Mr. Cati ~ The Owls And Spiders 10-23 False Flag Discussion

Mr. Cati provides an in-depth analysis of events surrounding the recent removal of one of the blocks from the Georgia Guidestones, how they are related to the Owls (US cabal) and Spiders (UK cabal), and significant dates in the rest of October. He discusses the Ebola False Flag, comet Siding Spring, next week’s solar eclipse, and timeline manipulation. -LW

This video report is a ritual code discussion, of the many recent event dates, and ritual code findings, that are discussed in relationship to the ongoing Ebola virus situation, unfolding in the USA and around the world.

A discussion regarding Owls and Spiders is used only as a means to report on how they both stand to profit enormously from an Ebola pandemic, which allows me to discuss the many dates and various events, that have unfolded since discovering the solar eclipse of 10-23-14, as a key day for the Spiders, while 10-24 is the key date for the Owls.

10-23 and 10-24 dates, are marker dates that also shows a transfer of action and authority from the Spiders to the Owls and specifically, the Bush 11 cabal, for upcoming October future time manipulations and for continued action regarding the Ebola virus as a social means to restrict freedoms and liberties under the false flag of an Ebola pandemic.

9/11 is discussed not only as a false flag date that just passed, but as a ritual date that has been used in the current 911 false flag action, that is currently unfolding, slowly around us.

An emphasis of focus and attention should be placed back on the upcoming Comet Siding Spring, close pass-by of Mars, set to occur on 10-19-14. It is this event and date that will determine the following actions, that the NWO and their super computer, seeks to enforce, as it seeks to find that one time line, that will allow the elites, to declare their one world govt., and new world order success.

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Skull and Bones…

Patriot Act:2001: Approved by Democratic Congress on 10-24-01 and passed by the Senate on 10-25-01. President Bush signs Patriot Act into law, on 10-26-01.

UN Security Council Global Patriot Act Resolution:Passed by SC.…  and…

Bill Gates Engineered Virus for Profit and Genocide of the Planet…

US Bio Weapons lab linked to Ebola epidemic and Bill and Melinda Gates…

ISON: The White Phoenix

I think there is sufficient evidence that ISON is far from “just a comet” and odd things are going on up there. More ‘miracles’ I suspect.  Here’s another interesting perspective. 

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone. The energies are special today.  ~ BP

ISON: The White Phoenix

Posted on December 21, 2013

“White is the Light of the heavenly Son, bright the beam of Frea’s swan song, round Sun’s curve the Ibis on, seed-sphere of life the IB is on, straight the way of Akh-in-Aten, pure is the call of the Bennu bird, cleansing its fire, the Wave is the Word, cresting the wave the Son is On.”  ~ Rowena

On this day of the Solstice, and the beautiful energetic peak it represents, I would like to speak a little about the Comet ISON, and the nature of the frequencies I feel it to be, to be igniting here on Earth and in the hearts of humankind.

Comet ISON, courtesy NASA image archives

Photo: Dennis di Cicco, CORBIS

ISON first came onto my ‘radar’ after inner communions with Deneb, the alpha star of Cygnus, the Swan constellation, in October. I had not felt this direct ‘beam’ of Cygnus since leading into the Spring Equinox of 2013, and had a strong visual of an arc of light coming through the solar portal to Earth from Deneb, in connection/fusion with her partner stars of the Summer Triangle, Aquila (Altair) and Vega (Lyra). Two days later, I saw a transmission (video) by Tolec and the Andromeda Council, stating that what is known as the comet ISON was in fact a biosphere from the Cygnus constellation, and that it was being flanked by two Procyon ships.

Confirmation came from contacts in the Galactic Federation fleet of the Procyon presence (beings of the star Procyon, near Sirius, fulfill a role of guarding and clearing dense energies…think ‘Thor’ or the protecting aspect of Archangel Michael). The orb in the photo below I photographed earlier this week; the shield form of blue light in the centre, with a ring sparking with white light surrounding it, represents/transmits the energies of AA Michael and the Procyon (there are other beings here too; you may be able to see a hawk’s head).

