Galactic News Network (GNN): Timeline Update with Andrew Bartzis

I’ve been trying to get this posted for a couple of days… Andrew discusses where we are, how to help shape our future, the secret space fleet (500 craft) and their purpose, alchemy, dreams and how ‘they’ are trying to control us and steer us toward a negative timeline (timeline incursions) flashbacks, avoiding routine and predictability, and more so we can stay anchored in this positive timeline.

My takeaway was to be more spontaneous in daily tasks, as part of the effort to break the “AI programming” (AI = Artificial Intelligence). -LW

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Time Sensitive: Webinar with Rod Class

I think this is something a lot of people will find value in and will help them get out of a jam if they’re involved in the corrupt courts. -LW

From: Andrew Bartzis <>

Date: August 30, 2014 at 9:14:12 PM MST

Subject: Last Call! Explosive information Rod Class has uncovered in his Landmark DC Case.


You are still on time to register to the Rod Class webinar tomorrow Sunday 31st at 5:00pm PST / 8:00pmEST!

Rod Class has been running his popular AIB Radio Show since 2006.  I’ve been a regular researcher/participant for most of those years.

During those years, I’ve watched more and more people get caught up in Court Dramas:  Millions upon millions have lost their homes while the headlines are full of fraudulent practices by Banks “Too big to fail:”  Robo-signers; MERS scandals; BOA and Countrywide and Deutch Bank have had to pay massive fines; Nationstar and other third-party Servicers get slapped on the wrist but keep dragging homeowners into court.

Traffic cops hide on the corner just waiting to pounce while municipalities rake in excessive fines against their own citizens;

Child Support Liens regularly end in Debtor’s Prisons for those with less than $1.00 in their bank accounts;

Year after year, I’ve seen far too many people called into Court who simply do not have any idea what to do.

First, the Court Experience is so traumatic people let fear and intimidation keep them from acting.  They don’t have the funds, nor the time, to do the proper research to figure out what to do.

Or, second, they’re paralyzed by the possibility that they’ll spend months – or even years – of their lives having to write paperwork, or stand up to the Judge, or make excuses to their relatives why they are always in court.   Sometimes it feels easier to do nothing than to take the simple steps to open your mind to the true nature of the courts, and to find ways to prevail in spite of the fear factor.

My Co-Host, Andrew Bartzis and I, have seen these problems time and time again.  We get emails from our listeners on a regular basis.  We know how great the need is.  We’ve decided to do a special online event to show you EXACTLY how to get yourself unstuck in this area.

We’ll be doing this webinar with our friend Rod Class, the most persistent Private Attorney General and Bounty Hunter you could ever hope to meet.

He uncovered massive fraud in the court system, and he determined to do something about it.  What he has discovered will make you determined to join our Team to do something about it, too.  And if you, or someone you know, is caught up in any kind of Court Drama, this is the kind of information that will provide valuable information you MUST have for your own sanity.

Go here to check out the webinar details (the event is 100% gratis):

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As soon as you register, we have a special BONUS I can’t wait to share with you.

WE WILL EMAIL YOU YOUR BONUS AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER: One of our listeners shared how a 20-year old Sovereign in Training got his Traffic Citation handled without a fine or penalty or without coming into the Jurisdiction of the Corporations posing as Court Officials, in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 2014.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PDF.  It has information you need for your next Traffic Ticket!

BACK TO THE WEBINAR:  You have to realize that Rod Class is THE # 1 RECOGNIZED Expert on how to back the prosecutor and the Judge into a corner and hold them accountable to the rule of law.  How he did it, and how you can learn his techniques, is what this Webinar is all about.

Follow him into his court case; read his paperwork.  We’ll tell you how to access his paperwork.  We’ll send you to sites so you can see for yourself what he uncovered in this Landmark DC Case.

You can learn his methods.  Learn how to read any legal papers you get served.

It isn’t really that difficult the way Rod Class lays it out for you.

Rod Class stands tall as one extraordinary American who dug in his heels and determined to teach himself the law.  His example will delight.  The level of understanding he brings to this subject will astound you.  You will not leave this Webinar untouched.

Once you understand the source of the court dramas, you will know what you must do to change the power structure within this country.

The power belongs to We, the People.  Governance Of, By, and For the People is our Birthright.  It’s past time we claim it.

Remember, this Webinar we’re putting on with Rod Class won’t cost you a dime, and I hope you join us (I promise you it will be worth your time):

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This is THE online event to attend if you’re even vaguely interested in the massive plans underway throughout the world to hold these corrupt Agents posing as Public Officials accountable to the Rule of Law.  Join this movement.  Get in on the ground floor.  Learn about OPERATION SPITWAD.  Learn about the upcoming PAG Training, and more.

