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Parliament Buildings surrounded by police 15 minutes before the shooting started

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  1. judynz says:

    Thankyou for your honest bravery. I am placing heavy duty protection around you. I urge others to surround you with it also. I am sure you know already, that especially now, FEAR is your greatest enemy. Keep reminding yourself that you are guided protected & prospered ALWAYS & you do the perfect thing at the perfect time. I will be watching & making sure others do also.
    If you lose your job the govt will be admitting guilt,
    All the best to you.

  2. Ali Kat says:

    Of course it is a false flag. Canadians should wake up to reality, but then that would mean being uncomfortable. You don’t have to be a brain scientist to smell shit fuming. It is all right in plain sight. The psychopaths are running the show and it is only going to get worse.
    I have little hope for the Canadian public to wake up … Canada is the country of sheople! Those of us who do see the truth are cursed to watch the end manufactured before our very eyes while the sheople around us bundle themselves in ignorance and self righteous indignation, hoping that the fall will somehow miss them.
    I dream of an age where Canadians had a backbone, or maybe that has always just been a dream.

    • judynz says:

      I would ask you to stop calling people SHEEPLE. For crying out loud you dont want to be responsible for others remaining asleep….& REMEMBER, we have ALL been there. It would be more helpful to saturate our atmosphere with something like this:
      I call upon all the love, light enlightenment harmony & healing from throughout the universe to gather together in a great swirling mass & completely surround our world. Smothering & purging all evil & fear from everyone & everything on & within the earth. IT IS DONE. These days I add…a trillion times more than I have ever asked for (after upon)
      Cut out, light enlightenment harmony & healing if you want, they add up to the same.

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