Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on Those Conducting GMO Business

I  think we can see some positive momentum in the GMO fight.

This weekend, May 24, is another March Against Monsanto. People are gradually waking up to the fact that Monsanto and Big Ag, Big Food, etc. really DO have something sinister to hide and they’re willing to take them to task. Once again this year millions will march in cities across the globe to raise awareness about the toxic food chain.

Fortunately for Russians, the lawmakers are on their side. And you know what that means; they won’t be importing any of America’s nasty, unlabeled, GMO-laced products or grains.  ~ BP

May 19th 2014

russia_gmo_no-263x164In an act of lucidity and light that our own country should somewhat imitate, Russian lawmakers are considering equating GMO-related activities to a terrorist act or death threat, a criminal act that Russia says deserves the punishment which killers and creators of mass ecological and human genocide deserve.

A Russian newspaper, Izvestia, writes that criminal liability will be imposed on any act that involves producing, selling, or transporting genetically modified organisms, if Russian lawmakers get their way.

A bill supporting this ideology was submitted to the Russian State Duma lower parliament house by the Duma agrarian committee as well as the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) (who claimed the parliament’s bill was too mild.) Those initiating the bill suggest that criminal responsibility should be applicable to companies and government officials, but not to farmers who were convinced that GMOs were safe to grow. They believe individuals should only undergo disciplinary action, and not criminal charges.

The bill would also heavily fine companies for distorting or concealing information about the environmental impacts of GMOs. If this bill were to pass in the US, I’m sure Monsanto would go broke paying all the fines they would be subject to. They’ve paid off scientists and entire institutions, as well as our own FDA and EPA to conceal evidence about both health and environmental damage that GMOs cause. Government officials  would be subject to a fine fine of 1,000-2,000 roubles, and legal entities like corporations to a fine of 10,000-20,000 roubels. Several of our Congress persons and Senators would be swimming in fines as well.

Kirill Cherkasov, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma agrarian committee, pointed out that tight regulation is needed since many GMOs have been insinuated into foreign market via the World Trade Organization. Cherkasov suggested that a package of amendments to the national laws regulating technical and economic aspects of GMO-related activities should be submitted by its autumn session.

Sometimes it seems our country has traded places with the cold war communists of days past. We may not agree with everything that Vladimir Putin does in the name of Russia, but at least he is willing to do what our President is not in the US – protect his people from genetically modified foods by keeping them out of the country.



Monsanto Loses GMO Labeling Battle in Vermont

From the Organic Consumers Association…  Humanity 50 points; Cabal ZERO!!!

Victory in Vermont!

Earth Day is coming up next Tuesday. This year, Mother Earth has at least one thing to celebrate—the beginning of the end of Monsanto’s evil empire.

Yesterday, Vermont passed H.112, this country’s first no-strings-attached law requiring the mandatory labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and outlawing the practice of labeling GMO-contaminated foods as “natural” or “all-natural.”

With the passage of the Vermont GMO labeling law, after 20 years of struggle, it’s time to celebrate our common victory. But as we all know, the battle for a new food and farming system, and a sustainable future has just begun.

Monsanto will likely sue Vermont. And lose. And the Gene and Junk Food Giants will still try to pass a federal law intended to strip Vermont, and every other state, of the right to pass GMO labeling laws.

But we will fight back. And we will win.

Read Ronnie’s essay

Read the press release

Battle for Humanity Nearly Lost: Global Food Supply Deliberately Engineered to End Life, Not Nourish It

My Morning Rant – Proceed at the Risk of Improving Your Health

The bad news abounds these days, doesn’t it? This isn’t the kind of thing I love to find in my mailbox in the morning but kudos to the Health Ranger. Knowledge is power, and I’ve known much of this for a long time. 

It certainly explains a lot—like the surreptitious plotting to force gardeners to rip up their vegetables, banning rainwater collection, and geoengineered droughts and floods. If we can’t grow our own food, we’ll have to eat theirs, won’t we? 