Photo taken 17-12-13

Photo taken 17-12-13

ISON began to display an eagle or falcon-like shape, representing the presence of Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, as well as bird people of Light who have re-merged with the Galactic Federation. In channellings and discussions of ISON, there has been much speculation about whether the comet is a comet or a ship, or group of ships. In truth, it is both. We are talking about multi-dimensional beings and frequencies here; while Earth humanity may view the conventional form of an ‘object’ called a comet (although it has been noted by astronomers that this comet has made some unexpected ‘adjustments’ to its course while passing Venus), in 5D+ this object is being steered/guided by ships, not necessarily only one. At that stage, however, Ashtar’s ship, the Phoenix, was to my knowledge, guiding ISON.

Comet ISON, eagle/winged form, courtesy NASA image archives

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Experience ISON’s Dosey-Doe with the Sun LIVE Today Online: Nov 28








Here’s an update on the path:



Thanks, Patrick!

This gives a whole new meaning to the term,  “hot date”, doesn’t it?

The cosmic dance we’ve heard so much about is front and centre today (tonight) as ISON goes soaring on her trajectory into the arms of old Sol and hopefully he will send her spinning gracefully on by, catch her on the rebound, rev her up, then watch her dosey-doe onward into the cosmos once again.

We can give them a standing ovation, but I don’t think we’ll get an encore.

If you’d like to watch  this rare performance, you may do so from links at EarthSky.  Very cool. Check out the view below from Nov 21st.  ~ BP

Comet ISON on November 28, 2013 via NASA SOHO mission.

Experience Comet ISON’s encounter with the sun online

ISON’s moment of truth is here – its closest approach to the sun – today. Here are some ways to experience it online.

Comet ISON has traveled for at least a million years, pulled by the gravity of the sun that binds it, and us, in orbit. Now ISON’s moment of truth is here – its closest point to the sun, or perihelion – today, November 28, 2013 at around 18:44 UTC/ 1:44 p.m. EST. The comet is difficult, probably impossible, to view from Earth right now; it is temporarily lost in the sun’s blinding glare. How can you see Comet ISON as it sweeps closest to the sun that binds it in orbit … and may destroy it? The best bet for the few hours around perihelion may be NASA’s SDO page. Experts will be answering questions live from Twitter; use the hashtags #ISON and #askNASA. But there are many other possibilities! Follow the links below to learn how you can experience ISON’s encounter with the sun today, online.

Do NOT do this to experience ISON closest to the sun

If I can’t see ISON closest to the sun on November 28, who can see it?

Google hangout with experts at 18:00 – 20:30 UTC (1:00 – 3:30 p.m. EST) on November 28.

Watching Comet ISON with the SDO spacecraft, at perihelion

How can I see Comet ISON with the STEREO spacecraft?

How can I see Comet ISON with the SOHO spacecraft?

How can I see Comet ISON with the Hinode spacecraft?

What will happen to ISON when it’s closest to the sun?

Everything you need to know: Comet ISON 2013


There’s always a delay in the availability of the full resolution data from STEREO. But, NASA says, the lower-resolution “beacon” data should be available in real-time, depending on the availability of the volunteer ground stations that help bring in these data. Places to look for STEREO views of Comet ISON include:

STEREO (SECCHI) latest images page

STEREO image search tool

SECCHI’s page; the team says it will try to provide images quickly

SECCHI Javascript movie tool

SECCHI browse image gallery

Click here to read more about anticipated STEREO observations of Comet ISON.

See more at EarthSky

Newest ISON Photos: It Looks Like a Ship [video]

Just as the Illuminati’s minions throw disinfo out there mixed with some truth to throw us off, I believe the Resistance Movement, White Knights, and other good guys do the same.

You don’t tell the enemy what you’re up to, what to expect or when, so we’re all in the dark right now as to the real truth, other than what our Higher Self tells us.

These are some VERY interesting photos, particularly when you take into consideration the crop circles. That’s all I’m saying other than whatever ISON is, I can only believe it is definitely here in OUR favour.  No fear.   ~ BP

Comet ISON! Brand New The Images NASA Does Not Want You To See!

Donny Gillson explores the ideas of what Comet ISON is, or what it could be, as we separate fact from fiction, while exploring the avenues of a positive timeline, and hoping the the collective mind will do the rest. I also talk about the Comet Negra that flew by us exactly 666 years ago.

Get ready to explore further down the rabbit hole and see what you may find.

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Don Gillson

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Recent Radio Show 11/3/2013

Tonight we discuss the False Flag event that took place on Nov. 1st 2013 at LAX, along with information regarding COMET ISON. We rethink the possibility that the Mayan Calender did not end on Dec 21st 2012, but actually will end on Dec 31st 2013 the very day COMET ISON makes its closest approach to the earth.

