The Original 13th Amendment (in Depth)

Restoring Common Law will immediately invalidate such things as Common Core, ObamaCare, and Agenda 21. -LW

Most people do not realize that the well-known thirteenth amendment – that which ended slavery in America – was not the first “Thirteenth” amendment proposed. As any Constitutional scholar (or anyone remotely familiar with American History) can readily tell you, the thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution is an important one. Perhaps even the most important one of all. As most students learned at some point in school but quickly forgot, the thirteenth amendment that is so well known today was ratified by congress in 1865, and effectively abolished slavery in the United States.

While this amendment didn’t exactly end racism once and for all (it’s proven rather difficult to make laws to that effect), it certainly was quite an important step in that direction.

But the true history of the thirteenth amendment actually goes back much farther than The Civil War, and has very little to do with slavery.

The story begins in 1810, fifty-five years before slavery would be abolished.

There was a young woman from Baltimore, Ms. Betsy Patterson. This young lady, in some kind of flight of youthful fancy, moved to England, where she married Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother, Jerome, and with him had a child, young Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (the young couple were clearly not known for coming up with clever names). Now, because of his mother’s heritage, this child by law was granted automatic citizenship into the United States, while at the same time retaining a status of nobility in France, being Napoleon’s nephew and all.

There were many among the nobles in America who viewed this as a travesty to their own national identity, and quite a good reason to add a little something to the Constitution that was apparently missing.

And thus was born the Titles of Nobility Act; a proposed constitutional amendment (it would be, of course, the 13th) stating that any citizen of the U.S. who receives a title of nobility or honor from a foreign nation without the consent of congress must be forced to give up his or her citizenship in the United States.

Apparently, the proposed amendment must have sounded quite good to congress at the time, as it passed quickly through both houses by quite a wide majority, then was sent down to the individual state legislatures to be voted on (as article 5 of the constitution requires). It is here that the amendment finally found trouble.

Such an amendment would have required approval of two thirds of the states for ratification. After three years of debate (as the War of 1812 continued to rage), the amendment finally fell just shy of the required state approval, and thus was not added to the constitution.

Or was it?

The Short, But Interesting, Legacy For several decades, it was quite a common misconception among many Americans that the Titles of Nobility Act had, in fact, been approved. Much of this can probably be blamed, one must suppose, on the yet-primitive methods of communication available in the nineteenth century. In fact, communication over long distances hadn’t been much improved over the previous several centuries at this point, apart from the introduction of the steam engine, which hadn’t yet caught on at this point, having been invented only a few years previously.

Similarly, the telegraph wouldn’t come for a few more decades, then the phone a few decades after that. In fact, word that the Titles of Nobility Act had failed spread so poorly that the amendment was actually included in several printings of the constitution during this time before the folks at the printing presses themselves finally got a clue. Eventually, it seems that people began to realize the error of their ways, though it wouldn’t surprise me if more than a few people were a bit confused when congress took it upon themselves to issue another thirteenth amendment forty years later.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. Even today, there is absolutely no end of websites and message boards (including the “Titles of Nobility Act Research Comittee”) who declare the Titles of Nobility Act to have been passed in truth, but then swept under the rug by a vast government conspiracy. It’s an intersting thought, to be sure, but constitutional scholars tend to agree that the amendment did not, in fact, pass. If they somehow could have conspired to remove the act from the constitution, however, this surely deserves some sort of praise, as such a thing must not have been easy.

In closing, here are just a few of the many people who would lose their citizenship should such an amendment go into effect today: George H.W. Bush, Norman Schwarzkopf, Rudy Giuliani, and even Bill Gates; for all of these men have one important thing in common: they have been granted honorary knighthood from Britain.


The amendment was also ratified by Virginia (state # 13): Virginia ratified the amendment on February 7, 1812. The state’s official records were burned when the British set fire to Washingtonand Richmond during the War of 1812, but numerous other records prove the amendment was ratified.

Nevertheless, the federal government insists the amendment never became law. This is a scan from a copy of “Military Laws of the United States,” by Trueman Cross. Published in 1825 by Edward de Krafft of Washington. Many books and official government documents printed between about 1820 to 1860 contain the original 13th amendment. It was never repealed.

In 1812, the votes of 13 states were needed to ratify an amendment.
The federal government admits the Titles of Nobility Amendment was
ratified by 12:

  1. Maryland (December 25, 1810)
  2. Kentucky (January 31, 1811)
  3. Ohio (January 31, 1811)
  4. Delaware (February 2, 1811)
  5. Pennsylvania (February 6, 1811)
  6. New Jersey (February 13, 1811)
  7. Vermont (October 24, 1811)
  8. Tennessee (November 21, 1811)
  9. Georgia (November 22, 1811)
  10. North Carolina (December 23, 1811)
  11. Massachusetts (February 27, 1812)
  12. New Hampshire (December 9, 1812)


The Original 13th Amendment (in Brief)

The original 13th Amendment was secretly removed during the US Civil War. It was discovered in 1983 by David Dodge and Tom Dunn in a Belfast Library on the coast of Maine.  They uncovered the United States Constitution printed in 1825, which was to prohibit lawyers from serving in government.

