ET – UFO Witness and Insider Interviews: First Rate Collection [video]

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For UFO aficionados, you have probably seen every one of these clips before, but for newbies, it’s a fantastic collection of interviews. I enjoyed watching again, except for the one that, as Bob Dean says, “breaks my heart”. Believe whatever you like.  ~ BP

CNN Asks, “Should We Report on Disclosure?”

If TRUTH is controversial...I suppose this might be considered progress—that CNN would even broach the subject and use the word “truth”.

In this CNN iReport you can sign up and answer their question. Can’t hurt! Thirty-seven people already have and it’s looking good.

If TRUTH is controversial…

If Truth is controversial, does that mean we do not have the right to hear it?

If truth could potentially undermine religion, economic models, hierarchy, social classes and “order”, is that reason to censor what we, The People have access to?

Who is the ultimate authority on what is best for me, you or anyone? Are we too delicate, too naive, too uneducated to understand the implications that may derive from ” full” disclosure?

These are just some of the questions being addressed at The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

These proceedings take place April 29 – May 3, 2013 at The National Press Club ( with the hope and intention of calling for change on current governmental disclosure policy to the public. This event specifically is geared toward information related to UFO sightings and encounters, Ufology as a study and science and records of witness accounts of direct “alien” contact.

The hearing committee panel consists of former Congresspersons and Senators which includes:

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (Rep., MD)
Congressmen Merrill Cook (Rep., UT)
Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (Dem., OR)
Senator Mike Gravel (Dem/Lib., AK)
Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (Dem., MI)
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (Dem., CA)

Among the 30+ witnesses scheduled to present eyewitness testimony, documentation and expertise are (in no particular order of either appearance or importance):

Nick Pope (Former Ministry of Defense, UK)
Daniel Sheehan JD
Linda Moulton Howe
Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, Ret.)
Dr. Edgar Mitchell (NASA, Capt. USN, Ret.)
Oscar Santa-Maria (Col. Ret., Peru)
Dr. sun Shili (People’s Republic of China)
Stanton Friedman (Canada)
Full list of witnesses available at

As Day 3 comes to a close, and reflecting on the various testimonies heard here thus far; from the Rockefeller Initiative and Bentwaters to Nuclear Tampering and official document submittals, and regardless of my individual opinion on the subject of UFOs, I can only state that this has been a fascinating, enlightening and unprecedented event.

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‘Aliens’ Messed with U.S. and Soviet Nukes Say US Airmen

In the midst of the Cold War on several occasions, nuclear missiles at US Air Force bases were mysteriously shut down, according to US servicemen who said they witnessed the failure of the heavily guarded missile systems.

But they don’t blame America’s Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union; they say aliens from space did it.

“This was something Russia could have developed, but it turns out they didn’t develop this and we don’t have it either – to be able to shut down nuclear weapons with a beam of light,” David Scott, a former sergeant in the US Air Force, told RIA Novosti at a conference in Washington on encounters with extraterrestrials.

‘Aliens’ Messed with US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen

Scott and three retired Air Force officers told a panel of six former members of the US Congress at the conference about their experiences with extraterrestrial “visitors” who meddled with US nuclear weapons systems.

The five-day conference, called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, is sponsored by the UFO truth organization Paradigm Research Group and is being held in the style of Congressional hearings, with time limits for witness testimony, question and answer sessions with former members of Congress, and statements entered into the record.

About 40 international researchers, military and scientific witnesses are scheduled to testify during the conference, with some providing what they say is evidence of an alien presence on Earth. The former lawmakers listening to the testimony are each being paid $20,000 to attend the five days of hearings.

© Karin Zeitvogel   Former US Air Force Capt. David Schindele spoke out
for the first time about his UFO experiences in the 1960s

Speaking for the first time ever about his experiences some 50 years ago with extra-terrestrials, retired Air Force Capt. David Schindele told how, in the 1960s, what he is convinced were aliens knocked “all missiles” at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota “off-alert,” making them “unlaunchable.”

