Marijuana On The Ballot: Oregon, Alaska and D.C. Vote To Legalize; Florida Says No

Early results showed more than a 2-1 lead for a measure to make recreational marijuana use legal in Washington, D.C. A sign promoting the initiative is seen on a corner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Tuesday.

Early results showed more than a 2-1 lead for a measure to make recreational marijuana use legal in Washington, D.C. A sign promoting the initiative is seen on a corner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood Tuesday. Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Voters in Washington, D.C., have approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Supporters of the D.C. marijuana measure had a 65-29.5 percent lead as of 9:09 p.m. ET, with 20,727 voting in favor.

The D.C. case could create friction between the city’s leaders and Congress — particularly if, as many expect, Republicans take control of both chambers. The District’s Initiative 71 includes provisions that allow residents to grow six or fewer marijuana plants in their homes and possess up to 2 ounces of the drug for their own use.

Voters in Guam reportedly legalized medical marijuana use today, and other states, including Alaska, are also taking up the issue. We’ll update this post as more results come in. You can also follow our special coverage at NPR’s Election Party.

Update at 7:06 a.m. ET. Alaska Votes To Legalize:

With 97 percent of precincts reporting, Alaskans have voted to legalize marijuana by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin.

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

“The initiative will not become law until 90 days after the election is certified, which is expected to be in late November. Per the law, the state can then create a marijuana control board — expected to be housed under the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. That group will then have nine months to craft regulations dealing with how marijuana businesses will operate.

“The initiative was years in the making. Alaska voters considered similar measures in 2000 and 2004. Both failed, though each indicated a measure of support for legalization. Measure 5 in 2000 took 40.9 percent of the vote; Ballot Measure 2 in 2004 gained a few more points, with 44 percent of the electorate voting in favor of it.”

Update at 11:52 p.m. ET: Oregon OKs Legalization

With nearly 65 percent of the vote tallied, Oregon is projected to have approved Measure 91 legalizing recreational use of pot, with nearly 54 percent in favor and 46 percent against.

The Oregon bill gives regulatory control of pot to the state’s liquor control agency. It would also allow Oregon citizens to grow up to four plants at a time.

The state’s legislative revenue office recently estimated that “in fiscal year 2017, the revenue from legal marijuana is expected to be $16.0 million with a lower range of $13.1 million and an upper range of $19.4 million.”

“Marijuana legalization has been a long-standing issue in Oregon,”Oregon Public Broadcasting reports. “In 1986, a failed measure first sought to legalize recreational pot. It was rejected by a large majority of voters.”

Update at 10:45 p.m. ET: Florida Measure Fails

A ballot measure in Florida that would permit the use of medical marijuana has failed to reach the 60 percent mark required for constitutional amendments in the state. Current projections show 58 percent in approval, with 42 percent against.


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Former Cabal Member Chip Tatum & Stew Webb [audio]

“Little Bird” as mentioned in the interview

This is a very recent interview (posted Feb 7), and chock full of fascinating stuff. I was relieved that Stu only squeezed out one major rant (on the Stew scale).

Chip shares titillating information about too many topics to count and provides a number of peeks behind the curtain of  the cabal.

Kerry intended to do an interview that broached new topics and intel rather than rehashing the same old stuff and she did an admirable job of sticking to that. There was a lot I hadn’t heard before.

As I mentioned in the post about the hidden village in South America, they touch on the topics of UFOs, the Galactics, the Nazis, Antarctica, Operation Paperclip, etc. and other things that will be of interest to you. Chip said he’s met all kinds of people he previously believed had died in WWII. Would that have been in South America when he lived there?

Dinar holders, you may be interested to hear Stew Webb’s view on what he considers a massive scam.

I was amused to hear Chip say the military is concerned about the waves of energy coming to Earth that appears to be disrupting electronics, forcing an inordinate number of planes to make emergency landings, etc. He mentioned this in relation to ISON.

Near the conclusion, Chip revealed that he talks to various astronauts and confirmed they have seen the ships moored on the back side of the moon. He also confirmed that the astronauts DID stand on the moon’s surface and have their own photos of extraterrestrial craft observing them at the time.

He also says he sees the ‘indicators’ on TV, etc. and throughout society that point to the imminent disclosure of the star nations.

