Sudden Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue

Thanks to Tolec for pointing to this article, a comprehensive update on the string of deaths which have the Illuminati signature all over them. 

It sounds like SOME police departments are at least ‘appearing’ to investigate. Of course the coroners have an out’because the cabal hit men have perfected their methods of making assassinations look like heart attacks, cancer, respiratory failure, etc. It’s all SO convenient.

JP Morgan; the dirtiest of the dirty banksters.  Why do people still have their money at the Chase banks? 

And let’s not forget the death of Richard Talley, who is not so far linked to JP Morgan, who they say died from self-inflicted wounds to the head and torso from a nail gun—if we can believe that one.  ~ BP

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 19, 2014

Kenneth Bellando, age 28, was found outside his East Side apartment building on March 12 in what the New York Post is calling “an apparent suicide” despite an ongoing police investigation into the matter. The building from which Bellando allegedly jumped was only six stories – by no means ensuring that death would result – providing the police with an additional reason to investigate for foul play.

The young Bellando, who had previously worked for JPMorgan Chase himself, was the brother of John Bellando, who was named in the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations’ report on how JPMorgan had hid losses and lied to regulators in the London Whale derivatives trading debacle that resulted in losses of at least $6.2 billion. Congressional outrage was heightened by the fact that JPMorgan was gambling in London in high risk and illiquid derivatives using deposits from its FDIC insured bank, not with its own capital.

At the time of the London Whale investigation in the U.S. Senate, John Bellando’s job title was “Associate” at JPMorgan. In September of last year, the same month that JPMorgan settled the London Whale matter with four sets of regulators for $920 million, John Bellando was promoted to Vice President, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is still doing much of the same work he did during the buildup of the London Whale derivative positions, which includes: developing and presenting “key risk analytic reports for senior treasury management, business partners, various risk committees and regulators…”

John Bellando has worked for JPMorgan since 2008, following the collapse of Lehman Brothers where he had worked as an analyst in fixed income operations.

According to the Senate investigation, John Bellando had been providing monthly valuation reports on the derivative trades to James Hohl, an examiner in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the regulator of national banks. But during a critical period in the London Whale episode, February and March of 2012, John Bellando did not send the reports to Hohl. The missing reports were noticed by Hohl on April 13, 2012 at 11:49 a.m. when he emailed Bellando asking for them.

Bellando responded in an email to Hohl at 5:58 p.m. that day, writing:

Hi James –

Apologies for not distributing the February valuation work. I just sent the February and March reports.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, John

The Senate report summed up the two months of missing reports as follows in its more than 300-page investigative report:

“A second type of report that the bank routinely provided to the OCC was the CIO’s [Chief Investment Office] Valuation Control Group (VCG) reports, which were monthly reports containing verified valuations of its portfolio assets. The OCC used these reports to track the performance of the CIO investment portfolios. But in 2012, the OCC told the Subcommittee that the CIO VCG reports for February and March failed to arrive. These are the same months during which it was later discovered that the CIO had mismarked the SCP [Synthetic Credit Portfolio] book to hide the extent of its losses. On April 13, 2012, after the London whale trades appeared in the press, the OCC requested copies of the February and March VCG reports, which were provided on the same day. Again, it is difficult to understand how the bank could have failed to provide those basic reports on a timely basis, and how the OCC could have failed to notice, for two months, that the reports had not arrived.  Moreover, when the March VCG report was later revised to increase the SCP liquidity reserve by roughly fivefold, that revised report was not provided to the OCC until May 17.”

Kenneth Bellando is now the third young man who has died suddenly this year with ties to JPMorgan whom the New York Post is reporting as taking their life by jumping from a building: Gabriel Magee, 39, a JPMorgan Vice President, from the 33-story London offices of the bank on January 28; and Dennis Li Junjie, a 33-year old accountant in JPMorgan’s Hong Kong office, said to have jumped from that 30-story building on February 18.

The New York Post writes the following about Magee: “Gabriel Magee, 39, a vice president with JPMorgan’s corporate and investment bank technology arm in the UK, jumped to his death from the roof of the bank’s 33-story Canary Wharf tower in London.”

In fact, the cause of Magee’s death has yet to be determined. A formal Coroner’s inquest into the matter will be held in May in London.

Suicides by leaping from tall buildings are extremely rare. Using data from the New York City Department of Health, the Wall Street Journal reported in 2010 that during 2008, the most stressful year of the financial crisis on Wall Street, when tens of thousands of workers were fired and century old iconic investment banks collapsed, there were “473 people who committed suicide in the city in 2008, the most recent year for which statistics are available; 93, just under 20%, did so by leaping to their deaths.”

New York City (Manhattan and boroughs) has a population of approximately 8 million. The 93 deaths resulting from leaping from skyscrapers represents .000011625 of the population. That makes the three alleged leaps by individuals tied to JPMorgan in less than two months a statistical improbability given that JPMorgan’s global workforce population is just 260,000.

Other young men employed by JPMorgan are dying sudden, unusual deaths as well. On December 7 of last year, Joseph M. Ambrosio, 34, who worked in the finance department of JPMorgan in Menlo Park, New Jersey, was rushed to the Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy where he died of Acute Respiratory Syndrome according to an immediate family member. He had no related illness to account for the sudden death.