“We had no doubt that the 10 nuclear-tipped missiles had been compromised, tampered with and put out of commission by the ‘object’ that had paid a visit” the night before, an emotional Schindele told the panel of former lawmakers.

Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas told of an incident at an air force base in Montana in 1967, where nuclear missiles “were shut down as a UFO was seen overhead.”

While aliens were allegedly shutting down nuclear weapons systems in the United States, in the Soviet Union, in 1982, they are suspected of initiating launch procedures for nuclear warheads, sending Soviet troops scrambling to undo the extraterrestrial move, witnesses told the former lawmakers.

Funding for the conference is being provided by Canadian “philanthropist, futurist and visionary Thomas Clearwater,” Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, told RIA Novosti.

US airmen, who claim they saw UFOs were forced to sign oaths of secrecy, forget they ever saw anything, and were ridiculed by their peers and superior officers when they reported UFO sightings, the witnesses told the panel.

Salas wrote a book in 2005, “Faded Giant,” about the Montana air force base UFO event, which spurred many of the other panelists to finally speak in public about their experiences with what they say were extraterrestrials.

In the Soviet Union, meanwhile, those who reported seeing UFOs were treated entirely differently, historian and UFO author Richard Dolan testified, citing a case in 1990, “which involved an unbelievable encounter by an object that was playing all sorts of games with the Soviet interceptor that was seen by multiple of witnesses.”

Following the encounter, “the Soviet minister of defense spoke about it, the Soviet top general for air defense spoke about it,” Dolan said.

And like the US airmen, the Soviet top brass did not blame their Cold War rivals, the Americans, but pinned the blame for the incident on extraterrestrial visitors, Dolan added.

“The top Soviet commander said, ‘There is no way we were going to attack this. It was vastly beyond anything that we or anyone we know had,’” Dolan said, adding that Soviet military “discounted that this was American — not a chance.”

One of the former lawmakers on the panel was overheard by RIA Novosti as saying the conference was a first step toward holding a real Congressional hearing on UFOs.

“It clearly warrants a congressional hearing but that would violate the ‘truth embargo,’ which is the name I’ve given to the policy of the government to withhold acknowledgement and information of an extraterrestrial presence,” said Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group.


New York Times Finally Covers the Citizen Disclosure Hearing

Visitors From Outer Space, Real or Not, Are Focus of Discussion in Washington

WASHINGTON — While President Obama was promoting an immigration overhaul in Mexico, six former members of Congress gathered two blocks from the White House to consider what they see as the enforced government secrecy surrounding another kind of visitor: the kind who come from a lot farther away.

Mike Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, left, in 2007, appeared this week on a panel to discuss extraterrestrial life.

Every day this week, the former legislators presided over panels made up of academics and — former, of course — government and military officials, who were there to discuss their research or their own eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials who presumably would have occupied them.

“Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

Mr. Gravel and his fellow panelists were assembled by the Paradigm Research Group, which says it is committed to ending the government’s “truth embargo” on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The lawmakers were there in hopes that their presence and political credibility would be enough to persuade Congress to take the issue seriously.

“I’ve been exploring how we might get this issue out of the shadows of the lunatic fringe,” said Roscoe G. Bartlett, a former Republican representative from Maryland. Before his defeat last year, Mr. Bartlett was known for sounding the alarm on the threat posed to the nation’s energy infrastructure by electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, the shock wave from a nuclear weapon detonated beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the event might have been mistaken as advocacy for government transparency, and some of the panelists had impressive résumés.

“I’ve come to understand and appreciate the importance of open, transparent government and the power of truth,” said Paul T. Hellyer, who served as Canadian Minister of Defense during the 1960s.

“We are not alone in the cosmos,” he added.

One reason the ex-members of Congress agreed to sit on the dais and ask questions may have been curiosity.

“Our country has trivialized it, has made it a joke, has made it green people with horns sticking out,” said Carolyn Kilpatrick, a Democratic representative from Michigan who lost her seat in 2010. “Now I find that it’s much more than that. And it’s not a joke. And there is scientific data that there may be something there.”