A reminder for new truth-seekers: just because these knowledgeable insiders are sharing this information doesn’t make it true. They may have been given disinformation in some areas or come to conclusions about things that are incorrect.

I also believe that sometimes Kerry is ‘used’ to share disinfo. She doesn’t necessarily believe everything her guests say, and I’m not applying that comment to this specific broadcast, just generally.  ~ BP

Published on 7 Feb 2014

Gene Chip Tatum: Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot, 25-year CIA deep-cover agent; and member of the ultra-secret, Pegasus “hit team”. For more about Gene Tatum go here:

Chip’s website:

Stewart Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 29 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings to name a few. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman is a member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”.

Keeping it Light: August—all Seven Days—in a Nutshell

I know sarcasm doesn’t become me, darling, but humour me. I need an outlet so I don’t explode while waiting for The Event and the REAL financial reset—which IS coming, by the way. Later.

So what have we learned this month?

A helluva lot—considering we’re only one week in. Life is very colourful at the moment, and we’re conspiracy junkies. We have to get our fix somewhere, somehow—even if we have to create the conspiracies ourselves!

First, Drake’s a fake. We’re not sure where he dug up Prime Commander Tanaath or Sunfire, but it sounds like they are imposters, too.

Drake’s buddy Neil Keenan is now highly suspect and some say is not trying to secure the collateral accounts for “us”, but for the bad guys. I guess that accounts for the stall tactics over the years and the venomous attempts to discredit the OPPT gang. No one has mentioned the part his personal press, Michael Henry Dunn plays; whether he’s with him or just collateral damage.

The financial “experts” are saying the reset is in progress and will be announced last week.

Alex Jones is apparently a “repurposed” Bill Hicks, courtesy of the CIA—oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t hear about that?

Since I don’t consider Alex Jones a source of valid information I rarely speak of him, but yes… there are those who have provided  some very compelling evidence that anti-NWO comedian Bill Hicks, who insisted on dying privately at home of his pancreatic cancer at the height of his career went underground alright—but the only thing that dyed was his hair—now a lovely burnished sand colour. Next month may be different.

Yes, Bill faked his death, had plastic surgery, filed down his teeth, added some contact lenses, adopted one of his many alternate stage voices, and apparently went through his personal physical rejuvenation, returning him to the enviable age of—thirty-nine!

Bill-Alex (really 52) is now collecting a generous salary from the CIA to mislead followers at Infowars. And with the “prepper” products he sells as a result of his doom and gloom predictions, many say he’s a very comfortable millionaire.

Yes, it seems that if you ask the classmates Alex Jones supposedly had, they never heard of him—oh, but he has a family so he must be an a-okay guy.

Why is it that so often when a man’s integrity is called into question that he plays the “family” card. Why do they think that having a family has any bearing on who they are or what they have done? Do they think that a married guy with a family is above reproach—as if to suggest that a single guy has no value to his name?

There’s no segue for this one. The U.S. has a new war-mongering, false-flag, fake terrorism initiative in Yemen and an new excuse to use their favourite toy, the unmanned, well-armed Predator drone.

“Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri ordered the head of the terrorist group’s Yemen affiliate to carry out an attack, according to intercepted communications that have led to the closure of U.S. embassies and a global travel alert, said a person briefed on the case.”  Washington Post.

This, according to the mass media, but who vettes this stuff shared by the lamestream since one of the last investigative journalists (Michael Hastings) was murdered in June? I’ll get to the latest on his demise in a minute.

Nevertheless, the offshoots of this latest invasion are plentiful. Not only do the Illuminati get to plunder another country of their resources and take military control, they cultivate the fear factor so prevalent in society today, and they can earn a few points toward their depopulation agenda—sacrificing both the people of Yemen as well as our innocent military if they deploy troops there.

Did I miss something? Is there an election looming? The much lauded Obama arrived here in Phoenix yesterday with his shirt sleeves rolled up, ready to go to work.

