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Hello all, BP here–at least for now it’s BP. Hopefully we can keep that portion of the name on the new blog.

I wanted to let you know in advance that to bring Google Adwords onboard to generate income, we have to make some changes.

I don’t know exactly HOW different it will be to readers, but here are some tips on what to expect:

  • The URL for the new blog will hopefully be http:/ and it will not be active until early to mid next week—Nov. 17th, -19th.
  • No changes to the content are permitted while the transfer is in progress so you may not hear from us for a couple of days on Monday, Tuesday.
  • I will be contributing a little on the new site as time allows.  ;0)
  • Lightworker29501 will continue to blog on Starship Earth for the time being, as well as on his own blog, “Our New World” at
  • The current theme should be carried over, so it should look the same or very similar.
  • Old posts consisting of “reblogs” from other WordPress sites will be blank, unfortunately. It’s impossible to save the full integrity and all features of the blog when no longer on the WordPress platform.
  • Old “likes” will not be transferred to the new site.
  • Fortunately or UNfortunately, depending on your view, you will probably see content-relevant ads. Sorry about that, but we bloggers have to sustain ourselves and don’t want to rely on readers for donations. We DO however, appreciate more than words can say how you have supported us. You really saved the day, but it’s time for new approaches.  The ‘donate’ button will be there, as requested, for anyone who likes to use it so we can help get LW29501 back on his feet.
  • The only reason you would NOT see ads is if Google declines to approve the new site for advertising based on the length of time the URL has been in use. New URLs may not qualify if less than 6 months old, but we’ll have to see how that goes next week once the site transfer is complete. I’m anticipating the best and am done with obstacles to what I want.
  • I probably don’t need to say this, but since traffic on the new site will fuel the advertising fire, if you share our posts on Facebook and other places and send people to our websites, that will help a great deal.

I look forward to connecting with you all again. I’ve missed your energy.

And speaking of energies, it’s looking like November is a volatile month—exposing the undesirable and sweeping out the cobwebs to create space for exciting new beginnings and fresh ways of thinking. The old ways are crumbling and from the rubble arises our bold new world—much of it yet unrecognized. IMHO, it’s time for the shock and awe!

Love, Light and Laughter,



Breaking: Pentagon Review Says America’s Nukes Are FUBAR

Is this the cover story for getting rid of nukes that the galactics have disabled?

The guys babysitting our missiles in Montana couldn’t agree more.


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering a massive overhaul of America’s nuclear weapons program after finding it to be plagued with “fundamental flaws,” the AP reported this evening. Pentagon-commissioned reviews of the nuclear forces have found outdated equipment, weak leadership, and abysmal morale among the men and women responsible for maintaining and launching some of the most destructive weapons on the planet. Many of the problems were already well known, but the language the Pentagon is using to describe them is uncharacteristically strong. “Hagel’s reviews concluded that the structure of US nuclear weapons forces is so incoherent that it cannot be properly managed,” noted the AP, which got a briefing on the highlights from two senior defense officials.

“Nothing the Air Force is doing is going to reduce the risk. It’s not missileers who are at fault, it’s the mission.”

The latest review, which was expected to be released this week, was conducted by Retired General James Welch, a former top nuclear commander whom the Pentagon has tapped repeatedly to assess problems with its nuclear oversight. In 2007, Welch led the initial outside review of what remains the worst nuclear weapons scandal in recent years: Six nuclear missiles went missing for 36 hours after a crew at Minot Air Force Base mistakenly loaded them onto a plane and flew them across the country. (See our timeline: “That Time We Almost Nuked North Carolina.”) Welch later directed two follow-up assessments in April 2011 and April 2013, the last of which noted improvements and concluded that “the nuclear force is professional, disciplined, committed and attentive to the special demands of the mission.”

But that conclusion was quickly called into question by a string of new scandals, as detailed in “Death Wears Bunny Slippers,” my recent feature story about the ICBM program. In the months following Welch’s review, 98 missileers were implicated in a cheating scandal and nine midlevel commanders were fired; a leaked email from the commander of the nuclear missile wing at North Dakota’s Minot Air Force base complained of “rot” in the missile force; and Gen. Michael Carey was removed as commander of the ICBM program after an official trip to Russia, where he engaged in “inappropriate behavior,” including heavy drinking, rudeness to his hosts, and associating with “suspect” women. Just last week, the Air Force fired two high-level commanders in the ICBM program and disciplined a third for various leadership lapses, including the maltreatment of subordinates.

Welch has since distanced himself from last year’s rosy assessment. His spokesman told the AP that the 2013 report was addressing organizational aspects of the nuclear mission and not primarily personnel and attitude issues.