Another reason might have been the $20,000 the organizers said they paid each panelist. But they are still maintaining a healthy skepticism.

“Just because the government might have had a document about how to handle extraterrestrials doesn’t mean there were any,” said Merrill Cook, a Republican from Utah who was twice elected to the House.

The panels this week have been low-hanging fruit for the news media while President Obama is out of town and Congress is out of session, and not all of the people who study U.F.O.’s think the meetings will help them improve their stature in Washington.

“There really is something to this issue, and there is a serious side to it, but that’s not what’s being presented as this event,” said Leslie Kean, a journalist and author of “U.F.O.’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record,” a collection of firsthand accounts by people who believe they saw them.

The conclusion that U.F.O.’s are proof of extraterrestrial life is misguided, she said, and the people who broadcast that belief hindered support for real scientific research.

Despite the ridicule that usually accompanies the discussion of U.F.O.’s, they have been quietly talked about in corridors of power here. Some panelists at the event this week counted among true believers John D. Podesta, a chief of staff in President Bill Clinton’s White House, because of his role in Executive Order 12958, which requires the declassification of most government documents over 25 years old.

But the possible existence of extraterrestrial life is not exactly why he believes in government transparency, Mr. Podesta said.

“At the end of the day, there are going to be people who say that even if you did that, there must be other files that exist that you’re not disclosing,” he said in an interview.

But objects in the sky have piqued his interest. In June 2011, the Center for American Progress hosted government officials, from the Pentagon, NASA and the Department of Transportation, as well as Congressional staff and former officials from intelligence organizations, for a briefing by Ms. Kean and experts from academia and foreign militaries.

The private briefing was organized to discuss a proposal that the government establish a small office of two staff members who would selectively investigate mysterious skyward sightings and seek to understand them by applying scientific method. The proposal did not refer to U.F.O.’s, but rather, U.A.P.’s, unidentified aerial phenomena, as if those who drew up the proposal were keenly aware of how their objective could be perceived.

“They were interesting, credible people who had observed aerial phenomena that were unexplained and worthy of additional follow-up,” Mr. Podesta said. “Going back and looking at and declassifying whatever government documents exist is a smart thing to do.”


Citizen Disclosure Hearing Covered in the Toronto Star

UFO Believers Invade Washington

True believers in aliens at this week’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure have never brought their cause so near to the seat of ultimate power.
Researcher Robert Dolan told a  panel Tuesday, believe that “black-budget” government intelligence agencies are operating with technologies “three decades ahead of the rest of the world” that may explain some, if not all, of the phenomena of extraterrestrials. Above, a clip from the 1956 film Earth vs.The Flying Saucers.
Researcher Robert Dolan told a panel Tuesday, believe that “black-budget” government intelligence agencies are operating with technologies “three decades ahead of the rest of the world” that may explain some, if not all, of the phenomena of extraterrestrials. Above, a clip from the 1956 film Earth vs. The Flying Saucers.

WASHINGTON—As close encounters go, this one has it all — an unprecedented week of seemingly official hearings in the very heart of Washington, jammed with spine-tingling top-secret accounts of the extraterrestrial kind.

From Roswell, Area 51 and Britain’s mysterious Rendlesham Forest Incident to the silent hovering craft that once disabled 10 Minuteman missiles in North Dakota, it’s all coming out.

And that’s even before the hearings take a much-anticipated Canadian twist Friday, when former defence minister Paul Hellyer, now almost 90, arrives from Toronto to deliver the coup de grace on the irrefutability of alien contact.

But wait. This isn’t Congress; it’s the National Press Club, 14 blocks away. And those six congressional leaders overseeing the blockbuster revelations, including testimony from more than 40 witnesses, are actually ex-congressmen and women, each enjoying an honorarium of $20,000 for their troubles.

Actual U.S. government hearings are free to watch. But an online look at this week’s Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (of what the U.S. really knows about UFOs) is yours for a fee of $3.80.

Still, it all adds up to fabulous news for the long-suffering true believers of UFO lore, who have never brought their cause so near to the seat of ultimate power.