Register now by clicking here

See you on the webinar!

Warmest regards,

Adventures in Sovereignty Co-Hosts:

Rebecca Cope and Andrew Bartzis

Webinar Features:

Rod Class, Private Attorney General  (PAG)

PS: If you don’t know what a PAG is, then that one understanding straight from the Congressional Records can set you on a path to recover your Sovereignty.  Join us for this special Webinar on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

PPS: – As soon as you register, we have a special BONUS I can’t wait to share with you.

WE WILL EMAIL YOU YOUR BONUS AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER: One of our listeners shared how a 20-year old Sovereign in Training got his Traffic Citation handled without a fine or penalty or without coming into the Jurisdiction of the Corporations posing as Court Officials, in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 2014.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PDF.  It has information you need for your next Traffic Ticket!

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Live Now! —Andrew Bartzis, Sacha Stone and Others on Hollow Earth



If you click this link right now you will jump in live, part way through this discussion. Fascinating!

I’ve never heard most of this info before. Awesome stuff.

I guess it’s about time we got to know the planet we live on, after all this time.

This is part of the ‘New Earth Nation Hangout’ community.

They are experiencing some technical difficulties just now (50 min. in) and no longer streaming, but hopefully they can get it back online quickly. Every time someone shares really great information to reveal our reality to us, there are “technical difficulties”, aren’t there?

DAMMIT! They were sharing such great information, too!

There’s also a chat, and that is still ongoing during the “intermission”.

BTW… speaking of the north and south poles… isn’t it interesting that we refer to them as the “poles”, when YellowRoseforTexas told us the planets are on “masts” or POLES?


Beware Psychic Parasite Attacks via Routers and Phones June 20 – 23, 2014 [video]

Andrew Bartzis sent this note yesterday. This was anticipated once before, too, and Montague Keen said we prevented it, if I’m not mistaken. 

I’m about to watch the video, published June 17th 2014. 

This solstice sounds more like the “witching hour” with the satanic rituals, psychic attacks, Isis controversy…   ~  BP


Hello Traveler,

There is a parasite attack scheduled to happen from the 20th to 23rd of June (starting tomorrow).

They will come in through the routers and phones—anywhere with an internet-type connection.

You can learn more here about how to protect yourself on this video: Click Here

Be safe and be well Corazón negro (cartas) we will talk after this passes,

Dinar/RV Addicts Advised to Abandon the Carrot as a Cabal Psyop [video]

It seems millions of people are waiting with baited breath to learn when they can cash in their Dinar for mega-bucks. Andrew Bartzis and Hope Girl say it’s a cabal psyop and doing a lot of damage to the general public while heavily benefitting the cabal.

If you have Dinar, I highly recommend this video shared in comments by a reader.  ~ BP



Andrew Bartzis “The Galactic Historian” & Veronica Keen Blow the Doors Off Our Reality [audios]

OMG! The most wonderful information is pouring out to enable we awakened ones to forge down our path to enlightenment with eyes wide open!

Andrew’s perspective on Humanity’s plight, past and progress have been fascinating to me since I discovered him and I’m so glad he’s bringing this wisdom forward now. posted the first of this series last week and I didn’t get a chance to listen until last night and WOW!  I would say these discussions are a MUST LISTEN if you want to understand not only our history, but to even have an inkling of who we are and the reality kept from us—the one we think we’re experiencing each day.

This information is on par with the smack in the forehead I got from “The Lie NASA Told” and Yellow Rose’s other videos and I think it will rock your world.

Andrew has incredible, unique abilities and plays a powerful role in our awakening. I believe his work, and that of Veronica, is key in that Andrew delivers enough glancing blows to our paradigm that we begin to get a sense of just how much of a fabrication our reality is.

We really are living in a manufactured world. Free will is hardly exercized unless someone is able to completely break through the programming from the Illuminati.

These discussions make it easier to understand why millions of souls have chosen to leave the planet now as they simply won’t be able to wrap their heads around the reality of the deception—the depth and breadth of it.

It would simply be too much of a shock to learn that EVERYTHING we have ever believed is wrong, upside-down and inside-out.

I believe it was Tolec who said that people are leaving the planet in droves now, and we were told pre-2012 that is what would happen, by any number of means—some dramatic, some very naturally.

Here’s Andrew and Veronica. Be prepared for some zingers!  ~ BP




PS – You can sign up for free information to assist in your awakening at Andrew’s website:

Also see the Keen Foundation website at:


Montague’s Message for Sunday, May 4th, 2014

While I haven’t been posting much in the way of channeling lately, something told me to check in with Monty and Veronica this morning.