If you’re one of those who still thinks genocide is a totally whacked-out conspiracy theory… well, you need to shelve the denial and do some more research.

There is no other rational explanation for the fact that although technology and bodies of research grow by leaps and bounds, people and livestock are sicker and dying in greater numbers every year. No cures are discovered despite the phenomenal amounts of money—collected from generous donors like you—used for ‘medical research’.

They continue to pump us full of vaccines to prevent disease, when hundreds of scientists have come forward to tell us they’re dangerous and CAUSING disease. You think the FDA is your BFF? They’re making billions by allowing their BFFs to kill you—and laughing all the way to the bank(sters).

“It just takes time and money to find the cure.”  Right! And if you believe that one, I’ve got an ocean-front property here in Arizona to sell you. Running for the Cure? You’re better off running over to your nearest congressman and shaking some fear into them.

Humanity is far too distracted and gullible for their own good, and it could be their undoing if they don’t wake up. Goodness knows there are enough of us out here trying to facilitate that. Are you listening?

America, why do you think marijuana, stevia, supplements and other remarkable natural products have been the subject of so much regulation and legislation? Why do you suppose that while Europe and a growing number of other countries are banning Monsanto and GMO crops, legalizing marijuana and kicking out Coca-Cola and other huge food corporations, the USA is passing laws so we CAN’T stop these companies?

We must all take responsibility for what we eat and drink and learn more about the food choices available to us. The global elite aren’t stupid. They know many of us are taking supplements and sourcing healthier options and they’re slyly pulling the wool over our eyes so that if we aren’t savvy enough, although we think we’ve got a workaround, we’re ingesting “death food” rather than health food.

Why do you suppose they slap the packaging we look for with terms like “all-natural, fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free…”? It’s a con job! There’s no regulation on what constitutes “natural”. It means nothing in most cases except that you got suckered, unless you know what you’re doing.

For awhile they were focused on telling us that fat is bad and makes us fat. That is a lie. We NEED fat in our diet. The RIGHT fats give us energy and provide the nutrients for our cells to function and proliferate properly. Our brain is high in fat content, if we’re healthy. Trust me—if you’re over weight, it isn’t because you ate too much fat, but I won’t get into that here. Do your research on which foods contain healthy fats and don’t buy anything with hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

Gluten free? Another marketing buzz-word but a good one. You would be surprised how many people have a gluten intolerance from wheat, barley and other cereals—oh, but cereal is GOOD for you. Another lie.

And now for the biggie. “Sugar-free”. This is perhaps the most dangerous hook of all, and begs the question, “if it doesn’t have sugar in it, what DOES it contain?” Unless it’s a natural source product like stevia or xylitol, it’s probably sugar in altered states that no longer qualifies for the realm of “food”. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a killer, yet it’s in the majority of processed food. You’re better off eating sugar—but in very small amounts.

Why do you suppose diabetes is rampant in North America? People are blindly listening to their doctors and buying “sugar-free” foods laced with replacement chemicals like Splenda and Nutrisweet—that, and eating plenty of grains and carbohydrates which rapidly turn to sugar in the bloodstream.

And it doesn’t stop at human food. Why do you think there are so many sick and dying animals? Our pets are not exempt from the extermination plan. The more misery the control freaks  can bring to our lives, the better they like it.

Show your love for your pet by researching foods and pay more for a healthy one without any grains, cereals, corn, wheat, canola oil, and preservatives other than Vitamin E/tocopherol and don’t buy treats or chews made in China. They’re deadly. You’ll save on vet bills when you invest in healthier food for your four-legged family and back off on vaccinations.

Grocery shopping and food preparation need to be a full-time job, and that’s why they offer fast food, prepared food and restaurants—so they can control what we eat—with our consent! If you buy fast food and prepared foods, you’re eating preservatives, chemicals and who knows what else. Prison Planet? Poison Planet.

