Evergreen Air Shuts Down Suddenly: CIA Chemtrail Contractor Goes Under

Thank you to ThePeople’sVoice FB:

This to me is very significant. Evergreen Air is the CIA company that has been laying chemtrails all over the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona, and no doubt other places, as well.

For an airline to shut down so suddenly—less than a month’s notice, effective Nov. 29th—is unheard of, isn’t it? And they won’t return calls from the press?

A comment following the original article:

“Do not feel saddened for the business, unless it is for the employees. The business has been mismanaged for at least a decade. As to the abruptness of the closing. The company has been bleeding and playing a shell game for some time.Over the last year employees have been payed up to two weeks late, every paycheck. The local media, newspapers and radio, have not been reporting as they should have.”

Was their insolvency because the cabal is broke and couldn’t pay Evergreen employees—because they went bust at the casino?

They’ve put their own spin on it, of course, but I think it’s joyous news.  This, in conjunction with the Silver Legion Commander’s high spirits after the reptilian capture this week gives me really good vibes. Sounds like the cabal is folding, to me!  I shall be watching our skies.  ~ BP

Breaking news: Evergreen International Airlines reported to be ceasing operations

November 8, 2013

According to a report from a news service in Evergreen International Airlines’ home state of Oregon, the all-cargo carrier has told employees it will end operations within three weeks. The report, in the Yamhill News Register, starts as follows:

“Evergreen International Airlines — key remaining component of Evergreen International Aviation, following the selloff of its helicopter division — has announced to employees by voicemail that it will be closing its doors effective Friday, Nov. 29, according to current and former employees. Calls seeking confirmation from the company were not returned.”

You can read the entire story on the News Register website, at http://newsregister.com/blog?articleTitle=evergreen-to-close-main-air-cargo-arm–1383874950–10208–open-source-blog

Evergreen currently has three 747-400 freighters (one BCF, two BDSFs) but in the past has operated a much larger fleet. Much of its flying was charter service in support of the US military, and as has been widely reported, there has been a sharp drop in demand as the US winds down its military activities.



Morphogenetic Field Implosion: Analyzing the Energies & Preparing for Transformation

I had to laugh when I read the reference below to “pressure cooker” energies because that is precisely the analogy I used the other day on Facebook when a friend was “letting off steam” the way I’ve often felt like doing of late.

It’s sometimes difficult to reign in the emotions and be civil these days, speaking from personal experience. My patience is stretched to the max so I ask for assistance in making these transitions with ease and grace. 

Since we’re in unfamiliar territory, energetically speaking, there’s no telling how it will affect each of us individually as we stagger down our private paths. Because we DO share that Collective Consciousness, it would help if we can all keep it together.  ~ BP

Morphogenetic Field Implosion

Beloved Family,

We recently released an introduction about the evolutionary waveforms that are now entering through our physical sun and recoding all forms of life on our planet. (see article here)

Inherent in these frequencies are overriding wave fronts of color, light and sound that are morphing the fabric of our physical reality.

On a global level, these super-charged pulsations are un-trenching the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for our evolving species. This means that the entire collective energy of humanity’s mental and emotional body (belief systems) is being forcefully uprooted.

Pressure Cooker Energy

As this separation occurs, abrupt implosions of the long-established habitual systems are occurring. This brings inevitable destabilization, albeit temporarily.

We can attribute this to the severity of recent outplay in the Philippines and all other world stage occurrences including escalating weather patterns, heightened conflicts, nuclear contamination, technological breakdowns and more. This energy is mostly affecting the vulnerable feedback loops of lower vibration.

As installation of the new planetary architecture continues, it is no easy task for the Earth to make this leap into new patterns of frequency due to the overbearing weight from the density of mass consciousness and its many tightly adhered structures of control.

Blockages are constantly being found and released to allow the new connections to be made and secured.

The Great Acceleration

The process of shift has indeed quickened at a mind boggling pace. It is as if we are receiving new instruction sets overnight, being lifted from one morphogenetic field and plunked into another.

