The Manipulation of Human Anxiety from Michael Tsarion [video]

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Here’s a short video that says a lot. The truth rings through loud and clear. 

There are no comments under this video yet at YouTube so if you see the value, you might share your thoughts and perhaps pre-empt the trolls.  ~ BP


It’s All About the Energies: Planetary Update from Jim Self [audio]

The robust incoming energies mean many things to many people. Emotions are running high and experiences may be tumultuous for some, but if we remember that we are riding the crest of the wave and the frothing and pummeling we see and feel is a sign that we are nearing the beach, it may help to view current circumstances as exciting and adventurous, as Jim suggests, rather than painful and negative.

We must remember that we are also one with Gaia, and in resonance with her. As she releases negative energies to regain her balance, we are going to experience shifts as well. It can’t be helped.

It’s the year of the horse, and I see us ripping along at full gallop across the pasture, our saddles listing to the right or left, tail and mane streaming in the wind. Some of us are grasping the horn for dear life, trying desperately not to tilt any further to avoid following the saddle under the belly of our steed where our head would be bouncing off the turf in our mad dash for freedom.

Let’s not go there! We are in control. We are the LIGHT WARRIORS, and despite being at a distinct disadvantage for thousands of years—WE ARE WINNING! We’re THAT close.

Many messages are coming forth to remind us to ban fear from our emotional repertoire and to consistently beam out the LOVE. No matter what happens now, it will all be worth it.

We are bigger than our experiences in this density and we would do well to remember that we are heroes to much of the Universe. If we could only see ourselves in that light rather than as the helpless Earthlings we’ve always been told we are, we might make different choices. 

Jim’s insights may alleviate some of the fear out there and help us to adapt to the metamorphosis and navigate it with ease and grace.  ~ BP

Planetary Update for February 2014

Here is the Planetary Update for February 2014 by Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy.

Jim brings us up to date on the planetary changes including the weather and earth changes, changes in the financial systems and world governance and internal, emotional changes. There are accelerating changes in the status quo and more to come. We can expect ‘disruptions’ externally in things and we will experience some significant shifts in the next three months, so it’s really important to choose how we will respond and not come from fear and reaction.

Internally, there is an equal amount of change. NASA has validated that the magnetic field around the earth is shifting and our emotions are directly affected as they are magnetic. Many people are experiencing imbalance, fears and anxiety coming up to be cleared.

As we go forward and we become masterful in mastering our focus, intention and energy, we will be able to move through this time as an exciting, adventurous time, rather than a fearful, upsetting and stressful time.

As always, the choice is yours. You create your reality. What do YOU CHOOSE?


About The Author

Jim Self is one of the few teachers, authors and speakers working at the leading edge, providing real, solid, up-to-date information and practical, workable tools that will enable us to keep pace with and comfortably navigate the transition humanity is currently in the midst of. A leader in the field of spiritual development, Jim has been leading seminars on personal energy management and the tools of Mastering Alchemy for over 30 years. He offers free live webinars, videos, articles, and energy tools for spiritual development and personal growth via his website, as well as advanced level programs and courses of instruction in Mastering Alchemy.

Morphogenetic Field Implosion: Analyzing the Energies & Preparing for Transformation

I had to laugh when I read the reference below to “pressure cooker” energies because that is precisely the analogy I used the other day on Facebook when a friend was “letting off steam” the way I’ve often felt like doing of late.

It’s sometimes difficult to reign in the emotions and be civil these days, speaking from personal experience. My patience is stretched to the max so I ask for assistance in making these transitions with ease and grace. 

Since we’re in unfamiliar territory, energetically speaking, there’s no telling how it will affect each of us individually as we stagger down our private paths. Because we DO share that Collective Consciousness, it would help if we can all keep it together.  ~ BP

Morphogenetic Field Implosion

Beloved Family,

We recently released an introduction about the evolutionary waveforms that are now entering through our physical sun and recoding all forms of life on our planet. (see article here)

Inherent in these frequencies are overriding wave fronts of color, light and sound that are morphing the fabric of our physical reality.

