UFO Cover-up in NY Times: Former CIA Director ‘Soberly Concerned’ About UFOs

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If you think UFOs, flying saucers and little green men are a bunch of bunk and swamp gas, you may want to read this old evidence of a very real administrative conundrum from decades ago.

It would be in the best interests of everyone on Starship Earth to acknowledge the presence of the Star Nations and understand that they have been engaging our civilization for thousands of years, and still are. 

The only thing standing between them, us and First Contact is the rogue US federal government—but not for long!  ~ BP

This astounding 1960 article on a former CIA director being “soberly concerned” about UFOs is available in the New York Times archives. Click here to confirm. We provide a copy of the article below. Bold typeface has been added to aid in finding the quote from former CIA Director Hillenkoetter demanding that the truth be brought out about UFOs. To see other key witness statements on the UFO cover-up by astronauts, military officers, and other top leaders, click here.

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter was the first director of the CIA when it was originally created in 1947, serving as its director until 1950. The revealing New York Times article below interestingly was buried on page 30 of the Sunday edition that winter day over 50 years ago. You can easily verify this by going to the New York Times archives webpage for the article at this link. Immediately under the title, you will see descriptors for the article: “February 28, 1960, Sunday, Page 30, 418 words.”



Pamphlet by the Inspector General Called Objects a ‘Serious Business’

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UPI)—The Air Force has sent its commands a warning to treat sightings of unidentified flying objects as “serious business” directly related to the nation’s defense, it was learned today.
An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the directive after portions of it were made public by a private “flying saucer” group.
The new regulations were issued by the Air Force inspector general Dec. 24.
The regulations, revising similar ones issued in the past, outlined procedures and said that “investigations and analysis of UFO’s are directly related to the Air Force’s responsibility for the defense of the United States.”

Committee Reveals Document

Existence of the document was revealed by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.
The privately financed committee accused the Air Force of deception in publicly describing reports of unidentified flying objects as delusions and hoaxes while sending the private admonition to its commands.
Vice Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter (Ret.), a committee board member and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in a statement that a copy of the inspector general’s warning had been sent to the Senate Science and Astronautics Committee.
“It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings,” he said.”
The Air Force confirmed that the document had been issued. A spokesman said it was put out by Maj. Gen. Richard E. O’Keefe, acting inspector general at the time, to call attention to revised Air Force regulations concerning unidentified flying objects.
The statement was included in an “operations and training” pamphlet circulated at intervals to bring commands up to date.
Pentagon aides said the new regulations covering seven printed pages, made no substantive change in policy but had been rewritten as a matter of course.
The Air Force has investigated 6,132 reports of flying objects since 1947, including 183 in the last six months of 1959. The latest Air Force statement, issued a month ago said, “no physical or material evidence, not even a minute fragment of a so-called flying saucer, has ever been found.”
Admiral Hillenkoetter said that “behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFO’s.”
“But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense,”
the retired admiral said. He charged that
“to hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel” through the issuance of a regulation.

if you click on this link to purchase this article from the New York Times, you will see that their database has misspelled the article title to read “Air Forge” rather than “Air Force.” The New York Times is generally meticulous about editing and correcting errors. This error has now stood at least since 2003 when we first searched and could not find the article because of this misspelling. Could this be intentional to make it difficult for people to find the article when searching their database? For an abundance of other reliable, verifiable information on the UFO cover-up, see below.

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Mexican Officials Hunt Rogue Who Stole ‘Holy Grail’ of E.T. Proof

Many of us have known Armstrong and Aldrin didn’t tell us the truth about their Apollo 11 mission, but for those new to the Truther movement… life is a lot more exciting than anyone previoulsy let on.  ~ BP

It looks as if former Astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong forgot to tell the world something really important — like alien life actually exists


Mexican officials hunt rogue who stole ‘Holy Grail’ of E.T. proof
By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — It looks as if the dynamic duo, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong aren’t really made of the right stuff after-all, as they have blatantly deceived the American people under orders from NASA and the U.S. government. Although, I guess that’s just the byproduct of being a puppet on a string.

In fact, the former flight director of Apollo’s early era, Christopher Kraft, “a retired NASA engineer and manager who was also instrumental in establishing the agency’s Mission Control operation […] was hired by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the predecessor organization to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

He worked for over a decade in aeronautical research before being asked in 1958 to join the Space Task Group, a small team entrusted with the responsibility of putting America’s first man in space. Assigned to the flight operations division, Kraft became NASA’s first flight director. He was on duty during such historic missions as America’s first human spaceflight, first human orbital flight, and first spacewalk.