He told the students at Desert Vista High School that the cause of the nose dive in the Arizona economy was due to the housing bubble which resulted from a combination of greedy lenders granting money to people who couldn’t afford big mortgages, greedy, irresponsible people who took out loans they knew they couldn’t afford, and greedy people who bought multiple houses for flipping and then couldn’t afford all the mortgages or recoup their costs when the market bottomed out and the homes didn’t sell. It’s all our fault, but…

… the Dept. of Justice thinks it can redeem itself in the eyes of the public by meting out the appropriate corrective measures on our behalf. They have sued Bank of America and others for their “reckless lending”, which will no doubt contribute to the “reset” that is underway when the banksters go bankrupt PUBLICLY and all debt must be zeroed out—which is really a bailout for the cabal and an opportunity to stay in business that much longer.

These are frustrating times and apparently Obama threw his teddy and cancelled a September meeting with Putin because Russia refused to extradite Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, so the cabal could shut him up once and for all.

Michael Hastings certainly won’t be sharing any secrets—unless it’s from the grave.

“While it’s known that Hastings had warned others, including Wikileaks, that the FBI was on his case, the fact that feds visited the home of the controversial journalist almost immediately prior to his untimely death is yet another facet to a story which has thrown up numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding the car crash that killed Hastings,” from Pakalert Press, who also reports that more details will hopefully soon be released.

Is there something in the air? The 3-minute weather video jock/Suspicious Observer Ben Davidson convinced his followers that Dutch Since, the competition, for lack of a better term, is a traitor because he referred to “HAARP rings” as something else and then did some research online to learn more about the man who sicced his followers on him and eradicated the DutchSince YouTube channel and three years of work in a matter of days. Since when do we have the right to tell video uploaders what terminology to use in their productions?

Davidson says Dutch even dared to access Davidson’s online wedding album. Can you believe the unmitigated gall? But Davidson is a family man and must protect them from treasonous men like Dutch.

And on the topic of weather, our local Sun is going to flip its magnetic field which is the harbinger of great change and affects the entire solar system and beyond, usually creating unstable or extremely stormy space weather, according to NASA. It’s happened many times before but no doubt it will have some worrisome negative effects on Earthlings THIS time. When did we start believing anything NASA says, anyway? It’s an agency of the government just like DHS and IRS with its own secrets and coverups.

And, not to be outdone—Comet Ison is coming and will soon obliterate life on this planet, or, at the very least put us back decades, technologically speaking. I’m sure they’ll make a movie out of it. (they probably already have)

The protagonist changes every few months. It used to be Planet X, Elenin and Nibiru. Ison is the new kid in town. They have to keep life exciting for us so we don’t go back to sleep… yawn…

The fact that we are a planet among millions in the Universe and can expect heavenly bodies to go whizzing by at predictable times as they have for eternity is suddenly supposed to be very scary. I think some of those religious prophecies may have something to do with it.

Now that I think about it, I’m not currently optimistic about the ability of Humanity to handle any new powers that may be coming our way with ascension, and it’s becoming increasingly evident how easy it was for the fallen angels to give in to the temptation to seek control over others with devious tricks. The Illuminati can corrupt almost anyone, it seems and WE are so very gullible.

But in a nutshell, the darkness and the lies are being exposed and our holographic world is crumbling before our disbelieving eyes. The Light is shining into the furthest reaches of our reality and dissolving that which no longer serves us.

higher consciousness photo: Higer Consciousness eclipsegeomanblite.jpgI hope it will root out every nano particle because if there’s any opportunity for someone to exploit the situation, I’m sure they will, and at some point we’ll be right back where we were before the Light forces intervened decades ago.

On that light note I’ll go now and see what other uplifting evidence I can find to support this glorious new age we’re ushering in. It’s looking more and more like a comedic tragedy for the Gods. I hope WE can retain our sense of humour because it’s getting CRAZY out there, with the promise of more chaos to come.

Obama’s Cabinet Got a Good Cleaning & Luxembourg—All Gone! & Janet Napolitano Resigns from DHS

Check out the list here on who’s staying with Obama and who’s going:

There’s some major housecleaning going on in Luxembourg, as well—the entire government! And you’ll never guess why…

(thanks Patrick)   What a colourful time to be alive!

Entire Government of Luxembourg Resigns after Spying and Corruption Scandal Forces its Prime Minister to Quit

 Jean-Claude Juncker was Europe’s longest-serving leader, with 18 years as Prime Minister
He was secretly record by his own spy chief, Marco Mille

The Luxembourg government today resigned, brought down by a spying and corruption scandal that shook the tiny country better known for wealthy bankers than political intrigue.

