Jim Carrey Outs the Illuminati [video]

Thanks to KP for sharing this. Carrey is one of my favourite Canadians.

‘Disclosure’ takes many forms and comes from many sources—some we may not even recognize, so subtle are they.

Jim Carrey’s delivery, however… not so subtle. And maybe that’s a GOOD thing. Enjoy—and thank you, Jim!

Jesus had two children with wife Mary Magdalene, claims new book

More soft disclosure? Do you believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children? If true, what else has been misrepresented to us? -LW

A new book claims the Jesus fathered two children and married

(The Independent) Jesus married the prostitute Mary Magdalene and had children, according to a manuscript almost 1,500 years old unearthed at the British Library.

The so-called “Lost Gospel”, which has been translated from Aramaic, allegedly reveals the startling new allegations, according to The Sunday Times.

Professor Barrie Wilson and writer Simcha Jacobovic spent months translating the text, which they claim states Jesus had two children and the original Virgin Mary was Jesus’s wife and not his mother.

Many experts have downplayed the biblical figure’s historical importance but, according to the translators of the new gospel, she is of much greater significance than previously thought.

Mary Magdalene already features in the existing gospels and is present at many of the important moments recorded in Jesus’s life.

“The Lost Gospel” is not the first to claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene.

Both Nikos Kazantzakis in his 1953 book “The Last Temptation of Christ” and, more recently, Dan Brown in “The Da Vinci Code” made the same allegation.

Further revelations from the book, including the names of Jesus’s children, will be released on Wednesday.

The publisher, Pegasus, has confirmed the press conference will go ahead as planned.



Cobra Interview Transcript, November 5th, 2014

Here’s the transcript from the latest Cobra interview . . . From history to the esoteric, there is plenty here that they probably didn’t teach you in school. I, for one, will be glad when the truth finally comes out. -LW

Untwine: You’ve explained that Ashtar is the twin flame of Ishtar

Cobra: Of Astara, Ashtar and Astara.

U: Is Ishtar a different one ?

C: It’s the same name but there are different variations of the same name in various cultures.

U: So Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, this is all the same being ?

C: Basically it’s the same being that had lived in late Atlantean times, and various cultures had different approach to that being and different ways of connecting.

U: Ok. So is Ashtar also Osiris and Appolo ?

C: Ashtar is Osiris yes.

U: And Appolo is a different one ?

C: There were also other beings of light that were living on the planet in late Atlantean period, and many of the ancient gods and goddesses are actually distant memories of those beings.

U: Ok. Can you comment about the story of Osiris being killed and cut into pieces, did that really happen ?

C: Actually it’s a symbolic reflection of the wars which were taking place in the late Atlantean period, especially the time when planet Earth became a quarantine, under the control of the archons, so it’s actually a memory of that timeframe.

U: Ok so it’s like a metaphor ?

C: Yes it’s not how the exact story happened but it’s actually a reflection, a memory, a symbolic representation of the conflict that was happening in that timeframe.

U: Ok. And so now are Isis and Osiris located in many places at the same time or is there a place where their central consciousness is ?

C: Their main focus is in the Sirius star system but of course they have projected their consciousness also in the motherships around the Earth, and they are also sending a lot of energy towards the surface of the planet, to assist in the process of liberation.

U: Ok. In astrology there’s always planets that have the same name as a God or a Goddess, is it really linked to the planet itself and its higher self, or are they different beings ?

C: Actually the planets are much more evolved beings than Gods and Goddesses which were heroes of the past, but in many cases the energy ray, the energy signature is very similar.

U: Ok, so they’re not the same but they have the same kind of frequency ?

C: They have a similar quality of frequency yes.

U: So, many of the ancient stories like in Greece are not exactly true yes ?

C: It’s a memory, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has of course been distorted to a certain degree because each generation has changed the story a little bit.

U: So are beings like Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune around the planet right now playing a role in the liberation ?

C: Some of them yes, some of them no, most of them yes.

U: In the Paris conference you said the Louvre pyramid was built by the Light templars yes ?

C: Actually there was a Japanese architect, that had a certain contact with the Light forces I would say.

U: Ok. Because the official story says it came from the french president but he was more in the cabal yes ?

C: Yes he had connections with the cabal, but the basic impulse for that pyramid actually came from the light forces.

U: Even through the president ?

C: I would say he was open to certain suggestions and the cabal wanted to misuse that portal as an entry point for their rituals, but actually the light forces were more successful in this.

U: So once it’s built, can it be used by both sides ?

C: It could be used by both sides but fortunately the light forces took the upper hand, so that situation is ok.

U: Have the tantra teachings been manipulated and distorted ?

C: I would say all teachings on the surface of this planet have been manipulated and distorted. You can find truth in most teachings but there is also a lot of disinformation so you need to use your inner guidance to find what is true and what is not.

U: Ok. For example they say sometimes that men shouldn’t ejaculate, where is that coming from, is it a distortion ?

C: Yes it is a distortion and I would say that you need to use your own inner guidance about that, about your body and your sexuality.

U: Yes. Is there sexuality after the ascension ?

C: Not in the way that people understand it but there is a state of consciousness which could be described as the cosmic orgasm, which is one aspect of divine consciousness, and after ascension you’re always connected with that vibration of the cosmic orgasm, which is one aspect of bliss actually.

U: Ok. And is there still exchanges of this energy between different beings ?

C: Yes but not in a physical way, it’s actually more of an energy exchange.

U: Ok. So can you explain basically the original purpose of sexuality ?

C: The original purpose of sexuality is to merge polarities into Oneness.

U: You said that only 6 people escaped the quarantine since 1996, how did they do it ?

