Undersea Pyramid Discovered in the Azores

Thanks, Richard.

They keep popping up, don’t they? Just as predicted.

An Undersea Pyramid has Just Been Discovered in the Azores

An Undersea Pyramid has just been discovered in the Azores archipelago! Heavy Synchronicity with AM47!!

Image collected by discoverer Diocleciano Silva using GPS technology.

On 19 SEP 2013, a Subaquatic Pyramidal Structure was identified at a depth of 40 meters off the coast of Terceira Island, Azores. The perfectly squared structure was sighted by a private yacht owner, Diocleciano Silva, during a recreational trip.

Mt. Pico, the tallest point in the Atlantic Ocean

The pyramid is estimated to be approximately 60 meters high, the enigmatic structure was recorded through CPS digital technology. “The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal directions,” Silva told Diário Insular, the local newspaper.

Within the past 2 years, archeologists from the Portuguese Association of Archeological Research (APIA) have identified archeological evidence on the Azorean archipelago that supports their belief that human occupation of the Azores predates the arrival of the Portuguese by many thousands of years, possibly even of a Carthaginian or even Atlantean civilization!

Project AM47 has been writing to this effect since 2007, with the Azores being the Point of Alchemical EARTH in a globally psycho-cosmic structure of sacred geometry… and now it’s a reality!!


Don’t be taken in by fakes circulating on the Internet… from Graham Hancock:

Azores submerged “Pyramid” – Warning not to be duped by irresponsible photoshopped image currently doing the rounds on the internet. At least 10 well meaning folk every day send me links like this:


Or this:


Or this:


In the hope of making things clear to as many as possible I thought I would send my comments out to the full list:

I have been following the Azores pyramid story for some time and reported it here last year. The picture in the reports linked above is, of course, a photoshopped artefact using the Giza pyramids and overlaid with an underwater scene. It is, in my humble opinion, highly irresponsible of any website to use this image without making it clear that it is a photoshopped fantasy, and not anything real. That being said, however, there IS an anomalous structure underwater off the Azores, so far only identified by sonar. The Portuguese navy have dismissed it as a ‘seamount’ on the basis of some old sonar readings of their own in the area, but they have not gone to the site to investigate exactly what was identified there in 2013. As far as I’m concerned the case is still open and I hope to take a look later this year.

Thank you, Graham, for that caution.

If this sort of revelation intrigues you, I encourage you to have a look at a website that outlines submerged ruins, cities, forests, pyramids, roads, walls and other signs of early civilizations at Drowned Cities. I found it riveting and had no idea there had been so many discoveries in so many areas of the planet.

Sperm Whales Adopt Disabled Dolphin

Interesting. We’ve discussed recent unusual behaviour in animals before. It seems The Shift may be affecting the consciousness of other life forms besides humans. Now, a kinder more compassionate display even in cetaceans.

Sperm Whales Adopt Disabled Dolphin

Published: January 25, 2013

Alexander D.M. Wilson / Aquatic Mammals

In an upcoming paper for the journal Aquatic Mammals, a pair of scientists detail a series of interactions between an adult bottlenose dolphin with scoliosis – “highly pronounced curvature of the spine ” – and a group of sperm whales in the Azores. The scientists describe their research as the first time sperm whales have been observed interacting in a non-aggressive way with a member of a different species.

In other words: They repeatedly spotted a dolphin with a messed up back hanging out with a group of sperm whales.

The paper’s authors, Alexander Wilson and Jens Krause, write that the whales treated the dolphin as a “conspecific” – a member of the same species –  “at times both permitting and initiating physical contact.” They also say that the interactions went beyond “simple tolerance.”

“Initially, we thought it was a very unusual interaction as sperm whales are not known to show non-aggressive behaviors to other species of cetaceans, however at this point we thought it might just be a one-off unusual interaction,” Wilson told Weather.com. “When some time afterwards we saw the same dolphin still interacting with the same or other sperm whales, we thought there must be some underlying mechanism…beyond the animals simply being in the same place at the same time.”

They posit and reject several possible reasons for the odd affiliation, before suggesting a couple of very sweet possibilities.

“What we did see,” Wilson says, “is a lot physical interaction between the dolphin and the whales and the interactions seemed to be the same kind of interactions seen between sperm whales themselves.” Ultimately, they hypothesize that, according to Wilson, “it could be a form of social ‘play’ or it could be that the sperm whales interpreted the dolphin as being another sperm whale calf.”

Either the whales just like playing with the dolphin or they’ve adopted it.

Wilson also noted that while the behavior was extremely unusual for sperm whales, it “is not so unusual for dolphins, they are very gregarious and readily interact with many species including people!”


Energy Update from the Galactics

A new sunspot is emerging at the circled location. Sunspot 1575 poses a slight threat for M-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HM

We Did have a farside blow early this morning on the sun, and now we have a new sunspot emerging harboring M Class Flares. Also, the SOHO is picking up Ionization Particles from an unknown source. This is a part of the Incoming Energy our craft are assisting in.



Earth Ally Daniel [earthrise] had this report about Storm Nadine “Update on Nadine. The storm has reformed again. I sent love to it so it wouldn’t hit the Azores as a category 3 hurricane. It made a 270 decree turn south of the Azores and is now a tropical storm again. It is heading east towards the United States and is starting to pick up speed. A few track models show a front pushing it North North west past the Azores. Many models show it heading west.


Earthquakes are also quiet at the Moment and Our craft are stationed at each of the Poles stabilizing energy. If a major event were to occur, it would be because unconsciousness energy needed to be released. This all depends on Humanity. Either way the Planet is Moving forward into the 5th dimensional frequencies.


Quoted Debbie Erasmus “As we near the end of 2012 humanity is being bombarded with energy from the cosmos and the central sun. This energy is pure God consciousness, pure unconditional love and we are being bombarded with it so that we will wake up out of the illusion we are living.

You might ask “Why now?” The answer to that question is because it’s 2012 and this year marks the end of an era. Now, at the end approaches, we are being given the chance to ascend into a higher level of consciousness…

Finally after 26000 years we have the opportunity to lift ourselves out of the illusions we have created and lift our consciousness into the realm of the absolute, the 5th dimension, where Love is All There Is. 2012 marks the dawning of a new age of awareness, and age the Bible calls “Heaven on Earth”. To achieve this, the Company of Heaven is sending down enormous amounts of energy to lift the vibration of all who live on this planet. With the increased energy comes increased awareness and thus what is known as an awakening…

The closer we get to the end of 2012, the more energy will be released onto the planet until each and every soul has reached their limit. There is nothing I can say here that will prepare you fully for the dawning of the new age, but I can promise you that it will be more magnificent than you could ever imagine. The 3rd dimension with its wars, poverty, pain and suffering will be but a distant memory.”