Since this Amendment was never officially removed from US law, it is stil on the books, and still in effect.  How many Congressmen or Senators do you know who came from careers as lawyers?

Read all about it here.

New York Constitutes All Counties re: Common Law Grand Juries

Thanks for the heads up, Drake. 

The USA is heading in the right direction and things are falling into place with at least 20 more states following suit very soon and the balance by the end of 2014.

If you’re not aware, many honest lawyers and judges are boning up on Common Law now, as it is the law of the People. Soon, only Common Law will be recognized in a People’s Court of Law—at least for the remaining time that we even have a need for courts.

If you’re totally mystified as to what kind of law currently reigns, do some research on Maritime Law. It is the illegitimate offshoot of the Illuminati and allowing its attorneys in government, and one more little detail they slid by us while we were sleeping.

If all this interests you, also look into the “lost, true 13th amendment”. I’ve posted on this previously. Fascinating.  ~ BP

New York Constitutes All Counties


 John Darash (845) 229‐0044

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The Power of the Grand Jury [video]

Drake sent this some time ago and I didn’t get around to posting it until now but I found it fascinating and wanted to share. It illustrates how US law has strayed so far from its original intent and how Americans are manipulated—but the web site also shows how they can fight back.

The content is dry, of course, but I got into it. If more people understood this stuff, “they” wouldn’t have been able to take advantage and control the masses so easily and prevent them from exercising their rights.

It also serves to illustrate just why the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was created by the founding fathers, and why the powers-that-were so surreptitiously slid it out, unbeknownst to The People, and replaced it with what was actually the 14th amendment.

Allowing lawyers in the American government has been key in the demolition of the Constitution and the enslavement of the American people. There is very good reason for forbidding them to hold positions of power. Without this covert action, they would not have been able to hijack The Republic.

To see my earlier post exposing the REAL 13th Amendment, click here.

If you’re a patriot, I think you’ll want to see this video, below, and perhaps take action, as described on the Liberty Alliance web site.  ~ BP

The Update of All Updates; Smiles, Everyone!

Freedom Council with James Rink – TONA, NESARA, Saint Germain – March 30, 2013

This video is, I believe, featuring the fellow who went by the name “East Coast” on an Internet radio show I shared this past week. Thank you to the OPPTr who shared this on Facebook.

I’ve just spent the last 1: 40 minutes riveted to my seat. I heard a few things I knew, but many things I didn’t. He only repeated a couple of things from the March 28th radio show.

This discussion included a fascinating history of the Unites States, the real 13th amendment,  the grand plan under the auspices of the White Knights, information about Elvis and Lady Diana, Saint Germain, NESARA, the new financial system, the RV of the Dinar, martial law, the military, The Announcements, OPPT validity, the Prosperity Funds and the new technologies to be released, to name the key ones. It’s all good!

You really need to listen to this, friends! It will pick up your spirits whether they need it or not.

From March 30th:

The Real Story Behind the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ [video]

This is an example of the reasoning in the original U.S. Constitution of 1812, which included the 13th Amendment concerning titles of nobility, (subsequently omitted) lawyers are not permitted in the government elected by The People of the Republic.

To learn about the REAL 13th Amendment which was stricken and replaced with what was actually the 14th Amendment, click here to an earlier post.

Suggesting that Obama didn’t understand what he was signing due to the legalese is preposterous—he’s an attorney!

Barack Obama’s signing of ‘The Monsanto Protection Act’, or H.R. 933 is really only small part of a much bigger pattern of corruption and collusion between Monsanto and the U.S. government.


Law Enforcement Corruption; Just Say No


There will always be some people who will try to assert authority over you that they simple don’t have.

Know your rights and just say no.

Two inspiring examples, below.
Border Patrol Nowhere Near the Border? “No thank you”

If you’re attempting to cross an international border either into our out of the US, you’re pretty much screwed.

They can do pretty much anything they want to you.

But what if you’re not at or crossing a border and you’re stopped to prove your identity—and for no other reason?

These dimwitted Immigration bullies have ZERO jurisdiction over American citizens.

Their request that you “Go secondary” is a request. Not a command. You can decline.

Or you can make your life simple and just show them your ID and do every other fool thing they ask you to do.