“We’ve been waiting years and now this is our week where it all comes out,” said Canadian UFO researcher Victor Viggiani, who is attending the hearings.

“The quality of the testimony is almost too much for these former congresspeople to absorb. They are getting blown away.

“I believe we are now approaching critical mass — all we need is one or more isotopes and we will have our dense mass. This will explode into the biggest story in the world in a matter of days.”

Nine countries, including Canada and France, have disclosed previously classified — and largely innocuous — files relating to investigations into unidentified flying objects. But the U.S. remains a holdout.

Disclosure is the issue at the heart of this week’s hearings, organized by the Paradigm Research Group. The hope is that the hoopla will translate into enough pressure to force a full American unveiling of whatever evidence remains in the dust-encrusted archives.

The Obama White House actually addressed the issue in 2011, denying any coverup and stating that the government “has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”

Some of the witnesses in D.C., based on testimony thus far, believe otherwise. Others, as researcher Robert Dolan told the panel Tuesday, believe that “black-budget” government intelligence agencies are operating with technologies “three decades ahead of the rest of the world” that may explain some, if not all, of the phenomena.

Viggiani, who played a key role in introducing Hellyer’s current extraterrestrial theories to the broader UFO community, solidly resides with the former Canadian defence minister in the camp that believes the others are among us.

Hellyer, who served as Lester Pearson’s defence minister in the early ’60s and later ran for the Liberal party leadership against Pierre Trudeau, crossed the floor late in his political life, winning a final term as a Progressive Conservative.

But his conversation to true believer in extraterrestrials, said Viggiani, makes the former Canadian politician “one of the elder statesmen.”

“It’s not that we want the Americans to admit UFOs are real and we are being engaged by beings from beyond — we already know that,” Viggiani said.

“We just want the U.S. government to acknowledge (that they know). The information age has given us a huge advantage because the data is moving around now beyond anyone’s control.

“So what’s the big deal? Just admit it. We’re not adolescents. We’re grown-ups. We can handle it.”



Uncloaking over DC, Reclaiming Dark Ones, and Peace

flying saucers photo: Flying Saucers Discs or UFOs UUFOs3D-2.jpg

Here’s an interesting message for us. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if those of us who long for disclosure and first contact can manifest this most auspicious display of our star families during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington this week. What better time could there be? Make it so, #1!!!

Thank you to the Free At Last group for sharing this with us. Get your cameras ready if you live in DC!

April 29 2013

Channel:  Kathryn E May, PsyD

Disclosure Hearings are underway in Washington, D.C. We are aware that some have had trouble with connections, but that will be ironed out. It is probably a sign of the overload in the lines produced by the great demand. It will truly be a watershed event, and the archives will live on as material for the mainstream media when the interest level becomes impossible to ignore.

All of you who know of call-in or write-in news shows, please exercise your right to question, and ask all reporters why there is no mainstream coverage of the most important event in news of the democracy in the last 50 years. Enough phone calls will bring results. Also call your Congressperson and Senators. They are more likely to respond to constituents if you call. They all have people answering their phones and will collect numbers of interested callers. Tell them you are advocating Disclosure because it will mean free energy for all! If they say, “What do you mean by that, how is that connected,” you say, “How do you think they get here? It certainly isn’t gasoline!”Now, Kathryn is asking when the ships will decloak over the Hearings. Of course, that will be a spectacular and ironic confirmation of the truth of the Disclosures. It is planned for a moment that will achieve the greatest drama with the greatest safety for the ships and observers on the ground. We do not wish to see gun-weilding security troops being challenged by innocent “believers.” It must be accomplished with the utmost care. There are a number of options being considered, depending upon the developments on the ground. You can be sure it will be a closer encounter than the films you are used to seeing.

Many of you are aware that Zorra of Hollow Earth will be there for the entire proceedings. We are looking forward to some exciting action in the coming days. Send your loving energy to light the way for your Brothers and Sisters who wish with all their hearts to make the Disclosure so powerful, memorable and compelling that it cannot be ignored, by any American or by any Earth resident anywhere.