C: Actually there was a group of people that belonged to the Brotherhood of the Star, that group was located in California very close to the Edwards airport base. They were using a certain protocol to transform their physical bodies and to transform their consciousness, and they have managed to ascend in the late 90s, and they are not in this solar system anymore, they actually went to the Sirius star system after their ascension.

U: Ok. So they escaped after the invasion ?

C: Yes exactly.

U: Was this the only planet to ever be quarantined ?

C: There were other places that were quarantined but this is the most difficult situation regarding quarantine in the whole history of the Universe.

U: Are there both positive and negative cities on the etheric and astral planes ?

C: Yes around planet Earth yes.

U: Ok. Can you talk about the positive ones ?

C: Actually on the higher astral planes there are areas of Light where people can go after they die if they have high enough vibrational frequency. They have beautiful landscapes, beautiful buildings, beautiful surroundings. But they are still tied to the quarantine Earth, sooner or later they have to come back and reincarnate, because the archons still have control over them.

U: So they’re inside the veil, they can’t escape ?

C: Yes they are inside of the veil.

U: So is it like a technology that they can’t go through ?

C: Exactly.

U: How are the archons able to force them to reincarnate ?

C: With technology, with magnetic fields. They prey upon them and whenever they detect certain emotions that are not exactly of the Light, they enlarge it with an energy field and sooner or later, people get trapped again, usually because they have attachments to people who are already incarnated.

U: Ok. So it’s only through their own emotions that they can force them ?

C: Through their own emotions and attachments.

U: So it’s possible that if somebody would clear all attachments and negative emotions they could escape also ?

C: Theoretically yes. But this will change soon because the quarantine begins to dissolve, and it will become much easier to escape in the future. Actually the quarantine will open and the Light forces will come in and they will liberate the whole etheric and astral planes.

U: Ok. So when you say ascended master, these are beings that were on this planet and that ascended from this planet yes ?

C: Yes.

U: And there’s about 70 of them ?

C: Around 70 of them yes.

U: Do you have an exact number ?

C: 70 is very close to the exact number.

U: Ok. And is it balanced, half male half female ?

C: Exactly.

U: Ok. But there’s many more beings that have ascended from other planets yes ?

C: Of course there are billions upon billions of ascended beings in this Universe.

U: Are some of them that are from other planets playing a role in the liberation of this planet ?

C: Yes of course many of them are on the motherships, I would say they are projecting their energy to the motherships around the earth.

U: So the Brotherhood of the Star, that’s these 70 ascended masters plus the Esoteric Brotherhood who are their disciples yes ?

C: Exactly.

U: Ok. Is the Ordo Bucintoro part of the Esoteric Brotherhood ?

C: Part of it yes, not completely but they intersect, they are actually very much connected.

U: Ok. Is the Esoteric Brotherhood on the surface of the planet only or are they beyond also ?

C: Of course they are on the surface of the planet, and also below the surface and above the surface of this planet.

U: Outside the veil also ?

C: Yes

U: How was the Ordo Bucintoro able to choose their incarnations ?

C: Actually those people who belong to the order are very conscious and the most conscious of them have planned their incarnations when they were in between incarnations. They have gathered on the higher astral plane and mental plane, and they were trying to avoid as many archon traps as possible and to incarnate in key periods of history.

U: Ok. And then the Order of the Star are 144000 beings who are here on the surface ? [C: Yes] And they’re the disciples of the brotherhood of the star [C: yes]. Are some of them part of the general population ?

C: Actually most of the Order of the Star are part of the general population, they don’t even know that they belong to the Order of the Star. They’re actually those of the lightworkers that do a lot of energy work of transforming darkness with light.

U: Ok. Are they all awakened at this point ?

C: No.

U: Can there be contact between them and the esoteric brotherhood ?

C: Sometimes it happens but they don’t know about it, it’s actually more that the Esoteric Brotherhood contact those people and assist their awakening without revealing themselves.

U: So telepathically, stuff like that ?

C: Telepathically and sometimes also physically.

U: Ok. So sometimes you can meet somebody who is part of the Esoteric Brotherhood but who is not gonna say that he or she is ?

C: Exactly.

U: Ok. So you said the purpose of the Order of the Star is occult triangulation of light and darkness, can you explain this process ?

C: I have just described it already, it is actually that the light forces shine their light to transform darkness.

U: Ok. So in your Brotherhood of the Star post in 2012 you also talked about how they are from the first, second and third initiation, can you talk about this ?

C: Yes, they are spiritual initiations, the first means a certain level of mastery over the physical plane, the second means a certain level of mastery over the emotions, and the third a certain level of mastery over the mind. So these are actually spiritual initiations that are universal, throughout the Universe, in the whole Cosmos.

U: Ok. So is it like a specific ceremony or just their own personal development ?

C: There is also a specific ceremony performed by the ascended masters but actually initiation means a stabilization of a certain vibrational frequency within a being.

U: Ok. So you talked also about the holy grail stones, the cintamani, the garil, the moldavite chalice. Is the cintamani feminine and the garil masculine ?

C: Both of those stones actually possess both male and female aspects inside.

U: Ok. Is the lapis ex coelis another stone ?

C: That is actually the cintamani stone.

U: Ok. Is there other stones that are part of the holy grail ?

C: There are actually many different stones which belong to the holy grail family you could say, one of them of course is the moldavite, the second one is the cintamani stone from Sirius, and there are also other stones that I am not to talk about right now but they are very powerful stones which are focal lenses for very powerful energies of the light on the surface of this planet right now.

U: Ok. So the moldavite chalice is in a light ship yes ?

C: I would not disclose the location but it is in the hand of the light forces.

U: Ok. So it’s linked with the Order of the Star and when the light of the central sun will touch it, it will trigger the awakening of the Order of the Star, is this correct ?