To review, morphogenetic fields are the foundational blueprints that store information for how species and any “form” of consciousness will evolve. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through these imprinting field templates.

What we have occurring are these extremely powerful, solar waveforms that are unlocking the bolts from the old foundational fields of adherence and now, by force.

Supporting this release is the rising level of awakened consciousness across the world. This has set into momentum a riveting “100th monkey effect” that is quickly establishing a brand new energy system through harmonic resonance alone.

Two morphic fields of consciousness patterning, (the high frequency crystalline and the dense carbon based), are in a sense, clashing. At the point of convergence, there are obstacles, blockages, missing connectors and confusion causing great instability in the denser fields of vibration.

In order for this to process to happen smoothly and with as little planetary upheaval as possible, these cosmic waveforms require a feedback system of perfect communication so that they can encode and transfer the information harmoniously.

Can Destructive Earth Change be Prevented?

It felt very strange to observe an outcome of so much violent destruction and loss of life in the Philippines. I asked within if there was anything we can do, as a collective grouping, to prevent this type of violent upheaval.

This is what I was shown…

Mixing ‘new patterns of organization’ with old memory fields can create a chaotic result especially if you are dealing with corrupted scripts that have been cemented into place for eons of time.

The matrix gets confused as to where to read the code and what string of information contains the correct sequence. (We are referring to the point of energetic convergence, where the two morphogenetic fields of resonance meet.)

Until new circuitry and its settings are stable, the code reading has a tendency to default to the template stored in the cumulative memory field.

The recoding process requires a very tenacious force of repetitive energy in order to cut through the muck and establish itself as the new abiding pattern.

This energy coming in is very ‘plutonian’, meaning… forceful, vigilant, relentless and it does not stop until the job gets done. It does not tip toe around the saving of human life.

We Must Build and Amplify the New Morphic Resonance Quickly

This is exactly why we, the Planetary Light Servers, have been so intensely initiated, spending years activating a new crystalline grid of energy transfer.

With this grid in place and through our group resonance, we can now more easily take in this new encoded energy, translate it properly and then send it back out so that the entire human race can receive it, gracefully.

As receivers and transmitters in conscious service, we are required to understand this process and the involved codes or else the group effort is useless, literally ‘lost’ in translation. The greater our degree of clarity and focus is, the greater our influence upon the whole.

We are assisting to establish a new morphogenetic field for the Earth and it now demands our greater attention. Just like with systems of electricity, this incoming waveform needs more effectual transformers (bigger focused groups) and pure conduits (consciousness connectors).

Get Ready for More Big Events

During these tumultuous times, we also have to ready ourselves for more historical events on the scale of what just happened in the Philippines, and even greater. Life on the physical plane is still manifesting in terms of the duality factor.

While many of us have made transition to multidimensional perception, that which is truly transcendent is understood by the masses in terms of opposites. Until the new consciousness template is firmly secured, we will continue to see dramatic outplays of light and dark, joy and suffering, the bright beautiful lights followed by the darker schisms.

The brighter we shine the more attention we draw to us, from all factions. It is absolutely imperative that we make our life systems very strong in order to weather the incoming storms. Get out of the field of mass energetic data transference. Shift into a field of influence that is more in your harmonic overtone.

Beloveds, we are the rainbow warriors, the children of the sun and many are depending upon us to be the strong of the strong. It is our role to prepare the people for the great light entering. We especially thrive during times of mayhem and stewarding others through the darkness of night.

Let’s turn the group wheel a thousand more cranks so that we can be more deeply bonded in this next cycle of change.

We send our prayers and blessings to the people of the Philippines, to the relief efforts and all involved people, systems and governments. May God’s Will be done.

With love,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

PS… There is a PART 2 to this focus which brings forth in great detail how we can apply this information and personally thrive in these new extreme energies of morphogenesis. Coming…


Water-Powered Engine Release Update: See the new video!