At the beginning of the Apollo program, Kraft retired as a flight director to concentrate on management and mission planning. In 1972, he became director of the Manned Spacecraft Center (later Johnson Space Center), following in the footsteps of his mentor Robert R. Gilruth. He held the position until his 1982 retirement from NASA. During his retirement, Kraft has consulted for numerous companies including IBM and Rockwell International, and he published an autobiography entitled Flight: My Life in Mission Control.”, according to Wikipedia.

However most interestingly of Kraft’s entire career was an actual NASA transcript which Kraft released, via LiveLeak, that was actually from the Apollo 11 mission.

Amazingly the transcript read as follows:

NASA astronauts speaking from the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin: “Those are giant things. No, no, no …. this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this!”

Houston Center, Mission Control: “What…what…what? What the hell is happening? What’s wrong with you?”

Astronauts: “They’re here under the surface.”

MC: “What’s there? Emission interrupted… interference control calling Apollo II.”

As: “We saw some visitors. They were there for a while, observing the instruments.”

MC: ”Repeat your last information.”

As: “I say that there were other spaceships. They’re lined up on the other side of the crater.”

MC: “Repeat…repeat!”

As: “Let us sound this orbita ….. In 625 to 5…automatic relay connected… My hands are shaking so badly I can’t do anything. Film it? God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything… what then?”

MC: “Have you picked up anything?”

As: “I didn’t have any film at hand. Three shots of the saucers or whatever they were that were ruining the film.”

MC: “Control, control here. Are you on your way? Is the uproar with the U.F.O.s. over?

As: “They’ve landed there. There they are and they are watching us.”

MC: “The mirrors, the mirrors…have you set them up?”

As: “Yes, they’re in the right place. But whoever made those space ships surely can come tomorrow and remove them. Over and out.”

It’s amazing this is not common knowledge. But, needless to say, both NASA and the U.S. government are complicit in the cover-up of the extra-terrestrial and UFO existence, both in space and on Earth.


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Former Cabal Member Chip Tatum & Stew Webb [audio]

“Little Bird” as mentioned in the interview

This is a very recent interview (posted Feb 7), and chock full of fascinating stuff. I was relieved that Stu only squeezed out one major rant (on the Stew scale).

Chip shares titillating information about too many topics to count and provides a number of peeks behind the curtain of  the cabal.

Kerry intended to do an interview that broached new topics and intel rather than rehashing the same old stuff and she did an admirable job of sticking to that. There was a lot I hadn’t heard before.

As I mentioned in the post about the hidden village in South America, they touch on the topics of UFOs, the Galactics, the Nazis, Antarctica, Operation Paperclip, etc. and other things that will be of interest to you. Chip said he’s met all kinds of people he previously believed had died in WWII. Would that have been in South America when he lived there?

Dinar holders, you may be interested to hear Stew Webb’s view on what he considers a massive scam.

I was amused to hear Chip say the military is concerned about the waves of energy coming to Earth that appears to be disrupting electronics, forcing an inordinate number of planes to make emergency landings, etc. He mentioned this in relation to ISON.

Near the conclusion, Chip revealed that he talks to various astronauts and confirmed they have seen the ships moored on the back side of the moon. He also confirmed that the astronauts DID stand on the moon’s surface and have their own photos of extraterrestrial craft observing them at the time.

He also says he sees the ‘indicators’ on TV, etc. and throughout society that point to the imminent disclosure of the star nations.

A reminder for new truth-seekers: just because these knowledgeable insiders are sharing this information doesn’t make it true. They may have been given disinformation in some areas or come to conclusions about things that are incorrect.

I also believe that sometimes Kerry is ‘used’ to share disinfo. She doesn’t necessarily believe everything her guests say, and I’m not applying that comment to this specific broadcast, just generally.  ~ BP

Published on 7 Feb 2014

Gene Chip Tatum: Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot, 25-year CIA deep-cover agent; and member of the ultra-secret, Pegasus “hit team”. For more about Gene Tatum go here: http://www.whale.to/b/guyatt.html

Chip’s website: http://www.wikiarmy.com/

Stewart Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 29 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings to name a few. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman is a member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”.