C: It will be activated at the time of the event, and will serve as a lens, the energy of the central sun will go through it and activate people on their positions for the event.

U: Ok. So all these holy grail stones, it feels like they are here to counter the black stone, correct ?

C: Yes but not only the black stone they are here to do many things energetically, to assist the liberation and prepare for the event, one way or the other.

U: So the zodiac constellation system, is there the same system on every planet in the universe ?

C: Actually, usually there are 12 zodiac signs, that connect with the 12 rays emanating from the Source, but the actual exact meaning of those signs vary from planet to planet and from star system to star system.

U: Ok. How about the 13th sign and 14th signs that alternate every 13000 years, is that true ?

C: This is just a symbolic representation, because there’s actually the 13th ray which is the mystery of the free will, and it has been integrated in the zodiac as a 13th sign. And yes you also have various interpretations of 14 signs, which actually describe more the stargate between the galactic central sun and the edge of the galaxy.

U: So the silver and golden gate ?

C: Exactly.

U: Ok. Because these two constellations, the 13th and the 14th, they kind of touch the ecliptic, so do you think it’s only an interpretation, or is there an actual zodiac sign ?

C: Yes they touch the ecliptic because basically the solar system that we are now in, is entrained to the cycles of the galactic central sun, and the tilt of the ecliptic is not a coincidence.

U: Ok. Yes it’s synchronized with the beating of the central sun.

C: Exactly.

U: Can plasma matter be found in nature or is it just a membrane of anomaly ?

C: It can be found in nature, but when there is too much stress on the plasma, it mutates and this is exactly what happens on this planet and around this planet.

U: Ok. Can you give an example of where you can find plasma matter in nature ?

C: Actually every star is a ball of plasma. You have plasma discharges in every thunderstorm. You have plasma discharge around every comet. It’s quite a natural phenomenon in the Universe.

U: Ok. You said also that very few people have managed to enter the quarantine since it started, can you say how many of them ?

C: I would not give the number but it’s not very high. And once they entered most of them were not able to leave anymore.

U: Ok. Did they enter with their own free will ?

C: Yes. They took risks, they understood the risks. There is an exception of course of the extraterrestrial light forces that entered the quarantine for a very short time on rescue missions. For example pleiadian light ships. They were sometimes interfering in world events to prevent certain dark things from happening, and the light ships were present inside of the quarantine for maybe a few minutes, but then it was gone back out again.

U: Ok. And there was also some pleiadians that were captured in 1996 also ?

C: Unfortunately yes.

U: Ok. And they’ve been rescued already yes ?

C: Yes of course.

U: Ok. So the people who entered the quarantine after it started, are they part of the general population or in specific groups ?

C: They are part of the general population but they are much more awake I would say.

U: Is it true that the banking system was started on Earth by the templars ?

C: The banking system was actually imported from Orion thousands of years ago. It was just changing and adapting to the political and economical situation on the planet. And it was always under the control of the dark forces.

U: Yes. So we can see some templars were active in that but that was after they were infiltrated yes ?

C: The templars are active but they didn’t control the financial system.

U: Ok. Light templars you mean ?

C: Actually there was positive and negative templar groups. And it was quite a mixed situation.

U: What did the priest Saunière find in Rennes-le-Chateau ?

C: Actually close to Rennes-le-Chateau there was a certain cave where the treasure of Solomon was hidden. It was about a thousand tones of gold, different objects, and part of this was found by the nazis during world war two and a small faction of this was found by Saunière.

U: Ok. How did it get there ?

C: Actually it was transferred there by the cathars and the templars in the 14th century.

U: Ok. So they got information from Magdalene ?

C: It was actually a legend that those families have and there was some information, some documents in the possession of those families, and they knew where to go and how to search for it.

U: Ok. Because Magdalene landed there also yes ?

C: Yes, yes she landed in France.

U: And so she’s connected to those families, it’s that bloodline yes ?

C: Yes exactly she is part of the bloodline. I would say you could call it the 13th positive blood line.

U: Ok. You said that Ireland was part of Atlantis before ? [C: Yes]. Were there other parts of Europe that were also ?

C: Actually the western coast of France was part of Atlantis, the Adriatic sea also. Actually most of the coast in the mediterranean belonged to Atlantis, and Egypt was an Atlantean colony.

U: So that doesn’t mean the continent of Atlantis was touching Europe yes ?

C: No the continent of Atlantis was in the Atlantic ocean, but there were Atlantean colonies in the whole mediterranean area.

U: Ok. And was Hawaii part of Lemuria ?

C: Yes.

U: And also the west coast of USA and Canada ?

C: Yes.

U: Is it true that the hair on the head is like an extension of the nervous system, that helps to feel the environment, and have psychic abilities ?

C: Exactly the hair is like an antenna which assists us in connecting with higher spiritual dimensions.

U: Ok. This is why the cabal encourages people to cut them especially the men.

C: Yes that is why there is a trend to cut the hair as much as possible because the cabal wants to suppress humans spiritually.

U: Have the animals been distorted by the dark forces as well, for example all the violence in the food chain, the animals that bite, things like that ?

C: Yes they have been influenced by the archons with negative etheric energy. The treatment of the animals on this planet is unspeakable, it should not be tolerated.

U: Yes. So you said that the astral plane was almost clear of darkness yes ?

C: Yes, the situation on the astral plane is much better than it was even 5 years ago.

U: Ok. And it’s the emotional plane yes ? [C: Yes]. Ok, so why do humans keep having so much emotional issues if the plane is clearer ?

C: It’s not clear yet but it’s much better. But most of the emotions get triggered from the archon and the chimera technology on the etheric plane. It is also possible to trigger emotions with a physical trigger, and an etheric trigger, and this is exactly what’s happening.