Put your doubts away, my friends. This is the real deal, and real people are literally bringing it to us so NO CORRUPT GOVERNMENT or greedy, self-serving corporation can prevent it.

As the video says… people have been building/modifying engines to run this way in their own garages for years. It has been suppressed but no more, and—NO EMISSIONS!

The change is upon us. EVERYTHING in our lives is about to change —and this is just one small part of it.

Rejoice! WE, THE PEOPLE are about to be freed.

Please share this video with everyone you know. It will cause quite an uproar.

Beware; the sleeping giant stirs…    ~ BP

The Car that Runs on Water: Release to The People October 2013 — NOW!

I’m late in sharing this but fervent thanks to Brian Kelly for this update on what he and the 5D Media Network are doing to break through the energy ’embargo’ and bring FREE ENERGY to The People of Planet Earth. It’s in progress right now.  Hallelujah! 

We don’t need no stinkin’ gasoline! We don’t need no stinkin’ patents! Think about what this means, my friends. This is a colossal breakthrough! And it’s just the beginning of our Golden Age. It’s good for us, and it’s good for Gaia, but very bad for the Illuminati. Sucks to be them, doesn’t it?

See the links at the bottom to learn more or even be a part of this incredibly exciting game-changing initiative. We need to get behind these courageous souls.  ~ BP

Want A Car that Runs on Water? This Month the Wait Is Over…

October 1st, 2013

This is the real deal ladies and gentleman. I’ve seen two prototypes with my own eyes. One was a generator and the other a Suburban. Both of which we will have out with us on the road, leaving no room for any doubters or naysayers to launch any discrediting attempts. Change is here NOW. The government shut down today for crying out loud. All the signs are everywhere. The stage has been set and now its up to us to take action. This campaign represents just that. Made possible by individuals who share a common vision for a better and more peaceful world.

This is my heartfelt request to all who read this to get involved with this project in whatever way you can or are feeling guided to. Come out and join us. Donate what you can. If enough people donate a little it adds up to a lot very quick, every little bit helps. Tell your friends about what’s happening. Tell your family. Share it on Facebook. This is BIG news! The time has come to stop giving our energy to Big Brother and Big Oil. Join us and let’s reclaim the power that has always been rightfully ours! Let’s come together to not only ensure a better future for our children, but to secure a better present for ALL OF US! Progress doesn’t have to be a generation away if enough of our amazing human family Unite NOW. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Each and every one of you who have supported me, simply by coming to this blog and supporting my work. It’s time to take it to the next level. THIS is what I was born to DO. Much Love everyone. Peace & Blessings ~BK

Click here to donate now (video at the bottom of the post):


Help Bring Free Energy to the People!

Your contributions will help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I funding of $20,000 will allow the 5D Media Network team to launch the OPAL Tour – a mobile alternative media network. Amongst the many things we’ll showcase on the OPAL Tour, Free Energy Technology is just the beginning!

The latest development on the Free Energy side of the OPAL Tour is one that we are all extremely excited about. As of this week, the architect and mastermind behind the development of the engine and generator conversions is going to be joining us on the road! For safety reasons, we have agreed to not mention his name or where he is located, which is only a temporary precautionary measure. His protection comes in the form of others knowing how to successfully develop the conversions. The more who have the knowledge, the harder it is for those who wish to stop it, to shut it down. There are a handful of people across the country who are trained in this technology already who we are in the process of networking with right now.