They love to distract us with the frills and baubles in life so we don’t have time to explore the truth and discover their intentions. When we’re not paying attention to what matters, they have an easy job of executing their grand plan to eliminate us. Those who survive are the ones strong enough to be their slaves. There’s a pleasant thought.

 Big Food, Big Ag, big appetite? Big problem. END OF RANT.  ~ BP

Thursday, February 20, 2014

(NaturalNews) After having now analyzed over 1,000 foods, superfoods, vitamins, junk foods and popular beverages for heavy metals and other substances at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs, I have arrived at a conclusion so alarming and urgent that it can only be stated bluntly.

Based on what I am seeing via atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the dietary substances people are consuming on a daily basis, I must now announce that the battle for humanity is nearly lost. The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it.

Life-destroying toxins intentionally engineered into the food supply

My lab has uncovered scientific proof that substances are intentionally formulated into dietary products to drive consumers mentally insane while causing widespread infertility, organ damage and a loss of any ability to engage in rational, conscious thinking. These toxic substances are being found across the entire food supply including in conventional foods, organic foods, “natural” products and dietary supplements.

This goes far beyond the mere contamination of foods with heavy metals — a subject which is grave all by itself. Rather, this is about the intentional formulation of toxic substances into products consumed by the masses on a regular basis.

The result is what you see unfolding around you right now: mass insanity, incredible escalations of criminality among political operatives, clinical insanity among an increasing number of mainstream media writers and reporters, widespread infertility in young couples, skyrocketing rates of kidney failure and dialysis patients, plus a near total loss of rational thinking among the voting masses.

The effects of this are devastating to human civilization: the collapse of a capable workforce, the rise of the masses dependent on government for survival, the collapse of free democracies due to the cognitive retardation of the voting masses, an exploding prison population and the rise of for-profit corporate prison systems, and even the near complete collapse of any ability of the news-consuming public to parse and comprehend even the most basic information such as national debt figures.

The long-term effects of this widespread food poisoning phenomenon will be the utter downfall of modern human civilization for numerous reasons ranging from economic non-sustainability to environmental destruction and the global rise of political violence as we are seeing right now in Kiev.

As more and more lab results have been documented here at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, it has become increasingly apparent to me that humanity cannot survive the mass engineered poisoning of the food supply.

You are, of course, being expertly distracted from all this with Powerball jackpots, tabloid celebrity news, staged political drama and of course the all-time favorite distraction of every crumbling empire: violent sports.

What we’re finding in foods, vitamins and supplements

What I’ve published so far just barely scratches the surface of what we are finding. Here’s an overview of some of the incredibly shocking findings we have now documented:

• The now-infamous “yoga mat chemical” used by Subway in their breads is also widely used across the fast-food industry. McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Arby’s and many other restaurants also use the chemical azodicarbonamide which is linked to cancer. Importantly, this is not a contaminant. This is an ingredient which is intentionally added to the recipes in order for the chemical to be consumed by the masses.

• There is no logical reason why chemicals like azodicarbonamide need to be added to recipes of fast food breads and buns. The chemical serves no necessary functional or nutritive purpose. It seems to exists solely for the purpose of delivering the chemical to hundreds of millions of consumers by blending it into popular fast foods. The sandwiches in which this chemical is found are merely delivery mechanisms for toxic substances that harm human biology.

• Many mainstream, popular vitamin brands are intentionally spiked with such high levels of copper that if taken on a daily basis, they will cause mental insanity and psychosis. Some of these vitamin brands are routinely advertised on television to the mainstream masses, encouraging them to consume the vitamins, many of which are manufactured by companies owned in full or part by pharmaceutical interests.

• A popular dietary herb designed to improve brain performance actually contains very high levels of lead in most products we tested (which were sourced from China). Lead is a toxic heavy metal that damages brain function. In this way, people who are suffering from early dementia or Alzheimer’s are actually accelerated toward brain destruction via certain herbal supplements which appear designed to deliver toxic heavy metals to the brain. It was truly shocking to me to discover that “brain herbs” contain so much lead that they contribute to brain damage.