On a global level, these super-charged pulsations are un-trenching the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for our evolving species. This means that the entire collective energy of humanity’s mental and emotional body (belief systems) is being forcefully uprooted.

Pressure Cooker Energy

As this separation occurs, abrupt implosions of the long-established habitual systems are occurring. This brings inevitable destabilization, albeit temporarily.

We can attribute this to the severity of recent outplay in the Philippines and all other world stage occurrences including escalating weather patterns, heightened conflicts, nuclear contamination, technological breakdowns and more. This energy is mostly affecting the vulnerable feedback loops of lower vibration.

As installation of the new planetary architecture continues, it is no easy task for the Earth to make this leap into new patterns of frequency due to the overbearing weight from the density of mass consciousness and its many tightly adhered structures of control.

Blockages are constantly being found and released to allow the new connections to be made and secured.

The Great Acceleration

The process of shift has indeed quickened at a mind boggling pace. It is as if we are receiving new instruction sets overnight, being lifted from one morphogenetic field and plunked into another.

To review, morphogenetic fields are the foundational blueprints that store information for how species and any “form” of consciousness will evolve. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through these imprinting field templates.

What we have occurring are these extremely powerful, solar waveforms that are unlocking the bolts from the old foundational fields of adherence and now, by force.

Supporting this release is the rising level of awakened consciousness across the world. This has set into momentum a riveting “100th monkey effect” that is quickly establishing a brand new energy system through harmonic resonance alone.

Two morphic fields of consciousness patterning, (the high frequency crystalline and the dense carbon based), are in a sense, clashing. At the point of convergence, there are obstacles, blockages, missing connectors and confusion causing great instability in the denser fields of vibration.

In order for this to process to happen smoothly and with as little planetary upheaval as possible, these cosmic waveforms require a feedback system of perfect communication so that they can encode and transfer the information harmoniously.

Can Destructive Earth Change be Prevented?

It felt very strange to observe an outcome of so much violent destruction and loss of life in the Philippines. I asked within if there was anything we can do, as a collective grouping, to prevent this type of violent upheaval.

This is what I was shown…

Mixing ‘new patterns of organization’ with old memory fields can create a chaotic result especially if you are dealing with corrupted scripts that have been cemented into place for eons of time.

The matrix gets confused as to where to read the code and what string of information contains the correct sequence. (We are referring to the point of energetic convergence, where the two morphogenetic fields of resonance meet.)

Until new circuitry and its settings are stable, the code reading has a tendency to default to the template stored in the cumulative memory field.

The recoding process requires a very tenacious force of repetitive energy in order to cut through the muck and establish itself as the new abiding pattern.

This energy coming in is very ‘plutonian’, meaning… forceful, vigilant, relentless and it does not stop until the job gets done. It does not tip toe around the saving of human life.

We Must Build and Amplify the New Morphic Resonance Quickly

This is exactly why we, the Planetary Light Servers, have been so intensely initiated, spending years activating a new crystalline grid of energy transfer.

With this grid in place and through our group resonance, we can now more easily take in this new encoded energy, translate it properly and then send it back out so that the entire human race can receive it, gracefully.

As receivers and transmitters in conscious service, we are required to understand this process and the involved codes or else the group effort is useless, literally ‘lost’ in translation. The greater our degree of clarity and focus is, the greater our influence upon the whole.

We are assisting to establish a new morphogenetic field for the Earth and it now demands our greater attention. Just like with systems of electricity, this incoming waveform needs more effectual transformers (bigger focused groups) and pure conduits (consciousness connectors).

Get Ready for More Big Events

During these tumultuous times, we also have to ready ourselves for more historical events on the scale of what just happened in the Philippines, and even greater. Life on the physical plane is still manifesting in terms of the duality factor.

While many of us have made transition to multidimensional perception, that which is truly transcendent is understood by the masses in terms of opposites. Until the new consciousness template is firmly secured, we will continue to see dramatic outplays of light and dark, joy and suffering, the bright beautiful lights followed by the darker schisms.

The brighter we shine the more attention we draw to us, from all factions. It is absolutely imperative that we make our life systems very strong in order to weather the incoming storms. Get out of the field of mass energetic data transference. Shift into a field of influence that is more in your harmonic overtone.