One of the objectives of the OPAL Tour is to showcase suppressed information and technologies. Our plan for distribution through the tour is the core element which will allow “we the people” to succeed where countless others have failed. No middle men. No patents. No desire for capital gain. The technology will travel directly to THE PEOPLE. As we speak, one of our OPAL Tech Team members is working up the following components: schematics, diagrams (flow, block), parts lists (for generators and car engines), tools, specifics/measurements, background theory and science, assembly instructions, assembly skill sets/techniques/warnings/hazards, maintenance instructions, troubleshooting guide and basic operating instructions. Once these plans are complete, we will be creating a purely digital file, capable of mass distribution. The file will be shared to various contacts within and outside of this country prior to the tour launch, at no charge. This element will help to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

By empowering other innovators to come forward and share their creations, we’ll create the space for a grassroots, mobile movement of change from state to state. To show what’s possible when the ONE PEOPLE unite, we’ll be traveling with a converted generator and Chevy Suburban to educate the people. Our tech team will provide live demonstrations by showing the technology in action – all because our contact decided it was time to come forward! The OPAL Tour gives him the platform to share his passion directly with others. Our intention is to attract anyone who has the necessary skill sets and capabilities out to our events, so they can be trained on reproducing the conversions on their own. A complete package of plans and hands on training will be provided as well. To ensure easy access to parts, we are currently in the process of negotiating an agreement with a machinist/parts supplier who will be developing a pre-packaged kit to include all necessary parts ready to be shipped to anywhere throughout the country! A classic train-the-trainer model, with easy access to parts and plans will create the space for mass reproduction of conversions, ultimately bringing the people that much closer to Total Energy Independence!

The OPAL Tour will bring people together to foster community and new ways of conscious living. There will be live broadcasts of all 5D Media Network programs & streaming of events and interviews to connect people regardless of location. You’ll find content that will span all different interests from new healing technology to alternative sustainable communities. Through traveling across the US, we will be connecting with those who have a common vision for a world Absent Limits. Our shared vision and intention with our technician team is just one example of the magic which is possible when the PEOPLE unite! This vision is our common bond. One that makes the relationship very special and one that will guarantee our mutual success – here and along the way!

We have already succeeded by developing working prototypes of the technology. This is not a “donate your money and we’ll give it our best shot” crowd funding campaign. It’s more of a “help us to make this happen and together we will change the world” call to action. Massive exposure is what we need most. Every small contribution helps…combined with assisting us to get the message out there helps even more. Your contributions are crucial to help us get to work to BE the change we want to see in the world!

It’s time for The One People to Unite!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting!

Website: www.5Dmedianetwork.com

Facebook: facebook.com/opaltour

Twitter Hashtag: #optaltour

A Parable for Our Reality

A very insightful tale from Jon Rappoport. (a real, live journalist) Hopefully people will see this for what it is; disclosure of the web of deceit and how it has inextricably woven it’s way into the fabric of society.  ~ BP

If an elite television anchor confessed to everything
– a short story

by Jon Rappoport

September 27, 2013


“Nothing’s been done about that story [the Seal Team raid on the Osama bin Laden compound], it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.” (Seymour Hersh)

This is the thing. They thought they could rush John Smith, the most famous television anchor in the world, to Bellevue, after he went off on his news broadcast. They thought they could sneak him through the back door.

But the hospital was surrounded by reporters with camera crews when they got there. And Smith wasn’t drugged yet, nor was he was in a straitjacket.

He stepped out of the ambulance and saw…an audience. He immediately perked up. He smiled. He stood there in the driveway, ran his hands through his hair, and gestured at the men in suits who flanked him.

“These security people,” he said, ” believe I’m crazy. I’m not and I want to make a brief statement before they take me inside and do God knows what to me.”

Applause broke out. And some laughter.

The guards looked at each other and froze.

A tall blonde standing 20 feet away from Smith tore off her blouse and stood naked from the waist up in the dying light of the summer evening.

Cheers. Some of cameras swiveled to pick her up.

(She was a backup plant in the crowd.)

WE LOVE YOU, SMITH, she said in a clear voice.

“Well,” Smith said, “I’m sure this is a wonderful moment of distraction for all of us, but in the history of the world, breasts are nothing new. Check that. I’d say yours look like Marty Cohen’s work. I should know. My first wife was his patient. Marty’s an artist. He has an office in McLean. Does some of the CIA wives.”