There are many other places on the globe where uncloaking is less dangerous. Those locations will be used as well. By next week, there will be so many videos on Youtube that the question of secrecy will be eliminated for good. Trust your dear leaders Ashtar and St. Germain, who love nothing better than a good “send-up,” to devise the most entertaining and awesome presentation possible.

Now, we have other matters to tell you about. You may be aware of the nature of the energy fluctuations in recent days. After a surge of high-vibration, uplifting waves, the energy subsided a bit, like a wave ebbing after it crashes on the beach. Those of you who are sensitive to these changes will have felt extremely energized, then a bit let down and tired. These were normal reactions to the cosmic shifts. Rest, recover and be open to the next wave which will be on its way shortly. You are responding with increasing Light and loving actions. The Ascension process is gaining “lift” from the sustained efforts of the many Lightworkers who keep on, carrying the torch for all the others.

Another phenomenon needs explanation, for your peace of mind. As the Reptilian forces have been dispatched and their lairs destroyed, there is nowhere for them to hide. As a result, those who have so far escaped capture are scrambling to find a hiding place. They have resorted to their old tricks – the tried and true “possession” subterfuge. They find a vulnerable person and attach themselves, like giant leaches, to the inner or outer surfaces of the individual’s body. They prefer to remain hidden inside a person, because there they can attach themselves to the thinking and feeling parts of their nervous system, taking over the behavior and emotions of the host.

The most powerful ones are able to commandeer the individual’s faculties to a point where they have nearly free reign to behave as they wish, causing havoc in the person’s mental and physical health, relationships, finances, and general ability to enjoy life. Deep depression, profound anxiety and volatile anger are common symptoms which may develop suddenly, causing confusion for their loved ones, employers and friends.

We have asked Kathryn and others to work with healing teams of Masters, with back-up help from the Arcturian experts in Reptilian capture and treatment. All Dark Entities are treated with care, encouraged to go to the Light of their own free will, and are welcomed back to our Love and forgiveness. Ultimately, very few do otherwise.

We are having a great deal of success once they have completed their life reviews and have spent time for the first time in thousands of years in the uplifting atmosphere of Unconditional Love. Of course they are not permitted entry into community life until they have completely altered their DNA, their belief systems and their Light Quotient. This may take quite a long time for many of them, but we count it as a resounding success for the Lightworkers of Planet Earth, who have now made the reclaiming of souls possible for millions of Dark Ones.

It has not been a focus of our teachings until now, but We believe you need to know both sides of the story. You have been told in various forms, “All the souls must be saved.” This capture and restoration of the Dark souls to the Light is a monumental event in the history of the Universe. Because of the very large numbers of Dark Ones inhabiting Gaia in recent decades, it has been possible for the roundup to be very effective in reducing the overall numbers of Dark Hats throughout the Multiverse. You cannot possibly appreciate the difference this will make in the peace of mind and happiness of Beings everywhere.

We know that many of you who were impatient for Ascension would have preferred to see the mass separation and quarantine or elimination of the souls who had gone astray, but it was not our Way to destroy the beloved children we have given life to, regardless of how far they might have strayed. We will not let them go free to create havoc as they did in your Earth history, but that was another story of challenge, bravery and communally planned life lessons which will not soon be repeated.

As you may be feeling in the deepest parts of your souls, an era is ending, and history is being made in the streets, the homes and hearts of all the humans of Gaia. You are the ones who have stood tall, carried the torch of Freedom and kept your Faith. There will now begin a time of healing, of easing of stresses and of friendship through all the strata of society. Breathe deeply, Dear Ones. Feel the winds of change and the sweet breath of tenderness as we brush your cheeks and wrap you in the warmth and Unconditional Love we feel for our brave and determined human children.

Be at peace, live in Love,
Your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, April 29, 2013, 11 PM.

Kathryn E. May, PsyD
60 Lower 27 Knolls Road
High Falls, New York, NY 12440
(914) 466-4250

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: Huffington Post Doing Live Updates!