U: Is there really an evolution path from the mineral to the plant to the animal to the human, etc ?

C: It is the case for one part of humanity but not for people who came from other star systems.

U: Ok. Because it seems that the plants and trees are very evolved.

C: Yes they are. They have their own consciousness which is much connected with the light.

U: And so people evolve from a tree then to a human, or can you be human and then tree again ?

C: No, evolution never goes back it only goes forward.

U: Ok. But some beings came from higher planes and then went back to the physical no ?

C: Yes but this will never happen again.

U: It was just to liberate the planet yes ?

C: It was to transform the darkness on this planet yes.

U: Ok. People on other planets, do they wear clothes and shoes like we do, do they feel like they have to hide their bodies also ?

C: They can use clothes to warm them up but they don’t hide their bodies they have no inferiority complex or any kind of suppression, this does not exist.

U: Ok. Can you give examples of contingency in a harmless form ?

C: Well, the weather patterns on a normal day. They are very chaotic. You can’t predict them.

U: Ok. Any other in the cosmos ?

C: How the stars in the galaxy revolve around the galactic center.

U: That’s linked to contingency ?

C: Also yes, the oscillation of the star patterns, they are very random it’s impossible to predict them.

U: Ok. Was there harmful parts of contingency before darkness was created ?

C: Before darkness it was not harmful but it could be unpleasant.

U: Ok. So when darkness was created, did the harmful parts of contingency disappear from the rest of the universe and were concentrated in these beings ?

C: It was concentrated in a few galaxies, in this local group of galaxies, and then it was slowly being transformed.

U: Ok. So the situation became better for the rest of the universe no ?

C: Yes.

U: Ok. Is it true that some beings in the liberated universe have technology to create their own bodies ? [C: Yes]. Can you explain how it works ?

C: They have very advanced cloning facilities, and even more advanced beings have materialization chambers that can actually create bodies out of etheric substances, shape them into the physical plane.

U: Me and other people have seen that often the stars that are very low on the horizon, you can see them blinking with colors, can you explain this ?

C: It is a certain phenomenon happening because the atmosphere is not completely pure, there are currents in the atmosphere, and when a star is crossing through a very large portion of the atmosphere, different parts of the ray become reflected. So for example when the sun is setting, when it’s high on the horizon it is almost yellowish white, when it comes closer to the horizon, it gets redder and redder, and when it comes extremely close to the horizon you have this so called green flash. It is because certain wavelengths are absorbed more than others when it’s very close to the horizon. And also when a star comes close to the horizon, the refraction in the atmosphere absorbs certain wavelengths more than others, so you have this appearance of stars blinking and changing colors.

U: Ok. You said when the sun is setting there is this green flash, what is it ?

C: Usually when the conditions are very good, when the last part of the sun goes below the horizon there is a beautiful green flash of light that can happen.

U: Ok. Is there still some greys on this planet ?

C: There are some people who are greys incarnated in human bodies but not in grey bodies.

U: Ok. So on the non physical planes is there some also ?

C: On the non-physical planes yes.

U: And are they all negative ?

C: Some of them yes, some of them are crossing into the light as we speak.

U: Ok. And then they are leaving the planet ?

C: Yes they are being escorted away from the planet.

U: What’s their origin ?

C: Many of them come from star systems which are part of the draco alliance in this local sector of the galaxy.

U: Ok so it’s a natural race not a manipulation.

C: Of course they were manipulated by the archons but now they are evolving beyond that.

U: Ok. And they were not created by the archons ?

C: No.

U: Ok. So in the graphic in the plasma post you show the 7 planes of existence, does every being in the universe always exist on all 7 planes at the same time ?

C: Actually we have our divine spark which exist in the higher of those planes and of course when we incarnate on the physical plane we also have the physical body, and all the higher bodies in all 7 dimensions.

U: Ok. But some beings are only on the higher ones ?

C: Yes.

U: Ok. So when somebody is incarnated on the physical plane, do the astral body act independently of the physical body or are they merged together ?

C: Actually all bodies are connected in consciousness so they are interdependent and there is a feedback loop between all the bodies to a certain degree.

U: Ok. But can the astral body do something else than the physical is doing ?

C: Part of the astral body is always connected with the physical body but part of the astral body has independent life yes.

U: Ok. And same with etheric ?

C: Yes.

U: And do the bodies have roughly the same shape, like for example if you’re in a humanoid body in the physical plane it’s the same shape in the astral plane ?

C: Not always.

U: Ok. And same with the higher planes ?

C: Yes.

U: Are the 7 chakras connected to those planes ?

C: Yes those 7 chakras are actually connected with the 7 planes of creation.

U: Ok. So each chakra correspond to each plane ?

C: Yes also. There are other correspondences so this is quite complicated but yes this is also part of the situation.

U: Ok. Is there more than 7 chakras ?

C: There are many chakras in a human body.

U: More than 7 ?

C: Yes much much more.

U: Oh ok. So how many roughly ?

C: Tens of thousands of chakras, actually whenever there is an intersection between two nadis energy channels, there’s also a chakra.

U: Ok. For everybody ?

C: Yes.

U: Ok. So when the universe contracts again the lower planes will merge back with the others and disappear ?

C: They will actually ascend back into the Source.

U: So they will be gone ?

C: Yeah they will be ascended, absorbed into the Source.

U: So the manasic plane and the ones above it they are clear now yes ?

C: They are clear of darkness but there is still some anomaly there, so they are not perfect, but there is no darkness there.

U: Ok. And there is no darkness beyond the buddhi-manas ?

C: There is no darkness beyond the higher mental plane everywhere, anywhere, ever. It’s not possible.

U: So where is the veil that blocks the tachyons on those planes ?

C: It’s on the physical and etheric, and to a certain degree on astral and lower mental plane.