Big laughter.

The blonde suddenly looked worried. She put her blouse back on and melted into the crowd.

“So,” Smith said, “now that we’ve got the commercial out of the way, let’s get to the heart of things.”

The laughter died down. The crowd went quiet. The cameras were rolling.

“About an hour ago, I was doing the news and I said, ‘This is ridiculous, I can’t go on with this, it’s stupid and I don’t want any more deceptions.’ They cut to commercial and before I knew it I was in an ambulance headed for this funny farm.

“I operate as a mouthpiece. The way I speak on television sets up frequencies and rhythms that are hypnotic. It’s a skill you hone if you want to rise in this business.

“My tone is flat, it’s objective, it’s a bit tough and tender, as if I’m concealing, but just barely, a sympathy for the common people and their plight.

“In fact, I know very few common people, and my sympathies lie with myself, my position, my career, my front. Of course I love my family, and I have close friends, but what I do, what I’m paid very good money to do is shape consensus.

“It may seem strange to consider it, but reality…public shared reality is a fiction. I ought to know. I invent that fiction every night on the news. That’s my job.

“If I do it well, I’m a star, and the people behind the people who pay me are happy.

“I’m not suffering from a nervous breakdown. The stress of the job hasn’t gotten to me. I don’t have a mental disorder. I’m not crazy. I’m just tired of inventing the fiction.

“I don’t like it anymore.

“First of all, I give you news without context. I never fill in the blanks that would make the stories of our time have meaning. I don’t tell you about the natural gas pipeline through Syria or the long-time plan to destabilize Syria and the whole Middle East. I don’t come right out and say the US government is arming and backing the very same terrorists they claim to be fighting. I omit that. I omit context.

“Therefore, you don’t have a chance in hell of understanding the news.

“Then I also omit altogether certain stories that would shake you to the core and crack the pillars of our way of life. For example, I don’t come out and say the Federal Reserve is actual a gang of private bankers pretending to be part of the government, a gang that manipulates the value of money and creates money out of thin air.

“I don’t say that the medical apparatus in this country kills, at minimum, 225,000 people a year. I don’t do simple arithmetic and tell you that means doctors are killing TWO POINT FIVE MILLION AMERICANS PER DECADE.

“If I did say these things on the nightly news, I’d be ripping apart the fictional reality I invent for you.

“Then, when it comes to what are politely and inaccurately called scandals, I don’t press the issue. I don’t pound on these stories night after night, going deeper, finding the criminals who are responsible, who should be locked up for rest of their lives.

“If I set my hounds loose, my reporters, if I took the leash off them, on, say, a story like Benghazi, and if I issued updates every night for three or four months, I’d tear a huge hole in the consensus-reality fabric. Murder, weapons transfers to terrorists. Naming names. Relentlessly.

“I don’t do that. I wouldn’t last a day on the job if I did.

“My whole life has been a lead-up, a preparation for a grand simulation. Do you see? From the time I was a boy, I realized there was this thing called simulation.

“It’s like a cartoon, but it’s a serious cartoon. And I realized I could narrate these animations, I could make people believe them.

“My voice. The cultivation of a voice. A believable telling of a tale. It was easy for me. I found out how I could relate to people and get them to trust me.

“I saw INTO what they wanted. A feeling of security, a feeling that things are all right. And, I thought, why shouldn’t they want that? If I can give it to them, I’m performing a valuable service. Everybody wants that.

“From this core, a long time ago, I shaped my persona, my attitude, my way of speaking and responding. To use an old phrase, I was ‘other-directed.’ From all appearances, I wasn’t interested in myself.

“That became my motto and my religion. DON’T BE INTERESTED IN YOURSELF.

“But somewhere along the line, a confusion set in. I was doing good, I was giving people what they wanted, I was keeping my own desires in check. I was narrating stories. And yet, the outcome…the outcome was twisted.