• At the same time, we found that the very same “brain herb,” when grown in the USA, contains virtually no heavy metals. This is proof that the herb does not “naturally” absorb heavy metals as if by magic. Interestingly, the highest levels of brain-damaging metals are consistently found in herbs imported from China. I’m openly asking this question: Is there a covert heavy metals war being waged against America by China? After all, poisoning the population with heavy metals is a very effective way to collapse a nation by destroying the sanity and health of its people. (More on this topic later…)

• Popular children’s vitamins sold in nearly every grocery store and pharmacy across America are especially formulated to be incredibly toxic to developing neurology. The number of synthetic, toxic chemicals added to nearly every popular brand of children’s vitamins is truly staggering, and many of them seem to be selected for their ability to target and disrupt neurological function. From a purely scientific point of view, these “vitamins” would honestly have to be called “poison pills,” yet parents are encouraged to feed them to their children every single day as part of a modern-day health ritual that actually causes long-term harm.

• At our atomic spectroscopy lab, we have confirmed trace levels of aluminum in regular atmospheric air, confirming the fact that all agricultural soils are being inundated with aluminum which is literally falling out of the sky. This is not merely aluminum in our laboratory air, as many labs contain aluminum floors or furniture, causing an unusually high aluminum concentration in laboratory air. Rather, parts per billion concentrations of aluminum have been measured in regular atmospheric air sampled far from any building or laboratory. The result of this phenomenon is that aluminum levels are rising in nearly all soil-grown crops from which everyday food is derived. While aluminum is far less harmful than lead, cadmium or mercury, the repeated accumulation of aluminum is believed to be tied to degenerative brain disorders across the population.

• As Natural News readers already know, GM corn is engineered to grow a deadly toxin inside each and every grain of corn. This deadly toxin is then consumed by all the people who unknowingly eat genetically engineered crops via breakfast cereals, corn tortillas, corn snack chips, etc. This mass poisoning of the population is clearly intentional, as it is deliberately engineered into the crops which are grown for the sole purpose of human and animal consumption. This mass poisoning is not accidental, in other words, and in fact the technology is promoted under the justification that it will “feed the world.” Indeed it will feed the world… poison.

Food has become a weapon against humanity

As you can see from these examples, food has become a weapon against humanity. It is the new vector for a stealth world war against humankind — a war which is being quietly waged right this very moment with weapons you would probably find in your own pantry.

World War I was fought primarily in the trenches, with soldiers slinging chunks of lead at each other and using crude chemical weapons like mustard gas.

World War II was fought with a genocidal intention, using more advanced kinetic weapons and chemical weapons engineered by pharmaceutical companies.

Our of World War II and the Nazi era came IG Farben, the chemical-pharma conglomerate which was later split into three companies, one of which is now known as Bayer, the same company that makes children’s aspirin and various chemicals used throughout the food supply. (Check your history. This is factual and true.)

World War III appears to already be underway, and it is being waged as a stealth war via the food supply. The chemicals are very similar to those used in World War I and World War II except that instead of being deployed on the battle field, today’s chemical weapons are deployed via the food supply and often even listen right on ingredients labels.

Toxic ingredients like sodium nitrite and aspartame are formulated to work at sub-acute levels so they don’t cause people to drop dead right away. Instead, they cause the chronic, long-term degenerative collapse of body and mind, leaving behind a wake of global cancer, kidney failure and extreme mental disorders including psychosis. This damage to body and mind, in turn, destroys economies, education systems, scientific advancement, free democracies and even cultural integrity.

The silent food bombing of humanity

What the United States Air Force did to Dresden in World War II via high-elevation bombing runs, the global chemical and food conglomerates are now doing to the world populations via the drive-thru window. But there are no bombs dropping out of the sky and there are no firestorms lighting up the cityscape at night. Instead, the silent, ignorant masses are simply marched to their deaths, one meal at a time, almost like a cargo train full of “useless eaters” clicking and clacking its way to Auschwitz.