U: Ok it’s on all of them. [C: Yes]. So is there plasma planes on every planet ?

C: Yes but it’s almost unnoticeable on other planets.

U: Has Iceland really gotten rid of the cabal to a certain degree ?

C: To a certain degree but not completely.

U: Ok. So you’ve agreed before that the masculine is action and individuality and feminine is reception and unity yes ?

C: Yes

U: It seems to me that they are both suppressed, there’s sometimes distorted unity and everybody has to be the same, it’s conformity.

C: That’s not exactly unity, it’s control.

U: Ok. But is it not done through a form of distorted feminine ?

C: Yes it can. Actually both aspects are distorted on this planet.

U: Ok. Because it seems that the masculine is also suppressed, people have a hard time to take initiative and action.

C: Yes it is suppressed. Healthy masculine initiative is greatly suppressed on this planet.

U: Ok. So why are we more talking about the feminine and not of them together ?

C: It’s just because there was such a big imbalance in the past because the feminine was suppressed even more. And of course you and anybody else are much more than welcome to talk about healthy masculine it is also very important. Taking and inspiring action is one of the keys to planetary liberation.

U: Ok. So what we aim really is balance yes ?

C: Yes.

U: You said before that when there is balance darkness can not exist, can you comment more on this ?

C: Yes it’s very simple, because when there is balance there is harmony and darkness can only exist when there is a distortion and imbalance between various elements of creation.

U: Ok. Can you talk about the energy around the switzerland region, it seems special, the political situation is always different, there’s the cern, sacred sites in France near it, and Untersberg and Venice are not far, it seems that there’s a strong vortex in this region.

C: Actually switzerland was chosen by the cabal to be isolated from the rest of the world, so it wouldn’t be invaded and there would be no wars, because it was chosen as a financial center for the cabal. And of course the chimera group has chosen this country to be the site of the cern, to continue with their experiments and develop their exotic weapons there.

U: Ok. So the rhic in Long Island, and the cern, is that where they make strangelet bombs ?

C: No.

U: Ok. But is it connected to it ?

C: The Long Island location is still connected to it and the cern is not anymore. There has been a lot of changes happening in the cern in the last few months I would say. The situation has changed.

U: Ok. So it’s not active anymore on that aspect ?

C: Yes it is not active directly with the chimera group, there is of course still projects that are scheduled to be reopened next year but the chimera group is not directly involved with cern anymore, not in the way it was before.

U: I heard that St Germaine was active a lot with the kings and queens of France before the revolution, is it true ?

C: Yes it’s true.

U: What was he doing with them, they were archon puppets no ?

C: Not all of them, he was trying to influence them in a positive way, and he knew exactly what would happen with the french revolution, although the french revolution had a good start, it got distorted by the archons and changed into a reign of terror. So he was warning certain individuals against this, and was trying to lead this change in a more balanced way, of course he was not successful because people weren’t listening to him.

U: Ok. Is there still many reptilians around the planet ?

C: There are still some especially on the lower etheric plane, but much much less than even one year ago. The number is much much lower.

U: Can you give the numbers roughly ?

C: No.

U: Ok. So there’s a physical way that you use to contact the pleiadians and the resistance, how often can you use it ?

C: Basically quite often. Often enough that i have a constant update on the situation and reliable intel about it, continuously.

U: Ok. Are you the only one on earth who has this ?

C: I would not answer this question.

U: Ok. Are you also in contact with some ascended masters in this way ?

C: I would also not answer this question.

U: Ok. I’ve often felt that the interference is stronger in the week-ends, i thought maybe it’s because there’s islam judaism and catholic ceremonies in the week-end, can you comment on that energy of the week-ends ?

C: What is happening is usually during the week people are very active and they tend to suppress things, and during the week-end they relax a little bit more and all the suppressed things are coming to the surface, so there is a lot more emotions which are being released. And the archons tend to misuse that with their technologies, and the chimera group also.

U: What’s behind the ritual with the cube in the mecca ?

C: Actually the black cube is a symbol of the dark forces, and they are using that to consolidate their power on the physical plane.

U: So what’s that little black stone that everybody kiss ?

C: The black stone in mecca is not the black stone i am speaking about.

U: Yes. But what it is, where did it come from, why is it there ?

C: According to some legend there is a small piece of meteorite which has been put into one corner of the kabba in mecca.

U: Ok. So does it have a certain power or is it just to make a story for people ?

C: The object has a certain power because it was used in many occult rituals by the dark forces.

U: Ok. Why is there so many esoteric symbols in hollywood films ?

C: Actually there are two factions in hollywood, the negative faction that tries to control people through the symbols, and the positive faction tries to awaken people through the symbols.

U: Is there physical life on the surface of other planets in this solar system ?

C: Yes there are underground bases on some of the planets and some of the moons in this solar system.

U: Physically ? [C: Yes]. But not out in the open ?

C: No. The conditions are not right. You might only find some bacterias on the surface of Mars but that’s about it.

U: Ok. Can you talk about how eventually after the event we will make sure that darkness never happens again ?

C: Simply because there will be enough awareness in this Universe, and the light forces will have technology strong enough to prevent anything like that from happening ever again.

U: Ok. So when the Universe contracts again, and then expands again eventually, will this memory be kept ?

C: All the awareness will be kept but in an elevated way, in a more refined way.

End of Transcript


Paul Hellyer on Shift the Paradigm (Livestream) this Saturday

Time: . . . . . . . . . . 12:00 noon – 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Date:  . . . . . . . . . . Saturday, November first, 2014
Place: . . . . . . . . . . Toronto City Hall, Committee Room #1
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Come and be part of this rare and informative discussion with Paul Hellyer the former Canadian Defense Minister and Franco DeNicola on the changes taking place and our role in bringing about the changes. The discussion will cover; UFO and what is being hidden, control structures and their agenda, world economies and potential solutions, exotic technologies and energy systems that are available. Action plans will be also reviewed to address some of the current challenges we are facing and ways to redirect our seemingly current path.