“I wasn’t a therapist or a chaplain or a teacher trying to help people get their lives back. I was a broadcaster, a news man. I was supposed to take a direct line to the truth, and when I found it, I was supposed to travel even deeper, into the dark places where the lies are manufactured.

“But you see, I was in a dark place, and I was manufacturing lies.

“It’s taken me many years to admit this contradiction and see it squarely.

“In the process, I’ve seen more and more of what we call reality and how it’s MADE.

“I’ll tell you this. If I could somehow retain the public platform I’ve built, I would spend the rest of my life doing nothing but showing HOW IT’S MADE. That would be my job.

“But of course, that’s impossible.

“These men beside me are going to take me into this hospital, and a psychiatrist is going to interview me and diagnose me with a mental disorder.

“And most of you will believe the news reports about me. You’ll accept the reality that psychiatrists invent out of thin air. You’ll shake your heads and say, ‘It’s too bad what happened to Smith. I always liked him. Now I’m going to have to find another person, another voice, another face, another anchor to make reality for me every night.’

“Well, you won’t put it that way. But that is the situation.

“Who is going to make reality for you? The eternal search.

“How many of you will realize that you, individually, can make it for yourself, that the whole notion of a collective consensus is fatally flawed, that CONSENSUS is a gigantic teaser for the upcoming news?

“There is one thing you can do for me now. In this country, we still have a few freedoms, a few protections. I don’t have to submit to someone, a psychiatrist, telling me what my state of mind is.

“I can declare my own state of mind.

“On the off-chance that I might not be crazy, that I do have the right to assert and judge my own thoughts, you can intercede at this moment.

“Do you understand?”


The crowd was silent.

Everything was suddenly very still.

Then…one beat. Two beats. Three beats.



A few hundred people moved forward and got between Smith and his guards.

The cameras kept rolling.

The crowd formed a cordon around Smith.

And that was the way they walked back out of the driveway and into the street.

The sun had set.

It was night.

Uncertain, developing, breaking…

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at http://www.nomorefakenews.com

Sheldan Nidle Update from the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters for Sept 24th

It’s always great to hear from the cheerleaders, isn’t it?  ~ BP

Incredible events and shocking announcements are about to take place. These will transform your world and permit you to become fully conscious Beings of Light.

Ummac Dan 2

5 Caban, 0 Tzotz, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to share some reflections on what is happening on your world. The dark cabal’s debt-based economic system is truly ‘on the ropes’ and continues to induce a rate of debt formation that is quite astounding. In effect, it has reached a point where the weight of debt is beginning to gouge into the infrastructure of the system, threatening to rip it asunder, and it has become clear that the dark can no longer hold the center together. It sees the moment approaching when a new system must take over and recognizes that this signals the end of its time at the top. The global currency revaluation in many ways represents this turn of events and indeed, we consider the revaluation to be the ‘kick of the mule’ which is to jettison these haughty ones from power. We also know that a totally different type of economic system is waiting for just such a moment in order to come on line. Our allies are at the ready and are shortly to force the demise of the old, decrepit, wicked system, thus throwing open the gates to a reality filled with the glory of the Light and which will transform global consciousness.

Heaven’s sure and steady hand has been guiding the multitude of changes which is driving your new reality into manifestation. Those who have long intended your harsh society to be replaced by a more Light-oriented one are jubilant about what is now to happen. We, too, are greatly looking forward to your present unwholesome regimes being terminated. As you know, the dark cabal was determined to make endless drudgery a permanent condition of life on Earth and has been pulling out all the stops to derail your rise in consciousness and all that the Light stands for. For so long you unwittingly participated in the dark’s deceitful scenarios, believing that there was no alternative and no end in sight.

Now clock2

Now, all that is history. We were summoned here by the decrees of Heaven to move these hapless ones aside at the divine right time, and that magical moment has now arrived! Everywhere, the signs of transformation are evident for those who see clearly what is being written and expounded upon by your various economic pundits. The time is now!