On the way to their own deaths, of course, they pay the mandatory tolls to the pharmaceutical giants, hospitals, cancer clinics, doctors and health insurance mandates. Much like victims of Nazi genocide had their gold fillings pulled out of their mouths before they were gassed to death, today’s mainstream consumers are emptied of their bank accounts, assets and insurance policies before finally being discarded by the system.

There are tremendous profits to be made, you see, from first poisoning the masses and then “treating” them for the side effects of that poisoning. This racket is so massive and so deeply embedded into our greed-driven culture that very few people even recognize it’s happening to them. But make no mistake: You are not valued by the system for your humanity, your spirit, your innovation or your imagination. You are only valued for your tax base at first, and then ultimately your “disease management profits” which enrich global corporations while you are poked, prodded, dosed, irradiated and drugged to death while the hospital racks up page after page of medical procedure billings codes which will be covered by Medicare… or Obamacare.

Here’s the way out: grow your own food

Sound too grim to be true? Let’s look at some solutions on the positive side. The way out of all this is to grow your own food or at least buy as much as you can from local farmers and CSAs. Any food acquired through mainstream corporate sources is likely to be intentionally engineered, laced and packaged with incredibly toxic poisons ranging from heavy metals to hormone disrupting packaging containers. But food grown by honest farmers provides genuine nourishment, not death.

In fact, the future of human civilization almost certainly belongs exclusively to those who either grow their own food or make arrangements for others to grow it for them. The factory-made food consumed by the masses is quite truly a poison delivery system that has no purpose other than mass disease, death and profit.

If you wish to avoid being a victim of this system, you must avoid its products. Stop buying packaged processed foods. Utterly avoid all processed meats containing sodium nitrite, including bacon, hot dogs, sausage, ham, deli meats, pepperoni pizza and even beef jerky.

Stop drinking all diet soda, obviously. Aspartame is toxic to biology. All artificial sweeteners have harmful side effects if consumed in sufficient quantity.

Be skeptical of “natural” products which are heavily processed and refined in some way. Ask about countries of origin. Check heavy metals lab results to stay informed.

Except for rare exceptions, stop buying superfoods and supplements made in China, the world’s most polluted food producer. The U.S. natural products industry has practically been taken over by China over the last decade, and much of what you think is safe and organic is actually heavily polluted, either accidentally or deliberately, in mainland China.

Look around you at the evidence right in front of your eyes

Or maybe you think I’m the crazy one in mentioning any of this. If that’s the case, I encourage you to look around you and see the results of what happens to people when they eat yoga mat chemicals, aspartame-laced diet sodas, synthetic food preservatives and cheap vitamins contaminated with heavy metals. Unless you are living in a complete state of denial, you can’t help but notice that humanity has become a race of near-mutants who barely have a shred of health and sanity remaining.

A modern young man growing up today in America and living on processed foods is little more than a shadow of the strong, vibrant young men who worked the farms just three generations ago. Today’s generation of youth is pathetic, weak, academically inept and heavily pampered with their video game consoles, Ritalin drugs and air-conditioned schools with a watered-down curriculum. They’ve been dumbed down, stripped of nutrients and medicated to the point where literal zombies now walk among us.

In fact, the people all around you are over-medicated, over-fed and at the same time wildly malnourished. Their brains and bodies are heavily contaminated with destructive chemicals, heavy metals and synthetic materials. They have lost nearly all high cognitive functions and now survive on lower brain stem function which explains the radical rise in sex crimes, behavioral addictions, substance abuse and violent crime across society today. In a very real sense, the daily consumption of processed food has become a ritual of slow suicide mindlessly repeated everywhere that factory foods have invaded once-sane societies.

While Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans, the truth is that they are all being systematically poisoned and thereby driven to precisely the kind of insanity we see played out across newspaper headlines and news broadcasts. We are far past the age of reason in the modern western world, and we will not survive this stealth war that releases weapons of dietary mass destruction with each tempting bite of seductive food that’s engineered for death instead of life.