Jean-Claude Juncker, prime minister since 1995 and the European Union’s longest serving government chief, tendered his resignation to Grand Duke Henri, the royal head of state who himself has been implicated in media reports of espionage.

The government was forced to resign after junior coalition partners withdrew their support in protest at Juncker’s apparent failure to rein in a secret service spiralling out of control. Juncker has proposed holding a general election in October, seven months ahead of schedule.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
Jean-Claude Juncker

Accused: Grand Duke Henri (left) was implicated in espionage reports that led to the downfall of Juncker (right)

The catalyst for the resignation was a parliamentary inquiry published last week that said Luxembourg’s security agency illegally bugged politicians and members of the public, purchased cars for private use and took payments and favours in exchange for access to influential officials.

In a scene reminiscent of a spy novel, former security chief Marco Mille recorded a conversation with Juncker in 2008 using a microphone in his watch.

Mille told Juncker he had reliable reports that Grand Duke Henri was in constant contact with Britain’s secret services, according to one newspaper. The Grand Duke’s office has denied the allegation.

The government was already under pressure due to renewed interest in a mysterious series of sabotage bomb attacks in the 1980s, known as the Bommeleeer affair, whose targets included electricity pylons and an airport radar system as well as a newspaper office.

Two former members of a special police force went on trial for the attacks at the start of this year.

Last month, the government and Finance Minister Luc Frieden survived twin votes of no-confidence in parliament over accusations that the minister had put pressure on investigators to close their inquiry into the bombings.

Juncker, for almost two decades the personification of Luxembourg on the international stage, chairing “Eurogroup” meetings of euro zone finance ministers from 2005 to 2013, may well return to lead the Grand Duchy after the snap election.

He remains a popular figure and has no obvious successor in his centre-right CSV party, particularly as the former finance minister has been tarnished, according to Philippe Poirier, politics lecturer at the University of Luxembourg.

Frieden, once touted as a possible future prime minister, has also come under fire over the re-purchase of a stake in Cargolux from Qatar Airways in January and European Union pressure to end Luxembourg’s system of bank secrecy.

“The CSV crown prince for many years, Luc Frieden, is himself involved in the telephone tapping and Bommeleeer affairs,” Poirier said.

“Jean Claude Juncker is the electoral locomotive of his party. It’s not the CSV, it’s the Juncker party.”


susanne_posel_news_ la-me-ln-uc-president-20130712-001_0As for Janet Napolitano…  we don’t know if the details around the shufflings above and below are the true reasons or not. We’ll have to see. Some of these folks are going to be arrested, if they haven’t already been thrown in the slammer. They’re keeping some things under wraps until “The Event” and they can tell the truth about everything.

Maybe UC wants someone who will put metal detectors and body scanners at the University.

DHS Chief Janet Napolitano Resigns
“…the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has resigned her post. Napolitano entered the office at the beginning of President Obama’s first term, and she was only the third person to hold the position since it was created in response to the September 11th attacks. In a statement, she said the Department of Homeland Security “has improved the safety of travelers; implemented smart steps that make our immigration system more fair and focused while deploying record resources to protect our nation’s borders; worked with states to build resiliency and make our nation’s emergency and disaster response capabilities more robust; and partnered with the private sector to improve our cybersecurity.” Napolitano will be taking over the presidency of the University of California’s 10-campus education system. “UC officials believe that her Cabinet experiences –- which include helping to lead responses to hurricanes and tornadoes and overseeing some anti-terrorism measures — will help UC administer its federal energy and nuclear weapons labs and aid its federally funded research in medicine and other areas.”
And here’s a comment following the above… (definitely some “awake” people out there.) 

In this case, UC is currently paying their president $600K and will probably pay her. Which is odd, because last I heard, the UC system was still cutting scholarships, teachers, and classes due to budget problems.

But I’m sure that money is well spent: I mean, if Napolitano can bring the same magic to the UC system that she did to DHS, then maybe the UC system will be safe from imaginary threats from Al Quaeda. And isn’t that more important than students getting an education? We decided it was more important than the constitution, so yes, the answer is yes whether you like it or not.

This is idiotic. Why is a taxpayer supported institution wasting money like she’s a CEO?


