Stopping the Vatican and the Crown; ITCCS Update

Posted on March 26, 2013 by ITCCS (International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State)

Church actions in five countries mark start of Easter Reclamation Campaign as Queen of England may resign


On the verge of the possible resignation of Elizabeth Windsor as Queen of England, groups in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland and Italy banished the Roman Catholic, Church of England and other churches from their communities as part of an escalating campaign to stop criminal institutions, and arrest their leaders.

The groups staged protests, church occupations and infiltrations of Catholic and Protestant church services. They plan to mobilize even greater numbers for next Easter Sunday.

“The groundswell is finally building because the truth is irrefutable” remarked ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who along with Cree activists read and posted the Common Law Court Banishment Order at the main Catholic cathedral in Vancouver, Canada. (see attachments)

“Our campaign is now even forcing the Queen of England to step down because, like the former Pope Benedict, she is personally implicated in crimes against children, and she knows it” .

ITCCS groups in twenty one countries are planning to escalate the reclamation campaign and seize church and Crown property next Easter Sunday, and beyond.

Police forces in these countries will be publicly deputized this week to fulfill their oath of office by assisting the ITCCS enforce the lawful court order of its judicial arm, the International Common Law Court of Justice, of March 5, 2013. This Order commanded the arrest of thirty heads of church and state, including the Queen and the Pope, and banished their organizations from our communities.

Further announcements will be issued this Good Friday, March 29.

Issued 25 March, 2013
ITCCS Central, Brussels

Indigenous members of ITCCS Canada share the truth of Genocide by the Vatican at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Vancouver, Sunday, March 24, 2013 – Cree elder Steemas and Cree-Cowichan activist Shawna Green speak as part of the Easter Reclamation Campaign

ITCCS Serves Holy Rosary Catholic Church the Common Law Court Banishment Proclamation Sunday Morning, March 24th, 2013.


ITCCS Update: Evading Justice, Guilty Church-State Officials Face Public Banishment

This just gets uglier and uglier, doesn’t it? To think how widespread this disgusting perversion was/is, weighs heavily on the heart.


Breaking ITCCS News, Monday, March 18, 2013

Evading Justice, Guilty Church-State Officials Face Public BanishmentPublic Banning Order to be issued by the Common Law Court of Justice against Pope, Cardinals, and Archbishop Wilfrid Napier for aiding and encouraging child rape.

A Public Statement from ITCCS Central Office – Proclamation is enclosed Brussels:After evading arrest by lawful Common Law Court officers, over thirty officials of church and state now face permanent banishment from their communities during Easter Week for being wanted criminals who are a danger to children everywhere.

These officers include Pope Francis I and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Queen Elizabeth Windsor of England, all of whom were ordered detained by Citizen Arrest Warrants issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice on March 5 and 15, 2013.

“They have defied the law and lawful arrest, so therefore they are declared to be public enemies who are no longer welcome or allowed in our communities” explained Rev. Kevin Annett, who presented the evidence to the Court that convicted the guilty.

And now, a South African Catholic Archbishop who elected Pope Francis 1 has joined the ranks of officials who have been so banished.

After stating publicly that child rape is not a crime, and thereby endangering children in his community, the Archbishop of Durban, South Africa, Wilfrid Napier, has joined the ranks of over thirty church and state officials who as of Palm Sunday, March 24, will be declared banished from their communities by order of the Common Law Court of Justice.

This Banishment Proclamation was issued today and is enclosed. It will be read and posted at catholic churches around the world on Sunday, March 24, and during Easter Week.

The persons named in this Banishment are no longer welcome or allowed in any church or public facility, and are ordered to avoid contact with any child or victim of church violence.

If the guilty do not abide by this Public Banishment, they can be detained and arrested by any Citizen, with or without a Citizen Arrest Warrant.

The ITCCS calls upon the citizens of the world and all ITCCS affiliates to enforce this Banishment by doing the following:

1. Post the enclosed Banishment Proclamation on Catholic and Protestant churches and other facilities throughout the world starting next Sunday, March 24. (Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate names and dates)

2. Occupy these churches and government offices to ensure that the guilty criminals have no contact with children and other vulnerable people.

3. Inform the local police that these criminals are evading Citizens’ Arrest and are a threat to the community and to the safety of children.

4. Monitor the actions and movements of these guilty men and women, and known child rapists, and detain them if possible.

Further notices concerning the actions of ITCCS groups in twenty one countries during Easter Week will follow shortly.

Issued 18 March, 2013
ITCCS Central, Brussels