This is far beyond any single issue of labeling GMOs, or buying organic or testing foods for heavy metals. This is about how human civilization is being brought to its knees by the most insidious stealth weapon ever experienced in our collective history: PROCESSED FOOD laced with toxic substances.

Heed these words or you too shall die a victim of this insidious, deliberate war against life, health and sanity.

Breaking: Monsanto Strikes Back — Please Act Now

Stop Monsanto’s Secret Plan to Kill GMO Labeling

Right now Monsanto and giant food companies are scheming behind the scenes to introduce a bill in Congress that would kill mandatory state GMO labeling efforts and replace it with a gutted version of a bill to preempt states’ rights and give the illusion of serious regulation.

This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology to the American public.

Even worse, the proposed bill only requires a federal GMO “label on any products” from GMO plants “if those ingredients present a health or safety risk” – something the U.S. government has refused to admit for more than 20 years! Think they’re going to start telling the truth about GMOs now?

This is a blatant power grab to deny Americans their basic right to mandatory GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products – and we can’t allow them to get away with it. We need your help today. Every voice counts!


Below is the email I received.  ~ BP

This is one of the most important emails that we will ever send. We’ve been hearing rumors about this for months, but Monsanto and the GMA have made their move.

Two days ago, Food Democracy Now! received an unpublished copy of Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) secret plan to try to sneak in a toothless piece of legislation that would eliminate federal mandatory GMO labeling, give the illusion of serious regulation, usurp states’ rights to pass similar bills and call for “voluntary” labeling of GMOs based on fraudulent criteria.

The 5-page document details the 7 main provisions of the proposed bill and contains 3 pages of Monsanto and GMA talking points that outline their secret plan to undermine states’ rights, subverting both democracy and the will of the people, 90% of whom support GMO labeling.

This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology to the American public. Make no mistake about it, this is an outrageous powergrab to deny Americans their basic right to GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products – and we can’t allow them to get away with it.

Tell Congress and FDA: Don’t betray the American public on GMO labeling. Demand mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and don’t let Congress destroy our only hope of protecting our families, our farms and our food from untested and unlabeled GMO food! Every voice counts.

This proposal is much more dangerous to our basic rights to know what’s in our food than the Monsanto Protection Act and will enshrine the false idea that GMOs are proven safe in federal legislation.

This past fall, Food Democracy Now! warned that Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) planned to sneak in a bill to preempt states’ rights to label GMOs, but this proposed bill is much worse than we imaged. After 20,000 phone calls from Food Democracy Now! members like you, his office caved, but now they’re back!

Will Congress and the FDA Succeed in Killing GMO Labeling? Only if we let them!

If allowed to pass, the current proposal “would create a uniform, national program” to outlaw any state labeling bill and render federal legislation on GMO labeling meaningless.

According to an outline of the proposal, published in Politico earlier this week, this proposed bill only requires a federal GMO “label on any products” from GMO plants “if those ingredients present a health or safety risk.” Something the U.S. government has refused to admit for more than 20 years! Think they’re going to start telling the truth about GMOs now?

At the same time, the proposal calls for the creation of a “national standard for voluntary labels” and would allow the FDA to define “natural” as containing genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs).  Monsanto’s and the GMA’s new secret plan would also create a federal voluntary label to say “GMO-Free”, something no individuals are asking for, but some companies want to be able to use it to deceive the American public.

Tell Congress it’s time for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods! We can’t allow Monsanto and Big Food companies to continue to hide GMO ingredients from the American public. Take action now!

The real lynchpin of Monsanto’s Secret Federal Preemption Proposal is buried in Section 103, which states:

“The provision would also authorize the FDA to develop regulations for the voluntary labeling of the presence of bioengineered ingredients in food products…Under the mandatory program, FDA would have the authority to mandate special labeling to address any material difference that could affect health and safety or cause consumer deception.

Has the FDA ever admitted potential health risks from GMOs publicly? Not once! Think they’ll start now?