Paul Hellyer has much to share with his close ties and past involvement with the military and various governmental bodies.

Hellyer is not only an investigator and reporter with connections within the systems, he is also has the capacity to see and offer solutions. He has written several books, the latest two books “Light at the End of the Tunnel” & “The Money Mafia,” provide great insight.

The discussion is teamed up with Franco DeNicola, which he provides a very expansive view of the current transformation taking place, that transcends the current human perspective and program. Franco brings to the table a Universal and Source Creator perspective and solutions.

This FREE event you do not want to miss, therefore join us at this time for this very unique gathering.

LIVE STREAM http://new.livestream.com/accounts/10072178/shifttheparadigm.



Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned (Soft Disclosure)

This is a great article about Disclosure, the alien agenda, 9/11, and Sandy Hook. -LW

The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati

by Preston James


Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913. These super-elite Deviants were given incredible power and authority in exchange for enacting the evil Agenda of this Alien ET group best described as Cosmic Parasites. This group of super-elite Deviants is best referred to as the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) AKA the “Illuminati”.

If you are not aware of the background information and evidence that is available about this ongoing Secret Space War, you are probably wasting your time reading this and it won’t fit into your mind.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) has done their best to keep you from knowing about Secret Space War matters. There has been a long term energetic effort to keep this information from “We the People” as well as anyone including the High Military Command who does not have what they define as an “absolute need to know”.

Recently during the last several years Majestic-12 (AKA MAJIC), the Secret Group that has maintained authority over all Alien ET matters since it was created by President Truman in 1947, has apparently voted to allow public disclosure.

The Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) is comprised of a Working Alliance between the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). This Ruling Crime Cabal/Coalition is best described as the Illuminati because that is what they call themselves and prefer to be called by Insiders.

This RCC gained power in three major Coup d’ Etats, the first in 1913 with the illegal, Unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the second with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the third with the deployment of a Gladio-style, False-Flag Inside-job Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01. It was during this time that Israel used nuclear blackmail to coerce the US Administration and top USG officials to allow the creation of Homeland Security (DHS).

The creation of Israeli-controlled Homeland security (DHS) provided an illegal, Unconstitutional consolidation of all American Alphabets, Law Enforcement and most Intel into one large, easy to control Israeli occupying Police State Army inside America.

This article will claim that the “Worm has Turned” at a very high level and the RCC is now being contained, dis-empowered and deconstructed piece by piece due to an interesting convergence of various forces and entities including the US High Military Command. Because this article contains information leaked by insiders and as well as numerous speculations, use your own judgment to evaluate what is presented and come to your own conclusions.

Be aware that many good individuals have been seriously harassed, stalked, threatened and even murdered to bring you this kind of information because the Ruling Criminal Cabal (RCC) does not want you to have any of this information about Secret Space Wars or Alien Agenda matters. The reason? This will be explained in the article and is best summarized that full public disclosure will likely result in a major immediate loss of power for the RCC at every level and will create a complete disruption of the Alien Agenda they are working so hard to fulfill which is about as anti-American and anti-human as possible.

Full Article.

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

The floodgates of disclosure are beginning to open wider, every day. See what’s been going on behind the scenes on Wall Street and in Washington, DC… -LW

SEPT 26, 2014 6:03 AM EDT

(Updates fourth paragraph to include reference to ProPublica article containing Carmen Segarra’s allegations.)

Probably most people would agree that the people paid by the U.S. government to regulate Wall Street have had their difficulties. Most people would probably also agree on two reasons those difficulties seem only to be growing: an ever-more complex financial system that regulators must have explained to them by the financiers who create it, and the ever-more common practice among regulators of leaving their government jobs for much higher paying jobs at the very banks they were once meant to regulate. Wall Street’s regulators are people who are paid by Wall Street to accept Wall Street’s explanations of itself, and who have little ability to defend themselves from those explanations.

Our financial regulatory system is obviously dysfunctional. But because the subject is so tedious, and the details so complicated, the public doesn’t pay it much attention.

That may very well change today, for today — Friday, Sept. 26 — the radio program “This American Life” will air a jaw-dropping storyabout Wall Street regulation, and the public will have no trouble at all understanding it.

The reporter, Jake Bernstein, has obtained 46 hours of tape recordings, made secretly by a Federal Reserve employee, of conversations within the Fed, and between the Fed and Goldman Sachs. The Ray Rice video for the financial sector has arrived.

First, a bit of background — which you might get equally well from today’s broadcast as well as from this article by ProPublica. After the 2008 financial crisis, the New York Fed, now the chief U.S. bank regulator, commissioned a study of itself. This study, which the Fed also intended to keep to itself, set out to understand why the Fed hadn’t spotted the insane and destructive behavior inside the big banks, and stopped it before it got out of control. The “discussion draft” of the Fed’s internal study, led by a Columbia Business School professor and former banker named David Beim, was sent to the Fed on Aug. 18, 2009.

It’s an extraordinary document. There is not space here to do it justice, but the gist is this: The Fed failed to regulate the banks because it did not encourage its employees to ask questions, to speak their minds or to point out problems.

Just the opposite: The Fed encourages its employees to keep their heads down, to obey their managers and to appease the banks. That is, bank regulators failed to do their jobs properly not because they lacked the tools but because they were discouraged from using them.

The report quotes Fed employees saying things like, “until I know what my boss thinks I don’t want to tell you,” and “no one feels individually accountable for financial crisis mistakes because management is through consensus.” Beim was himself surprised that what he thought was going to be an investigation of financial failure was actually a story of cultural failure.