Three U.S. Astronauts Reveal They Saw ET Craft and Know They’re Out There [video]

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com

Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins? Close… Aldrin, Cooper and Mitchell.

Evidence in the possession of astronauts was submitted for official recording purposes and never seen again. The US government has done everything in their power to keep the biggest secret on Planet Earth under wraps, but they can’t.

It’s out there. Too many people know about it. Too many people want to know MORE. And too many people are determined they are going to share the truth with the World—and we are!

In this video they also include footage of a Russian cosmonaut who tells his story. He took photos and recorded audio of his encounter in space, but they confiscated all of it during his debriefing. Too bad. It must have been really good.

How many people understand the ETs are walking around the planet as one of us? Would that shock them? Without them, we would not be anticipating our liberation from the cabal any time soon.

But no matter. Full disclosure of our extraterrestrial families is near, and then First Contact!

First… we need the world to WAKE UP!  LOOK UP! As long as they feel it would be too frightening for the majority of Earthlings to witness this truth the star nations will not approach. Our welfare is first and foremost.   ~ BP

Who Began the Fake Lunar Landing ‘Conspiracy’? Why NASA, of Course! [video]

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com for sharing this whopper. If you’re new to the Truther scene, it’s a must listen.

If you are ready to hear truth, I highly, highly recommend listening to this interview with Richard C. Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM. You will probably never again believe anything your government tells you. No one spins a lie like the US government and the US Military Industrial Complex is out of control.

Richard tells it like it is:

  • did the US go to the moon or were the photos shot in a studio
  • why NASA started that fake moon landing viral crap
  • what is the significance of “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”
  • what the elite have done with tax payers’ money in the Secret Space Program
  • why they are deceiving the public
  • other technologies enjoyed by the elite and withheld from The People
  • why JFK was assassinated…and a  lot more.

Richard is an old hand at this and one of the most credible I’m aware of as far as the space program goes.  ~ BP

About:  Published on 31 Aug 2013

NASA Moon & Space Program Conspiracy – Richard C Hoagland – C2C science advisor, Richard C. Hoagland discussed how a current NASA return to the Moon has already led to a major new confirmation of the “lunar dome model,” and shared evidence for the existence of a “secret space program.” As explored in his book Dark Mission, he contended that NASA is actually the originator of Apollo Moon landing hoax theories. They co-opted a fake conspiracy to supplant the real conspiracy– that there are ancient artifacts on the moon, and that humans are the ‘ETs’ who have traveled to other planets in the past, he detailed.

And if you liked the one above, here’s another one shared on the same post at Extraterrestrials thanks to Pete Santilli…

If you find this riveting, you can find more at http://www.enterprisemission.com

NASA Illuminati Space Program Exposed! Never Before Seen Footage; Hitler & Himmler? (Collectors Edition)

This will wake up a few people!  It doesn’t look to be the last word on the subject of the moon landing, however, as there are many who say they DID land on the moon and were chased away by ferocious sentient beings who let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome there. Supposedly that’s why they never returned to the moon.

Some insiders report that the reason the astronauts returned to Earth changed men was because of the shock of seeing bases belonging to extraterrestrial races and being chased away and then being sworn to secrecy by the US shadow government.

It might not be such a monumental task to achieve a successful moon mission in the 60s when you’ve been back-engineering ET craft since 1947 with the assistance of ET survivors from the crashed ships. Many insiders have confirmed this is what happened.

One day we will know the truth, but I’m all for disclosure in any form. There is most definitely a ‘secret space program’ the Illuminati funds with tax payers’ money and people need to know that.  ~ BP

P.S.   That’s not French subtitles on the second video. Looks like Italian to me.

YouTube Desc: Two hour documentary exposes the fact that the NASA space program is actually a continuation of the Space Projects funded by the Royal-Bavarian Elite, who, under the custodianship of Hitler and Himmler planned to voyage to the Moon and create a lunar base. Project Paperclip, the Van Allen Radiation Belts and literally dozens upon dozens of UFO clips filmed from aboard the flight-deck of the SPACE SHUTTLE by NASA astronauts makes this motion picture documentary a special collector’s item.

Another version of the Above Video – But Has French Subtitles

The Trip To the Moon Debunked! The below video is in HD

YouTube Desc:

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit.

Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever imagined, landing on another heavenly body on its maiden voyage, and returning round trip with a crew that lived to tell, all with 1960′s technology. (More computing power is found today in a $10 watch.)