Eight days later, on December 15, 2013, Jason Alan Salais, also 34, a technology specialist for JPMorgan, died from a sudden heart attack outside a Walgreens in Pearland, Texas.

And the toxicology report for Ryan Crane, 37, an equity trader at JPMorgan in Manhattan who died suddenly at his home in Stamford, Connecticut on February 3 of this year has still not come back according to a call placed yesterday by Wall Street On Parade to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in Connecticut.



Killed like Breitbart? Obama Impersonator Steve Bridges Dies of Unknown Causes At Age 48

So many mysterious deaths… too many to chalk up to coincidence. ~ BP


In these Strange Days, opponents to Barack Obama seem to fall like flies. The NWO is in Full Gear at Silencing the Opposition.


The Administration has tried to put a stop to Bridges’ act because Obama has made it known that he is deeply offended.

You Tube Text :” It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Bridges. His passing comes as a shock to all of us. The cause of death is not known at this time, but we will publish more information on his website ( as it becomes available. Steve brought joy and laughter to millions and was a great inspiration to all who knew him. He will be sadly missed. Our prayers go to his family at this time”

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Hastings was Murdered

I’m not liking where this is headed. And I hope Snowden is somewhere safe because he is most certainly a target. Assange is wise to remain where he is.

In March 2013, Attorney General, Eric Holder, answered a February 2013 inquiry from Senator Rand Paul as to whether Obama had any intentions of assassinating American citizens on American soil through the use of drones. Holder also stated that Obama “has no intention” of targeting American citizens with unmanned aerial vehicles, but would do so if facing “an extraordinary circumstance.”

I presume from the Attorney General’s characterization of Obama’s need to assassinate America citizens,  but only under “an extraordinary circumstance” applies to journalists attempting to the tell the truth about the morally bankrupt Obama administration and their criminal enterprise operations which constitute a clear and present danger to the United States.

This is the first of a two part story which examines the three following questions:

1. Was Michael Hastings murdered?

2. If so, why was he murdered?

3. How was the murder accomplished?

Part one of this series examines the evidence supporting a charge of murder in the death of investigative reporter Michael Hastings. Also, some the ground work is laid with regard to the second question on why Michael Hastings was murdered. Part two will fully develop the motives as to why Hastings was murdered as well as how the murder was accomplished. The cover story related to Hastings’ death will be examined as well as evidence which destroys the credibility of the “official account.” Also Part two will reveal how the lives of the investigators looking into this event are also in jeopardy.

Obama and Holder Are Cut From the Same Cloth As the Zetas


America's Stew Maker

America’s stew-maker


Today, the NSA/CIA and even the President can “legally” kill a whistleblower, force local officials to conduct a shoddy autopsy and then cremate the body of the victim against the wishes of the next of kin, and then send the ashes to the grieving relatives in an urn just as the coroner did with the body of Michael Hastings. Subsequently, the evidence is destroyed and Obama and Holder maintain plausible deniability. The murder of Michael Hastings is proof positive that we are indeed being ruled by the most virulent criminals on the planet and the evidence that follows supports this allegation.

The Official Version of Hastings’ Death

Michael Hastings’ Body Was Cremated Against Family Wishes

The official version of the Hastings death stated that he was traveling at an excessive speed, at least 80 mph, when he lost control of his car and he crashed into a tree causing his Mercedes to burst into a flames, which resulted in his death. According to the coroner, the Hastings body was burned beyond recognition. That claim is disputed by an eyewitness to the crime as reported on Infowars Nightly News who stated that the body was recognizable and intact..

The fact that Hastings’ family had requested that the body be sent to them for proper burial and this request was not honored, should be investigated. Unless there was a compelling legal reason to not comply with the family request to have the body sent to them, the coroner committed a criminal act for which he should be prosecuted.

The Cover Up Commences

All the signs point to a murder to prevent Hastings from releasing some very important and damning information which will be discussed in more detail in Part two.

Just a few hours before his death, Hastings sent an email to colleagues at stating that he was onto a big story and that he would have to go off the radar for a bit. Hastings use of the word, “radar” is both ironic and compelling as the readers will soon learn why this is true in Part two. Interestingly, Hastings also told that that they might be questioned about him by authorities. If you think this is starting to sound a lot like the Edward Snowden affair, you are correct and that connection between Snowden and Hastings will be explored as well in Part Two.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Hastings Was Murdered

Michael Hastings was the ultimate reporter and a consummate whistle-blower. For example, Michael Hastings brought down the command of General McChrystal the senior commander in Afghanistan in which his insubordination and lack of respect for Obama was reported in Rolling Stone Magazine by Hastings and resulted in the General’s firing.

Hastings has served as a one man wrecking crew regarding the exposing the governmental lies connected to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is rumored to have had a behind-the-scenes hand in Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.

We know now, from Twitter, and various spokespeople from Wikileaks, that Hastings had contacted Wikileaks and said he was being investigated by the FBI. The following tweet is the first element in the notion that Hastings was murdered to cover up his potential release of volatile information which could result in the fall of the Obama empire.

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