The Manipulation of Human Anxiety from Michael Tsarion [video]

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Here’s a short video that says a lot. The truth rings through loud and clear. 

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Saul, via John Smallman: Some Startling Revelations are Shortly to be Disclosed

Morning Glow

Morning Glow at Havasu Falls, Arizona
Photographer: Timm Chapman
(my other half) May 2013 (film, not digital, no mucking about)

You may listen to John read this passage aloud here: (recommended)

Here in the spiritual realms, where we truly are not separated from you, excitement is building; in fact, we are bubbling over with it!  I know you have been told this countless times over the last few years, but it is incumbent on me to tell you yet again, humanity’s awakening is divinely ensured and the moment for it to happen is very close.  Many of you are feeling tired, angry, and depressed, almost as though you had been short-changed, conned, or even swindled by those who are telling you of the wonders that await your awakening. It seems that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting.  The waiting seems to have been interminable, so it is no wonder that you are feeling upset and that your doubts and anxieties have been intensifying.

However, the end is in sight, and the joy that will replace your present life experience will cause you ecstasy as you finally understand completely what has been going, and why.  Hold firm to your faith in the divine plan, about which you have been given very limited information in order not to overload you, and in order to ensure that the pain and anxiety of waiting do not overwhelm you. Remember that although you are experiencing life in an illusory environment, for you it seems very real, and too much information about the wonders to come would cause a severe drain on your already limited energies as you recognized the vast disconnect between life as you are experiencing it now and the way it should be, and into which you will awaken.

Within the illusion signs of the breakdown, of the crumbling away of the systems of so-called civilization established on Earth are visible everywhere, and even your mainstream media is beginning to report on it.  Confusion and disbelief are growing as the numbers of whistle-blowers, shaking off the fear of retaliation for their actions of disclosing and releasing information which has been hidden under the tightest of security, continue to build inexorably.  They can no longer be contained, silenced, or ridiculed; the truth will out.  Therefore, I promise you that some startling revelations are shortly to be disclosed which will make a return to the old and secretive ways of running society impossible.

The group which has for eons been controlling politics, religious organizations, and all the large multi-national corporations – which are all covertly and inextricably interlinked while remaining shrouded in the darkness of secrecy – have now lost that control.  Its members are in severe disagreement with each other and are living in a state of dread and anxiety never before experienced by them, because they know that their identities, their agendas, and their innate corruption are about to be publicly exposed.

They will experience intense shame – self-imposed, of course – because they have known for a long time that their behavior was unconscionable, and yet they persisted in it.  Do not judge them.  Just leave them in their ivory towers where they can do no further harm, to contemplate their utter and inexplicable incompetence and unwillingness to engage with the field of divine Love which, like all sentient life, is their inevitable destiny.  Eventually they will turn to the Light and be most joyfully welcomed Home as the prodigal children of God which they most certainly are.  Heaven is not complete until all the wanderers have returned. However, the fact of their absence (asleep and still dreaming) will not be permitted to intrude on the intense joy of those who have chosen to awaken.

Love is your nature, and only what is in perfect alignment and harmony with Love exists, because that is everything that God so lovingly created.  Anything unloving is most definitely, wholly unreal.  Discover that divine Truth now – by engaging only with Love in every thought, word, and action.  When you do you will find peace and contentment that is available nowhere else, because there is nowhere else.  You can do it while you remain sleeping within the illusion, and then the suffering around you will cease to make you sad or anxious because you will see the ephemerality of it and understand that by intending to send love to those who are suffering you are easing their pain and assisting them in their efforts to awaken into Love.  The tide of Love now surging across the planet is irresistible, and daily more and more of humanity is surrendering to its warm embrace. Humanity is firmly established on the path to awakening, the path Home, and nothing can divert it.  Give thanks for the infinite wonder of God’s eternal Love for you, and how it is drawing you back to the brilliant Light of His Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.


What is Fear? Nearly Every One of Us Experiences it

Each of us is at a unique stage in our understanding of Life, how we got where we are, what the problem is, and how to rectify it.

Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, aggression, substance abuse, compulsive disorders…all ways of dealing with and experiencing fear, both emotionally and physiologically.

Fear ruins lives because emotions have physical manifestations. Negative emotions can and do cause dormant genes to express and cause dis-ease.

If any one of us can say we have “NO FEAR”… I posit that you may need to revisit your definition of what FEAR actually is.

One common acronym is “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and that would be correct, but being able to label Fear when we experience it so we can let it go and calm the heart and mind is something else.

A regular meditation practice does wonders for Fear—that, and knowing we are not alone; that we are all One. No one is in this by themselves, and as the slumbering ones gradually awaken, the One grows exponentially.

I think D and Sophia do a good job of illuminating the emotion of Fear. I share it in hopes that we all make a more concerted effort to transmute it—because Fear is NOT innate and there is no need to punish ourselves with this powerful emotion that is the polar opposite of LOVE, emotionally and energetically speaking. We can’t feel one at the same time we feel the other.

No one can intimidate us unless we “let them”. It’s a conscious choice, and a muscle that requires regular exercise lest we succumb to the manipulation and strangle our Spirit. To live in fear robs those we love of the experience of the True US—who we really are. What sculpts who we show to others? Is it Fear? Or is it Love?

When we eliminate Fear, we usher in Love… and Peace…and the freedom to BE—in all our authentic magnificence.