Things Heating Up in D.C. – Released Intel?

I don’t know what to think any more. The things we’ve been told would happen have not—yet. There’s only one key date remaining that I’m aware of, and that is the March 21st spring equinox when Ascension is supposed to occur.
I see no change in the world—sorry. I mean sure, there have been resignations, suicides, illnesses, and all sorts of things we’re TOLD are going on “behind the scenes”  but nothing that can be verified.
What are we supposed to think? I can’t tell you what to think. I don’t believe we can let our guard down—not until I see major evidence in this dimension of irrefutable, massive change.
If all we’re going to get is silence and promises… then I have to at least suspect we’re being led on.
Is the conversation below designed to instill fear in the online community, or is it Truth? I hear this was only released to share more of what the cabal HAD in store for us before they were brought under control.
It’s good to hear the truth, but when we’re not insiders and don’t have our own contacts to check in with, I would appreciate a preface to that effect to let us know that these things will in no way be allowed to happen. Lord knows we’re enough on edge as it is.
Are there crusaders out there really working on our behalf to bring us freedom and abundance? What do YOU think?
     These ‘plans’ were made known to me sometime ago.  I was asked to wait until it came out.
         ~ Drake
Read the following and come to your own conclusions:

The latest from “DHS Insider” (Part I)

By Douglas J. Hagmann


23 December 2012: After a lengthy, self-imposed informational black-out, my high-level DHS contact known as “Rosebud” emerged with new, non-public information about plans being discussed and prepared for implementation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the near future. It is important to note that this black-out was directly related to the aggressive federal initiative of identifying and prosecuting “leakers,” at least those leaks and leakers not sanctioned by the executive office – the latter of which there are many.

Meeting Due to those circumstances, my source exercised an abundance of caution to avoid compromising a valuable line of communication until he had information he felt was  significant enough to risk external contact. The following information is the result of an in-person contact between this author and “Rosebud” within the last 48 hours. With his permission, the interview was digitally recorded and the relevant portions of the contact are provided in a conversational format for easier reading. The original recording was copied onto multiple discs and are maintained in secure locations for historical and insurance purposes.

The following began after an exchange of pleasantries and other unrelated discussion:

DH: Do I have your permission to record this conversation?

RB: You do.

DH: I’ve received a lot of e-mail from people wondering where you went and why you’ve been so quiet.

RB: As I told you earlier, things are very dicey. Weird things began to happen before the election and have continued since. Odd things, a clampdown of sorts. I started looking and I found [REDACTED AT THE REQUEST OF THIS SOURCE], and that shook me up. I’m not the only one, though, that found a [REDACTED], so this means there’s surveillance of people within DHS by DHS. So, that explains this cloak and dagger stuff for this meeting.

DH: I understand. What about the others?

RB: They are handling it the same way.

DH: I’ve received many e-mails asking if you are the same person giving information to Ulsterman. Are you?

RB: No, but I think I know at least one of his insiders.

DH: Care to elaborate?

RB: Sorry, no.

DH: Do you trust him or her. I mean, the Ulsterman source?

RB: Yes.

DH: Okay, so last August, you said things were “going hot.” I printed what you said, and things did not seem to happen as you said.

RB: You’d better recheck your notes and compare [them] with some of the events leading up to the election. I think you’ll find that a full blown campaign of deception took place to make certain Obama got back into office. The polls, the media, and a few incidents that happened in the two months before the election. I guess if people are looking for some big event they can point to and say “aha” for verification, well then I overestimated people’s ability to tell when they are being lied to.

DH: What specific incidents are you referring to?

RB:  Look at the threats to Obama. Start there. The accusations of racism. Then look at the polls, and especially the judicial decisions about voter ID laws. Bought and paid for, or where there was any potential for problems, the judges got the message, loud and clear. Then look at the voter fraud. And not a peep from the Republicans. Nothing. His second term was a done deal in September. This was planned. Frankly, the Obama team knew they had it sewn up long before election day. Benghazi could have derailed them, but the fix was in there, so I never saw anything on my end to suggest a ready-made solution had to be implemented.

DH: What’s going on now?

RB: People better pay close attention over the next few months. First, there won’t be any meaningful deal about the fiscal crisis. This is planned, I mean, the lack of deal is planned. In fact, it’ necessary to pave the way for what is in the short term agenda.