Monsanto and Giant Food Companies in a Panic as GMO Labeling Spreads

The fact is that Monsanto and the GMA are reeling from having spent more than $70 million in the past 2 years to kill GMO labeling in ballot initiatives in California and Washington only to narrowly defeat us by 49 to 51% after running some of the most deceptive political ad campaigns in modern history.

In reality, the GMO labeling movement has already succeeded in passing GMO labeling bills in Connecticut and Maine last year and with more than 25 GMO labeling bills in state legislatures across the country, Monsanto and giant food companies are in a panic.

Right now we have Monsanto and friends on the run, but the past several months have seen a major ramping up of their propaganda in the mainstream press.

You are now on the frontline to defend against the massive abusive of corporate power and collusion with our elected officials. We can’t allow this outrageus plan to preempt states’ rights and kill GMO labeling to succeed. Please stand with us today!

Right now is the critical window where we need to stand together to stop Monsanto and these corrupt corporations from trying to betray our basic democratic rights once again.

Please stand with us to help stop Monsanto and Big Food companies from corrupting our laws and democratic process. Every voice counts!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or you lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team


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Déja Vu: I-522 Ballots Don’t Look Good—We Need a Miracle

The sheeple appear to have won again and trumped the activists/awakened ones’ card.

While the mailed ballots aren’t yet counted and it won’t be declared official until December 5th, 2013, it looks like all our work to educate the public in Washington was for nought—just like California a year ago.

This loss in Washington state affects other states—not just theirs.  The depopulation of America continues.  ~ BP

(NaturalNews) As of this writing, Washington state I-522 looks to have narrowly failed at the ballot box. This link shows election results county by county.

At 11:00pm last night, the “no” votes were winning by approximately 55% to 44%. Mail-in votes reportedly have not been counted yet, but unless a radical change appears in the final votes, I-522 will go down in history as yet another example of corporate money buying out the voters through a campaign of lies and deception.

The Grocery Manufacturers of America and most of the big-name food companies proved in this campaign that they are willing to operate a criminal conspiracy to cheat, lie and intentionally misinform voters. At stake is their continued way of doing business: SECRECY coupled with consumer ignorance.

In an honest election, I-522 would have easily passed

The last thing these companies want is for consumers to realize they’re buying poison. That’s why they plowed tens of millions of dollars into their disinfo campaign, hoping they could trick enough voters into not understanding what they were voting for. In an honest election that wasn’t primarily determined by money, I-522 would pass in a landslide, but in this election, much like Prop 37, corporate money allowed these companies to essentially buy their way to a ballot box victory that keeps consumers ignorant.

The Yes on 522 campaign ran a valiant campaign, and had voters not been deceived by the corporate-funded opposition, the ballot measure would have unquestionably passed. No person in their right mind would want LESS transparency on what’s in the foods we buy and consume. Every intelligent person, if allowed due consideration on the subject, will naturally conclude that the right to know what’s in our food is a fundamental human right.

The failure of 522 also shows that democracy itself doesn’t work when a tidal wave of corporate money is allowed to influence election outcomes. And that’s the way nearly all elections work, isn’t it? So even though we can all talk about the idealistic goal of “the People” being in charge of legislation, in reality the corporations have now seized so much power in America that even when the informed masses want to codify fundamental human rights into law, it cannot be readily achieved.

GMO labeling will never be won with money

After back-to-back failures of Prop 37 and I-522, I think it’s time we all realized we will never win this issue with money. As much as we all gave money to this campaign (and Dr. Bronner’s gave the most, I believe), the junk food manufacturers of this nation were able to spend almost twenty times more.

Selling the public toxic beverages and junk foods made with cheap “junk” ingredients is highly profitable, of course, so these companies have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around like caged gorillas flinging excrement.

If we hope to ever see GMO labeling mandated in any state in America, victory is going to have to be achieved through “guerilla activism” methods that go far outside the box of “spending money on ads.”

I’m not criticizing the 522 campaign directors, by the way. They did a fantastic job. But the playbook they are working from is based on rules of conventional campaigning, not guerilla campaigning.