The Air Force has long struggled to create a balance between strong oversight of missileers and the need to create a rewarding work environment that attracts talented recruits. Following the 2007 missing-nukes scandal, the Air Force instituted a regimen of strict tests and inspections that “was as much punishment as it was rigor,” Lt. General Stanley Kowalski, now the Deputy Commander of US Strategic Command, said at the time. In a follow-up report three years later, Welch suggested that the strategy had backfired by sowing mistrust and creating a sense of “nuclear paranoia”—talented airmen were avoiding nuclear weapons jobs.

According to the AP, Hagel will seek to invest an additional $1 to $10 billion in the nuclear program and promote its top commanders to give the nuclear wing more clout within the Air Force bureaucracy.

During my reporting for “Death Wears Bunny Slippers,” I interviewed a slew of nuclear policy experts and traveled to Great Falls, Montana—home to Malmstrom Air Force Base—where I spent time with current and former missileers. They told me of the mind-numbing boredom of babysitting ICBMs for 24 hours straight, of cheating on proficiency tests, of how one colonel made them shit in a box because he didn’t want to take the missiles offline to fix the toilets. They were basically dying to get the hell out.

The consensus among the experts was that no amount of funding or attention will be enough to fix the ICBM program’s biggest problem: obsolescence. “I am deeply disappointed with the happy talk coming out of the Air Force and Department of Defense on this,” Joseph Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, a foundation focused on nuclear weapons policy, told me. (Disclosure: Ploughshares has provided some funding for Mother Jones’ national security reporting.) “These missileers are in dead-end jobs and they know it. They pull 24-hour shifts underground waiting to push a button that they know they are never going to push, and if they did, they would be condemning hundreds of thousands of civilians to death. What kind of job is that? New helicopters and new managers are not going to fix this problem. Nothing the Air Force is doing is going to reduce the risk. It’s not missileers who are at fault, it’s the mission.”


Last Night’s Full Moon In Taurus: Did You Feel the Effects?

Last night’s full moon seems to have had quite an impact on many of us, including yours truly. I was pleasantly surprised by the response to my introduction for Cobra’s Update. Did you feel the effects of the full moon in your life? -LW

We are all aware of the powerful energies at play during a full moon. With its strong gravitational pull on the tides and therefore, our aqueous bodies, it is important to be mindful of our emotions before they run amok. Hint: Meditation is always a great resource for a quick attitude adjustment.

Tonight’s lunar exhibition holds court in the Zodiac sign, Taurus — the celestial take it or leave it bull. But while Taurus may be stubborn, she certainly knows of the pleasures in life, with Venus (the Goddess of Love) as ruler. So don’t be surprised if you feel a little extra tug on your heart strings this evening, just use it to your advantage. Invite sensuality into your relationship with open, loving arms.

Our love lives aside, a full moon in Taurus also coaxes us to shed the layers of our old selves, allowing the illumined authentic self to finally, truly emerge. Many of us have experienced the intensity of recent cosmic shifts, so it’s time to release the perpetual grip we still have on what no longer serves us, for good.

We’ve curated some of our favorite astrological forecasts from around the web, that reveal more insights about tonight’s full moon:

 “A lot of people confuse the sensual with the sexual, but the full Moon in Taurus can help you to identify the moment where they coalesce into a perfectly delicious dyad. When it comes to your sex life, invite in as much sensuality as you can muster — consider all five of your senses.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is known as the goddess of love. She is hovering ever-so-close to this full Moon, enhancing the romantic energy even more powerfully. You will definitely experience some deep, fully awakened desires this week.

 “Time to connect with the nurturing and supportive energy of Mother Earth and remember the peace that comes when we simply take a moment to breathe deeply and enter the stillness. Been a lot of energy churning in the cosmos, the easiest and simplest thing we can do to regain our balance is come back to our breath. Slow deep breaths open the way … so remember to breathe.”

 “Luckily, the Full Moon in Taurus provides the power of preservation — even as the Sun in Scorpio doles out its destructive forces. The Outdated You (the one you’ve clung to, or hidden behind) is preparing to fly the coop. Meanwhile the New You (the one you birthed back in 2012) can surge forth in ways that exceed all expectations. Remain vigilant. Expose yourself to the energies that support your success.”