Beloveds, we are the rainbow warriors, the children of the sun and many are depending upon us to be the strong of the strong. It is our role to prepare the people for the great light entering. We especially thrive during times of mayhem and stewarding others through the darkness of night.

Let’s turn the group wheel a thousand more cranks so that we can be more deeply bonded in this next cycle of change.

We send our prayers and blessings to the people of the Philippines, to the relief efforts and all involved people, systems and governments. May God’s Will be done.

With love,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

PS… There is a PART 2 to this focus which brings forth in great detail how we can apply this information and personally thrive in these new extreme energies of morphogenesis. Coming…


May 25, 2013 Full Moon Eclipse – Be Prepared

Sounds like it’s time for a serious media fast.

Panther Jim predicts a lot of disinformation designed to tug at your heart strings and play on your emotions will pop up in the news media leading up to this full moon. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Remain steadfast in YOUR truth. Turn off the TV and other news feeds, my friends.




Raising Your Frequency, Healing the Earth

This is your mission—should you choose to accept it.

by Selacia

It may sometimes feel like you have been waiting a long time for the new Earth based on love. In reality, though, no waiting is involved when you are on your active path of ascension. This means being present and taking steps based on conscious awareness.

Indeed, as you apply consciousness to your choices, you have a tool for raising your frequency and helping the Earth at the same time. That’s because you are integrally connected to humanity and the planet—as your energy vibration rises, you uplift the whole.

What is happening now is that people like you all across the world are waking up and becoming conscious of how energy works. You are learning about the impact of your thoughts on what you manifest. You are discovering how to be more present and actively engaged with the world.

Shifting Your Frequency Higher

Each time you choose the higher path of spirit and refuse to participate in meanness, you are shifting your frequency higher. Each time you feel angry and process your anger rather than acting on it, you create more light on the planet. These things may seem simple or small when you ponder the dire state of the world—but they are incredibly powerful!

Because of the challenges of these times, you may sometimes feel powerless. You may feel frustrated, too, unable to keep promises you made to yourself to be kind and loving, no matter what. Yes, it is hard and since you are a work in progress, you will sometimes fall short of your best intentions. Sometimes, too, it can feel like you have no choice or no voice in what happens next.

Your Power of Choice

When you feel like this, remember your role as a divine changemaker—a role that you were encoded to play long before you were born. In this role, you connect with your power of conscious choice, actively deciding how you will respond to life, every minute of every day. You do this in a continuum, having no start and no end.

You instinctively know that despite ongoing challenges and a growing list of questions you cannot answer, you are not less powerful now – you are remembering your true empowerment. As you connect with your empowered divine changemaker self, you meet your challenges directly, one by one.

Be kind to yourself as you navigate the current chaos. Let go of self-criticism and concerns about what might happen next. Your path now is step-by-step, doing your best and keeping your focus positive.

What Lowers Frequency

Complaining and blaming will lower your frequency quickly—causing your view of circumstances to be distorted. If you get off track like this, remember your power to change the channel of thoughts inside your own head.

The world you live in changes as you change your focus. This happens one person at a time. When you remember that you are that one person, who can change his or her view in the moment—and you choose the light-filled view over negativity—you do your part in creating a more loving world.





7 Minute Chakra Tune-up

A profoundly powerful chakra balancing meditation in only 7 minutes! Healing Sounds pioneer® Jonathan Goldman has created this new sound experience to enhance everyone’s busy life. Using powerful chakra imagery created by visionary artist Lahrinda along with Jonathan’s sounding of the sacred vowels to resonate your energy centers, this video will balance and align your chakras, creating greater health and harmony. To receive maximum benefit from the experience, simply tone along with the chakra sounds yourself, and experience additional therapeutic benefits. (hum along with the sounds)

If you don’t understand chakras and why they are so important to our total health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) don’t worry about it. It’s all about energy, and energy is vibration—light and sound, and even our emotions.

If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t seem right for you, forget it.

Once our star families get here, we’ll get a full education about vibration and how it’s at the core of every element of Creation, including Prime Creator itself.

Download it free of charge.