DH: Wait, you’re DHS – not some Wall Street insider.

RB: So you think they are separate agendas? That’s funny. The coming collapse of the U.S. dollar is a done deal. It’s been in the works for years – decades, and this is one of the most important cataclysmic events that DHS is preparing for. I almost think that DHS was created for that purpose alone, to fight Americans, not protect them, right here in America. But that’s not the only reason. There’s the gun issue too.

DH: So, what are you seeing at DHS?

RB: We don’t have a lot of time, tonight – our meeting –  as well as a country. I mean I have heard – with my own ears – plans being made that originate from the White House that involve the hierarchy of DHS. You gotta know how DHS works at the highest of levels. It’s Jarrett and Napolitano, with Jarrett organizing all of the plans and approaches. She’s the one in charge, at least from my point of view, from what I am seeing. Obama knows that’s going on and has say, but it seems that Jarrett has the final say, not the other way around. It’s [screwed] up. This really went into high gear since the election.

But it’s a train wreck at mid management, but is more effective at the lower levels. A lot of police departments are being gifted with federal funds with strings attached. That money is flowing out to municipal police departments faster than it can be counted. They are using this money to buy tanks, well, not real tanks, but you know what I mean. DHS is turning the police into soldiers.

By the way, there has been a lot of communication recently between Napolitano and Pistole [TSA head]. They are planning to use TSA agents in tandem with local police for certain operations that are being planned right now. This is so [deleted] important that you cannot even begin to imagine. If you get nothing else out of this, please, please make sure you tell people to watch the TSA and their increasing involvement against the American public. They are the stooges who will be the ones to carry out certain plans when the dollar collapses and the gun confiscation begins.

DH: Whoa, wait a minute. You just said a mouthful. What’s the agenda here?

RB: Your intelligence insider – he knows that we are facing a planned economic collapse. You wrote about this in your articles about Benghazi, or at least that’s what I got out of the later articles. So why the surprise?

DH: There’s a lot here. Let’s take it step by step if you don’t mind.

RB: Okay, but I’m not going to give it to you in baby steps. Big boy steps. This is what I am hearing. Life for the average American is going to change significantly, and not the change people expect. First, DHS is preparing to work with police departments and the TSA to respond to civil uprisings that will happen when there is a financial panic. And there will be one, maybe as early as this spring, when the dollar won’t get you a gumball. I’m not sure what the catalyst will be, but I’ve heard rumblings about a derivatives crisis as well as an oil embargo. I don’t know, that’s not my department. But something is going to happen to collapse the dollar, which has been in the works since the 1990′s. Now if it does not happen as soon as this, it’s because there are people, real patriots, who are working to prevent this, so it’s a fluid dynamic. But that doesn’t change the preparations.

And the preparations are these: DHS is prepositioning assets in strategic areas near urban centers all across the country. Storage depots. Armories. And even detainment facilities, known as FEMA camps. FEMA does not even know that the facilities are earmarked for detainment by executive orders, at least not in the traditional sense they were intended. By the way, people drive by some of these armories everyday without even giving them a second look. Commercial and business real estate across the country are being bought up or leased for storage purposes. Very low profile.

Anyway, I am hearing that the plan from on high is to let the chaos play out for a while, making ordinary citizens beg for troops to be deployed to restore order. but it’s all organized to make them appear as good guys. That’s when the real head knocking will take place. We’re talking travel restrictions, which should no be a problem because gas will be rationed or unavailable. The TSA will be in charge of travel, or at least be a big part of it. They will be commissioned, upgraded from their current status.

They, I mean Jarrett and Obama as well as a few others in government, are working to create a perfect storm too. This is being timed to coincide with new gun laws.

DH: New federal gun laws?

RB: Yes. Count on the criminalization to possess just about every gun you can think of. Not only restrictions, but actual criminalization of possessing a banned firearm. I heard this directly from the highest of my sources. Plans were made in the 90′s but were withheld. Now, it’s a new day, a new time, and they are riding the wave of emotion from Sandy Hook., which, by the way and as tragic as it was, well, it stinks to high heaven. I mean there are many things wrong there, and first reports are fast disappearing. The narrative is being changed. Look, there is something wrong with Sandy Hook, but if you write it, you’ll be called a kook or worse.

