Canada! Action Required: ReWrite Your Constitution! [petition]

Canadian Citizens and First Nations Peoples: Help save our Canada by creating a new Constitution by the People

Thanks, Uwe.   Vive le Canada!  Here’s your chance. Make your voice heard.

Canadian Citizens and First Nations Peoples: Help save our Canada by creating a new Constitution by the People

Why this is important

For those who want all the problems in Canada to go away…then WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING FORMING A REFERENDUM AND CHANGING THE CANADIAN CONSTITUTION …OTHERWISE COMPLAINING IS FOR NOTHING…unless we actually take charge!

Pourquoi C’est Important


Pour ceux qui souhaitent éliminer tous les problèmes au Canada…..Alors On devrait tous être en discussion pour former un Referendum et changer la Constitution Canadienne … Autrement tous nos plaintes ne servent à rien, à moins que nous prenions Charge!

There is a way to stop this insanity with one referendum, Canadians and FN are launching the rebuilding of our constitution, each country can do the same…Please listen carefully to this video

This is very important for all Canadian citizens and First Nations people in stopping Government tyranny and globalization in order to save our Country and our quality of life by creating a “Two Row Living Constitution” revolution. This can also be done in other countries worldwide.

Canadians and First Nations have been manipulated, under the GUISE OF A FALSE DEMOCRACY serving a false self -determination and self-governance strategy to enslave us into a re-colonization of the masses through The United Nations Globalization.

Silent coup d’états were happening worldwide. This was going on while we were asleep just moving along while we were re-colonized through a false democracy …

When a government has the power to give you RIGHTS, and has the power to control you, there is no democracy. Democracy is not us being allowed to vote someone in that makes false promises who can do what they want once elected without our ability to intervene.

This is NOT democracy, it is dictatorship.

How ridiculous is Canadian democracy? How ridiculous is it for Canadians to vote for people who ‘s job description is to make laws against us, to further enslave us and to control us.


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About the “Free Canada Movement”

Lady Dragon is a Montrealer who has spearheaded what she calls the Free Canada Movement.

She has created an all-encompassing website,, with information about every topic that relates to the current global crisis and a wealth of resource websites where readers can go to educate themselves. We must be proactive, after all.

Although the U.S.A. and Canada are joined at the hip, they are slightly different cultures and Canadians are fortunate to have Lady Dragon to lead them. She has liaised with Drake and is already up to top speed while many are still abed.

Vive le Canada Libre!