recognition possible.

Invalidate the Polarized Perception … 
4. Every Atom has the Mutant Code
It is said that there are about  7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in our human body.

This is quite amusing but imagine that in every single atom there is intelligent life. Imagine further that each of these atoms contains a divine mutant code to undergo morphogenesis. Our shift into a unified, immortal species is our destiny!

We are being assisted in a great acceleration due to Earth’s evolved position in hyperspace and the photon light that is emanating to us from the sun. We, as a planetary existence, are transitioning from one reality into another at an exponential pace.

There is substantial help from the advanced grids that have anchored and are providing us with an upgraded morphogenetic ‘how to’ template that propels human evolution into another race genetic. We are leaving the extremes of polarized experience by gradually shifting into a new morphic resonance that operates from Universal Law.

God, the entity, is changing its program of experience through us as its thinking atoms. It is this all-pervasive consciousness that is expressing through the kingdoms of nature, societal systems, governments, religions, financial institutions, philosophies, all destruction, reconstruction and everything that we call life on Earth.

As this divine pulsation now moves with seeming greater determination, causing great shifts upon our planet, we, as a unified cell, respond to each transition. As our consciousness expands, we enter more and more into the knowledge of the Divine Plan.

It is through personal inspiration, that we are called to collaborate with this Greater Purpose.

Be Inspired!

Inspiration is defined as the divine guidance that is exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.

To be inspired means that your mind has reached a stage where you are consciously and positively under the control of your higher aspect of self, the God within.

This benevolent influence can control your physical brain; enable you to make decisions and to understand the truth, apart from any rationalization. This inner guidance can speak and write through you without your use of the lower mind.

When we can contact this inner Presence, all truth is revealed to us. We become Knowers. This is the highest meaning of crystallizing the ‘Avatar Hologram’ into physical plane reality. This is when we can live our lives governed by Providence, the direct revelation of spirit on the highest plane.

We are thinking humans endowed with intelligence and a divine mutant code that is activating. We are an aspect of Source playing out a virtual reality game through our body vehicle and its maturing consciousness.

You, as a divinely inspired atom, are challenged to evolve yourself into an awakened state of omnipotence. As you do this and as all of your atom friends do this… God, the entity, expands.  All is Perfection. It always has been.

Source: email newsletter from Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

Lt. Col. Roy Potter (Ret.) on our Dire Situation [video]

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For those finding it difficult to decide whether now is the time for The Event or if it would be better to wait, this may be helpful. 

When the oathkeepers like the police and the military believe they must blindly carry out whatever orders they are given without considering what is right and wrong using their heart, tyranny can easily result. ~ BP

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Published on 1 Dec 2013

Time for our awareness to cause action. The evil in our government is constantly seizing more and more power through manipulating us. Paramount is Charles Krauthammer’s article in the Washington Post titled “The Outbreak of Lawlessness.” The link is below to his article and I include a letter I wrote to friends and family. I discuss Oathkeepers, Chuck Smith (smithfix), and gun confiscation in NY and CA. Here below are the links I refer to in the video:

Charles Krauthammer
(My Letter First)

Friends and Family,

Am I thankful? Yes, to God and many things, but NOT this lawless and tyrannical government that give us NOTHING to thank it for!!!
We have witnessed the complete breakdown of our Constitutional Democratic Republic…and Congress acts like it goes along. YES! Even the Republicans (even George Bush, guys). Sorry, but it is just so. No one, I MEAN NO ONE, has the guts to stop this who can!! Silence equals agreement-even complicity. Throw out any need for an oath of office and defending the Constitution, these criminals do what they please when they please, this is NOT the government the law enforcement agencies and military swore to uphold. The worthless armed goons and thugs of the establishment witness this lawlessness by those in power and do nothing but write tickets to the little people for revenue gathering, or like the TSA, harass and violate the rights of all Americans and revel in it. When the people see their government wholly violate the law, what example does that give them? This is destruction and it is well underway. The Soviet Union had nothing this gang in Washington D.C. has not done, and D.C. has done far worse. We are the reincarnation of the Soviet Union on steroids, one far worse because at least the Soviet regime pretended to obey its own laws! Our regime breaks our laws openly and with impunity and disregard!!

Think I am making a big deal of nothing? Look at Texas, nullifying Obamacare and beginning secessionist plans (as I said they would). Look at Montana, Wyoming, and, can you believe!!!!, California nullifying the indefinite detension part of NDAA (as well and good Brown should have. At least he did one thing right)! Secessionist movement even by counties in Colorado and California. Yes, I know, these rumblings have happened before. But, this time, we are seeing a vastly different, what I call, order of battle. The nation is being ripped apart, and that by design.

Well, I hope you all realize I took my oath seriously, and there are others who are doing the same (most keep a lower profile than me, or guard their pensions with more gentle whining). My youtube site is reaching quite a few; but talk is cheap albeit necessary. I am now usually referring people to other more accomplished and less tainted commentators.

My problem is that people think this will pass them by. “Stay quiet, mind your own business, and you will be all right,” they say. Do they know what the end game is here? Do they not remember the Greek Philosopher who said, “You might not be interested in politics, but politics is ALWAYS interested in you.” Do they not learn from history? Do they not consider the Stalinist and Maoist purges? How about Pol Pot in Cambodia? How about the fact that the US is funding and training Al Qaeda and ADMITS it!!??!! If you do not know where this is going, I suggest you study it out in the papers and books of people like Zbignew Brezezinski, Henry Kissinger, John Holdren, and literally a hundred others.

Do I know what to do? OF COURSE!!! But, as most of you know, my name is not welcome in most societies, even the ones that oppose this wicked regime. But, I am here, and will stand ready anytime I am asked. God help us, but we turned our back on Him a long time ago!

What got me going today?

Below is an article by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, no less!! There are NOT enough of these. I doubt he is ever invited to the White House, or even the Congressional Press Room. Must be a good guy! I wonder how long the WP will keep him?

Charles Krauthammer…

Chuck Smith (Smithfix)