Read more: Michael Lewis on the occupational hazards of working on Wall Street

Any Fed manager who read the Beim report, and who wanted to fix his institution, or merely cover his ass, would instantly have set out to hire strong-willed, independent-minded people who were willing to speak their minds, and set them loose on our financial sector. The Fed does not appear to have done this, at least not intentionally. But in late 2011, as those managers staffed up to take on the greater bank regulatory role given to them by the Dodd-Frank legislation, they hired a bunch of new people and one of them was a strong-willed, independent-minded woman named Carmen Segarra.

I’ve never met Segarra, but she comes across on the broadcast as a likable combination of good-humored and principled. “This American Life” also interviewed people who had worked with her, before she arrived at the Fed, who describe her as smart and occasionally blunt, but never unprofessional. She is obviously bright and inquisitive: speaks four languages, holds degrees from Harvard, Cornell and Columbia. She is also obviously knowledgeable: Before going to work at the Fed, she worked directly, and successfully, for the legal and compliance departments of big banks. She went to work for the Fed after the financial crisis, she says, only because she thought she had the ability to help the Fed to fix the system.

In early 2012, Segarra was assigned to regulate Goldman Sachs, and so was installed inside Goldman. (The people who regulate banks for the Fed are physically stationed inside the banks.)

The job right from the start seems to have been different from what she had imagined: In meetings, Fed employees would defer to the Goldman people; if one of the Goldman people said something revealing or even alarming, the other Fed employees in the meeting would either ignore or downplay it. For instance, in one meeting a Goldman employee expressed the view that “once clients are wealthy enough certain consumer laws don’t apply to them.” After that meeting, Segarra turned to a fellow Fed regulator and said how surprised she was by that statement — to which the regulator replied, “You didn’t hear that.”

This sort of thing occurred often enough — Fed regulators denying what had been said in meetings, Fed managers asking her to alter minutes of meetings after the fact — that Segarra decided she needed to record what actually had been said. So she went to the Spy Store and bought a tiny tape recorder, then began to record her meetings at Goldman Sachs, until she was fired.

(How Segarra got herself fired by the Fed is interesting. In 2012, Goldman was rebuked by a Delaware judge for its behavior during a corporate acquisition. Goldman had advised one energy company, El Paso Corp., as it sold itself to another energy company, Kinder Morgan, in which Goldman actually owned a $4 billion stake, and a Goldman banker had a big personal investment. The incident forced the Fed to ask Goldman to see its conflict of interest policy. It turned out that Goldman had no conflict of interest policy — but when Segarra insisted on saying as much in her report, her bosses tried to get her to change her report. Under pressure, she finally agreed to change the language in her report, but she couldn’t resist telling her boss that she wouldn’t be changing her mind. Shortly after that encounter, she was fired.)

Read More: Michael Lewis on Deeb the Conquerer baring his soul before Mama

I don’t want to spoil the revelations of “This American Life”: It’s far better to hear the actual sounds on the radio, as so much of the meaning of the piece is in the tones of the voices — and, especially, in the breathtaking wussiness of the people at the Fed charged with regulating Goldman Sachs. But once you have listened to it — as when you were faced with the newly unignorable truth of what actually happened to that NFL running back’s fiancee in that elevator — consider the following:

  1. You sort of knew that the regulators were more or less controlled by the banks. Now you know.
  2. The only reason you know is that one woman, Carmen Segarra, has been brave enough to fight the system. She has paid a great price to inform us all of the obvious. She has lost her job, undermined her career, and will no doubt also endure a lifetime of lawsuits and slander.

So what are you going to do about it? At this moment the Fed is probably telling itself that, like the financial crisis, this, too, will blow over. It shouldn’t.

To contact the writer of this article: Michael Lewis at mlewis1@bloomberg.net.

To contact the editor responsible for this article: Marty Schenker at mschenker@bloomberg.net.


Benjamin Fulford – Surrender of the Cabal?

benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk79Thanks, Galactic Human! This is one of Ben’s more inspirational updates. About halfway down, he itemizes half a dozen items that a post-cabal Japan could look like. I don’t know about you, but to me, it sounds an awful lot like NESARA/GESARA. If it’s true, this is very exciting! -LW

Anybody who understands finance and geopolitics can now see clearly the Nazi/Zionist cabal faces the mathematical certainty of defeat. It is also very clear the United States is on the brink of revolution. That is why cabal representatives have begun negotiating surrender with the White Dragon Society and their allies.

The surrender terms being offered by the WDS will be detailed below but first let us review the latest indications of cabal defeat.

First of all the deaths of, and attacks on, senior cabalists continue. Nazi/Zionist banker Emilio Botin, Chairman of Santander Bank, the second biggest bank in the Euro area, died suddenly on September 9th or 10th (see MI5 comments about him at end of article). Also the King of Sweden, one of the last cabal monarchs to cling to his throne, nearly died last week in an automobile “accident.”


Then Skull and Bones murderer and US corporate government Secretary of State John Kerry was ridiculed on live TV about ISIS while insulting signs were held up behind him.


This was followed by cabal propaganda outlet the New York Times putting out a story saying that ISIS was a creation of the CIA. Then armed intruders broke into the White House twice last week. None of these events could have taken place without senior agency and Pentagon backing.

cabal defeat

That is probably why representatives of the Rothschild family, the North Koreans, Japanese politicians, and the US military industrial complex all contacted the White Dragon Society last week. Although they each raised separate issues, they all wanted to know what sort of post-cabal regime to expect. The representatives of the Rothschilds, the North Koreans and the Japanese politicians offered to help with the creation of a post-Abe regime in Japan. They were told the Japanese Revolutionary Party, with which this writer is affiliated, has the following agenda:

First, nationalize the Bank of Japan and start issuing government currency to replace BOJ debt notes.
Second, stage a jubilee to write off all debts, public and private.