Click here to listen to the archive

P.S. – Thank you Jerry Wizman :)




Two UFOs Circling Ison as Seen from China’s Radar Cameras

Thanks to for sharing.

This is very interesting….  gives me chills. Our guardians are hard at work protecting us and our planet as much as possible.  

From what I hear, the Galactics’ entire existence is pretty much all about us. Their lives were  virtually put on hold for years to guard our air space and us, as much as possible, from the Illuminati and to mitigate Earth changes. They might have a brief furlough to visit family but they’re right back at it before long—and fascinated with their work. Talk about service to others.

Who knew life would get so exciting?  ~ BP

From BeforeItsNews – images posted Oct 2, 2013

Much talk that incoming Comet ISON was being accompanied by two objects on its flight across our universe has been written off as conspiracy even though there is much visual evidence to prove it. This video below of Comet ISON taken by the Chinese Space Radar clearly shows two accompanying objects along with Comet ISON. Why are the mainstream news media not telling us about this and how will NASA explain this one?

And here’s another view in HD…

Lt. Col. Roy Potter on Spiritual Warfare, Comet Ison and John Kerry’s Tongue

I know… divergent topics, but fascinating!

I hadn’t heard anything about Col. Potter for awhile and went off in search of his latest. The video below is very interesting for a few reasons.

He offers a thought on Comet Ison that neither COBRA nor Tolec mentioned. After viewing the video below from the Hubble telescope, I can’t agree it’s a comet. COBRA may be protecting the interests of the Light Forces when he says it is Comet Ison.


Potter also discussed something that got my attention because I remembered seeing a headline somewhere recently about, “What’s Wrong with John Kerry’s Face?” or similar.

I posted some videos below that will be shocking to the uninitiated, but that’s just reality on old Planet Earth at the moment.

Life is never dull these days, is it?

Here’s Lt. Col. Potter covering the above topics.

Here’s Alex Jones (sorry) with his rant and a possible attempt to redeem himself through the shock factor to show he’s on OUR side by spilling the beans on the Illuminati satanic rituals.

If you’re not aware, Alex has never admitted the Illuminati are reptilian. A few people have called him on that point and others, saying if he isn’t working for the CIA he would be addressing key facts he deliberately avoids.

Further in he gets to John Kerry’s tongue.  It’s getting really crazy out there, folks.

Even the YoungTurks covered it, with a little disclosure tucked in.

I believe it was COBRA who told us that clones don’t last very long and eventually begin to break down. This may be what we’re experiencing with John Kerry. What do you think? Either that or this reptilian is having trouble curbing his innate tendencies while shapeshifting. Seems very robotic, and check out these photos… what the—?

Of course, the lamestream media is saying he must have had plastic surgery or Botox injections… anything but the truth.

Hillary Clinton was the subject of similar conjecture. People were saying she had a body double or plastic surgery after her so-called “fall” at home that took her off the job for a few weeks.

See the smooth complexion but droopy eye?

Lots of age showing here.

Make of it what you will.


COBRA ‘Event’ & State-of-the-Planet Update Interview with Alexandra Meadors – Sept 17th

It looks like the transcript isn’t ready yet, but here you go!

COBRA is a member of the Galactic Confederation. He says there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about the Galactic Federation of Light. There is only one entity, called the Galactic Confederation comprising many groups and races, and what people call it doesn’t really matter.

You really need to listen to this! I think you’ll feel a lot better and more secure if you do.

One thing they discussed: Comet Ison—COBRA says it’s NOT ships. It’s a comet. So does that mean Tolec has been compromised? I DID wonder why the ships would need to travel for so long, since they don’t need to because they can travel almost instantaneously. Ain’t life fun right now?

And he confirmed that all the false flag attacks are created by triggering MKULTRA victims and their purpose is to distract us from more important things going on. Possibly they hope to distract the amnesiacs on the planet from awakening to what is truly going on?

Here’s the link to the audio:

****Please go to COBRA’s blog and send him a thank you for all he does, and one for Alexandra would be great, too. It takes a lot of work to compile all the questions from us.****

COBRA says Part 2 of the update that he was going to share this week will come next week as there is so much going on right now.

Victory of the Light!