 “What you do here on this full moon will carry you forward. So take advantage and set new patterns in any way you can. Do some clearing of anything that feels old and fearful. Become more aware of your resources especially the physical ones and take some time to be in great gratitude for what you do have and honor how those resources support you. Be creative in how you can take your present resources and use them to expand that container. Be open to the unknown resources that are just around the corner that may manifest in your reality if you allow them to. Watch for that shadow side that threatens to come up and obliterate your positivity. Embrace it and turn it into power through humor. Be with friends on this day as your community is a great support during these times.”

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Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs Coming to a Whole Foods Market Near You?

The good news is that they’re not here, yet. The bad news is that Whole Foods could be among the first to sell them. -LW

A radical “artificial egg” backed by PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel and the “infamous” Bill Gates goes on sale in US supermarkets for the first time. Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise – without a chicken in the equation whatsoever. The “Bio-tech food mutation” team today have already started selling their “plant egg”! It looks like it will be first sold at none other than the beloved “Whole Foods” in California – and some say it could “soon be available in supermarkets worldwide.”

Full Article.

Is the Emergency Broadcast System Being Prepared for Global Announcements?

If/when the changes in government and banking are fully-implemented, it is likely that the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) or Emergency Action Notification (EAN) system will be used to inform the masses that the banking cartel is no longer in control. This is probably the only way that the unawakened masses will believe that things like NESARA/GESARA are here, and there are some changes of epic proportions in our immediate future.

Given how compartmentalized big government has become, it is entirely possible that many of the things we have been reading about are all elements of the grand plan to introduce a new era of peace and prosperity on Earth. -LW

Thousands of viewers in Atlanta, Austin and Dallas had their television service overtaken by the national Emergency Action Notification system today. According to Fox Engineers, the EAN can only be activated by the President of the United States, prompting questions about to how the system was able to force tune regularly scheduled programming when no emergency had been declared.

A statement from AT&T U-verse says the company is trying to figure out how and why the EAN system was activated on their network:

“Earlier today U-verse TV customers may have received an Emergency Alert notification. We have confirmed that there is no emergency at this time and we are investigating why this occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Viewers who saw the message appear on their television captured screen shots and sent them to local news stations and news web sites:


Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson notes:

The Emergency Alert System is mandatory by law – stations have no control or power to block the signal once it is sent out by the federal government. Broadcasters are required to install and maintain FCC-certified EAS decoders and encoders at their control points, meaning the signal cannot be switched off or interrupted.

How sensible is it that the feds ‘mistakenly’ sent out an emergency alert – potentially causing panic – amidst national concerns about the Ebola outbreak in the United States?

The United States has several Emergency protocols that allow the government to take over communications systems at the behest of the President.

In 2010 Congress heavily pushed legislation that would have given the President authority to shut down the internet in the event of an emergency such as cyber attack targeting America’s financial system. The bill expired before a vote was taken, but it is believed by many that America’s domestic security agencies have already  developed and implemented an “internet kill switch” that would, among other things, give the government complete control of data across the public internet, including the ability to take major internet access points offline.

Cell phone networks have also been augmented to include Emergency Alert systems that can be initiated by the government. At Watson notes, the system malfunctioned in 2011 when messages sent to cell phone users warned their owners that they needed to take shelter because of an imminent catastrophe.

According to a report from 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have the capability to shut down entire cell phone subscriber blocks by working in tandem with device manufacturers and mobile phone companies. Hackers who infiltrated FBI records found lists that included the device identifiers, phone numbers, and address books for 12 million Apple subscribers. The infiltration suggests that the FBI has specific details about users and the networks they use to communicate, prompting fears that they could initiate this “geo fence” technology to shut down or overtake cell phone service in a specific city, region or the entire country.

Though Americans currently enjoy the ability to freely utilize their televisions, computers and cell phones as they see fit, during a nationally declared emergency everything can change within seconds.

Technology such as what the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security has implemented could potentially be used to not only alert Americans of potential emergencies, but to redirect the messages that are being broadcast to the public. Specifically, they now have complete access to shut down any news, information, videos or citizen reports that run contrary to the government’s narrative.

Those concerned with the possibility of losing communications with loved ones in an emergency should consider implementing alternate communication protocols.

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Hello Possums! (from BP)

Hello Possums!  (I always wanted to say that, but never wanted to be Dame Edna, LOL)

Thought I’d check in as it seems an eternity since we’ve talked.  Last week I thought I was going to be able to say I got a job but the process is dragging out so I decided to go ahead and check in with you anyway with a ‘guest post’.

Lightworker 29501 has embraced The Big Picture like it’s his own, and I’m sure you appreciate the time and effort he puts in to keep us all apprised of all that’s going on—and there’s plenty!

I say ‘us’ because I have to read my own blog—and his—to stay abreast. I truthfully can’t keep up these days.