Third, redistribute wealth by giving all people who live in rental units ownership of those properties. Landlords would continue receiving the equivalent of their rental income in the form of government money. Also, all Japanese assets fraudulently obtained by cabalists would be nationalized and put in a fund to be managed on behalf of the Japanese people

Fourth, Japan would stop financing cabal controlled institutions like the UN, the World Bank and the IMF until they were either totally revamped or replaced with truly representative institutions.

Fifth, Japan would continue to finance the US military and agencies but only on the condition they helped preside over the bankruptcy and restructuring of the corporate government in the United States. This would include presiding over a transition of the military industrial complex into a life affirming benevolent entity.

Sixth, a truth commission will be established to uncover the crimes, including 311, carried out against the Japanese people by the US post-war occupation government.

The Military Industrial complex representative was also interested in what the WDS had to say about disclosure concerning extra-terrestrial contact. They were told the WDS agreed there was overwhelming evidence some sort of civilization with superior technology was watching over this planet. However, since the current leadership of the West consists of mass murderers, it is obvious any superior civilization would put this planet under quarantine. The WDS believes open contact with off-world civilization will begin when the genocidal cabal has been neutralized.

They were also told that what was going on in this planet was very much like a giant mathematical calculation where plus and minus elements were cancelling each other out. This can be taken either literally or, as a metaphor of the changing power balance on this planet.

From this perspective, the negative side murdered hundreds of millions of people during the 20th century through war, disease and starvation. However, in the 21st century a far lower number of one or two million was killed in Iraq. Also, attempts to kill 90% of the world’s population through starvation and pandemics by the post-911 US fascist Nazionist regime have failed. More recently, the failed effort to start World War 3 in the Ukraine resulted in “only” a few thousand deaths. The ebola bio-weapons and fear mongering campaign being pushed by cabal institutions like the UN, the World Health Organization and the World Bank is producing at the most hundreds of deaths if that.

On the starvation front, while close to one billion people are malnourished, there have been no famines since 2012 and developing countries are thriving.

It is clear the positive side is winning but that the final moment, when the equal button is pushed and a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and start an age of unprecedented prosperity and progress, has not yet been reached.

This depends on the ongoing financial war. On that front, the demise of the Cabal petro-dollar is becoming increasingly obvious. First of all, none of the oil producing countries in the Middle East supports the Obama governments’ bizarre ISIS campaign. This means the oil producing countries of the Middle East no longer support the Federal Reserve Board cabals’ petro-dollar or the Obama regime. This is most likely why The Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced last week they were getting out of the oil business and into renewable energy.


It may also be why a French bank issued a report last week saying $100 billion invested in renewable energy would produce four times more energy than the same amount of money invested in oil.


It seems the rats are bailing out of the petro-dollar ship.

Also last week the French government joined the Germans and the British in setting up Chinese yuan based trading in their own financial markets.


Furthermore, China set up a Yuan based gold futures trading market that will be open to foreigners and restricted to physical gold. Since China accounts for one third of world physical gold demand, and Asia two thirds, this market has a good chance of taking over price setting for gold from exchanges in the US and London. Sister markets will soon start in Hong Kong and Singapore as well. This move comes as the Rothschild family has already quit the gold business and the London gold market is under investigation for price fixing.


However, the Chinese are not going to use a gold backed Yuan to replace the petro-dollar but will instead link their currency to a basket of commodities and other national currencies, Chinese government officials say.

Although many in the West are impatient for a big sudden change, the Chinese know that time is on their side. All they have to do is make sure nobody is fooled into starting a planet destroying war and wait for their strength to increase while that of the West withers away. Unless the West acts decisively on its own to reboot their economic and political systems, they will just continue to watch helplessly as the BRICS inexorably leave them behind.

However, if the West reboots itself, it will benefit from an age of exponential progress that will make the agricultural and industrial revolutions seem like the first tentative steps taken by a toddler. What are we waiting for?

Note on fascist financier Emilio Botin and Bank Santandar by MI5 official:

The passing of Emilio Botin, Executive Chairman of Santander Bank Group is interesting. He is variously reported to have died on the 9th or 10th September, unexpectedly of a heart attack. His profile is of the classic second generation Nazi banker with links to the Vatican, right-wing post war leaders and rapid growth in South America. Santander is the tenth largest bank in the world, the second largest in Europe and half of its’ earnings come from South America. But somehow, Botin evaded the spotlight.

The bank was originally a small regional operation for traders in Santander, a port on the northern coast in the region of Cantabria, Spain. It expanded rapidly in the 1960’s and 1970’s in South America; Argentina and Brazil especially. In fact, the bank did so well under the fascists Peron in Argentina and Franco in Spain that it emerged from the 1970’s financial crisis with a business model of expansion by predatory acquisition. It took maximum advantage of its EU membership in the process. The Botin family held secret accounts in Switzerland opened in 1937 and discovered by the authorities in 2010. The family also used a settlement of 200 million Euros to appease the Spanish tax authorities.

Santander was the scene of much Nazi activity during and post WWII, including submarine trips from the coast between Vigo and Santander for Nazi VIP’s in the “ratlines” operations running to Argentina. The WWII chief of MI6, Sir Stewart Menzies, is known to have met Admiral Canaris, chief of the Nazi underground, in Santander during the war in a hotel which Botin subsequently purchased, the Hotel Real. Santander bank financed the growing Gladio (false flag) operations. The Gladio training was organized by senior Nazi leader Otto Skorzeny and his Palladin group in Alicante, Spain starting in the 1970’s.