It’s much like the American colonists in the War of Independence who realized they would be slaughtered if they did battle with the occupying British by adhering to rigid formations. Man for man (and dollar for dollar), you can’t beat the establishment. What you need to invoke is asymmetrical warfare tactics such as guerilla warfare where colonists would hide in the bushes and ambush high-ranking British officers, thereby cutting off the leadership and causing disarray among the enemy ranks.

Don’t misunderstand my metaphor here: I am not suggesting anyone actually ambush and kill CEOs of junk food companies. This is merely an illustration of the fact that going head to head (dollar for dollar) with Pepsico, Coca-Cola and Monsanto is never going to result in victory for GMO labeling activists.

There are far more clever ways to multiply your efforts and make the actions of one person more impactful than millions of dollars in expenditures by the opposition.

Take off the kid gloves and go for the throat

We also have to realize that the GMO labeling opposition will never play by the rules. They routinely engage in dirty tricks and even criminal behavior in order to achieve their goals at any cost. I am not suggesting that we stoop to their level and start breaking the law to achieve victory, but we do have to take a far more aggressive stance that directly accuses the opposition of mass deception, mass poisoning and causing a potential ecological disaster.

See, the problem with the campaigns for GMO labeling so far is that they are too polite. They are run by nice people who play by nice rules. Those are great people to have as friends and neighbors, but they are not the kind of scrapping, no-holds-barred warriors that are needed to defeat such as slithering, slippery enemy.

The opposition to GMO labeling is a cabal of mafia-style criminal rogues who continue to achieve their dark victories by breaking all the rules and playing dirty. To beat them at that game, you have to take off the kid gloves and go for their throats.

If anybody in the GMO labeling activism world wants to know how to do that, contact me so we can set up a face-to-face meeting. In the mean time, know that I am already working on an asymmetrical P.R. warfare strategy that will be unleashed next year right here on Natural News.

Because the real story here — and I’m not going to fully explain this until later — is that the very weapons needed to defeat these evil corporations are sitting right there on the shelves of every grocery store across America. They have handed us the tools of their own defeat.

This will all be explained in more detail on January 7, 2014 as part of my upcoming breakthrough food science announcement.


Outed! Big Food Spends Big Money to Keep You in the Dark


Outed! Big Food Spends Big Money to Keep You in the Dark

Big surprise. Big Food was hiding its big donations to the NO on I-522 campaign by funneling them through the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

We knew it was true. Now we know who they are. The companies who make billions of dollars by selling you their products. But who don’t want you to know what they’re putting in those products.

Why were they so desperate to hide their donations that they were willing to break the law? Because you, consumers, boycotted them, and their natural and organic brands, after they publicly donated more than $26 million to defeat GMO labeling in California last year.

We’ll be updating our boycott list soon, based on this new list of donors. In the meantime…

  • Kudos to Ben & Jerry’s, who kept its parent company, Unilever, from donating to the NO on I-522 campaign. For this, and for making a huge in-kind contribution to the YES on I-522 campaign, we’ll take Ben & Jerry’s off the new boycott list, when we make it official.
  • Shame on Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea, for telling the media that Honest Tea’s parent company, Coca-Cola, wasn’t “directly lobbying” to defeat I-522. As it turns out, Coke was the third highest food company donor, spending more than $1 million to kill I-522. If you haven’t already, please tell Mr. Goldman what you think.
  • Welcome! To two new organic and natural brands, who will be added to our new boycott list. Sweet Leaf Teas, an organic brand, and Gerber organic baby foods are both owned by international food conglomerate, Nestlé, which donated $1.1 million to the NO on I-522 campaign. Why not get a jump on the boycott by posting on their Facebook pages today? Sweet Leaf Tea and Gerber organic.

And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the top food donor to the NO on I-522 campaign. PepsiCo plunked down a cool $1.6 million in Washington State. Please let the folks at Pepsi’s subsidiary, Naked Juice, know how you feel about that.

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