I’ve missed you all, and our exchanges via comments so much and when I see a great headline or article or watch a good video, I just have to pass it on to 29501 and he usually shares it.

We’re both in a holding pattern job wise—as all of Humanity is in so many respects, but beneath the obvious insanity in the news, the foundation of our new world is laid out and ready to go live. Maybe jobs are in the offing for us, but perhaps not.

We recently passed the 6 million page views milestone, and yesterday the man at the helm set a new record at The Big Picture at 35,755 page views in 24 hours.

It’s that “Final Nail in the Ebola Scam Coffin” post that seems to be doing it, and our friends in the UK are showing more page views than even the USA and Canada and that has never happened before that I recall.

I see that as a positive indicator that a tremendous number of people are seeking information online about Ebola.  To say it’s an absurd false flag is an understatement and the cabal’s capers cause me much rolling of the eyes when I read about their antics to make something out of nothing and jack up the fear quotient in the world.

Anyone waffling and finding it difficult to cling to the ‘no fear’ zone… this is for you.

“Fear is the little dark room where negatives are developed.”
~ Michael Pritchard

Next time you see the door with the red light over it marked “Dark Room”—you can choose to walk on by.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview Alfred Webre did with a guest about the Ebola false flag, and his jolly taunting of the cabal. Alfred is an inspiration and if you haven’t listened to that 2 hour audio, if you can find the time I highly recommend it. They shared some excellent ways we can all contribute to the foiling of the cabal’s bio-weapon Ebo-lie scam and as his guest said, “The haz-mat suits are just costumes.”  No fear, my friends. No fear.

For those wondering about Mica, I’m happy to report that at 9 ½ months, he has FINALLY decided to capitulate (in as much as a dog can decide anything, LOL) and is actually listening and obeying so much more than before. Until this past week he has been a difficult dog to love and impossible to relax around, but is now settling down on the chaise next to me at night with a chew, letting me stroke him, and being sweet and affectionate most of the evening. I honestly wondered if I would ever see this day, and am so happy we’ve struck a truce and we can enjoy each other’s company. I don’t know what happened, but something shifted, so perhaps a lot of the darker energies have been eliminated.

Two days ago was our Canadian Thanksgiving, and although hubby is on the road for his art festival tour of duty, I indulged and made quiche Lorraine and pumpkin pie. On Saturday night Mica and I had a date and shared some popcorn and watched E.T. The Extraterrestrial so it wasn’t so bad being home alone.  I have much to be thankful for.

Yes, the chemtrails are thick in our skies today but the heat has broken, we had some drenching rains when ‘they’ steered Hurricane/Tropical Storm Simon into Arizona and now have some driveway repairs to do, but here on the skirt of Superstition Mountain we’re always high and dry and life is good—even though pool time is over for the season. It’s time for baking and knitting!

On the surface of life it appears to most of us as though little has changed, and even that the cabal is actually ramping up their dirty tricks, but I think most of us know that just when things seem impossible to break through, the breakthrough occurs.

So all we need to do is continue fighting the good fight, keep the positive vibes flowing, visualize our incredible new world and if comfortable, share our knowledge with others, which will affect the overall vibration of Humanity as a whole and ultimately assist in the defeat of the dark.

I’ll sign off now with my best wishes for everyone—particularly those suffering in any way—and encouragement to hang in there.

We’re in good hands with LW29501. Much gratitude.

Love and Light,


Lockheed Martin Announces Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion Energy

This is amazing! Nuclear fusion has been much-talked about but little has been brought to market. Lockheed Martin says they’ll have a prototype in five years and for sale in ten years. Why so long? -LW

The magnetic coils inside the compact fusion experiment pictured in an undated photo provided by Lockheed Martin. CREDIT: REUTERS/LOCKHEED MARTIN

The magnetic coils inside the compact fusion experiment pictured in an undated photo provided by Lockheed Martin.

(Reuters) – Lockheed Martin Corp said on Wednesday it had made a technological breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion, and the first reactors, small enough to fit on the back of a truck, could be ready for use in a decade.

Tom McGuire, who heads the project, said he and a small team had been working on fusion energy at Lockheed’s secretive Skunk Works for about four years, but were now going public to find potential partners in industry and government for their work.

Initial work demonstrated the feasibility of building a 100-megawatt reactor measuring seven feet by 10 feet, which could fit on the back of a large truck, and is about 10 times smaller than current reactors, McGuire told reporters.

In a statement, the company, the Pentagon’s largest supplier, said it would build and test a compact fusion reactor in less than a year, and build a prototype in five years.

Full Story.