According to William Kaysing, a NASA contractor for Apollo, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a successful and survivable manned lunar landing on its first attempt at one in ten thousand. That is why the returning men of the mission looked so dejected rather than triumphant at their press conference, as they were blackmailed into lying about the alleged greatest accomplishment of mankind, to the detriment of their own souls.



Mercury Poisoning? Radiation? Cancer? Bentonite Clay to the Rescue!

I think one of Gaia’s greatest gifts to Humanity is Bentonite clay, aka Montmorillonite clay or “edible earth”.

It’s a powerful, safe detoxifier that is now on the “endangered” list as the government buys up the land where companies are sourcing this marvelous health product.

Native peoples have used this for centuries, but it’s another one of those god-given things that we all have a right to know about—but didn’t.

Bentonite is what they call “ionic”. It’s molecular structure causes it to magnetically attract heavy metals like mercury, and others that we don’t want in our bodies such as the ones from chemtrails like aluminum, as well as  lead and arsenic and binds to them so they can be expelled from the body. Its negative charge attracts bacteria and other impurities with positive charges and gives ’em a big hug until they are eliminated together.

This volcanic clay also removes chemicals, pesticides and other pathogens and toxic substances from our bodies—both us and pets or domesticated animals.

One of the biggest causes of dis-ease today is inflammation—that’s internal. Bentonite can fix that.

There’s a reciprocal action here, too. Bentonite not only taketh away, it giveth back. It’s a calcium-rich product that replaces minerals in the body so it builds bone density. The government knows very well the advantages of Bentonite clay because NASA uses it to reverse the effects of osteoporosis that can plague astronauts on long space missions where there’s no gravity.

Bentonite clay can be eaten, drunk, or applied in a paste to the face as a facial mask to restore healthy skin and eliminate toxins and bacteria and for brushing your teeth. It kills the bacteria on the gums and makes teeth squeaky-clean with no fluoride or other toxic substances to deal with.

People with skin issues, such as melanoma, rashes or open cuts and sores can apply a Bentonite and water paste over a piece of gauze for rapid healing. It’s also great for insect bites and stings.

It’s a powerful detoxifier when used as a bath. There’s a slightly different product for that than the edible product but you mix a cup in a full bath with a non-metallic whisk and draw water as hot as you can stand it, soaking up to the neck for 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse, dry and moisturize and you’re on your way to a  purer, healthier body.

I was thrilled with not only how beautifully the clay mixed into the water in a homogeneous suspension, but that it didn’t stick to the tub at all.

Another way to do a heavy metal detox is to apply a clay pack to one entire hand or foot each day, switching to a different one every days. Leave the clay on for 10 to 20 minutes or until the dry, then rinse off.

Some people are instructed to use Bentonite clay as a treatment for the liver, pancreas, thyroid, etc. They apply a clay pack over the organ one quarter of an inch thick and leave it on for the doctor-prescribed length of time.

I decided to use Bentonite rather than have my amalgam fillings removed so I’m using it for mercury detox, specifically, but whatever other benefits it provides along with way are welcome.

I have a glass of warm water morning and evening mixed with 3/4 of a teaspoon of the Red Desert Clay and have no issues with that. It has no taste, and looks like a latte.

Prices on various health packs vary from distributor to distributor so if you decide to get clean, check around. The company recommended to me in California ran out during a sale, so I found a place just south of me in Tucson that supplies the same basic products for much less and had my clay the next day. They use UPS to ship because some shippers use radiation to x-ray parcels which can have a negative effect on the clay, whereas UPS doesn’t.

The clay should NOT be white. If it is, it’s been overprocessed, or isn’t Bentonite at all and there are no significant healing properties in it. Mine is cocoa-coloured, but they can vary from cream to cocoa to slightly reddish.

How do people know it works? One of the main ways people see results if they don’t have significant health issues that resolve, is that the whites of their eyes brighten up. That’s proof of a successful detox to me.

If you do your own research you’ll learn about even more benefits of Bentonite clay.

Be sure to consult a medical expert if you are taking prescriptions or supplements so the clay doesn’t negate their affects with its binding properties.

You can view a video provided by Marcus Freudenmann on using a clay detox program to treat and prevent cancer. He’s German, but now living in Australia, so he has charming accent and he’s very entertaining. He is promoting a special with the company in California that ran out of product for an unknown length of time but you can source it out somewhere else.