DH: Sure

RB: But Sandy Hook, there’s something very wrong there. But I am hearing that won’t be the final straw. There will be another if they think it’s necessary.

DH: Another shooting?

RB: Yes.

DH: That would mean they are at least complicit.

RB: Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

DH: Are they? Were they?

RB: Do your own research. Nothing I say, short of bringing you photographs and documents will convince anyone, and even then, it’s like [DELETED] in the wind.

DH: So…

RB: So what I’m telling you is that DHS, the TSA and certain, but not all, law enforcement agencies are going to be elbow deep in riot control in response to an economic incident. At the same time or close to it, gun confiscation will start. It will start on a voluntary basis using federal registration forms, then an amnesty, then the kicking-in of doors start.

Before or at the same time, you know all the talk of lists, you know, the red and blue lists that everyone made fun of? Well they exist, although I don’t know about their colors. But there are lists of political dissidents maintained by DHS. Names are coordinated with the executive branch, but you know what? They did not start with Obama. They’ve been around in one form or another for years. The difference though is that today, they are much more organized. And I’ll tell you that the vocal opponents of the politics of the global elite, the bankers, and the opponents of anything standing in their way, well, they are on the top of the list of people to be handled.

DH: Handled?

RB: As the situations worsen, some might be given a chance to stop their vocal opposition. Some will, others won’t. I suppose they are on different lists. Others won’t have that chance. By that time, though, it will be chaos and people will be in full defensive mode. They will be hungry, real hunger like we’ve never experienced before. They will use our hunger as leverage. They will use medical care as leverage.

DH: Will this happen all at once?

RB: They hope to make it happen at the same time. Big cities first, with sections being set apart from the rest of the country. Then the rural areas. There are two different plans for geographical considerations. But it will all come together.

End of Part I

Read the rest…

This Man is Meant to Help Lead Our World from Wes Annac

Nov 6, 2012

I hadn’t planned to write anything on this day about President Obama’s hopeful (and likely) re-election and will keep it short and sweet, but before I jump in I want to be clear that I understand and respect that some fellow awakened souls do not believe in either candidates and do not believe that Obama is of the Light. That is ok and in my book, all are respected for their viewpoints but for me personally, there is something I can feel about this man.

I’m not alone in that feeling, and I wouldn’t be discussing it if I hadn’t received numerous comments from plenty of fellow awakened souls who do believe in Obama’s Light-filled intentions, and who have told me that they feel the same Light signature when aiming their energies or thoughts toward Obama. I and many, many others believe that this soul is of the Light and that he is here to help initiate our planet into the age of peace, harmony and prosperity that so many Lightworkers have been working so hard to achieve.

I feel very strongly that Obama is going to be re-elected on this day, and that he was always to be re-elected. It is very interesting to note that while the anti-Obama rhetoric and propaganda seemed quite strong about a year ago, as the election has now come many people seem to have re-awakened and have amped up their support of the President. I am one who bought-in to the anti-Obama propaganda for about three months, until I discovered the reality of the network of power Obama was taking on and the elite’s ability to stifle the change he wishes to bring forth which, in my opinion, will not be a problem if/when Obama is re-elected because he is now being given the momentum and support to push-ahead with the Light’s plans, despite the continual attempted suppressing of the his agendas by the usual suspects.

Like many, I feel that Obama’s re-election will signify the beginning of real change on this planet. We have heard this tenfold, and this is only one reason that I am supporting and putting my Light into the successful re-election of the President. Won’t you as well? :)

>Wes Annac – Happy to be here on this most important of days.


Ben Fulford Geopolitical Mini-Update Nov 5th


This week’s Geopolitical News and Analysis will appear on November 7th, after US election results are out.

We have heard the US military will be using hurricane Sandy as a reason to postpone the election. Pentagon sources are also saying another storm is on it way with the aim of continuing to disrupt activity in Washington D.C. and New York.

The Bank of Japan has also also been taken over and will soon convert most Japanese government bonds into yen cash.

Please expect a detailed report on November 7th. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

And that’s all he wrote. If we don’t want another storm, then let’s begin visualizing—en masse— plenty of calm, clear, mild weather country-wide over the next few weeks so folks can put their lives back together with no challenges from Mother Nature.