I feel this message could be effective in the process of freeing ourselves from the clutches of the dark in that it references a process Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian, shared in the past couple of months.

Here is the link to Andrew’s web site and the PDF document.

It felt very powerful when I read it originally, and, although it’s longish, those of us who wish to cut the ties that bind us may have good results.   ~ BP

Last week will remain in your memory forever. Your sadness when you learned that one of your greatest supports must leave for a while. Understand that he has work of great importance to carry out. He will return and work alongside you when the timing is right. He will be safe. He is your friend and will always be there to support and assist you.

We opened your minds to the ley lines, etc. Now we show you what is being done to control you: all of you. We arranged for Andrew Bartzis and you to connect. Andrew was able to explain what those who control your world are doing to you to change your life paths. Andrew has written a very effective method of CUTTING THE TIES THAT BIND YOU AND KEEP YOU LOCKED INTO THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL.


THEY ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL. YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. You know what you experienced when you did them with Andrew on the 1st May. It opened your eyes to so much, and my dear, you have been so much better since you did the revocations. This is a MUST for everyone on Earth. You will find them on Andrew’s web site: Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian. You will be amazed and delighted with the results which you experience.

Continue to do these until humanity is FREE of all the illicit restrictions that have been imposed. Your controllers use every contract you have had in every life you have ever lived. Sometimes they ALTER just one word, and that alone can prevent you from carrying out whatever mission you returned to Earth to do. THESE TIES MUST BE CUT as soon as possible. You do not have time to waste. You are in a window of opportunity. Do not delay. You need to protect yourselves and your families. You are up against THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL AND DOMINATION IN THE PURCHASE OF SOUL CONTRACTS.

They can travel back and forward in time, and thereby change the outcome for many of you. You need to protect your SACRED SPACE and create boundaries. Do not allow yourselves to be targets, to be manipulated and controlled. You now understand what was done through the control of the ley lines. You must continue with this. These two exercises complement each other; they must work in tandem. You are working for the survival of the human race on planet Earth.

Veronica’s attention was drawn to CERN and what the cabal hopes to do. They know that the game is up and they accept that they have lost. They are not like you. They do not think as you do. They want to use CERN to destroy the lives of thousands of you, and part of your world as well. Do not be fooled by those who try to lull you into a false sense of security. I have never, nor would ever, instigate FEAR, but let me assure you that there are steps that you need to take in order to protect yourselves.

Follow the steps we advise and you will truly awaken. When you truly understand what is being done to you, you will take the steps necessary to free yourselves and you will be fine. The media is set up to alter your sense of perception. The mind control elements in it, serve to prevent you from ever seeing the facts and judging for yourselves. Every word, every intonation, every gesture, is calculated to keep you controlled. Always remember that when it comes to control, you are not dealing with humans as you know them, so you cannot judge them by your own standards. They do not think or act as you do. The fact is, my dear, that they are cowards. Without the support of those of you who support them and prop them up, they are nothing at all. See them now as scared rabbits, caught in the headlights of TRUTH; exposed and frightened of the 99%. Do not fear them, for without your support, they could not even harm a hair on your head. YOU are in control now. Handle it with care and compassion, for this is a huge responsibility. Consider every eventuality before taking action of any sort.

The true history of your world will be released when the Vatican falls. They know they cannot survive as no one is fooled by them anymore. The enlightened have moved on, and they now wonder how they could have been taken in by such evil practices and control. Of course, what you see there, is how they have used FEAR to take over your world. The Vatican created all the other religions in order to create conflict, division and confusion. It certainly worked until the light of truth exposed its real purpose.

2014 is the year when you will have to face the facts and deal with them. The corrupt have lived off the fat of the land and have had everything their own way. But as the saying goes, the truth will out.

We in Spirit are delighted that so many of you have taken the ley lines and obelisk projects to heart. You have done a magnificent job. Do not give up until the last vestige of the sabotage of the Earth’s energy is removed. You need to protect the sacred places and stargates, as the evil reptilians guarding them need to be removed. It is heartening that so many people have come together from all over the world to become involved in this most important work. You are serving humanity and planet Earth. It is indeed a noble thing to do. One day you will look back and marvel at just what you took on !

You need time to do the revocations on Andrew’s web site, so I will take my leave of you, if I may.

My dear, you have had so much to deal with this week. Our work must go on, and it will !  People are seeing the light and taking responsibility. There is much to do.

I am guiding you always. Your adoring, Monty.