This is monumental! Some relatively mainstream media covering the coverup! Not the 6:00 TV news—but close. And despite it being tagged “wierd news”, they’re not making fun of it. This is serious coverage and they’ve devoted some manpower to it. Not only did it not get shoved to the back burner, it’s a featured entrée!

Is the federal government honest about what it knows about UFOs? Are officials suppressing the truth about extraterrestrial visitations?

The federal hearings UFO researchers have been demanding have not yet materialized. But some of the testimony that would be posed at those proceedings will be posed this week to former members of Congress.

At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., a Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD) will unfold between April 29 to May 3. For 30 hours, 40 international researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify in front of these committee members:

Click Here For Live Updates (Beginning At 9 a.m. Monday)

Watch some of the CHD witnesses here.

“I don’t think ET is the best word for it. I think it’s more unidentifiable foreign substances or vehicles in the air — it’s unidentified,” Gravel told HuffPost. “I don’t know if it’s little green men or purple men or if it’s any men. All I know is that, worldwide, there’s thousands and thousands of sightings. Some of them may be hallucinatory, but under close examination, there are real sightings. There’s something that we don’t know of.”

Gravel, a former Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps, who once insisted from the floor of the Senate that his constituents had a right to know the truth behind the Vietnam War, feels the same way about the public knowing the facts about UFOs.

“Having been opposed and fighting, all of my public career, the military industrial complex and the fact that we have excessive secrecy, just does a disservice to the people when you have the military that feels this stuff has got to be secret and they won’t open their files.”

One of Gravel’s CHD committee colleagues, Kilpatrick, told HuffPost she doesn’t like the fact that “this country makes jokes about (UFOs), but in other countries, it’s a spiritual kind of thing, so I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly what it is.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee and Armed Service Committee and serving on the Air Force Academy Board, I always had an interest [in UFOs]. I think if there’s something there that we need to discuss, then we ought to be part of that discussion.

“I want to hear the factual information and I’m taking it very seriously. I don’t want to be ambivalent. I don’t want it to be a joke. It’s too serious. If we bury our heads in the sand and say there’s nothing there, we lose, our country loses. I want to hear the expert testimony and be convinced that something’s there. I’m willing to take it where it leads, and if it’ll help our country and the people of America be better world citizens, and if my appropriations experience can help, I’m willing to do that.”

Both Gravel and Kilpatrick say they think it’s time for a real congressional investigation into UFOs and the possibility that Earth is being visited by someone from very far away. They’d also like to see this issue brought up again at the United Nations.

“I can say that we don’t have to wait for the hearings to do that,” said Gravel. “Whether or not Congress wants to do it, I think that it’s global in nature and I would like to divorce it from the Congress of the U.S. I think that there should be a part of the U.N. devoted to this. I would sign a document like that right now.”

The international spokesperson for the weeklong CHD is Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who believes that Earth has been and may still be visited by extraterrestrials.

“I can’t say where they’re from, but the evidence of their presence here is pretty overwhelming — IF you care to look for it. My only guess as to why there’s this embargo is because there are money people involved, doing their (hardest) to keep it quiet because of the profit potential that goes with having the capability and the technology that could go outside of our solar system,” Mitchell told HuffPost.

Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, is hoping this week’s CHD will help close the door on the alleged truth embargo that surrounds the UFO-ET issue.

“[We need to] spread a little bit more truth about the type of universe we live in and the fact that we’re not alone in the universe. We’ve got many, many mysteries on our hands, and mysteries to solve. We really don’t know the scope of our existence and our picture of the universe is still pretty primitive.”

CHD organizer and political activist Stephen Bassett wants this event to primarily reach the mainstream media and Congress.

“The message to Congress is it’s time to investigate this issue again and it’s time for the media to realize this is the greatest news story of all time. I believe we have a definite, measurable chance of achieving, sometime this year, the president of the United States going before the American people and finally acknowledging that the phenomena we have been experiencing for at least the last 65 years is, in fact, being generated by an extraterrestrial non-human intelligence engaging the planet Earth.”


They have a live blog below this piece. Wow. So much more than I expected. I guess it really is time.