—from Removing the Shackles

Turn on the Light

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 10:21 AM PST

Written by my lovely friend Sophia.  This struck me as very NOW.  I have been talking about FEAR with my kids and with several other friends.

Fear is generated as a Psy-Ops against the people.  Keep them in Fear so that they are so preoccupied with dealing with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side effects they’ll never notice that you’ve stolen their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies right out from under them.

Government = fear
Authority = fear
Religion = fear
Education = fear
Medical = fear

The use of FEAR has been a constant attack on us our whole lives- the ultimate control by those who would place themselves above you.

We are all ONE.  We are all EQUAL.

No person has the Right to Control you.  So Don’t let them Control you.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Turn on the Light

It is up to us now to become free.
Yesterday I identified fear, took note and contemplated what it means.  It did not occur while being chased by a wild beast.  It occurred in my automobile, on a quiet street, early morning, just outside a school.  The sun was shining. The sky was blue.  I was warm and dry and driving well within the posted speed limit.  Then I spotted a police car.  It was parked off to the side.  In my gut a bloop of panic erupted and cascaded up to my brain where it registered; fear.
This was a “school zone” and it is swarming with speed traps.  I don’t exceed the limit because of it and yet the part of me that feels panic got triggered anyway.  Why?
Fear is a control mechanism.  We have learned well.  It keeps us docile, aging, needy and quiet.  It is neither necessary nor desired.  It is based on a non-truth; someone else holds authority over your actions, indeed, over you. This is so engrained as to be unquestioned.  Many consider it truth.  It is not.
Looking at fear from a distance, it is immobilizing and knee-jerk. Consciousness exposes the option of fearless.  It is not one we’ve considered before.  Fear makes sense as a spark to get us running from physical harm, and only then.  It exists to ignite adrenaline.  Fear makes no sense when confronting “make believe”.
As children, we may have been afraid of the dark, afraid it would hurt us. Then we understood the room didn’t change without light, it was only our perception and imagination that made it scary.
We are learning to turn on our light.  The tales of power by an imaginary “other”, often wearing a uniform and/or title, are meant to keep us in the dark – afraid, docile, compliant and unquestioning.  It is up to us to expose the fraud, turn on our light and tell our gut to pipe down – all is well.
The papers have been filed to legally declare our freedom; it is true.  Yet with fear of any kind of authority – the shackles are still in place.
In order to really be free, it must be felt in every moment of our lives.  As we adjust we will notice the moments that ignite panic.  One day they won’t.  For now we can deal with them as markers – pointing the way to what needs our focus.
For once we see ourselves as free; the ferocity of our spirit will hold steady our authority – regardless of who is in the room.  It is this state we are heading towards.  Absolute conviction is untouchable.  As we set our sights on the truth of who we are, we’ll notice moments of who we have been, of who we are not.  This is good; awareness facilitates clarity.
Your truth is absolute.  You are a living breathing fragment of Source in every way equal to any “other”.  You are beholden to none.  There are none more important than you and none your worth surpasses.  We are One.
Love every particle because it’s all part of the package.  The really great part of this is that it is yours.  As you see it, recognize it, absorb it and re-work it – your spirit is fortified.  You own it.  No one has given it to you and no one can take it away.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.



Why the FDA Doesn’t Want Us to Have ‘Medical’ Marijuana

I am almost embarrassed to say that in the 10 plus years I’ve been researching natural health—and cancer in particular—I didn’t learn the truth about the cannabis plant until I saw these videos, below.

Cannabis was growing just beneath my radar—and when I learned the truth I understood why there are raids on grow operations and why the FDA wants to make it illegal to obtain “pot”, and perhaps even part of the reason there’s talk of drones that may be used to spy on people who grow food in their home gardens.

I should have known… The much-maligned cannabis plant is a miraculous healing vegetable! It’s a panacea!

Whether you juice it or use the oil, as in hemp oil, the health benefits are astounding as many patients will attest.

What I always heard or read in the mainstream media is that people with health conditions that required pain management but didn’t want to take pharmaceuticals found that marijuana relieved their pain, anxiety, and helped them sleep. I assumed they were smoking it.

It seems that getting high on smoked marijuana may not be the best choice, and perhaps it really does impair memory function long term, but that’s no reason to ban the benefits of cannabis from people who need to use it to improve their quality of life due to debilitating conditions.

I’m sharing two videos that lay it all out for us. If you or people you know have health conditions, you may want to pay attention and forward these on. It’s breathtaking what this humble little plant can do for us.

There are many videos on YouTube that expand on this, share personal experiences and provide instructions. Blogs and websites like David Icke’s (which I happened to stumble upon when I was researching) share protocols for curing many health conditions with hemp.

Happy healing!

Not what you might think

What’s one of the latest trends in healing with plant foods? Juicing the raw cannabis plant.

Patients and their doctors have found that raw cannabis juice has many benefits, including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relieving properties.

Raw cannabis juice does not give the high of the smoked or cooked form of the plant.

The sad punchline to this video is that the pioneers of this field have had to leave the United States to find a country free enough to use this simple plant to heal themselves and others.


A plant that has been an important source of food, medicine and fiber for over 4,000 years is illegal to possess.

Even stranger is that—99.9% of the attention given to medical marijuana has been placed on a method that works very poorly when a simple, exponentially more effective alternative use exists.

More on this important subject. Please share.