We are being emphatic today for a purpose because you need to know that we are committed to the truth and to action. The dark ones’ philosophy of trusting their ability to somehow muddle their way through every difficulty will not work this time. Forces dedicated to the cause of the Light have made sufficient progress to bring the illicit and ill-gotten house of cards down once and for all, and we are ready to assist when and where our help is asked for. All is ready to go and we are so proud of what our allies have accomplished. Your world is straining at the seams with multitudes of good deeds and natural events that are arranging the pieces so that they can burst into a florescence of freedom across the globe. Gaia is very happy that your growing consciousness is making it harder and harder for the dark to continue its cruel and illegal games with you. The accelerating levels of Light have summoned forth the required conditions for a legal, bloodless coup which is to gleefully eject these killjoys from power.

We are celebrating what is about to happen. The dark cabal has always been confident in its ability to hoodwink you into accepting deleterious policies which lead to war and needless suffering. Now you are turning their dreams of permanent control into a nightmare, in which your growing rebellion signals the inevitability of their self-inflicted doomsday. Our allies have maneuvered the cabal out onto a ledge from which there is only one way down! The new governance is to bring an end to a long series of cover-ups which hid the truth from you about a variety of new, liberating technologies; about our benevolent existence; and the fact that Gaia is hollow and supports an advanced, 5-D society within her sacred living interior. Ultimately, full consciousness is our common goal. The aim is to return Gaia and indeed the entire solar system to their former pristine, higher-consciousness state. Once achieved, you are to complete what the ancient Lemurians nearly accomplished. Then you can turn your attention to the matter of ensuring a permanent galactic peace.


Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to comment on what is happening to Gaia and to you. You are transitioning from limited to full consciousness. You are being prepared to move into the spiritual wonders which is full consciousness, by integrating your full spiritual essences and learning about who you really are. This blessed process is somewhat painful and opens you up to experiencing subtle intimations of what you are to be in the very near future. There is so much to learn and very little time in which to absorb it into your Being. To help you to complete this process, you will need some very special hands-on guidance. Our mission is to assist you by presenting information in large but very digestible chunks. We Ascended Masters have all had to do this over the course of several lifetimes, but you have only this one in which to become enlightened. We welcome you with open arms and fully intend to take you over the finish line!

As Ascended Masters of surface humanity, Spirit has assigned us a most wondrous and grace-filled task. Each of you is a grand spiritual essence that was born into a reduced capacity of mind in which it is hard for you to grasp what we are trying to describe. Full consciousness is when the entirety of physicality and of Heaven merge into coherence within you. Then, each thought you have is reflective of this coherence, allowing you to be cognizant of and at one with the Creator and an amazing divine plan. You can then confidently use your abilities and talents to unfold physicality and to know the whys and wherefores of any event in your past, present, or future. This happens because these illusory linear-time constructs of the third dimension are now merged into the one eternal now moment of 5-D where they can easily be read. To realize this ability, and many, many others, you need to learn about the physics of physicality and Spirit.

The attainment of this essential wisdom took us many lifetimes of very spiritually dedicated lives to accomplish. Now Heaven desires you to likewise integrate this wisdom, but you are to do it with a great deal of spiritual and physical assistance. This assistance will begin with the essential foundation of new governance and a great liberating prosperity for each one of you. It is time to be, to learn, and to accept many things: secrets hidden by the dark will be disclosed; great wealth will be shared; and branches of your human family, long denied easy access to you, will come to envelop you in a home-coming that is central to your achieving Heaven’s grand decree. You are enormously blessed because you represent a group of humans who are shortly to transform your entire solar system and indeed, the whole of this galaxy. You are destined to spread a great Light across the galaxy and to integrate it with what is now sweeping throughout this grand Universe!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. Incredible events and shocking announcements are about to take place. These will transform your world and permit you to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Ahead of you lies a new reality and most importantly, a new state of Being! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Explore PAO’s website to learn more about the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters